How Did The Bat Soup Shills Nail Paul Sperry?

Paul Sperry is normally a tough customer for all the socialist ne’er-do-wells, lying Democrats, brother-marrying Muzz-terr creeps, and diaperoid FREAKS that ruin this world. He’s one of the best investigative journalists out there. I’ve followed Paul from back in the day when he was mostly on WND (WorldNetDaily), because he was too hot for mainstream media. Nobody got away with DIDDLY when Paul was after them. I may even have a book or two of his in my collection.

Normally this guy is not fooled. But THIS RIGHT HERE is a perfect example of how GOOD Chinese disinformation, manipulation, and controlled opposition actually are. They fooled Paul Sperry.

Sperry has been on this “wet market” cover story for a while, but he has NOT spotted it as cover.

Yeah, the wet markets are actually an issue, and they are very hard to close, because they will just go underground. Assuming that Chinese fake science isn’t COMPLETELY snowing us, it is quite possible that Chinese villagers with antibodies to various bat viruses HAVE been found by researchers. But that simply shows a sad fact. MANY humans have shown interests in BAT CAVES that have brought DISEASE to humanity. The problem NOW is that one of the groups interested in bat viruses is – TA-DA – the CCP. The inhuman, criminal, CCP.

Virus research is the problem. The REAL problem.

Wet markets don’t actually need to be closed, anyway. Just CLOSE OFF THE BAT CAVES. To EVERYBODY.


Very simple. And if CHINA doesn’t do it, then American troops need to do it. CLOSE EM OFF. NO HUMANS.

Let the bats and the SARS viruses live in peace. We don’t have to know any more about them.

Notice the Fauci part of the above tweets:

This right here is proof that Fauci is on the other side. He’s helping the ChiComs shill this garbage, and I can tell you right now, Fauci needs GITMO time. He’s helping the enemy. Sperry? He’s a dupe, rather remarkably. And dupes like Sperry, unfortunately, provide COVER for guys like Fauci.


This whole thing brings up another point.

I have been hit VERY HARD by Chinese shills pushing the bat soup story to conservatives. They rounded up a BUNCH of us on Twitter with a kind of spamming technique, and I think I was the only person who spotted them as Chinese. That shows you how amazingly effective they are.

I suspect that Sperry is getting bad leads and bad tips. He needs to beware – he is probably being hit by VERY PROFESSIONAL CHINA SHILLS – a couple of grades above what I’m experiencing.

Take a hint, Paul – it’s not bat soup. the ChiComs are trying to preserve their arsenal of bat viruses which form the CORE of their modification experiments. We have to be SMARTER in how we shut them down.

DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR NEGATIVE ATTRACTOR LEADS. The ChiComs LOVE to INCITE and then USE our stereotypes of them to manipulate us. It’s what they do. And they are GOOD AT IT.

And once again, always remember.

The Chinese are GOOD at disinformation. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD.



35 thoughts on “How Did The Bat Soup Shills Nail Paul Sperry?

      1. I’ve followed Paul for a long time. He’s been “off” on a couple of political analyses lately too, in addition to the wet markets. I wonder about him now.

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  1. I came here to see what you were doing. I expected flying anvils and other items along with high explosives going off. Instead, I am presented with a sober, rational, WELL-WRITTEN article minus emotional outbursts.

    I think your comment on Qtree informing of this place was a very clever version of “don’t go in that briar patch” designed to keep those in the nosebleed seats out of here.

    Well done. You da boss.

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    1. I may say an occasional FUCK in the comments here, but yeah – I play them as they lay! πŸ˜‰

      More seriously, I am highly respectful of Paul Sperry and Rich Higgins, who are the relevant people for this discussion, and I wrote this as if they might read it. Although Rich is prone to tell those who question his smart thinking stupidly EXACTLY WHICH ORIFICE to use when stuffing things! πŸ˜€

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    1. Not entirely impossible. At the very least we’re seeing the same sources.

      The term CCP virus caught fire on Twitter and is very popular with Hong Kongers, so I’m thinking that Bannon is seeing it a lot, because he has a strong following in Hong Kong. His “social media entourage” is likely filled with Hong Kong people.

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  2. Good morning from the nosebleed section! Air was gettin’ awfully thin up here and I thank you, Wolfie, for the reprieve. I really will try to behave myself…….promise!

    Oh, and BTW? I’ve got emojis now!!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰πŸ™„πŸ˜²

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        1. This is a military base, not a church. We have a chapel for those who wish to pray, and people are free to do so. We also have a WATERING HOLE, a BOWLING ALLEY, and a DANCE HALL. Acceptable behavior varies accordingly. The BRASS tends to ignore such problems unless they start sending people to the doctor’s office. Language may be rougher. Opinions may be blunter. We don’t have rules like “no fighting in the WAR ROOM”. Our rule is “don’t get in front of the weapons”.

          We may protect the church nearby (COUGH), but we will ignore what goes on there, apart from posting links to good stuff, or simply copying items. If people from the church come onto the base, they should expect that things may be a bit different here. Lurking here shall be advised for more sensitive souls.

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      1. Doing oh-so-much better now, thanks to my friends at Marica’s! Been perusing and stealing your jokes, BTW. I was just doing that yesterday, scrolling through and copying them. You know me and jokes…..πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

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