The Problem Isn’t The Problem. The Problem Is People Creating The Problem. Intentionally.

WHO created the Windows VIRUS problems – and there were MANY of them. WHO?

WHO went off to “cure malaria” and then GAVE US A NEW ONE? WHO?


Go back and look at the history of the Nobel Prizes. If you view them WRONGLY – the way you are SUPPOSED TO VIEW THEM, then you see the Nobels as:

“poor industrialist who made explosives feels horrible about seeing his baby abused, and created prizes to reward good science and peacemaking”

Well, what if the reality is more like:

“cunning industrialist who made a mint on explosives from basic science and war, seeds more science for his class to abuse, with a few cover prizes to peace dupes”

See what I’m saying?



Dear Abusers Of Science – We Are Returning Your Intentionally Defective Products To Your New Address In GITMO

12 thoughts on “The Problem Isn’t The Problem. The Problem Is People Creating The Problem. Intentionally.

  1. You know, after the Blaster worm, Gates focus Microsoft on its Trusted Platform initiative. The immediate result was Windows XP SP2 which was a huge critical update – argueably so good that it drew energy and $$$ away from Microsoft’s delayed dud of Vista.

    There is a lot more to trusted platform computing than just Windows XP. Most people have no concept of a TPM chip in a PC, or engineering all the system hardware so that the hardware can only be hacked by parties with sophisticated equipment (RAM sniffers and the like) – because every component of the system from the HDDs to the SD boot to the RAM modules all has its own UUID and its own certificate, all stored in the TPM. The drives are encrypted with keys on the TPM and cannot be accessed much less booted without the TPM keys. Heck, even the OS components are all digitally signed and the OS will not execute them unless the certificate matches, and all drivers are vested.

    Let’s put this in perspective. Take all those techniques for virii protection in the OS and hardware, and consider what it would look like to apply the same techniques to human systems.

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    1. It took a long time to just get to XP – the beginning of stability. Yeah – Gates’ *COMPANY* finally rescued us from years of his bad decisions – stealing liberally from the competitors he crushed to do it, too.

      NO HERO.

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    1. Sorry about the WP battle. You might just want to shelve the idea of granting me authorship until things cool down a bit. I can’t neglect work here forever. Meanwhile I’m crafting up a new munition meme and might need some of your expertise for the finishing touches.

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    Fuck these asshats and their vaccine you can shove your vaccine up your fucking ass sideways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so fucking tired of all this virus fucking talk, LETS TALK ABOUT HOW WE REALLY GET RID OF THE VIRUS,,,,,,,, ELIMINATE ANYONE WHO MAKES OVER $500,000 A YEAR!!!!!!
    I decide what’s best for me and mine, get in my way you will get FUCKED UP,,,
    it’s all bout survival and that shit was bred into me…. This swamp jumper can survive….
    Love you Wolf and gang, let’s fuck some shit up!!!!

    Want some come got some!!! I ain’t hard to find….

    If your name ain’t God I ain’t skeered….

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      1. Shortly lol I been called many things but shortly was only 2nd on the list, next to late to dinner…
        I am more patient than most brother, it’s all in the timing but when your at the end of your rope ya can only hang for a lil bit longer…
        Trump Gravity is a bitch and i call her Karma.

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          1. OH, Trump is setting them up BEAUTIFULLY.

            And meanwhile he is shutting down the drug runners and human traffickers.

            I am just going to sit here, put in new fence, paint gates and EAT POPCORN!

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