OPEN THREAD 20200405

Day 151 – When Wolf Declared WAR ON THE CCP

As I sit here in CHINESE COMMUNIST HYPOXIC HELL, I’ve decided that it is my goal to see those rat bastards PAY before I give up the ghost.

I have also decided to more effectively honor my pledge not to say “fuck” and “fucking” and all that fucking shit on the Precious Q Tree. Now clearly some divisive lurker is causing damage by trying to drive this wedge back into existence, but SPLITTING THE VIRTUAL ATOM OVER BEIJING is always a good idea. When the ENEMY STRIKES, make it CIRCLE BACK AROUND FOR THE KILL.


Filly is out of the brig and allowed back on THIS SITE.



46 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20200405

        1. I….LOVE….YOU….WOLFIE……😘πŸ₯°πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–…no words! God Bless You for finding the PERRFECT….solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OK. Nebraska Filly is out of the brig and can now post here, where I need her.

    Andy is busted out and remains busted out. He will not be back. Don’t spook the cavalry horses.

    The WOLF MOON MILITARY is now taking over these accommodations.

    Here is an explanation of what is going on.

    The Q Tree is a nice place, but one cannot talk like a drill sergeant there, with all those fine people. I was reminded of this by some lurker who was not enthused by my recent statements such as “FUCKING CHICOMS”.

    Now, based on certain things, we realize that there are multiple possible motivations here, but additional information allows me to determine that, one way or another, such calls for civility are generally being pushed by CHYYYNNAA, in their long and patient methods. China is doing all kinds of things right now, to me, personally, and it’s high time for me to return the favor in ways that drain the blood from the pasty white faces of those fine people on The Q Tree.

    WOLF can’t be QUININE BITTER over there, so he needs THESE facilities.

    We realize that this is an institution of higher learning, and in taking control of this university, we expect learning and teaching to continue.

    HOWEVER, those activities will always be expected to defer without question to MILITARY OPERATIONS.

    We will TRY not to interfere with classes. However, there will be military activity at ALL TIMES and in ALL PLACES, so don’t mind if you see HIGH EXPLOSIVES being moved through classrooms and laboratories.

    It’s the NEW NORMAL.

    I would ask if there are any questions, but there are none.

    Attack posts will begin shortly. It would be wise for everybody to familiarize themselves with the locations of fallout shelters, bomb shelters, fire-fighting equipment, and – for those who can’t handle it – the emergency exits.

    Enjoy the show! 😎

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    1. Would you like short courses on any particular subject (with the exception of bellybutton lint)? Or are we merely to continue with music appreciation and humor? Or not?

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      1. Open threads are now open for WHATEVER you like. I will make them COOKIE-CUTTER so that I can create hundreds of them quickly, and get back to BATTLE POSTS.

        Please continue to post whatever you want. I will not provide subjects. I have limited time left, and I will use it to destroy the CCP.

        Anybody who wants to help is welcome to help.

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          1. I’m feelin’ pretty good today – maybe under 5000 feet. I was feeling pretty piss-poor when I wrote that. Breathing through my mouth, feeling out of breath while sitting down doing nothing – like I was at 14,000 feet in the mountains – maybe higher.

            I am still very close to being on oxygen. I used to think 90 was no problem. Now? Not so sure. Honestly.

            This crap is not just the flu. And unless we shut down the cabal and China with their bat caves of more goodies, there will be MORE EPIDEMICS and MORE MONEY.

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              1. I will get some if I turn south again, but I don’t think it will happen. I am onto a positive track thanks to ZINC. I’ve taken control of my own health and I think I’ll be OK. But I will discuss oxygen with the doc at our next meeting.

                The cutting edge of treating post-COVID syndrome is not at my doctor’s office. It’s on the internet!!! And HERE!!! πŸ˜€

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              2. I believe that zinc really does have some great properties. I started using my just in case Coldeeze as soon as information about this virus started showing up. That and Vitamin C, and Vitamin D which I already took daily. I’m believe it kept me extra healthy – preventing my usual winter/spring “cold.” Out of Coldeeze now, but discovered some zinc tablets tucked back in the cupboard.

                The stores of out of most of these products. BTW, hubby bought some tonic water the other day because of the info here – πŸ™‚ – that’s for just-in-case.

                Hope you feel better.


    2. Please consider the efficacy of napalm vis a vis the biological landscape of 4GW as an alternative before we use our up our wonderful figs – Rev 6:13. I’m all for using the BIG GUNS – when it makes the maximum tactical sense.

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    3. What not to love here … erm, with the exception of all the military jargon that starts with “F” and “U” which I avoid mainly because I tend to be a mimic and I teach children on Sundays…

      Tomororrow it’s back to work, but right now I’m playing “comments catch up” and “site cross pollination” games.

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  2. OK – I have created open threads for the rest of the month.

    By that point, if somebody is interested in managing the open threads, I can appoint an AUTHOR to do that. This will give me more time for battle posts.

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  3. Starting off with JIM COMEY.

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  4. FIRE Fauci the CHI-COM TOOL.

    He’s an idiot and he’s killing people. FIRE HIM NOW.

    People are dying. Zelenko’s regimen is saving. SAVE PEOPLE NOW.

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    1. I think the ChiComs should be introduced to the concept of Class Action Suit!

      Every citizen of the US has been harmed in some way by their viral bioweapon.
      Let’s sue them!

      Seize all their US assets!

      Every State should sue them too!
      Then the Federal Govt can sue them as well!

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  5. I’m just so glad we’re all on the same page now about how THE CHICOMS ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT.

    Russia…even in the heyday of the USSR…was never the threat that China is.
    Not really.
    Not like this thing with China.

    Russia didn’t slither their way into our economy.
    They didn’t buy up our companies and put our people out of work.

    The godless ChiComs pretended to be our friend!
    They used our system of capitalism like a fucking blunt instrument to beat us down.

    That’s why I’ve been saying it…haven’t I been saying it? …China is our Biggest Threat.

    Russia would’ve never unleashed a killer virus on their own people, either.

    It takes a special kind of Evil to do that!

    The ChiComs have mastered the heinous art of Evil fuckery.
    They are in a class by themselves.

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      1. Soviets! Russia was a victim of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST GLOBALISTS!

        It’s very interesting to read about the personalities of the Bolsheviks during the times of Lenin and Stalin. IMO, much of Russia can be understood as a stealthy return to common sense nationalism over time, as a way of casting off globalist insanity.

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  6. Wolf I’m glad the war is back on . . .

    Not that it ever left.

    But all the China Virus crap has totally FATIGUED me.

    I think it’s time for some crash courses and boot camps on kicking ass.

    U.S. military doctrine is to Seize the Initiative.

    They train soldiers to run to the fire. I don’t know what they call it or how they do it, but former soldiers know how to respond in crisis like no one else. I want to understand this better, b/c right now I don’t.

    My prayer πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ is that I will be fully engaged in the middle of the battle during the Great Awakening – not sitting on the side like a reserve waiting endlessly for ATO. Is it me that needs to find the place to engage or does God need to put me in that fight? I’m not wanting to wait but sitting in my house shut in doesn’t feel like I’m in the battle.

    I fell like need an activator personality in my life. Fatigue makes it hard to ACT. So many things, so many ideas of what I want to do, even doing seemingly simple things like check things off my to do list. What’s the right word? I don’t know. It’s a combination of energy and executive function. Amazon describes it as “bias for action”. Others say “lean in”. Somehow I need to “light a fire in my belly”. Staring at walls like a prison every day does not do well for looking at my action plan and knocking it into last Tuesday. I want to be in a place where my natural equilibrium is to ferociously attack, not be passive. To be the lion that tears the shit out of everybody.

    I want to deliver blows that count.

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    1. Fauci may go down sooner rather than later.

      China may have seeded us down the wrong treatments to maximize the kill.

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      1. Wolf, according to the video it sounds like the clown car in charge of overseeing national treatment procedures is off on a Snipe hunt, while the actual illness is something completely different.

        Which would explain why antibiotics seem to work as part of a combo treatment with HDQ.

        Regardless, the Fauci contingent cannot have this so wrong by accident or even by incompetence, this far into the disaster. It sounds as if Fauci & Co. are intentionally trying to avoid successful treatments and advocate treatments that don’t apply to the actual symptoms.

        Whatever is going on, and whatever this ‘disease’ actually is, the HDQ+antibiotics seems to work wonders in about 8 hours.

        Is there any way you can get a prescription for this treatment, or cobble together a homegrown equivalent?

        The antibiotic part should be simple, since there are many kinds commonly available. And considering that anti-malarials have been around for 40+ years, they can’t be rare or hard to come by. Maybe hard to come by in huge quantities because governments are searching them out, but you don’t need huge quantities, you would only need one bottle. Less actually. If people are essentially symptom free 8 hours after treatment, it sounds like people only need ONE or TWO doses.

        I’m not a doctor, but I have seen doctors on TV, and Fauci doesn’t seem like much of a doctor. Birx seems like an academic, not a front-line combat medic who would adjust treatment according to what works based on trial and error, as opposed to treating everybody according to the decree of Apparatchik HQ.

        It sounds like you’re in rough shape, there must be some way to get you the HDQ+antibiotic combo that would get you well fast. πŸ‘

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    1. Looking forward to Nebraska Filly chiming in. Have missed NF greatly πŸ™‚

      Andy, who? Oh yea. Andy, the douche that gleefully spewed hate… F’m.

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  7. I would love to be proved wrong.

    But I don’t expect Nebraska Filly to come back. She was pretty irate about the whole thing the last time I talked to her and (at the risk of putting a misunderstanding of a complicated situation out there as fact) believed that Wolf should have banned Andy the minute he began baiting her…rather than letting it drag on for a couple of days.

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    1. Thank you – this is really great stuff – and it includes an explanation of the source of the theory – the guy’s DAD – who’s an MD – and he did the research geek stuff. Very nice.

      There is also an interesting comment from another doctor in the comments who found some of the theory useful.

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