Assembly Area for Q Tree Outages

I decided it didn’t make sense to have a nine day old daily post be the place to report Q Tree outages.

Chuck Fina and the barbarian monkeys of the CCP.

Buck Fiden and Huck Farris too.

When she becomes president do we call it the Whore House? Only two letters need be changed.

Oh, and Joe Biden Didn’t Win.


[author switched to Wolf for notification purposes]

535 thoughts on “Assembly Area for Q Tree Outages

  1. 10:28AM Sunday 17 October
    Well, guess the DeepState / WEF didn’t like the WEFFEN SS opener that our gracious host put up today — am getting a “Hmmm… can’t reach this page” error message.

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    1. I couldn’t reply to a comment by EmeraldStar from yesterday on the page, nor have “like” work on a comment, & the notifier convo w/ Steve wouldn’t send a comment through either–fyi for our tech geniuses 🙂

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    1. Seems I have better success with the minor loss of features by logging out and then back in. But have had a big project IRL hit, so missing outages it seems.

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      1. It looked like my notifier reply to Wolf on Pinterest algorithms wouldn’t go through (it kept saying “reply failed” in that red box). Eventually I went to the page to see if it would go through that way & the comment was already posted. Strange goings on, at least for me 😉

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  2. 5:24PM Eastern, Wednesday 20 October
    The Q Tree is down, red “Privacy Error” message. **Somebody** likely wasn’t happy with the “vaccine” lead that our host put up today.

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  3. qtree down.
    Was it something I said (again) ??!


    Tonight on The Late Night L Stream!

    We’re going to dive deep into Dr. Fauci’s dirty laundry, and I’ll share with you all the research I’ve put together over the last two years into what a dirty little rat he is.

    Don’t miss it. 10/9c


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  4. Project Veritas
    Project Veritas

    BREAKING: Pfizer Issues Official Termination Letter to Whistleblower Melissa Strickler Who Leaked Internal Emails From Execs Detailing Suppressing Information From Public on Use of Fetal Cell Lines in Covid Vaccine Program Testing

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  5. The FDA (Dr. Janet Woodcock) has “authorized” the use of BOTH the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson “vaccines” for “booster shots.” AND stated that one can “mix and match” the “boosters.”
    The Moderna shot uses the mRNA “delivery system” for the spike protein and the other items in their “vaccine.”
    The J&J shot uses the Adenovirus DNA “delivery system” for the spike protein and the other items in their “vaccine.”

    So the FDA is now OK with allowing BOTH parts of one’s gene structure (the RNA and and DNA) to be contaminated with the spike protein and the other items in the “vaccines.”

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  6. Andrew Torba ✝️
    Andrew Torba ✝️

    “We support the President participating in the marketplace and building up a community in the growing balkanized internet landscape. We wish him all the best as we know full well the consequences and many challenges that come with taking on the wicked and fallen people in Silicon Valley.”

    Gab’s Statement on President Trump’s Social Network
    Gab is a Christian-owned family-run technology company. Our mission is to build a parallel digital economy and defend free speech online for all people. Our industry-leading…

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  7. Click to access DDDoA.pdf

    QUOTE: In retrospect, I had just found out that the United States was engaged in war. People
    write important books about war: books documenting the battles fought, the names of
    the generals involved, the names of those who fired the first shot. This book is simply a
    history book about another kind of war:

    • one fought using psychological methods;
    • a one-hundred-year war;
    • a different, more deadly war than any in which our country has ever been involved;
    • a war about which the average American hasn’t the foggiest idea.

    The reason Americans do not understand this war is because it has been fought in
    secret—in the schools of our nation, targeting our children who are captive in classrooms.

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      1. Be sure to download that PDF I linked if you don’t have it already. The book is twenty years from its copyright date. Good stuff.


  8. Are the COVID Jabs Responsible for Rising Mortality Trends?
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

    According to all-cause mortality statistics adjusted for population growth, the number of Americans who have died between January 2021 and August 2021 is 14% higher than 2018, the pre-COVID year with the highest all-cause mortality, and 16% higher than the average death rate between 2015 and 2019

    Did COVID-19 raise the death toll despite mass vaccination, or are people dying at increased rates because of it?

    The COVID jab killed an estimated 1,018 people per million doses administered during the first 30 days of the European vaccination campaign

    When counting only deaths categorized as COVID-19 deaths, the death toll from the jabs is estimated to be between 200 and 500 deaths per million doses administered. With 4 billion doses having been administered around the world, that means 800,000 to 2 million so-called “COVID-19 deaths” may in fact be vaccine-induced deaths

    Data from 23 countries reveal the number of new COVID cases (i.e., positive tests) after the start of the COVID jab campaign is 3.8 times higher than it was before the rollout of the shots, and the daily COVID death rate is 3.82 times higher

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  9. Aborted fetal cells and vaccines – a scandal much bigger than Pfizer’s whistleblower ever imagined
    Caryn Lipson
    posted by Caryn Lipson
    October 18, 2021

    worth contrasting against these lies:

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      1. It’s about black holes. Of course it sucks.

        Actually it is NOT about black holes, but I couldn’t resist the pun.

        Speaking of which, in response to your comment about my knowing what two bits means, I replied that I also gave no quarter.

        That was when I discovered Q Tree was down again.

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  10. 9:57AM Eastern Friday 22 October
    Getting “Your connection isn’t private” red error message for The Q Tree.

    So I’ll put this here:
    The tweet by Sen. Rick Scott about his introducing Bills that would protect Medicare / Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, housing assistance, against “vaccine mandates” in order to receive them — and his Bills were dismissed by the DemNazis in the Senate — Sen. Scott must be on to something —
    Something like Schumer’s Senate passing laws that WILL STOP these benefits / payments to ANY person who isn’t “fully vaccinated” From there, the DemNazis will make other new laws to subjugate people further.


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