Why U Are Here (Our EULA)

Your User Agreement If You Are On This Site

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.

β€” EZEKIEL 25:17

If you are on this site, then you accept FREE SPEECH, and all the awe and mystery that comes with the fact that YOU, dear lost child, are not the only person who has it.

You will never be banned from this site for any LEGAL speech, nor will your hypocritical pleadings to ban others be honored, nor even heard. If you cannot either fend for yourself or turn your cheek at nuclear levels, then you are invited to LEAVE.

However, if you can TAKE IT as much as you will inevitably DISH IT OUT, and are able to KEEP IT LEGAL, then you will NEVER be deplatformed, once you are in here.

I do have to keep out certain spies, provocateurs, state-level trolls, and people who try to set me up in real life. People whose PURPOSE is to destroy this site, stop MAGA, or otherwise be workers of evil. Foreign agents and assets who can’t at least do a professional job pretending to be something passable. Those people almost never make it past “Wolf’s Extreme Vetting”. Everybody else does, on THIS site.

Are we good? Only YOU can answer that question.

Thus, answering the question of WHY you are still here, is that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not, then you will surely leave.


Enjoy your stay. You will find the Truth a wonderful prison of Freedom.


(Citizen U, a.k.a. wolfmoon1776)

93 thoughts on “Why U Are Here (Our EULA)

  1. Hi Wolfmoon, I’m here! I had not noticed attackers at your other site but then I don’t get to read everything there. Let me give this place a whirl if you think it is needed. I’ll still go to the other site for all the dear people there.

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    1. Thanks! This will be a bit of an adventure. GROWTH is not always predictable. We will see what happens and where people go. At the very least, people will have options, and there will be room for more people.

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      1. Hi Wolfie. You know my situation. I’ll likely be a lurker for now. But anything you do is worth my paying attention to, so here I am. Not that I expect to be throwing flames……..but you never can tell, lol. I do tote a shovel aroun with me, so there’s that. Love you Wolfie.

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    2. Hi, Barb. I hadn’t noticed problems OT, either, but not there so much as some, and I don’t know which page I will be at most, but it will be very hard for me to follow two, as I had a hard enough time following one site, with my limited tech skills Etc. and time constraints. Don’t know how Wolfie does it.

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      1. Oh Dur Volfsmuun, now it is on! Your hateful triggering speech has enraged me to be very uncivil to you.
        You said, “Bacon is bad for us.” This propaganda cannot stand. Take it back!

        Orange man is good. Bacon is good.

        Geaux Tigers, Roll Elephants. I hope u guys play to a 3-3 tie in overtime.

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  2. Hey Wolf,
    I’ve got to check this site out, I am sure I’ll mostly lurk here. But always curious of what others are thinking and saying. I kind of like to keep my thoughts and enemies(not that I consider anyone here an enemy) close to my vest if you know what I mean.

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  3. you are always kicking it up a notch! Appreciate all you do.

    My first thoughts when posting here were childish: “you mean I could say Anything here? I wonder if I could say….?”

    I almost wanted to test the delicious freedom from boundaries! But then I realized there is nothing I have to say that I don’t already and no words I want to use that I don’t already use.

    Next thought: “Hmmm, if I am already saying what I want to say, does that mean I am already well behaved and have built in decorum and language control or am I self unaware that I am already blunt to the point of rudeness?”

    I guess time will tell .

    I think I was borderline rude and pointedly blunt on OT recently as I was irritated with certain conservative’s comments, actions and results.

    So I might not want to be join the bar as I might prefer fine dining but my redneck side of the family tree might show out enough that I might just end up here!😜

    Second thought is…just because we can doesn’t mean we ought. We might have the freedom to post but ought we? One reason to exert self control is that we are still creating a digital footprint with our screen names, out put from our devices, from our IP address, etc. a Wolf may be giving us the public freedom but other eyes are always on us or could go back via search tools to find presviously posted comments. This is still a publicly available web site even if a comfortable few post.

    I will use the same screen nana me here as I do at the wqtreehouse as too many different screen names is setting myself up for failure!

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  4. I’ll primarily be a lurker. Some days I can take the snark, criticism, etc. and need it to be ready for the tough fight. Other days it just takes me down with it. I hate to just scroll past certain names because I know they might provide valuable information but then again might start a downward spiral.

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  5. Checking in. I’ve read so many sites where people are rude, offensive, temperamental, super-sensitive, and the like, that it doesn’t phase me, human nature being what it is. On some “open” and liberal sites, anything goes. I’ve been mocked, misjudged, and called names, and have seen it happen to others. It’s always useful to “consider the source.”

    This should be interesting.

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  6. I’d say this is a great idea, so far at least. It’s good to have a place to vent without offending the thin skin sensibilities of certain other posters.
    I hope this blog actually does adhere to Free Speech. The 1st Amendment was written to protect all speech, especially that which offends others.

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    1. AMEN. It was really my fault that people were in conflict. The original mission of the Q Tree was to maintain Sundance’s basic model but allow Q talk. As things went along, I opened up more free speech, but also realized that we needed Godly protection. That is a fine line and requires software tools when reduced to a small site. WordPress didn’t provide those tools. I watch Gab closely for a reason.

      I am GREEDY FOR MAGA. I don’t want to lose even ONE. Not sayin’ who I stole that from, but he tolerated a lot of us scum.

      MAGA is a very expansive thing. We need to EXPAND. We need to be ON OFFENSE AGAIN – no pun intended (but maybe sorta let slide)!

      I had to get some sleep – sorry for the delay on processing first posts to let people in!

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  7. Wolf ~ It’s holley100. I am stuck in moderation at the Q Tree. I had some tech. issues and changed to holley101. Can I be released from moderation please?

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  8. “GA/FL
    November 7, 2019 at 14:22
    After thinking about this for a while, only one person comes to mind – who seems to be an intentional provocateur – delighting in demeaning anything to do with Christianity.

    This person operates more like the typical Alinsky name-calling leftist troll, or a RINO like Rick Wilson, than a typical Trump-supporting conservative.

    In fact, I don’t know of anyone here, OT or at the free-wheeling Weasel Zippers or any other Trump supporting blog who attack and malign people as this person does.

    Seems a shame to divide a great blog over one individual.”

    If this isn’t a Personal Attack, I don’t know what is. That’s precisely why Wolf created this blog. If not for it, I’d have posted something at his main blog in response to your P.A. such as You Stupid Bitch! You claim I only post about Christian stuff, but you have obviously totally ignored all my previous comments against Islam, Church of Scientology, Moromism and all other organized religions.

    You claim I’m a “leftist troll and a RINO” yet you offer no evidence.

    You are one nasty old biddie who enjoys bullying those she doesn’t like. So take that attitude and all your lies and shove them up your ass sideways, you miserable bitch!

    How about that for breaking in the new blog?


    1. Curling my eyebrow. Andy, darlin’…… having a real hard time seeing you as the neverending victim. You threw gas on that fire, daily.
      Grow a set.
      You’ll be fine.

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  9. Cuppa Covfefe
    November 7, 2019 at 14:52
    Well, well, well.

    Looks like you won your point.

    Now shut up.

    Cuppa Crapola….

    You ignorant fucking tranny. You just can’t stand attacking me when all I post is “Hi Jesus!”

    WTH is wrong with you? Your syphilitic insanity is likely untreatable and is the only reason I can think of why you continue to be such an asshole. But, you’re in good company with the likes of GA/FL.

    So go eat a huge pile of fermented donkey shit and die.


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    1. Wow, so glad we have this site here now so I can say this to you.

      Only a very small and miserable person who doesn’t like themselves very much would be as vitriolic and hateful towards others as you appear to be. Your trolling is absolutely the outward manifestation of a sad inner person.

      I feel sorry for you. I wish you would seek help for the anger you experience. You could be a much happier person if you could get to the root of your rage.

      I wish you the best, and hope that you will seek some help. Wanting others to hate you and encouraging that from them with cruel and divisive words is not healthy. The body is the temple of the spirit, and your spirit needs addressing.

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      1. I only become angry with those who slam me first. And here you are doing just that. I’ve never said anything offensive to you personally, yet you seem to think you need to scold me. So, fuck off bitch.


      2. @Aubergine
        BTW, your armchair psychology is nothing more than ignorant fantasy. Save your advice for your children. You don’t know me or why I’m saying what I do to the people who attack me, so get a life, dumbass.


  10. And now I see what you meant….wow!

    You did ask for no food fights & civility (i.e. self regulating free speech) at the wqth. I guess the pretense of a regulator has been removed. Alrighty then….

    But each blog has been defined and free will choice is made to enter or not enter and if we enter we know what is expected and what to expect. Fair enough.

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    1. The Dailies on the U Tree are – for now – dead simple copies like they are at CTH. Takes SECONDS to put them up. I will likely schedule a few dozen tonight.

      THAT may change at some point.

      I will discuss with Flep if he wants to post his stuff on the U Tree as well. I think that would be a good idea!

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      1. I love Flep’s recaps… but I’d like to add that it would imho be worthwhile to give Flep a venue to focus on a particular theme, his flavor of the day so to speak. We all recognize he is a smart cookie and I’m sure he frequently has a burr under his saddle that he’s yearning to get rid of. Also, he’s quite knowledge wrt FL politics.
        Just some thoughts.

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        1. As an Author, Flep can write whatever he wants here, any time (same at Q Tree), but this site would also allow a bit more ranting, because all legal speech (which does not include doxxing) is allowed. Just saying that there are plenty of POSs out there that deserve a good Flep “POS” treatment! πŸ˜‰

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  11. Im not sure if we are starting over or what. I really dont quite know the difference between here and our tree except using the F dash dash dash word more openly.
    But, I like my internet friends so here I say, Thank you sir may I have another?

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  12. Some street fighters grow up to be highly respected successful attorneys.

    Others just work with what they know…

    Both groups seek the satisfaction of being heard.

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    1. I have noticed this several times now, previously at WQTH and now here. At first I thought it was just a glitch in the Matrix, but after seeing it enough times, I wanted to ask Wolf.

      The number of ‘likes’ showing beneath PR’s post is ‘3’.

      But if you hover your cursor over the “3 people”, only two names (currently) appear, TJ and wolfmoon1776.

      The 3rd person who ‘liked’ PR’s comment is invisible, or cloaked, or masked, etc.

      I have seen this happen on my own posts occasionally, and on others.

      Is there someone posting or lurking here (or at WQTH) whose screen name can’t be seen when they ‘like’ a post?

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          1. Have seen that as well. Perhaps it’s because the person “liked” the post, then decided to “unlike” it, so their name is gone but the count didn’t change. WP glitch?

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