OPEN THREAD 20200430

This is the daily OPEN THREAD for today.

Our purpose is the utter destruction of the criminal CCP.

Anything can be posted on this thread – we have free speech.

That said, everybody else does, too.

And we do have a rule.

Don’t get in front of our weapons.


28 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20200430

  1. Einstein dies and goes to heaven only to be informed that his room is not yet ready. “I hope you will not mind waiting in a dormitory. We are very sorry, but it’s the best we can do and you will have to share the room with others” he is told by the doorman.

    Einstein says that this is no problem at all and that there is no need to make such a great fuss. So the doorman leads him to the dorm. They enter and Albert is introduced to all of the present inhabitants. “See, Here is your first room mate. He has an IQ of 180!”

    ”That’s wonderful!” says Albert. “We can discuss mathematics!”

    ”And here is your second room mate. His IQ is 150!”

    ”That’s wonderful!” says Albert. “We can discuss physics!”

    ”And here is your third room mate. His IQ is 100!”

    ”That’s wonderful! We can discuss the latest plays at the theater!”

    Just then another man moves out to capture Albert’s hand and shake it. “I’m your last room mate and I’m sorry, but my IQ is only 80.”

    Albert smiles back at him and says, “So, where do you think interest rates are headed?”

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    1. The faces Mick Fleetwood makes while drumming always make me smile 😁

      Stevie Nicks looks like she’s phoning it in from a room at a sleeping clinic 😳

      Great song though, one of my favorites from an album that has more hits than most group’s Greatest Hits LPs 👍

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  2. A young banker decided to get a tailor-made suit. So he went to the finest tailor in town and got measured for a suit. A week later he went in for his first fitting. He put on the suit and he looked stunning, he felt that in this suit he can do business.

    As he was preening himself in front of the mirror he reached down to put his hands in the pockets and to his surprise he noticed that there were no pockets. He mentioned this to the tailor who asked him:

    – “Didn’t you tell me you were a banker?”
    The young man answered:
    – “Yes, I did.”
    To this the tailor said:
    – “Who ever heard of a banker with his hands in his own pockets?”

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  3. Mark, The banker, saw his old Nebraska friend Bob, an eighty-year old rancher, in town…

    Bob had lost his wife a year or so before and rumor had it that he was marrying a “mail order” bride. Being a good friend, the banker asked Bob if the rumor was true. Bob assured him that it was. The banker then asked Bob the age of his new bride to be.

    Bob proudly said, ‘She’ll be twenty-one in November.’

    Now the banker, being the wise man that he was, could see that the sexual appetite of a young woman could not be satisfied by an eighty-year- old man. Wanting his old friend’s remaining years to be happy the banker tactfully suggested that Bob should consider getting a hired hand to help him out on the ranch, knowing nature would take its own course. Bob thought this was a good idea and said he would look for one that afternoon.

    About four months later, the banker ran into Bob in town again. “How’s the new wife?” asked the banker.

    Bob proudly said, “Good! She’s pregnant.”

    The banker, happy that his sage advice had worked out, continued, “And how’s the hired hand?”

    Bob smiled broadly and replied, “Oh, She’s pregnant too.”

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  4. An elderly woman walked into the Royal Bank of Ireland one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money.

    After a lengthy discussions the president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit. She placed her purse on his desk and replied, ‘£165,000′.

    The president was curious and asked her how she had been able to amass so much cash. The old woman replied that she was a gambler and her betting paid handsomely.

    “What kind of bets?” asked the banker, surprised. “Do you play the horses?”

    “No” she replied. I make personal bets. Are you a wagering man?’, she asked.

    “Sometimes”. he replied.

    “‘Well” she said “I’ll bet you £25,000 that you have square testicles” .

    The president started to laugh and told the woman that it was impossible wager.

    The woman never batted an eye. She just looked at the president and said, “Then you can’t lose, can you? Will you accept the bet?”

    “Of course”, replied the president. “There’s no such thing as a square testicle.”

    “Done”, says the old lady “But considering the amount of money involved, if you don’t mind I would like to come back at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning with my lawyer as a witness.”

    That night, the president became nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of the mirror examining his testicles, turning them this way and that, checking them over again and again until he was positive that no one could consider his testicles as square and reassuring himself that there was no way he could lose the bet.

    The next morning at exactly 10 o’clock the woman arrived at the president’s office with her lawyer and acknowledged the £25,000 bet made the day before that the president’s testicles were square.

    The president agreed as to the terms. She then asked him to drop his pants etc. so that she and her lawyer could see clearly. And the banker dropped trou.

    She came closer and said she would need to examine his testicles, to make sure they were, in fact, not square. Reluctantly, he agreed.

    Reaching out a dainty hand, she carefully examined first one testicle, then the other. As she did so her lawyer began banging his head against the desk.

    The banker, astonished, asked the old woman why he was banging his head .

    “Ah,” she replied.

    “It’s probably because I bet him £100,000 that by 10:30 this morning I would be holding in my hand the balls of the President of the Royal Bank of Ireland.’

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  5. The only song Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ is missing is ‘Silver Springs’.

    It was supposed to be on there, but for some reason it was left off and became the ‘B’ side on the ‘Go Your Own Way’ 45rpm single instead.

    Just one great song after another… and Silver Springs is as good as the best of them… 😎 😁

    Rumours (1977)
    Second Hand News 2:43
    Dreams 4:14
    Never Going Back Again 2:02
    Don’t Stop 3:11
    Go Your Own Way 3:38
    Songbird 3:20
    The Chain 4:28
    You Make Loving Fun 3:31
    I Don’t Want To Know 3:11
    Oh Daddy 3:54
    Gold Dust Woman 4:51


    Silver Springs

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  6. WOLFIE!!!

    OH CRAP!!!

    Carlos identified just how the DemonRats plan to steal the election!

    ….My state is sending everyone a mail-in ballot, but they’re leaving the polling stations open.

    On election day, I’m taking my mail-in ballot down to the polling station, turning it in unopened, and voting in person.

    If they send you a mail-in ballot, YOU MUST TURN IT IN ON ELECTION DAY, or they’ll nullify your vote.

    How many people will REMEMBER TO DO THIS?

    How many people will LOSE the mail-in ballot?

    How many REPUBLICAN mail-in ballots will be ‘misplaced’ by the post office?


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  7. Wolfie,

    A bit of a Silly Wild Ass guess and rabbit hole diving.

    bakocarl said:

    I am bewildered that, since many people are suffering, being permanently lung damaged and dying because of MD’s reluctance to use the HCQ protocol, why isn’t PTrump and his team not only screaming about this at the top of their lungs every day, but also doing something, anything…..

    People are literally dying! I don’t understand why this isn’t a very visible full-court press.

    I had responded:
    “People die during a war and we are in a WAR.

    President Trump has to WIN the WAR. He can not win a battle only to lose the war. By getting the Right to Try bill passed, by drawing our focus to HCQ, Z-pak & Zinc he has given us the information. It is now up to us to use it.

    Remember the enemy WANTS President Trump to make certain moves, like push HCQ so they can use it against him. We have already seen with the VA study, how they can twist the truth. If President Trump was any more emphatic about HCQ, they would INTENTIONALLY F..CK it up and hang every single one of those deaths around President Trump’s neck. After what Cuomo did with sending Covid patients into nursing homes I have ZERO doubt that the Cabal laid a trap with HCQ and President Trump managed to side step it.

    Never forget the AMA, hospitals and insurance companies are part of the Cabal.

    HCQ used alone on an elderly population who is already very zinc deficient WITHOUT adding zinc is a guaranteed LOSE and the Cabal DARN WELL KNEW IT! That was the trap that Cuomo and the Cabal set. THAT is why I think Cuomo was so friendly with President Trump, to lure him into that trap.

    Do I know this is what happened? No but it certainly fits the facts as we know them.”

    And then Hubby mentioned the Coconut Grove Fire on November 28, 1942.


    ‘…Boston had carried out a city-wide drill only a week earlier, simulating a Luftwaffe bombing assault, with over 300 mock casualties.[9] At MGH, a special store of emergency supplies had been stockpiled. The fire caught both hospitals at change of shift, so that a double complement of nursing and support staff was available, in addition to volunteers who flocked to the hospitals as word spread of the disaster….

    At MGH, intravenous sulfadiazine (a new drug which had only been approved for use in the US in August, 1941[37]) was given to all patients as part of their initial treatment. At BCH, 76 patients received sulfonamides for an average of 11 days.[38] Thirteen survivors of the fire were also among the first humans to be treated with the new antibiotic, penicillin.[31][22] In early December Merck and Company rushed a 32-liter supply of the drug, in the form of culture liquid in which the Penicillium mold had been grown, from Rahway, New Jersey to Boston. These patients received 5,000 IU (roughly 2.99 mg) every 4 hours, a relatively tiny dose by today’s standards, but at the time antibiotic resistance was rare and most strains of Staphylococcus aureas were penicillin-sensitive.[39] The drug was crucial in preventing infections in skin grafts. According to the British Medical Journal…” —WIKI

    So what was Cuomo & DeBlasio’s ‘Preparation’ New York City stockpiled ventilators for a pandemic, only to later auction them off

    ….In 2006, then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration began purchasing ventilators to allow the city to be prepared for a pandemic like the current coronavirus crisis — only for the city to later auction them off, according to a report.

    ProPublica reported Monday that the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued a report in 2006 on the city’s preparedness for pandemic influenza — similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu or the 2019 novel coronavirus — that projected the city would need thousands of extra ventilators in order to properly treat all of its residents who got sick. The plan was then put into action, with the city initially buying 500 ventilators before it ran out of money to buy more and to maintain the ones it had already stockpiled, according to ProPublica.

    Those ventilators were then auctioned off some time before 2016 ….

    NY Gov. Cuomo Said No To Buying Thousands Of Ventilators In 2015 For Pandemic; Here’s What He Did Instead

    ….Sadly it is the latter for the citizens of New York who will pay the price for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) 2015 decision to not fix a shortfall and buy the recommended 16,000 ventilators to shore up the state’s stockpile in case of a pandemic. Cuomo spent more money than the cost of the ventilators on a solar panel boondoggle, reports former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey (R) in a syndicated column published this past week. McCaughey reports the Cuomo administration decided instead to establish “triage officers” to decide in a crisis who would get a ventilator and who would be left to die. It has also been reported a ventilator lottery would be an option in a pandemic crisis…..

    A bit of a side passage. (Money laundering anyone?)
    Boondoggle “Buffalo Billion” solar panel factory.

    August 28, 2019: Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion-tainted Tesla Solar City faces audit

    NYT: May 24, 2016: $1 Billion Went to Buffalo. Cuomo Donors Benefited.

    They name names.

    …The federal inquiry, led by Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, has now metastasized across the state and reached all the way to the governor’s office. But its first stirrings became apparent in Buffalo last year, when prosecutors subpoenaed state institutions responsible for SolarCity and two other components of the Buffalo Billion program, seeking information about how government-funded projects were awarded and what role state officials played in selecting the winners.

    A small group of densely interwoven figures linked to multiple projects and state entities has conceived, built and promoted most of the central Buffalo Billion initiatives, leading to accusations by some government watchdogs of conflicts of interest and questionable uses of state subsidies….


    Was Cuomo’s ‘lack of ventilators’ and selling off in 2015 the ones he had stockpiled part of the Plannedemic? Just as the LACK of a federal stock pile was???

    Under a Hillary presidency were a massive # of DEPLORABLES to die while the elite had their HCQ & zinc to protect them?
    Would those deaths then be used to SCARE the remaining sheeple into accepting Gate’s vaccine, RFID chips and ‘Social Credit scoring’?

    Remember during the 2016 election, Hillary was ALREADY starting to make ‘Deplorables’ 2nd class citizens just as Hitler started with the Jews.

    The full Hillary quote:

    You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.

    Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.

    Do not forget Zinc containing RED MEAT.

    Remember Hillary was instrumental in getting the Plum Island Foot & Mouth Disease research moved from Plum Island to the middle of Kansas cow country and the Crimson Sky modeling showed a leak (Think Gates UK Pirbright F&M leak) would wipe out most of the meat animals in the USA.

    Now add Cuomo’s “triage officers” who when the CCP Corona Cud was INTENTIONALLY RELEASED would decide who would get a ventilator and who would be left to die.

    …Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to a fork in the road in 2015. He could have chosen to buy more ventilators. Instead, he asked his health commissioner, Howard Zucker to assemble a task force and draft rules for rationing the ventilators they already had.

    That task force came up with rules that will be imposed when ventilators run short. Patients assigned a red code will have the highest access, and other patients will be assigned green, yellow or blue (the worst) depending on a “triage officer’s” decision. In truth, a death officer. Let’s not sugarcoat it. It won’t be up to your own doctor.….

    I am fairly sure the plan was set up well in advance (Fauci’s comment on a Pandemic coming makes that a sure bet.) They just re-wrote parts of it to fit the Trump Presidency.

    Looks like a LOT of random bits and pieces come together with Hillary, Gates and the UN sitting in the middle of the spiderweb.

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      1. Posted this on the QTree…Cuomo is partnering with the Gates Foundation to design a blueprint for post-pandemic education in New York. He’s saying that remote learning could become permanent in NY.

        “The old model of everybody goes and sits in a classroom and the teacher is in front of that classroom and teaches that class and you do that all across the city, all across the state, all these buildings, all these physical classrooms,” Cuomo said during a press briefing in New York City. “Why? With all the technology you have?”


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        1. I have both positive and negative thoughts on this. On the one hand, this enables homeschooling to have an upper hand. On the other, it allows the Gates CIA monster to control the education platform.

          Yeah, Gates knew this “Event” would sell his products.

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              Across the street it is the grandaunt. How many people have extended families to farm out the kids to?

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            2. A little secret – I know about some of that stuff, and it can be EXCELLENT and PATRIOT-COMPATIBLE. Even the curriculum – surprisingly good. These options exist now, and have for MANY YEARS, but one needs to be aware of them, and then shop smartly.

              Big fan of these programs.

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            3. ^^This^^

              I think so too, Holley!

              And even worse…what’s Next is probably:

              Govt Monitoring of homes where home schooling is taking place!

              The Left has hated home schooling.
              They’ve been trying to either eliminate it…or control it somehow.

              This is their chance to co-opt it and control it!

              Next will be:
              “We have to monitor your home schooling, to ‘assist’ you in your efforts.”

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    1. This is all just fear-porn – and not even good porn – it’s that cheap anime kind.

      Magnesium is common as DIRT. That’s why nature (an intelligent servant of GOD) chose it for chlorophyll!

      There will be no shortage. This is very weird but very interesting disinformation.

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