The U Tree Canteen

Welcome to The U Tree Canteen. This is where you might come to find inspiration, good music, humor, patriotism and the kind of conversations you find when the crowd thins out and day is winding down.

In the spirit of Wolf’s original post about The Smoking Car, this is also where we come when we are looking for the party in the back of the plane, the car on the train where everybody wants to be, the secluded garden at work where taking a break is the best part of the day.

Lest we forget who we are in the fog of war, we came together because we were longing for more retroculture, that essential goodness which unites us together as We The People.

And, while R&R is very important, Wolf has reminded us we are still at war

Our purpose is the utter destruction of the criminal CCP.
Anything can be posted … – we have free speech.
That said, everybody else does, too.
And we do have a rule. Don’t get in front of our weapons.

General Wolfmoon
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“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

355 thoughts on “The U Tree Canteen

      1. Howdy. It’s been a very long process to rebuild a better set of computers for online and offline work. Started with failure of home network gateway router and a 6 week process to find/install/configure a replacement (rest of life did not allow a faster response time). Then the scrub/rebuild/reconfigure process for the computers began. Been lurking at WQTH as time has allowed. Certainly have missed the engagement here.

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  1. The fact that this site isn’t as active means we are all behaving, at least behaving well enough, that no one and no conversation has had to “take it outside”. Good.

    I rarely commented here but I did scan the science. Helped me sound smart to my son! ha

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  2. Wolfmoon – do authors have access to our screen names? the email we use to leave comments? Getting concerned, a little, about an emotion, seemingly irrational author having access to my email address.
    Might change the email to be on the safe side if they do have that access.


    1. Best I understand, authors may have access to email addresses, maybe IPs too. But that’s true for any WordPress site anywhere on the internet. For personal security reasons, this should motivate you to use a non-PII email address and a VPN. And VPNs are a good idea in general, BUT many sites get huffy if you come from a VPN suite of IP addresses, so if you can run two machines, one for social media, activism and another for personal use (banking, family comms, etc.) that is a wise choice. Also, a good search engine is important. Not guulag or startpage. Maybe duckduckgo, even if I’m not a big fan. Search for “best anonymous search engine” to learn more. Then search for “best VPN.” my problem with many VPNs is they require complicated set up. The ones with “apps” for your devices can work better.


      1. That was from was answered on another thread.
        Authors do not have access to commenter’s emails.

        Some commenters had gone well beyond disagreement and I became a bit concerned.

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  3. qtree – can’t post as its saying “please fill in required fields”

    This comment may not help as this blog is rarely used but thought I would try in case you see it ….


        1. OK — diagnostic information —

          I have a separate computer where I cleared all cache and cookies. Still does same thing, “Please fill out required fields” — little red banner that goes out shortly thereafter. Before displaying that banner, I get the rolling rectangles in the upper right. Green comment counter and orange new comment indicator seem to be working.

          I noticed it between comment 445 and 450 of carl’s thread, if timing helps.

          I’ve tried using different unapproved identities, but get the red banner (and suspect comment was snuffed). Tried using PRIVATE_COMMENT gambit — red banner (snuffed?).

          Tried in Brave and (on separate computer) Firefox with all scripts enabled.

          Haven’t rebooted this system (but booted up an entirely separate one).

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          1. Seem to be able to comment fine over at Marica’s.

            It would help if Wolf acknowledged that there was a problem. We’re already doing roll-calls due to weather.

            MAGA Mom should do a ping at Marica’s to make sure we’re all still here.


    1. There are certainly a lot of disturbances in the force of late. A lot of stuff seems to heal itself after being mentioned. Almost like we are the test bench for monkey business.

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      1. Well, I mentioned it here. I wonder if mentioning it on the main board would be a “good mention” for the WP Fix-It Fairies…

        And, BTW, I scrubbed the other computer…..same symptoms.

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        1. I wonder why some have a problem posting at the QTree? I need to figure what I did but then I just stay never log out.
          I am an intuitive computer user the worse kind.

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          1. It’s frustrating. I never log out either then about a week ago I was ‘kicked out’ of my login and couldn’t get back in.

            I could still post as a guest by entering my information in each time, then today I couldn’t do that. I can like a post as my user name and like posts as a guest. Have no idea what’s going on.

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            1. Have you gone back to the original WP sign up? Put in and then come in? I do not want to che out because I might have then your problems. IKA cannot come in either she cannot even finf a place where to post. I miss you all you bring a balance to the forum.

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              1. I have tried everything I can think of. Made a new wordpress account, tried to login to Qtree. I can post here and at Marica’s just fine with my new credentials. I have the same issues others have reported. Maybe Wolf knows the answer.

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              2. Two key things: (1) third party cookies need to be allowed in your browser (2) you have two logins, one for the WQTH site and one for WP.

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    2. Sorry – this page/blog has been inactive for so long I didn’t think to come back here after I posted.

      Now I see that I was not the only one having a problem.

      I had always posted as a guest. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and am not the tech/IT type so I just made an account to see if that would work.

      Making an account worked. That is all I did. Kept the account very simple. Same name, same email and a password, of course.

      Wish I had more answers but that is what I did and that is all I know on the subject.

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      1. I think I did the same thing. The non-intuitive part is that there are TWO logins. One for WordPress and one specifically for just WQTH.

        I’m logged into both and as long as I allow cookies in the browser, everything seems to work find.


  4. Oh it’s not just me then, I’ve read up page 😉
    Second thoughts, how come this page is still working when the others don’t, cos I experimented with previous days pages and they won’t work either.

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    1. Okay, it’s very simple in my case. If my browser has shields up (blocks 3rd party cookies, then it doesn’t know I’m logged in.


      1. Hang on a minute, my post on here has shown up, whilst previously it was under consideration, or whatever it’s called, and was invisible. so that means it got taken out of the bin by someone.

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        1. Seems like there is actually a delay in posts appearing that is not related to (known) human intervention. UNLESS… my replying is what freed your post???


    2. I have been wondering what happened to some of you. Maybe i need to back track what I did . I kept signed in on WP then moved to the new QTree and it ask me if I want to conned to the new website. I never logged in directly into . When they say sign in where one posts.

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  5. Well it’s been around 24 hours so plenty of time for a genuine fault to be noticed and corrected.
    Fuck this for a silly game, enjoy your acho chamber pepes.


    1. Its been months since wolfmoon1776 has checked this site and months and months since it was active.

      I doubt you are being ignored v. simply not being seen.

      I will post on qtree that others are experiencing the same problem I did. I figured it was just me so didn’t bother to post about it.

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    2. Wolf just wrote that he knows of past attempts by you where the email address was typed incorrectly. Something to check.


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