Resist the GloboNazis Trump Rally Thread: DES MOINES, IOWA

I will modify it as we go!

72 thoughts on “Resist the GloboNazis Trump Rally Thread: DES MOINES, IOWA

    1. This speech is one reason why so many vets who fought under Gen. Patton, like my late father did, loved him like a brother for the rest of their lives.

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      1. One wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the “somebody” has an algorithm that singles out “certain” IP addresses to delay / dump comments….

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    1. We don’t know. She has not posted since April 8. For the first six weeks, I assumed she was just doing lots of work on her place (like me) and parties, but now I’m worried that she or her husband are having problems.

      I’m also worried about Wheatie. Nobody has seen word from her since Christmas Eve.

      In neither case was there any kind of altercation or problem on the boards.

      Praying is all we can do. I keep looking for a sign, and trying to make contact, but nothing.


      1. Yes..I will pray for them. Thank you for updating me… I have been absent (in my lurking) the past 2 months…cause I lost my job (because I would not get the injections)…and I need to find a new one…… Thanks very much.

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