The U Tree Canteen

Welcome to The U Tree Canteen. This is where you might come to find inspiration, good music, humor, patriotism and the kind of conversations you find when the crowd thins out and day is winding down. In the spirit of Wolf's original post about The Smoking Car, this is also where we come when we … Continue reading The U Tree Canteen

How Did The Bat Soup Shills Nail Paul Sperry?

Paul Sperry is normally a tough customer for all the socialist ne'er-do-wells, lying Democrats, brother-marrying Muzz-terr creeps, and diaperoid FREAKS that ruin this world. He's one of the best investigative journalists out there. I've followed Paul from back in the day when he was mostly on WND (WorldNetDaily), because he was too hot for mainstream … Continue reading How Did The Bat Soup Shills Nail Paul Sperry?

Barack Obama, War Pig

How Barack Obama Tried to Set Up Donald Trump With His Very Own CIA-Created Vietnam War Despite ALL I'm going to tell you, I would not take back my 2008 Obama vote for anything. Had I voted for left-controlled neocon warmonger John "Warhead" McCain, he of the Soviet brainwash, I would have never figured out … Continue reading Barack Obama, War Pig