Taking Back the Reins

Hospital Administrators, Servants of Darkness? Deplorable Patriot requested that we archive this discussion. It started to look like we could do more, that we could turn this into actionable measures when Aubergine responded to the draconian measures by hospitals to block needed treatment of patients if they will not bend the knee to the shot … Continue reading Taking Back the Reins

Ditching A Rotten Apple

Image Credit: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/orchard-guest-william-vanderdasson.html Well, that beautiful walled garden known as Apple, Inc. has been showing itself to be unsafe for a long time. Especially if you want to be free to think and express yourself unfiltered. But what to do? If you ditch the rotten apple, will you flee into the arms of an even … Continue reading Ditching A Rotten Apple

The U Tree Canteen

Welcome to The U Tree Canteen. This is where you might come to find inspiration, good music, humor, patriotism and the kind of conversations you find when the crowd thins out and day is winding down. In the spirit of Wolf's original post about The Smoking Car, this is also where we come when we … Continue reading The U Tree Canteen