Death Race 4800: The Bill Gates “Vaccine” Is Here, and It’s Not a Vaccine – It’s DNA Modification

What would it take to get you to let somebody inject you with DNA using some special process that makes it go into your cells (oh, kinda like a VIRUS), and that new DNA makes YOUR CELLS create NEW PROTEINS to fight some weird brand new virus that is strangling you with its own NEW PROTEINS?

And none of this had to happen, outside of UNETHICAL scientific “gain of function” research funded by the asshole who created a problem designed to FEAR-FUEL his own Frankenstein solution.

Come again?

Yeah. If this Fauci-approved vaccine sounds fishy to you, just wait until you hear more.

Would an ARTIFICIAL, HUMAN-ENGINEERED PATHOGEN PANDEMIC make you undergo the process, which they CALL a “vaccine”, but which appears NOTHING like earlier vaccines?

I’m not sure what these people are up to, but suddenly I don’t trust any of these people.


Notice that they don’t mention the “DNA” part in left-leaning Business Insider (which I always think of as ChiCom insiders, but I digress…)

H/T: Nebraska Filly –

FTA: “A small Pennsylvania biotech company is planning to start injecting healthy volunteers with a potential coronavirus vaccine this week, after having received regulatory clearance to start clinical testing.

Researchers plan to dose the first person on Monday. The experimental vaccine was developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals, and the effort has received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.”

Let’s take a closer look at this thing, though, by Googling and going WHOA, NELLY!

SCREENSHOTS are always advised for the following site, which deletes controversial things. I’ve found some interesting blank pages here.

LINK: https(colon)//

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Sorry, but I’m not copying that information to a computer-searchable form. We just have some pictures up. Nothing to see here!

So, yeah. Here we are. Because CHINA let loose some new pathogen, very likely engineered with Bill Gates-approved GAIN OF FUNCTION, YOU need your DNA modified by BILL GATES.

Screw these people.


Are we DONE with this fucker yet?

98 thoughts on “Death Race 4800: The Bill Gates “Vaccine” Is Here, and It’s Not a Vaccine – It’s DNA Modification

  1. Are they tossing in a pair of wings? Maybe a packet of some super hero chromosomes?

    Or is it all about something to make us weak and compliant. If that’s the case it’s a throw back to Sumerian times with the very first stories of why man was created in order to serve the gods. <<< In the history books and not simply your modern day Anunnaki stuff.

    Anyway, if there's any shopping to be done, it certainly will not be with Gates.

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    1. They can do anything they want, which DNA can do. The BARRIER of getting people to accept gene mod is the key to this whole thing. Using a DISEASE was the method.

      I’m not even necessarily against voluntary gene mod by people. What I’m against is using a fucking artificial plague that could have KILLED ME to sell the idea.

      China must somehow be cut in on Gates’ deal. CCP has a deal with that bastard.

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      1. Fauci #RESIST allegiance confirmed.
        Jon Karl salutes him, he gives a thumbs up back.

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      2. To late in the game for most of us to be thinking of gen mod and it really is the audacity of these people that is stunning. Some of them need to dragged from their high places.

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      1. Bummer.
        Are quotes in URL necessary for the message?

        Is it worth the hassle during a “Wolf Speed” military exercise?

        Depends on if reach on Gab is important…

        YOUR CALL Commander Wolf, sir!

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    1. Text of Tweet:

      ‘A potential coronavirus vaccine funded by Bill Gates is set to begin testing in people, with the first patient expected today’

      Well look at that. This came a day after people rebelled against Fauci’s inexplicable anti-Hydroxycloroquine campaign.

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      1. Oh, FDA and Congress were the easy sell. No problem – they’ll suck it right up.

        It’s getting past a skeptical public that’s hard.

        They OWE US an explanation. They OWE US answers to OUR questions. They OWE US much more than Adam Schiff censoring the opposing voices.

        When I oppose these censorious bastards, who CHEAT to get what they want, I do so because they CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

        You want to change humanity, Bill Gates? EARN THE RIGHT. The Spirit of Truth judges the liars, cheaters, and schemers, and they are found wanting.

        One of the things I did here is a TRUMPISM. He throws out something that they may call “wrong”, but it exposes them.

        I called it “DNA modification” and “modifying our DNA”, because that’s exactly what it DOES IN FACT. Now it’s possible to define “our DNA” to EXCLUDE this added DNA executing in our cells, and it’s possible to define it’s execution differently from that of our prior DNA, so that one can define it away from what it really is, but that is all just semantics. They’re adding code into our cells PRECISELY so that it will execute in a manner similar or identical to that of our own prior DNA. Very similar to what a virus does – hacking and ESCALATION OF PRIVILEGE. And, of course, there is the possibility of some kind of long-term incorporation, which is also “modification”, but again – ALL SEMANTICS.

        These people have a DUTY to explain this, and we have a RIGHT to not only object but to REJECT.

        We will see what happens now.

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      1. And while you are at it…

        Dr Boyle on USA/Wuhan Bioweapon research FUNDED BY Fauci and the Chinese government at the University of North Carolina:

        First interview:

        Second interview:

        Includes links to the papers mentioned including the Indian and French.

        Last one of the papers is paywalled and Mike Adams (health ranger) bought it and discuses it here:

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  3. Someone draws a bead on #CCP #GATES and now she’s getting the social crucifixion treatment.

    Original interview:

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    1. It’s going to be glorious and terrible all at the same time.
      I’m seeing the #CCP #GATES move as the act of desperate players who have run out of good moves.

      For goodness sake look at the pushback on Gates just on a hostile platform like twitter. (see below)

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  4. So now I’m rethinking the whole Event 201 thing.

    1) They know they have this virus ready to roll out.

    2) They want to, as Wolf says, “set expectations.” They are seeding the ground for what is coming. “Prepping” people for the idea that “there is no vaccine.” May never be one. Oh, the humanity.

    3) Virus comes, media gets onboard, everybody is freaking out. TP shortages, people trapped at home, “we’re all gonna die” 24/7 on social media. “We can’t even get vaccinated,” the sheep bleat.

    4) Ah, not so fast, in rides Billy Goat Gates to the rescue. “I have a vaccine, against THIS particular plague.” It’s like a miracle for the sheep, a goat to lead them out of the plague. Only it’s not so appealing if you AREN’T A SHEEP.

    You had it, Wolf. Event 201 was about setting expectations, all right.

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    1. That’s exactly what I’m seeing, that all these sketchy pieces like the ChiCom release, the W.H.O. acting so wrongly, Billzebub riding in to “help”, the PHONY media behavior, and most of all the media opposition to any treatment – what the heck is going on here? Saying Gates just wanted money for normal vaccines – that’s not a GATES-LEVEL GOAL. He wanted to be KING OF PERSONAL COMPUTING. Well, now he wants to be KING OF PERSONAL MODDING – KING OF HUMAN DNA-BASED MEDICINE. And he’s starting with DOS-level crap. He needs some way to make it move forward. VACCINES.

      It is literally entry-level transhumanism. Very basic.

      Chinese will take the vaccine because their government will make it and sell it. And it’s just the beginning for them. The ChiComs will not stop with mere vaccines. They’re ambitious. First in bioweapons. First in human mods on a social scale.

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      1. The basic human mod would be something similar to Monsanto’s GM plants — put something in once, and demand monthly doses to avoid consequences.

        Buy GM corn, so you can soak your fields in pesticides and still grow corn…..but, now, your fields are soaked in pesticides and the ONLY kind of corn you can grow is the GM stuff…..which needs to be bought every season.

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        1. Oh, all kinds of things ensue if you can just get humans to accept the mods.

          Our pencilnecked friends are clearly a bit edgy. Wrong tech in the wrong hands has made us a bit more – how shall we say – not conditioning in as desirable a manner as hoped. Getting a few controls in the Petri dish would seem to be the plan. Just gotta find the dupes. Especially the nasty, dumb ones.

          AW. Pencilneck no likey.

          Gotta be careful, Pencilneck. Maybe science project blow up on Pencilneck too! Put on those glasses! You’re gonna need ’em. 😎

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  5. T3 posted this pic over on my post:

    OMG, look at the little embroidered “cell membrane.” It’s BROKEN! They HAD the vaccine, Wolf! That’s what the vaccine DOES, is break the cell membrane so the DNA can get in!

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        1. Gates knew the schedule. They all knew. And I think they knew during the Obama administration, probably rolling out the plan in the second term, that they were going to have a “plannedemic”. They were definitely all organized at the END of the Obama administration. That was a critical time for them to finish planning, “just in case”. It explains all the weird activity by these players in December 2016, January, February and early spring of 2017. A long-term plan like this would need commitments at a time when THEY held top power over the executive.

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          1. Wolfie, LOOK AT THE DATE On the UNC study! And LOOK who funded it! The National Institutes of Health under Fauci AND funded by the State Key Program for Basic Research Grants from the Chinese Ministry of Science.

            Published online 2015 Nov 9

            A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

            we generated and characterized a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus SHC014 in a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone. The results indicate that group 2b viruses encoding the SHC014 spike in a wild-type backbone can efficiently use multiple orthologs of the SARS receptor human angiotensin converting enzyme II (ACE2), replicate efficiently in primary human airway cells and achieve in vitro titers equivalent to epidemic strains of SARS-CoV. Additionally, in vivo experiments demonstrate replication of the chimeric virus in mouse lung with notable pathogenesis. ….

            Translation: The UNC level III lab CREATED a patched together virus that could attack human lings. The team doing the creating included, not only UNC scientists
            but an FDA scientist from National Center for Toxicological Research, Food and Drug Administration
            AND Zhengli-Li Shi, and Xing-Yi Ge of Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China

            From the Mike Adams transcript:

            Alex Jones:
            Dr. Francis Boyle wrote the US biological weapons law, and he’s here laying this out and I can read the reports. It’s ridiculous how obvious this is that the Chinese paid a US university– that’s all over the news. Yale and Harvard are in trouble for 300-something million but turns out it’s billions total.

            Dr. Boyle:
            ” Well, let me just discuss one more scientific article with you. Archives of Virology 2010, 155. And here, Wuhan was working with an institute in Australia to DNA genetically engineer a super bioweapon involving SARS and HIV. That’s right in here; you can read it, okay. And apparently it was successful. So as far as I can tell, Alex, what happened was, the Wuhan is to the virology took the– and this was the Australian government knew all about this. And it says this work was jointly funded by the State Key Program for Basic Research Grants from the Chinese Ministry of Science, Technology and the Knowledge. And the other writer here, Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Australia. So as far as I can figure out here, what happened here, Alex, is that the Wuhan scientists took the North Carolina SARS with gain of function, which is already a biological warfare weapon, and they took the technology here behind this well-developed SARS HIV weapon and they all brought it back to the Wuhan a BSL-4 and tried to DNA genetically engineer it into a chimera, into a biological warfare weapon involving the coronavirus, the HIV virus and gain of function….

            What is significant here- you can get it at ResearchGate. What is significant here is that it is by two professors at the South China University of Technology – they’re all professors. And their conclusion of this study is that the Wuhan coronavirus leaked out of that BSL-4 facility. Let me repeat – even Chinese scientists are saying now, independently of me, it leaked out. And I believe it was probably an accident that there was a one of these death scientists there at the Wuhan BSL-4 facility trying to DNA genetically engineer the North Carolina technology, the Australian technology, HIV, SARS, gain of function together into the super biological warfare weapon and somehow got infected….

            let me go back here to this second study [UNC] to point out – it says at the end, “the current manuscript has been reviewed by the funding agency, the National Institutes of Health. Continuation of these studies have been requested and approved by the National Institutes of Health.” Notice the National Institutes of Health under Fauci is funding this Nazi biological warfare work and they have approved and requested further development of it, which obviously, this study was 2015 and the NIH wanted it to become even a more deadly pathogenetic virus. And you can also then see here the money from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.…. “

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            1. Holy crap. In a normal world, this would be front page NYT, above the fold. Biggest headline in decades.

              What this tells me is that “Ebright guy” is a fucking liar. He’s backed off from “bat soup” to “bat virus got out of study”, but he’s still trying to discredit the fact that the real virus looks a hell of a lot more chimeric than anybody who TOOK CHICOM MONEY is willing to admit. They don’t even want to admit that chimeric research was all over the place, and that they were so close to the real McCoy, the only thing left was to just DO IT.

              Rich, ain’t it?

              This is why that BASTARD Schiffty and Narco Nan want an “investigation” now – so they can keep this stuff out. You let this stuff into any investigation, and the whole thing is obvious to everybody. It does NOT take a rocket scientist to see what is going on. You keep it out LATER, and people see that the commission is a SCAM.

              Can you do a big post on this? I want to put it up on the U Tree so people can see this stuff.

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    1. I am sad to say I believe so. This was – as I keep saying – Bio-9/11 – a humanity-steering control event.

      I believe it was planned no matter who was in office. The reason we are seeing both failure and how it works is because Trump “broke the fake news”.

      It was a planned event. Everything. This is what they do to control humanity.

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        1. Remember we were SUPPOSED to have a choice between:

          Hillary the Witch


          Jeb the Twig

          Do you think Jeb would have done anything to stop the Cabal’s plans? The Cabal thought they had it ALL SEWN UP.

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      1. My comments from Sunday:

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            1. She is correct that the brains behind it are all dead or senile.

              Gates is just a puppet. If his father was not who he was, Billy would be asking ‘do you want fries with that’

              Think of all the BIG tech companies that were around in the 1980s that died. Hubby worked for a lot of them and they are ALL GONE.

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  6. We’re getting a lot of views!

    Suddenly, the world is going to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS – like WHAT EXACTLY IS A DNA VACCINE??? And WHY didn’t you tell us. And WHY is it just happening to be ready for this sketchy hoaxy event?

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  7. Fear is a powerful motivator, and they’re using it to the best advantage they can right now. Just like in the aftermath of 9-11. The people who resist will be labeled, and ostracized. Peer pressure will be brought to bear.

    Same $#!+, different crisis.

    Personally, I’m going to sit in the sun as much as possible with no sunscreen and synthesize vitamin D just to prove sunlight doesn’t cause melanoma. All the people I know who’ve had it were tanning bed regulars or virtual vampires.

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    1. This is where dishonesty comes back and bites one in the ass. Some people want no vaccines, but most people simply want SAFE and EFFECTIVE vaccines, with KNOWN ISSUES, and a chance to say NO. A legitimate vaccine commission (not some lying crapfest like Warren/JFK, Three Mile Island, or 9/11) with all sides would teach most Americans where we SHOULD be on vaccines. A fine and good mixture of skeptical and accepting.

      So WHY does nobody want to be HONEST about these things? At the core, it’s because these people value the EXTRA CASH-AND-POWER GRAB that is possible by DISHONESTY. They would rather steal the bitter fruits of FORCED CHANGE EVENTS than ASK KINDLY for society to accept new things which should only be accepted from HONEST PEOPLE.

      I might be talked into a DNA vaccine, but NEVER from Bill Gates. One of the prime purveyors of monopolistic forced defective products has NO BUSINESS creating a STEALTHY VACCINE MONOPOLY, which I’m sure is why he was “recruited” for this task.

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      1. “This is where dishonesty comes back and bites one in the ass. Some people want no vaccines, but most people simply want SAFE and EFFECTIVE vaccines, with KNOWN ISSUES, and a chance to say NO.”


        If any vaccine was what it was represented to be, then just about everyone (including me) would want to be vaccinated against all known serious diseases.

        The problem is that most thinking people CANNOT TRUST the motives OR actions of the people behind the vaccines.

        They can’t trust the ‘medical profession’, they can’t trust the ‘government’ or ‘government regulators’, they can’t trust the ‘manufacturers’, and they sure as &%#$ can’t trust the financiers who reap all the profits. The money is SO HUGE that the temptation to cut corners or flat our LIE is overwhelming.

        No human being can be trusted with THAT kind of power over life and death, because it is that very ‘power’ and deception which makes the sheep so vulnerable to abuse, and it is that very ‘power’ which makes those in control willing to abuse that power for their own benefit.

        In a world where people are killed by muggers on the street for $20, how many people would a more ambitious criminal be willing to murder for a few billion dollars?

        We (normal, regular people) don’t know anything about ‘vaccines’ or what is in them, or what the potential harm might be.

        What we (normal, regular people) DO know is that most people in positions of power and authority are incomprehensibly evil. The more money and power involved, the greater the evil that is manifested.

        So how does anyone attempting to make a rational decision reconcile those two things?

        The desire to be protected from disease (which today is likely to be created by the same people who created the vaccine), but not being able to TRUST whatever the hell else these megalomaniacs are doing and including in the vaccines?

        When only rattlesnakes are available to guard the hen-house, which rattlesnake is the ‘safe’ one to employ for guard duty?

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      2. “So WHY does nobody want to be HONEST about these things? At the core, it’s because these people value the EXTRA CASH-AND-POWER GRAB that is possible by DISHONESTY. ”


        I suspect it’s actually far worse than simple dishonesty.

        Dishonesty requires a certain level of respect for the intellect of your target, or you wouldn’t have to bother with being dishonest in the first place, you could just dominate.

        These people have no respect for humanity, for the great unwashed masses. Due to their unimaginable wealth, they are so detached from the reality or regular people, that we are nothing more than bugs to them.

        They see themselves as the ‘chosen ones’, and We the People are nothing more than a nuisance, a bug infestation to be managed and hopefully eradicated.

        Unlimited wealth clearly (and as far as I can tell, undeniably) breeds psychopathy. It leads a soul to believe itself a god, because nearly any wish or desire can be fulfilled, and everyone around you treats you like a god, because they want access to your money or your power.

        Live in that bubble long enough, and you no longer see yourself as part of humanity, but separate from and above it. You convince yourself that you deserve the adulation and servitude of others, because you weren’t just some lucky stiff who was in the right place at the right time, you are special, you are better than all others, and so you deserve special status.

        Only your own will and your own desires matter, because you have the power and ability to make your desires a reality. Joe six-pack can’t do that, he can’t do anything, and besides that, he’s so ignorant compared to someone like Bill Gates, that he’s probably better of dead anyway.

        Class or ‘caste’ systems always work this way, each class viewing itself superior to the one below itself. It is what “all men are created equal” was intended to oppose.

        And on this planet, there is no ‘class’ higher than people like Gates, Soros, et al., and their hangers on, their entourages and sycophants.

        I don’t think they care about dishonesty in the big picture, they don’t even think of us as worthy opponents who merit going to the trouble of dishonesty, which is why they appear so reckless and brazen to us.

        They simply don’t care.

        They own the ‘system’ — legal, social, academic, governmental, media, technology, and most importantly, debt based fiat currency to make it all work — because they constructed it, and there is no way for us to overcome it except by physical force, which is why they are always and forever after our guns, because that is the one thing that can be used to ‘reach out and touch someone’ from beyond the perimeter of their personal bodyguards.

        And it has been so long since We the People have tried physical force on any large scale, that no one is old enough to remember it, so they don’t believe we ever will.

        And they might be right.

        They certainly believe they are.

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  8. For whatever it’s worth, the ‘You Are Free’ lady on youtube is still claiming something along the lines that 5G is being used to ‘unzip’ the man-made China virus to make it active, and then ‘turn off’ the virus to make it go inactive as needed.

    I probably didn’t explain that right, but she’s certain 5G is related, and it’s why (at least in part) Trump was so adamant about stopping China 5G in America, and cites work from other Interweb sleuths who are thinking the same thing.

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    1. I thought she was crazy and then Wolfie posted this:

      “This one-of-a-kind platform delivers optimized DNA into cells…. CELLECTRA uses a brief electrical pulse to open small pores in the cell reversibly to allow the plasmids to enter….”

      We already know that some vaccines (SARS) make the Commie China Corona Crud a lot worse. Were the problems in Italy a combination of WRONG flu vaccine + China 5G + elderly population? It certainly blew up FAST!

      While the goings on in China might get the side-eye, the DEATHS in Italy (and Spain) would get the FEAR the Cabal wanted.

      If I muck this chart up, original is:

      Country Total New Deaths New Recovrd Active Serious Per1M Pop
      Italy 47,021 +5,986 4,032 +627 5,129 37,860 2,655 778
      Germany 19,711 +4,391 59 +15 180 19,472 2 235
      USA 16,621 +2,832 225 +18 125 16,271 64 50
      Spain 20,412 +2,335 1,044 +213 1,588 17,780 939 437
      France 12,612 +1,617 450 +78 1,295 10,867 1,122 193
      Iran 19,644 +1,237 1,433 +149 6,745 11,466 234
      Switz. 5,369 +1,147 56 +13 15 5,298 620
      UK 3,983 +714 177 +33 65 3,741 20 59
      Netherl 2,994 +534 106 +30 2 2,886 210 175
      Belgium 2,257 +462 37 +16 204 2,016 164 195
      Austria 2,491 +312 6 9 2,476 14 277
      Portugl 1,020 +234 6 +2 5 1,009 26 100
      Sweden 1,639 +200 16 +5 16 1,607 21 162
      Luxemb. 484 +149 5 +1 6 473 1 773
      Czechia 833 +139 4 829 6 78
      Norway 1,922 +132 7 1 1,914 27 355
      Malaysa 1,030 +130 3 +1 87 940 26 32

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    2. This is the cunning ploy of taking two sketchy, questionable things, making them interact badly, and then the opponents of both are discredited. It’s a STRONG cabal/communist technique.

      5G has issues – most social and privacy, many political (CHYYYNNAA), some biophysical. The biophysical are almost too edgy and minority-affecting to get any traction at all – they will LOSE always to the inevitability of 5G. The negatives on electromagnetic stuff are 150 years out of the barn, just like FIRE and THE WHEEL are out of the barn, and will not be solved *NOW* for the few when the immediate benefits are so strong. GET REAL OR GET DISCREDITED.

      Because most 5G opponents come across as wheel-banners, they LOSE, LOSE, LOSE. When some of them GET SMART and promote SAFE 5G they will start to win. SAFE 5G means NO CHYYYNNAA for starters. GRAB some political wind there, too.

      Vaccines have issues – a mix of social, privacy, political, medical, and more. Everybody understands this, no matter which side you’re on.

      Bring these two topics together with almost-credible BOGUS physics that attracts the opponents like honey, and you INSTANTLY discredit opponents of both.

      In you have questions about either tech….



      1. Yeah, wolfie, as I said I was skeptical to begin with.

        The ‘WRONG flu vaccine’ still sounds like a very good possibility.

        Evaluation of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of SARS-CoV Infection in Rhesus Macaques Immunized with an Inactivated SARS-CoV Vaccine

        …..Generally, virus-specific antibodies play important roles in the control of viral infections. However, the presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial for infection in case of some viruses including flaviviruses, CoVs, and retroviruses (de Alwis et al. 2014; Jolly and Weiss 2000; Takano et al. 2008). Vaccine-induced enhancement of susceptibility to SARS-CoV has been documented. One study showed that the antibody against SARS-CoV spikes protein potentiated infection of both monocytic and lymphoid cell lines, which do not express the virus receptor, and reported antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)-mediated vaccine-induced infection aggravation…

        Translated: If the vaccine does not generate antibodies that are the ‘perfect fit’ the virus uses the antibody to increase infection.

        Since old folks are brain-washed into taking ‘Flu Shots’ they could more likely get ‘ADE’

        And yeah, Oldsters get a ‘SPECIAL FLU SHOT’

        …If you’re a senior and considering getting a flu shot this season, chances are your doctor will recommend a flu shot designed specifically for people ages 65 and older.

        One type of flu vaccine for older adults is called Fluzone. This is a high-dose trivalent vaccine. A trivalent vaccine protects against three strains of the virus: influenza A [H1N1], influenza A [H3N2], and the influenza B virus….

        Fluzone is an influenza virus vaccine distributed by Sanofi Pasteur.

        Sanofi Pasteur is a transnational with 75 manufacturing sites in 33 countries. More than 100,000 employees of 145 nationalities…. Sanofi is headquartered in Paris, France.

        They are partnered with Regeneron here in the USA

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        1. I think it may be wickedly hard to prove that anybody knew there would be vaccine interference, but if “we have it all” has some code-word understanding of it, before the flu season, stored out in Utah, we might have some actual proof of conspiracy on Bio-9/11.

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          1. The study of vaccinated children in Singapore showed that they got the flu less but got other respiratory illnesses more frequently. Any good scientist would be doing the literature research to find things like this.

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        The problem is that I can’t even SEE the strawman. It’s invisible to me.

        This is the problem presented by the fog of war and the technical aspects of technology being incomprehensible to anyone who is not a specialist.

        Which is probably 95% of the human population.

        There is no way for me to independently validate or verify what is truth and what is false. The only thing I can ‘see’ is the track record and motivations of the people profiting from ‘vaccines’ and ‘5G’, and the more we find out, the more these people are making Nazis look like boy scouts.

        So how does anyone (who is not a technical specialist in a relevant discipline) determine what is true, or even possible, and what is not?

        It’s as if I’m standing on the 50 yard line of a football stadium.

        50,000 people on one side are screaming one thing, and 50,000 people on the other side are screaming the opposite.

        How the *&^% am I supposed to know which (if either) is RIGHT?


        Besides getting a degree in medicine and a degree in electrical engineering (taught by the same people at the same politically weaponized universities who politicize everything), how can a non-specialist discern the truth?

        As far as I can tell, the choice is to either flip a coin, or to be swayed by personal influence (peer pressure). Essentially, just decide to trust someone else who you think is an expert, never mind that even the best-intentioned legitimate expert can be 100% wrong.

        These are not acceptable methods of determining truth.

        So the question is “how”.

        How does someone without technical expertise determine what is ‘true’ and what is not?

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        1. Frankly, digging out is going to be painful. It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s not going to happen all at once, but it WILL take some quantum leaps soon, IMO. Like right now. Like Spygate, like Muh Fake Whistleblower. I think Gatesgate (Bio-9/11) is going to be huge, and red-pill a lot of people.

          Fake Science has been operating a long time. Fake News has had several years to be exposed. Fake Science is just getting started on the downfall.

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          1. Wolfie do not forget a bunch of us are well aware of FAKE SCIENCE thanks to the Farm Wars and then the GoreBullSchiff Warming crap science.

            Heck on my other computer I had a whole file full of FAKE science papers.


      3. 5G is a pipe dream that was oversold because FIBER OPTIC infrastructure had too many headaches. As we well know, industry does not care to invent bio-compatible technology and so it all takes it’s pound of flesh from you whether you can feel it or not.


        1. “As we well know, industry does not care to invent bio-compatible technology and so it all takes it’s pound of flesh from you whether you can feel it or not.”


          Seems like a smart CEO would invent bio-compatible technology, and then prove to everyone how his competitors’ product is killing people, and oh by the way, here’s my new product that is extremely human-friendly.

          It might even cost a little more, but it might be worth it, since it doesn’t, you know… KILL YOU! 😂

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  9. This has to be the most enlightening thread yet on this. I’ll just throw my two cents in. I believe I read somewhere that warm/sunshine helps kill the virus, so if true and they know this wouldn’t that explain the stay in your home orders more??? Also NY is always wet and cloudy this time of year, perfect spot to start a plandemic…… Gives new meaning to why all the dems went after closing gun stores too if the American people found out there’s hell to pay and they know it.
    The Repubic is waking up though I am seeing it more everyday around me people who never would have been aware know are.

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    1. Yes – the motivation of the stay-at-home orders was BUYING TIME – a very smart thing – and part of the BUYING TIME was buying time on WEATHER. We put off the virus toward – among many things – RESEARCH favorability, TREATMENT favorability, and WEATHER favorability. TIME is automatically on OUR SIDE, not THE VIRUS’S SIDE.

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      1. HOWEVER there is also HEAT. And that ‘shortens’ the life of the virus.

        The biggest difference is
        MORE vitamin D,
        MORE ‘Fresh air’
        LESS crowding
        MORE fresh veggies.

        Flus and colds certainly drop off during the summer.

        Getting decent info is like pulling teeth from a chicken…

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        1. “Getting decent info is like pulling teeth from a chicken…”



          Everyone in positions of power has a direct interest in hiding certain truths — whether it’s the Pope, the CEO or the Politician (etc., etc.)

          And with enough such people involved, ALL truth is constantly being subverted.

          The ‘truth’ about any given subject is still ‘out there’, but it’s swimming in an ocean of disinformation and lies. Every ‘truth’ about anything is a needle in its own haystack.

          And the haystacks are always changing and growing.

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          1. Scott, that is why crowd sourcing works so well.

            I have a ton of info on various subjects, most of it is from other people who did some major digging. I just ‘hoard’ the information, do some dot connecting and then pass it around.

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    2. In General…

      ….As the researchers explained, broad-spectrum UVC light kills viruses and bacteria, and it is currently used to decontaminate surgical equipment. But this type of light can cause skin cancer and cataracts, so it’s not used in public spaces.

      However, Brenner and his colleagues wondered if a much narrower spectrum of ultraviolet light, far-UVC, might be a safer option.

      In prior studies, they found that far-UVC light killed methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) bacteria — a common and dangerous “superbug” — without harming human or mouse skin.

      In this new study, they found that far-UVC light also killed airborne H1N1 virus, a common strain of flu virus.

      “Far-UVC light has a very limited range and cannot penetrate through the outer dead-cell layer of human skin or the tear layer in the eye, so it’s not a human health hazard,” said Brenner, who directs Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research.

      However, “because viruses and bacteria are much smaller than human cells, far-UVC light can reach their DNA and kill them,” he said in a university news release….

      Problem is UVC is mostly stopped by the ozone and clouds

      What Percent of UV Does the Ozone Absorb?

      “…It turns out that the energy levels of electrons in the ozone molecule match the ultraviolet spectrum. Ozone absorbs more than 99 percent of UV-C rays — the most dangerous portion of the spectrum. Ozone absorbs about 90 percent of the UV-B rays — but the 10 percent that make it through are a big factor in inducing sunburns and triggering skin cancer. Ozone absorbs about 50 percent of the UV-A rays.

      Those numbers are dependent upon the density of ozone in the atmosphere….”

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      1. That info BTW is a result of all the digging done on global warming, the sun, ozone and weather patterns.

        Ozone formation, destruction and distribution via changes in the sun has a MAJOR influence on the climate.

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