OPEN THREAD 20191108

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – this is DAY 2. Things are moving along nicely. Enjoy the show!

106 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191108

        1. I don’t see myself as a ”
          But I know what I believe….
          And….. WHY… I believe it.
          Still keep an open mind, but………
          It will take some convincing to change my mind 🙂

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  1. Muwhawhawha… our plan is working!

    The MAGA voices are growing stronger!!

    Our web presence is multiplying!!!

    Everything is proceeding as planned!!!!

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          1. WP made me a ghost. LOL.
            I lost all ability to comment unless I went through logging in. But until I relogged in to Marica’s site, I also lost my little BELL also.

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              1. I got my bell back via Marica’s site. Gonna now try wqth posting, the Wolfie’s U site.

                I started to wonder if God was teling me I spend too much time posting and that I should just be a lurker. 🙂

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              2. for the longest time I didn’t have a bell–because I didn’t have my WP account open…and no one really explained it to me. when i finally figured it out, i literally slapped my forehead…what a dunce!

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              3. Trust me, I’ve made numerous stupid mistakes or sins since the ‘80s on the net. My forte is the manual typewriter with a hard copy dictionary. 🙂

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        1. Jane, the allow cookies thing is at the bottom ….I only use Ipad, lots of limitations but convenient for my purposes.
          I really don’t need another site to read in my daily life but would still like to have the ability to read and even comment if I cannot contain myself! 😆
          I understand there are many that relish the sparring, the little jabs and sarcastic fun but I’m pretty much in the “let’s be civil” camp because of what I did most of my adult life (and perhaps being raised in a tiny village of less than 800 population you had dozens of eyes and surrogate parents.)
          Like others that have commented…I’m primarily here for the political and Q analysis and also enjoy many of the personal experiences and shared history ….I scroll right by the repetitive religious and gooey stuff and gutter language turns me off…but totally respect others’ right to post all of it.
          Hope the U is successful and serves the purpose of the two masters dilemma!

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    1. We should make a new hashtag: #AskEricCiaramella

      Hey, Eric – “Did Epstein kill himself?”

      Even Don Jr. weighed in yesterday with the implication that Epstein did not kill himself. If Don Jr. is saying that… maybe they have the goods on how it went down to take out Epstein. Homicide, and conspiracy to commit murder. Now there’s some indictments worth seeing.

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          1. <em"…And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
            With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
            Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
            Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;…"-Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


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  2. I grew up with the notion that one doesn’t discuss either of two topics in civil conversation: Religion and Politics.

    Today, both those subjects are discussed to the exclusion of almost everything else… resulting in an assault on civility.

    Is that cause and effect or correlation?

    An argument involves arriving at a judgement which is based on an evaluation of relevant ideas and evidence. Ex: Water is wet.

    An opinion, on the other hand, is a point of view formed without sufficient evidence to support it. It tends to reflect an individual’s instinctive reactions and personal experience. Ex: There’s a big football game tomorrow, with fans on both sides declaring theirs is the BEST team.

    There have been countless examples of posters at QTree exclaiming their own individual preferenceswith regard to religion to be ‘TRUTH’ when in fact, their preferences are just that………………….. preferences ………………. turned into dogma.

    As a Christian, I’m grateful for the comfort I feel at QTree in expressing my ‘beliefs’ – at the same time, I am aware that some others are not comfortable with my ‘expressions’ so I try to respect that.

    Freedom of Speech means exactly what it says. Freedom for both, literally ALL sides. If you don’t respect an opposing opinion, you might want to consider why that is so…. but more importantly, you must recognize that if you criticize another’s faith, or lack thereof, you leave yourself wide open for criticism.

    I’m opening this can of worms because it seems to me that some of my fellow Christians frequently abuse their freedom to the discomfort of others, and I’m not referring to non-believers only. One of our authors is subjected too often to too much abuse for her expressions of her faith. I admire the manner in which she responds… always in a civil, respectful tone, with full knowledge of her dogma.

    We have forgotten how to engage in proper discourse… or some of us just enjoy fighting 😉

    Which is why Wolfie has given us this site…

    Although there are no ‘rules’ here… there are RULES in debate………………….. so, unless you want to get gonged for fallacious premises… be prepared to follow them.

    No. 1 for me: NO ad hominems…

    Ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, typically refers to a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the …

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    1. “I grew up with the notion that one doesn’t discuss either of two topics in civil conversation: Religion and Politics.

      Today, both those subjects are discussed to the exclusion of almost everything else… resulting in an assault on civility.

      Is that cause and effect or correlation? ”


      We had no choice, because the Left FORCED their religion (anything against God) and their politics on everyone else and demanded not just acceptance (it would never stop there anyway) but unconditional surrender.

      Since that’s not an option, we remain at war.

      And we will stay in a permanent state of war until the huge majority gets fed up enough to finally to wipe out the tiny minority of agitators and subversives.

      BTW, there appears to be something to this whole ‘groypers’ (I wish people would stop making up new words for a while) a.k.a. “Christian Nationalists” or “Masculine Christian Nationalists” vs. Conservative Establishment Inc. thing.

      Not only is Charlie Kirk being savaged by traditionalists/conservatives (new term, ‘groypers’), but now Ben Shapiro has apparently been torpedoed:

      Coconelius Rye 🥥🥥@CorneliusRye
      RIP lil benji

      everybody always knew your career was fake and gay but last night was proof to thousands who might’ve been unsure


      Milo Yiannopoulos (commenting on Ben Shapiro speaking at Stanford University)
      Verified Account@m

      Look at the Like/Dislike ratio. This is how it started for Buzzfeed.
      It’s over.


      And now supposedly conservative Rep. Dan Crenshaw (with the eye-patch) is being exposed and running away:


      And apparently Nick Fuentes (one of the lead speakers of the ‘groypers’) live-streamed the Ben Shapiro speaking event and destroyed Shapiro point by point (I haven’t watched it yet, but will):

      Neon Revolt’s comment (for context):

      “Shapiro is fundamentally dishonest, and just spewed lie after lie, strawman after strawman up on that stage about the surge you’re seeing in Christian Nationalists, starting with this: They’re not Alt Right, as he would like you to believe, but something else entirely.

      I’ve said it before, but “Conservatives” literally haven’t even been able to conserve the women’s rest room. Modern “Conservatives” are shilling for positions that were too far left for even Obama back in 2008 (see: Charlie Kirk and homosexuals adopting kids).

      No, what you’re seeing with the surge in Christian Nationalists are fed up young men who are utterly sick of the talking points, the party lines, and the utter FAILURE of “Conservative Inc.” to accomplish anything of meaning, while failing to see where they’re losing ground every single day.

      The “Groypers” are American Patriots, through-and-through. They are the strong men rising to undo the damage inflicted by the weak ones that came before them, and re-establish and re-build what was lost.

      And the fact that Shapiro lost tonight – despite having the entire stage all to himself – shows just how far the Christian Nationalists have come.

      You want to know where all the memetic energy came from in 2016? It came from the “Groypers.” You want to know why the memes suck now in 2020?

      Because they don’t have the Groypers behind them.

      Groypers are Anons who are growing up and taking their place in society.

      I expect the old guard to continue shrieking so long as they keep losing power, influence, and ad dollars.”

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    2. “There have been countless examples of posters at QTree exclaiming their own individual preferenceswith regard to religion to be ‘TRUTH’ when in fact, their preferences are just that………………….. preferences ………………. turned into dogma.”


      [PR, please note that I am not suggesting you agree or disagree with anything below, I am only using your comment as a springboard to address the subject further 🙂 ]

      Don’t know anything about ‘dogma’, or ‘preferences’, or why either one makes any difference, today or on Judgment Day.

      God’s Word says we will be judged according to His Word (cf. John 12:48, KJV)

      Whatever is NOT found in His Word is, by definition, of men, and not of God. God is not subject to men, so clearly we will not be judged according to the words of men, but by the Word of God.

      So if any dogmas or preferences are not found in God’s Word, then what do they have to do with God, or Christ, or His church, or anyone’s salvation?

      It’s so simple, yet seems so easily obscured or overlooked.

      Since God’s Word is where the revelation of God to His creation is found, it would not even be possible to KNOW anything about God (or Christ) without God’s Word, i.e., the Scriptures. So how is it possible to be a Christian without acknowledging the truth of God’s Word — since without it, we couldn’t know anything about Christ or God?

      God’s Word says there will be a Judgment, and we will all give an account.

      So what better TEST can there be for any dogma, preference, belief, practice, doctrine, etc., then to use the knowledge of the coming Judgment as a hypothetical test for our beliefs?

      When we are standing at the Judgment before Christ, how will we answer Him, if He asks us to give an account or defense (or simply explain) WHY we believed or practiced any particular thing?

      Which of these answers is going to be better than the others?

      Because that’s what our church taught?

      Because that’s what my parents taught?

      Because that’s what the pastor / preacher / priest / etc., taught?

      Because that’s what I felt in my heart?

      Because that’s what Your Word says?

      Except for the last one, no matter WHAT other answer we might give, no matter how detailed or knowledgeable we may be about our particular church’s ‘doctrine’ or ‘creed’ or ‘catechism’, etc., if our answer cannot be found in His Word, then the most natural and obvious follow up question would be:

      And by Whose Authority was this thing taught, and by Whose Authority did you receive it, and believe it, and practice it?

      And is that not where the rubber meets the road?

      Because as John 12:48 says, we are going to be judged by God’s Word, NOT by the words of men.

      So should we not be able to point to His Word to justify everything that we believed or practiced in His name?

      Doesn’t that make sense?

      Isn’t that the pattern and example given throughout Scripture, time and again, to learn and follow and obey His commandments, His words, His doctrine? Search an online KJV Bible for ‘saith Scriptures’ or ‘saith Scripture’, or ‘readest thou’:

      “He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou?” (Luke 10:26)

      “And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest?” (Acts 8:30)

      “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

      “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” (1 Peter 3:15, boldface emphasis mine)

      This is not dogma or preference, it’s not demanding anyone to believe a certain thing which exists nowhere in Scripture — it’s just basic logic, and the plain language of what God’s Word actually says — the same Word which everyone who self-identifies as a Christian must acknowledge, in order to even self-identify as a Christian.

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    1. Although KW has been valuable to our side…does he have ANY actual qualification to be President?

      Trump was a reality TV celebrity; that gave him SOME of the skills he needed but by itself, that would have been woefully insufficient. Of course, that’s not all that Trump is or was.

      I’d want to know what KW has other than his celebrity status.

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      1. President Trump was much more than a TV celebrity. He was an extremely accomplished businessman and builder who has stayed in touch with politics his entire life. He saw a lot of change was needed and he stepped in to make that change.
        And one great thing about President Trump is he got rich before he ran for public office, unlike most career politicians.

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        1. It will survive if she gets in her proper place and stays there. Husband is the authority; wife is the power. As long as neither of them disresect the other in public, they should be fine.

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      1. I would love to see corporal punishment brought back,fuck all the give em a hug crowd,that’s how we ended up here.
        Hang em and let the body rot,that’s good for the environment.

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