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This is the daily OPEN THREAD for today.

Our purpose is the utter destruction of the criminal CCP.

Anything can be posted on this thread – we have free speech.

That said, everybody else does, too.

And we do have a rule.

Don’t get in front of our weapons.


45 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20200408

      1. ChiCom-pushed DUPE disinformation with redneck wallpaper, but it means we are OVER THE TARGET.

        The bad actors mentioned here are all involved in all their usual bad ways, but this theory right here is a toxic brew of eye-roll meant to discredit people like us.

        We are going to get MAJOR disinformation right now, and for the next few months, but DRILL SERGEANT WOLF is going to PEPPER IT WITH 00 BUCKSHOT at every opportunity, and then LECTURE OVER THE BLEEDING CORPSES OF THEIR VAIN ATTEMPTS TO DERAIL US.

        Don’t fear bringing PSY-OPS and DISINFORMATION into here – I will dissect it for the crowd. DISSECTED BY INFO-MOSSBERG.

        We are about to put all these fuckers in JAIL or out of office. HANG ON FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIVES.


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          1. Good! Keep bringing it in, doesn’t matter. This is ASS-WHIP training for the troops. ChiCom disinfo is some of the best in the world, and they NEVER have a Chinese face on it – they PUSH NATIVE FACE. Spotting it is hard – it takes TRAINING, and I’m giving it until people SCREAM that they want out of BASIC!!! 😀


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  1. They’re getting hungry and decided to grab a bite at a nearby restaurant. At the entrance of the door, a large sign reads: “NO DOGS ALLOWED”.

    The man with the doberman says, “I know what to do, just follow my lead.” He throws on a pair of sunglasses and walks in. The waiter points to the sign and says “I’m sorry sir, dogs are allowed.” The man replies, “Oh, i’m blind and this is my guide dog.”

    “A doberman for a guide dog?” The suspicious waiter asks.

    “Yes, Dobermans are very loyal and protective. They’re born for the job” replied the man. The waiter sighs and leads the man to a table.

    The second man throws on his sunglasses and walks in. The waiter tells him “I’m sorry sir, we don’t allow dogs here.” The man says “Oh, you don’t understand. I’m blind and this is my guide dog.”

    “A chihuahua for a guide dog?” The annoyed waiter asks.

    “A chihuahua?” The man asks. “They gave me a chihuahua?!”

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  2. As a butcher is shooing away a dog from his shop, he sees a $10 bill and a note in his mouth, reading: “5 lamb chops, please.” Amazed, he takes the money, puts a bag of chops in the dog’s mouth, and quickly closes the shop.

    He follows the dog and watches him wait for a green light, look both ways, and trot across the road to a bus-stop. The dog checks the timetable and sits on the bench. When a bus arrives, he walks around to the front and looks at the number, then boards the bus. The butcher follows, dumbstruck.

    As the bus travels out into the suburbs, the dog takes in the scenery. After awhile he stands on his back paws to push the “stop” bell, then the butcher follows him off. The dog runs up to a house and drops his bag on the step. He goes back down the path, takes a big run, and throws himself -Whap!- against the door. He does this again and again. No answer. So he jumps on a wall, walks around the garden, beats his head against a window, jumps off, and waits at the front door. A big guy opens it and starts cursing and shouting at the dog.

    The butcher runs up and screams at the guy: “What the hell are you doing? This dog’s a genius!” The owner responds, “Genius, my ass… It’s the second time this week he’s forgotten his keys!”

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  3. On the door of the general store, a customer noticed the sign reading, “DANGER! BEWARE OF DOG!” He carefully entered the store, but once inside all he saw was a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor beside the cash register. He asked the store manager, “Is THAT the dog folks are supposed to beware of?”

    “Yep, that’s him,” he replied.

    The stranger could not help but be amused. “That certainly does not look like a dangerous dog to me. Why in the world would you post that sign?”

    “Because,” the owner replied, “before I posted that sign, people kept tripping over him.”

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    1. OK, PAUSE.

      Canada – MS exec from Canada
      U.N. – Engineers writing the U.N.
      WHO – Engineers writing the WHO
      NIH – Funded one of the studies he cites as important
      Italian Instutite – Italy gets side eye

      Lots of slides of “harm” but nothing to back it up but assertions

      Complains about the FCC – “All former telecom” – his slide calls out Ajit Pai. Sorry, Ajit Pai is an American hero.

      4:48 China Russian Italy Switerzland supposedly have better safety guidelines.



      Also poo-poos the 1996 Telecom Act, not winning my confidence.

      References articles by LEFT WING RAGS. The Democracy Now one references the SAME FREAKIN GUY from The Nation.


      Comparison to Big Bad Tobacco, favorite industry for leftists to scapegoat

      7:20 Complaining about taking local power – there’s a place for concern about that, but most of the time broadband is held up b/c corrupt local govt’s see big telecom as a revenue source rather than a service – this is a complicated issue but I’m not on the side of corrupt local govt’s

      8:20 SCARE PICTURE shows multiple antennae on a house. Um, no.

      9:20 He says private sector has no incentive to make things safe. We need GOV to save us.

      9:50 Typical liberal action plan. Get educated. Read our propaganda web pages. Spread the word, share the video (awareness is PR speak for marketing propaganda). EVEN SHARE WITH YOUR SCHOOL BOARDS – WTF???





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      1. Just remember, coinciding with the roll-out of 3G, for the first couple of months in each city, there was a major spike in deaths. Mainly cardiac related deaths. 3G has a cap on the max power levels they are to use (but they set them at levels double the allowed in places where signal quality requires it).

        And 4G is twice the modulations and has uncapped power levels because some bright engineer convinced FCC that average power was an okay way to set limits. So power increases as a 4G phone reception requires it. Sometimes at crazy high power levels that can slowly burn the leaves of a tree if they are the right length. 3G is already associated with increased mortality. 4G kills too.

        So what about 5G? It was a bait and switch. They sold everyone millimeter waves. Which can’t penetrate buildings well at all. And can’t be used in a phone on a person’s body so they phones are designed to drop back to 4G if they sense a human with a certain distance. You have to cut all the trees down to get it to work. And you have to put a small cell at the end of every 4th or 5th driveway… digging up streets to lay fibe backhaul, gaining access, power needs, fighting local city hall…

        So they cheated and rolled out 4.5G “lite” where they are using microwave frequencies 1GHz-3GHz range on the small cells. And the small cells placements are in VIOLATION of the FCC rules for locating cell antennas. A judge last summer ruled all their small cells DO fall under the regulatory control of local municipalities.

        The Telcos have a 100,000 brush fires licking at their feet because of that ruling. And they must be seeing the writing on the wall.


    2. Remember:
      NIH = corrupt
      UN = bought
      WHO = bought
      HUAWEI = CHINA TRAP (blackmailing Italy!)

      Think propagandically. Why does China want us to not roll out 5G?


      It’s so easy and obvious it’s not even funny.

      There are many outcomes but just consider a few:

      If they can delay 5G until Republicans are out they can get Huawei in.

      U.S. companies will not invest in 5G if they fear a regulatory regime. Huawei will have a HUGE LEAD. NO ONE CAN BUY ALTERNATIVE 5G EVEN IF THEY WANT TO!!!

      If U.S. delays, eventually demand will force 5G adoption. Huawei again for the win.

      See how China is being talked up as being a “safe” cell network? Oh thank goodness for Huawei’s safe radioactive 5G network!!!


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      1. The Telcos ALL know if they don’t get their network infrastructure in RIGHT NOW they will miss this profit cycle because Elon Musk will have deployed the low earth satellites necessary to blanket the planet and undercut everyone else.

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      2. Yup. If you’re not for “Good [American] 5G”, you’re automatically for “Bad [Cabal/ChiCom] 5G”. Oppose all 5G and pervasive electromagnetics, and you will be crushed. It’s REALITY.

        5G is like standardized roads were for the wheel. If you’re against pervasive electromagnetics, you’re doomed. Start working for safe 5G or free zones like you would work for safe roads and sidewalks. “No vehicles faster than human walking speed” ain’t gonna fly. Get ready to accept a definition of safety that does not impede traffic and involves some death – preferably mostly for the participants so the costs coincide with the benefits.

        5G, like ROADS, ain’t goin’ away. Ask for sidewalks. Some of the time.

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    3. The REAL fight is happening in LAW SUITS right now against the FCC directly. And they are losing ground fast. This may be another act of desperation.

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  4. Not so Quick notes from POTUS presser


    Nice tie POTUS

    Sends luv 2 NY/NJ grieving for strong brave NY/NJers who’ve lost loved 1s

    Gonna beat this virus

    Praying for BoJo who’s going thru alot

    As we go thru this Military Operation, Compliments the American ppl on slowing/stopping spread, this’ll be a painful week even if only 1 person dies fighting a monster

    Strategy working Every American has role to play, we will win this war powerfully & will win next 1… should it happen, hopefully won’t -(warning?)

    Goes into Operation for critical supplies Operation Air Bridge 5 massive planes/flights landed 2day packed w/ “personal protective equip” -(like soldiers w/ guns/ammo mebbe?)

    Med wrkrs “beneficiaries” of equip

    Army Core Eng building facilities to accomedate 15,000 bds

    Completed/ing buildings in NY & Chigaco & other plces, build room for 2000 beds in 4days

    Reminds Governors that sharing real-time data imperative -( apparently they’re not rn), need 2 tell them of equip needs hits occupancy #’s being off -(yep they’ve been lying), occup lower than expected.

    Reiterates CA/WA giving back ventilators

    Pressing further scientifically against this Medical War

    Genius co’s working on cures & vaccines to totally protect us -(ref to Q’s cure drops?), Great potential there

    Great coordination w/ Governors, given alotta equip, “‘We’re gonna protect you if your Governor FAILS you”’ -(HOLY SHIT POTUS!)

    Ref’s stockpiles calls virus a monster again, SOLDIERS READY TO MOVE [them] n2 NY city/state, great coordination w/ Cuomo & DeBladio, if they or Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois need it we’ll have it… spots that are VERY HOT, we’ll see, we have time to move it

    In addition to the 8,675 ventilators

    2,200 arriving 4/13/2020

    5,500 arriving 5/4/2020

    these are the 1s we’re building @ Ford/GM/GE

    12,000 5/18/2020

    20,000 6/1/2020

    60,000 6/19 60, 6-0

    total 110,000 ventilators coming in short period of time, doesn’t think/hopefully we won’t need them

    Other countries need them, gonna work it out, UK needs 200

    10 drugs in active trials 15 more to follow

    1/4 or 5 mebbe

    Post 8719141 4 hours ago • View on 8kun

    As well as 2 vaccine candidates in trials (isn’t there 2 DEMOCRAT candidates rn?)

    We’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get what we need to fight this hidden enemy.

    Bringing companies back to our shores after they went a little bit haywire, bringing back not just medical but others too.

    Mentions we have lg #’s of cases b/c U.S.A. large country & other countries misleading on #’s of ill

    Performed 1.87 million tests to date, 1,870,000,000

    CVS testing sites in GA/RI using 5 min, we’re down to 5 min, i 5 min tests, so ppl get results very quickly -(5:5VQ) rapid tests by Abott Ind.

    Actively Engaging on prob of Increased Impacts, real prob showing up in data, the way it’s impacting AfAmerican pop who is getting hit disproportionately.

    Makes “Tony” Fauxsee get up & explain

    Dr literally gives excellent evidence of foreknowledge of AA’s DISPROPORTIONATE issues w/ diseases exasperated by covid19 -(thanks for confirming eugenics biowarfare via covid19 SICK FUCKERS!)

    POTUS: They’re very nasty #’s, terrible #’s

    In total 1,200 Abott machines shipped nationwide up to 500 more produced weekly, 50,000 testing cartridges daily, most robust testing is in U.S.A., other countries calling us for accurate tests b/c too many aren’t accurate, some of tests no clue what’s going on -(interesting)

    Talks about Americans mental health during this crisis & need to help those struggling ppl, on positive note families getting to know each other, gonna speak w/ U.S. mental health ppl thursday.

    Points out America was doing so well, worldwide shutdown & incredible(unbelievable) #’s 182 countries under attack by the scourge, by this virus, as we wage Medical War on virus we’re helping Americans financially.

    Ref’s this mornings incredible meeting w/banks.

    $70 billion processed for new loans to 1/4 of million businesses, providing tremendous amnt of meney to small businesses b/c they’ve been clobbered, but now setup to go like a rocket upward.


    Post 8719146 4 hours ago • View on 8kun


    Thanks David Solomon CEO-GoldmanSachs, Brian Moynihan CEO-BofA, Gordon Smith Coprez/COO-JP Morgan Chase, Charles Scharf CEO Wells Fargo, Michael Corbett CEO-Citigroup, Al Kelly CEO-Visa, Michael Nebauch CEO-Mastercard, Noah Wilcox CEO chair-Grand Rapids State Bank & numerous others.

    We’re WAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE -(w/5:5 handsig) paycheck protect prog been incredible.

    Asking Congress for additional 500 billion for paycheck protect prog to keep Americans employed & lead to quick recovery, looking very bipartisan

    (5:5 handsig)The plan is Amazing processing millions of loans, big banks are doing it, it’s the big banks in U.S.A. doing it. (Is POTUS pointing us to culprits?)

    Pivots immediately to WHO, U.S.A. gives [them] a lotta $$$, criticized decision China travel ban, they were wrong & have been wrong about a lotta things, didn’t want to diverge, very China centric, we have to look into that so we’re going to, we pay for majority of WHO $$$, more than the majority 58/$58 million small portion of what they’ve gotten over yrs, sometimes they get more than that, sometimes it’s for programs that they’re doing, much bigger #’s which’s -(witches?) okay… if those programs are good we’ll consent. Looking into WHO b/c they called it wrong, they called it wrong, they missed the call! -(all [they]’re comms are belong to US) could’ve called it much earlier, should’ve known, could’ve known, probably did know -(ingly commit treason) looking into that very carefully, putting hold on money spent to the W.H.O., put a very powerful hold on it -(frozen assets)

    Pivots back to Big banks helping small businesses, small business will someday be big business, small b accounts for 50% of economic strenth, every1 rising to occasion.

    Asks every American to use #AmericansInItTogether & share stories of how they’re working together getting thru this ordeal -(tippy top keks POTUS!)

    Our #’s stayed down b/c of Amazing Americans doing their part

    Doing nothing would’ve been disastrous, so we closed it down, it was good moves, early China/EU moves good, made a lotta good moves -(5d chess style) shutting down big move, important to do to have far fewer deaths.

    1st responders doing incredible job, mentions Construction wrkrs who going into hosp’s to rebuild right next to ppl in trouble, they know nothing about it but getting wrk done to fix wing to get ppl in there.

    Unlocking miracles of science, wish you could’ve heard yesterdays calls w/ med/bio co’s coming up w/ cures. Working hard in UK.

    Goes into ventilators again real quickly


    Post 8719150 4 hours ago • View on 8kun



    Q&A time!!

    Q re: Acting Navy cpt submitting resignation & if it was necessary or if POTUS had a role in it -(they never learn)

    POTUS: Cap’n had bad day but shouldn’t be writing chainmail complaints. But I didn’t have anything to do w/ that. Esper looking at it. Resigned for good of Country to end it.

    Q re: Is 600 billion stimulus enough?

    POTUS:We’re gonna find out, (Q handsig) When you have 100’s of 1000’s applications, don’t forget they’re for $3000, $7000 some for a couple million, 1 of the banks ‘said’ a couple million, there’s a limit @ top but no limit on bottom, gonna help companies big & little, banks equipped to do it others not, a lotta community banks will be able to watch it & make sure done properly -(means no cheating for you WellsFargo & etc IMO)

    Q re: reopening economy in a few wks & potential economic task force

    POTUS: We wanna open back up, we’re getting to or are at top of cure, asked Gov Cuomo he says he’s close & alotta ppl think a lotta placres are close, wanna start heading that…hitting the down side & think we’re gonna do it, this week a difficult week b/c that’s the most difficult wk at top position we’ll see what happens,

    Q: What else can fed gov do

    POTUS: It has done a lot & is gonna do a lot, with stimulus we’re gonna do perhaps infrastructure wouldn’t have got it approved b4 but got ppl lookin to do it now, mentions zero% interest loans & strong currency bringing foreign investors the dollar is strong dollar is the whole ball game other countries won’t mention names going down 22%, 25%, 28% hard for [them], our currency very strong so ppl wanna invest, we do a bond issue for infrastructure & everybody will want a piece of that even @ zero interest.

    Q re: Memos written by Peter Navarro & how does it square w/ no one could’ve predicted this when in fact it was predicted.

    POTUS: Haven’t read them, but that was about the same time I closed it down. Reminds reporter of WHO’s negligence re: closing it down.

    Reporter smells blood & tries to pin down POTUS downplaying virus, reads quote from POTUS about cases going down to zero.

    POTUS: (internally screeches Are you stupid? Why would I go around fear mongering when it was so early on? Besides scaring Americans unnecessary is your job fake news)

    Look I’m a cheerleader for this country, I don’t wanna create havoc & shock, I still closed it down to China then EU then UK, that’s a big deal.

    Dumb Q re: So you just read Memo today? -(these idiots think this memo issue is a big deal what tools!)

    POTUS: Nope read about it a couple days ago.

    Another dumb ass Q: Shouldn’t your staff have told you about memo?

    POTUS: I think there was a recommendation, I think he did tell some of the staff, but I didn’t read it, irregardless I shut it down, had a meeting about it where most ppl felt we shouldn’t have closed down to China but I did it anyway.


    Post 8719166 4 hours ago • View on 8kun


    Irrelevant Q re: Memo, if you would’ve read it back then would it’ve changed statements you made? -(translation Would you please trip up on this coula woulda shoulda nonsense like we thought/were told you would dammit!)

    POTUS: I don’t know if it would’ve changed I basically did what the memo said ffs! It was a pretty good memo, hasn’t seen it yet.

    Reporter: but he said losses of trillions of dollars and millions of lives!

    POTUS: Not losing millions of lives but losing plenty of money. Couldn’t have done any better & it was abt same time & I closed it down to China. -(How many times does he have to repeat himself ffs!)

    Reporter not satisfied she’s losing asks if he’s lost confidence in Navarro.

    POTUS: WTF??? No, why would I? He wrote a memo, he was right, I haven’t seen the memo but I will now after this, doesn’t matter if I saw it or not b/c I made correct decisions anyway, guess I had the same instincts as Peter. Perter’s a smart/good guy who’s done a wonderful job ~ Takes opportunity to slam WHO again -(get ’em POTUS), reminds them Biden called him xenophobic/racist for shutting it down to China & then capitulated that he was right.

    Digs a Morning tlk shw hosts for also calling him names re: China then burying tapes of them doing it. Reminds them he saved 100,000’s of lives by shutting it down.

    Q re: WHO & China

    POTUS: They’ve worked together, gave us pretty bad play calling, reiterates shutting it down was right & WHO was wrong

    reporter tries & fails to drive narrative re data from WHO covid testing in other countries accurate & that datas use in U.S. models… POTUS dodges, weaves & comes back w/ uppercut no, no, no I’m talking about them in regard to fighting us on shutting borders down to slow spread, they called it wrong, they called every aspect of it wrong. We fund them ffs, they seem 2 B very China centric to put it nicely…

    reporter bu.. bu.. but they….

    POTUS: (Awww no ya don’t…) They always seem to err on the side of China & WE fund it so I wanna look into it.


    New reporter followup re WHO: Is it time to cut funding to WHO during a pandemic?

    POTUS: No it wouldn’t, but didn’t say that said LOOKING INTO doing it, gotta investigate them 1st. But we will look at ENDING funding b/c they called it wrong & if you look back over the yrs WHO’s been very biased toward China & that’s not right.

    Followup reporter: Re African-Americans being disproportionately affected by virus, are testing facilities gathering data re: race & race of ppl treated vs outcome?

    POTUS: We’re seeing tremendous evidence that A-Americans being affected in FAR GREATER #’s than other citizens of U.S.A., now we’re looking at it worldwide, Tony Faucci’s looking at it, & they’re starting to come out & it’s fairly obvious.

    Seema steps in: Using medicare data to look at this both race & underlying data.

    POTUS: Working on this very hard, info just came out a few days ago. It’s not just by a little bit it’s by MANY times. -(again confirming eugenics biowarfare) wanna find theraputics, cures, vaccines.

    Reporter asks if helping A-A communities

    POTUS: Definitely, but wanna know why it’s like 3 or 4 x’s higher in these communities, numbers might go lower. We’ll prob have stats within next few days.

    4/4.5 b/c if I don’t give this now I’ll never finish today!

    Post 8719173 4 hours ago • View on 8kun



    Q from Hearst newspapers re: Will you get banks to do loans to businesses that aren’t current customers.

    POTUS: yes, also working w/ community banks too.

    Q re: Jerry Connelley claiming POTUS not giving money to USPS recently is hastening the demise of USPS. -(noticing a trend of Q’s being used to paint a bad picture on ANYTHING they can)

    POTUS: Postal service been losing money for years before, now somehow I’m the cause of it’s demise? Group of SUPPOSEDLY independent ppl(postal comission) run USPS, dunno why they let internet co’s like Amazon rob them. They should charge these companies per pkg but don’t know why, gonna find out though.

    They need to raise prices & don’t know why they don’t tell your Democrat frien to look into that!

    Subversive statement tring to make it seem as though POTUS didn’t take virus seriously b/c just 2wks ago he called it the flu, Q re: How would he now advise world leaders who are skeptical?

    POTUS: BTFO, so what if I called it a flu, Spanish flu that killed 50-100 million was worst pandemic in world and the flu. Flu is nothing to sneeze at (eye c wut ya did there)

    Reporter, but what’ll you tell skeptical leaders who are against social distancing?

    POTUS: Not too many of them left, if you look everywhere is closing up, UK is an example, and look at Sweden they did that and now they have the herd, Sweden suffering badly, it’s a way of doing it, but everbody watching everybody else, most copying U.S. model now. Good thing we did would’ve lost 100’s of 1000’s by now.

    Q re: Voting in Wisconsin, ppl waiting in long lines weighing health against exercising their right to vote & does he agree w/ SCOTUS decision about absentee extension not taking place

    POTUS: Democrats I’m sure would love that, look I supported Justice Kelly recently, Wis didn’t want to move election till I endorsed Justice Kelly. Mailin voting = easy cheating. Need voter ID.

    Q re hydroxychloriquine

    POTUS: Just saw a Democrat rep on Laura Ingrahm last night who was very sick b/c of virus & got well quickly after taking it b/c she saw me talking about it.

    5/5 f u 2 captchas in 2 min?

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  5. The Great Darkness …True Stories…The Children of MK Ultra…

    posting this for Gail C and anyone else who might be interested in the very very grim history of child trafficking/trade.

    true documentary…no spin..

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  6. Nunes on OAN talking about taking the decisions down to the county level as to when to re-open businesses, some very soon – YESSSS!!!! Outstanding idea!!!! Ricketts tried to do this while all the sheeple screamed at him to shut down the entire state!!! Bull hockey!!!

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      1. Rick Joyner (commerical airline pilot, teacher, minister, student of history) wrote some years ago that during the “second American revolution” it would come down to the Sheriffs for holding the line on the Constitution.

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      2. In Texas we’ve had situations where the City & County government was corrupt and the State had to step in on behalf of liberty to force them to behave differently. That’s one of the things that’s kept Austin from going Full California.

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  7. FTA: “If you were reading the Wall Street Journal late last week, you might have noticed a story about a federal prosecutor, John Durham, from Connecticut. He is the man that Attorney General William Barr tapped a year ago to look into irregularities allegedly committed surrounding the 2016 election, possibly by high-ranking officials in our intelligence community. All of America is absorbed with the coronavirus pandemic. I am, too, but there are other matters of great import to be decided before this year is out. Durham’s investigation is one of them.

    According to the Journal, when Durham became anxious about canceled flights to Washington, he personally drove down I-95 in March in his own vehicle to continue his investigations. If you have seen pictures of the steely-eyed prosecutor, you will agree with me that I-95 was to be avoided when the prosecutor was driving down it. I would not want to have a fender-bender with him.

    Apparently he has been asking a lot of questions hither and yon, in the UK, in Italy, and in Australia. Yet his real focus is apparently Washington. He seems interested in the uses to which former British spy Christopher Steele’s now-discredited dossier was put and by whom. He has been asking questions of CIA officials and persons at the National Intelligence Council. It is a center within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which organized the collaboration of the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency (NSA). Readers of this column may recollect that I observed back in 2017 that all these offices worked together at the behest of one man back in 2016 and 2017. That man would be John Brennan, the head of CIA. As my colleague, George Neumayr, noted in a column in 2018, Brennan’s agglutination of intelligence agencies was given the Orwellian designation “inter-agency taskforce.”

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  8. FTA: “The Trump administration is considering legal action against China after it seized control of valuable coronavirus medical protective equipment, refusing to allow U.S. companies to export it out of China.

    Executives for the U.S. companies 3M and Honeywell claimed that in January the Chinese government took control over the personal protective equipment (PPE) they manufactured in China and blocked the supplies from being exported. Lawyers for President Donald Trump are now considering legal recourse, the New York Post reported Sunday.”

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  9. If Wyatt’s thread is true, and Gates was kicked out of India in 2017, and Fauci declared a pandemic for POTUS, and World Bank issued pandemic bonds, and Charles Leiber from Harvard bio (where Gates funneled money thru Epstein), developed a mutated virus, and it lines up with the 16 year plan, and today’s Q drops that the D’s have to get power back or else, and Chicoms economy just melted, does it look like retalliation to anyone else? Should we add the Kennedy “drownings last week as messaging? Or is this too much tinfoil??

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