OPEN THREAD 20191107

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

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  1. DiploMad

    W. Lewis Amselem a retired long time US Foreign
    Service Officer served all over the world and under all
    sorts of conditions.

    He is convinced the State Department needs to be
    drastically slashed and reformed so that it will no longer pose a threat
    to the national interests of the United States.

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      1. “โ€œI wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it.โ€ Voltaire”


        I have always thought that expression made no sense, from the first time I heard it, mostly because it’s not possible for me to believe that my enemy would ever defend my rights (I know my enemy better than that), and the enemy proves my understanding true, every single day.

        And if my enemy isn’t going to defend my rights, why on earth should I defend his?

        The entire expression seems tantamount to “hit me as hard as you can in the face, and I will never punch back”.

        So today in another thread here, I had reason to look it up.

        It’s not by Voltaire at all, it’s by someone named Beatrice Hall, in 1906, apparently paraphrasing Voltaire, as in, it was her characterization, seemingly taken out of context. Here is the relevant excerpt from my other post:

        P.S. a quick investigation shows the quote in question is by Beatrice Hall, in 1906.

        I donโ€™t know who Beatrice Hall is, or why we should listen to her.

        The entire premise of the concept is this:

        โ€œIf you deny to anyone else the right to say what you think is wrong, it will not be long before you will lose the right to say what you think is right. โ€

        Well, that ship has already SAILED. We are LOSING our right to say what we thing everyday, being purged from Youtube and FB and Twitter, etc.

        So while we are actually LOSING our rights, weโ€™re supposed to waste even an ounce of energy to protect the Oligarchs and Leftists who are actively destroying our rights?

        I donโ€™t think so.

        Not me!

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        1. Interesting. I researched the quote (very briefly) before posting to be sure I had it exactly right, and read it was used as I quoted it in a letter Voltaire wrote! Ah, the internet.

          I defend others rights to be as asinine as they want to be, because I do believe in free speech. I also believe that what people choose to say unfettered says an AWFUL LOT about them, usually things I want to know. It can be very revealing.

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          1. “I defend others rights to be as asinine as they want to be, because I do believe in free speech.”


            I believe in free speech too, but I’m not going to waste a single second defending my enemy’s ability to defeat us.

            The entire premise of the infamous quote is that if we don’t defend the speech we disagree with (e.g., the Marxist Left), soon they’ll be coming after OUR speech.

            Well they’re ALREADY coming after our speech, and it isn’t some amorphous nobody boogey-man doing it, it’s the Left!

            They’re not even hiding it, it’s subtle as an atom bomb!

            We are under siege.

            By what sane principle or value (besides a quote from Beatrice Hall) should we defend those who are already attacking OUR right to free speech?

            I just don’t get it.

            If the entire idea, the principle, the compelling reason to protect and defend speech we disagree with is because if we don’t, then next they will be coming for OUR speech โ€” we’re already there!

            They’re at the gate, they are trying to take it RIGHT NOW.

            Defending them as they attack us is like defending someone in the act of trying to KILL you.

            So the idea that “if we don’t protect ALL speech, then we are next” has already come and gone. It’s in the rearview mirror. We are not ‘next’, we are on the chopping block RIGHT now.

            If we don’t protect ourselves and our own rights โ€” right now โ€” they’re gone.

            Ours AND everyone else’s.

            Because the ‘everyone else’ were never actually fighting for freedom of speech to begin with. It was only ever Constitutionalists, conservatives.

            This is the ‘fraud’ or ‘conceit’ behind the entire expression or principle. It was never two opposing sides who both strove to protect freedom of speech. It was always one side (conservatives) protecting freedom of speech, and Marxists / Communists / Leftists seeking to subvert freedom of speech.

            So we were tricked by the Left into thinking that if we don’t protect THEIR subversive, anti-American, anti-family, anti-God speech, that we risked losing OUR OWN freedom of speech.

            When in actuality, their plan all along was to dupe us into protecting the Left’s ability to undermine faith, family and God on the road to our destruction.

            Today, the Left is actively (both overtly and covertly) shutting down conservative speech EVERYWHERE they have the power to do so.

            So when the Left’s ‘champion’ candidate is revealed, and they make speeches to deceive the useful idiots into voting for the destruction of our Republic, and protestors shout them down and prevent that message from getting out, I’m ALL FOR IT.

            Drown them out. Shut THEM down. Do to them what they are doing to US โ€” or there isn’t going to be any ‘us’.

            This is a WAR we are in, not a philosophical exercise.

            IMHO, of course! ๐Ÿ˜

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          2. I would have ‘liked’ your post (and lots of other posts here!), but it’s just not in the cards. Whatever is going on with this website, I can’t figure out how to unblock ‘cookies’ or whatever is wrong.

            I have figured it out (eventually) on every other site or web page, since I first got on the Internet, until now.

            The regular WQTH gave me some problems (more than any other that I remember), but eventually it kept me logged in all the time and I could ‘like’ other posts with no problem.

            Not THIS site.

            Not happening.

            This site HATES my computer.

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            1. We can land men on the Moon, but nobody can say “Do this, this and this” in order to unblock cookies on a website.

              We even came BACK from the Moon, in one piece.

              But nope, we can’t make it easy or straight forward how to get a WordPress website to function normally.

              There are TRILLIONS of dollars to be made by all the smart people, if they only had the capacity to understand that those who are not on the cutting edge of technology don’t know how to DO any of the &*^&% they take for granted.

              Like the &^%holes that design remote controls with 150 buttons and writing so small you need a freaking magnifying glass just to see the symbols (symbols which mean NOTHING except to the tech-geeks who invented them).

              There must be 50 million seniors who just need a remote with FIVE freakin’ functions:

              Volume up/down
              Channel up/down
              Key pad 0-9

              Can’t find one like that though.

              Instead, the best you can do is the television equivalent of a scientific calculator.


              I’m hoping they make *&^% so ridiculously complicated that they go out of business, lose their jobs, and starve until they figure out how make things EASY instead of DIFFICULT.

              The greatest invention in the world is USELESS if people can’t figure out how to make it WORK.

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        2. Scoot, America has a First Amendment Freedom of Speech.

          The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.
          First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia

          Evelyn may have been an ancestor of Shifty Shiff. She made up the quote. She was not American.


      2. There is a favorite sculpture of Voltaire that I had long believed was in the Louvre. I haven’t been in the Louvre since I was 15, so I could be forgiven for not specifically remembering it.

        In 2008, the Fiancee and I were rummaging around the Hermitage. You go through the galleries staring at the walls, until you are done and pass through the next door. We passed through yet another door and Voltaire was centered in the next gallery, facing us —

        This masterpiece by Houdon — done shortly before Voltaire’s death — documents the deterioration of his corporal being but also elevates the majesty of his ideas. Coming upon it unexpectedly was like being grabbed and shaken — only to be thrilled to be right there. It was one of the highlights experienced in one of the world’s great museums.

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      1. Pretty easy. If an image is worth a thousand words, an image with words is priceless. The message really penetrates.

        Now, I have a question…do I need to wear spike heels and my bondage outfit to hang out in this cave??????? After all, I can fill out a cleavage pretty effectively. I can’t find the whip right now.

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      1. I don’t think I was ever uncivil on the other site, but I know people get their panties in a serious bunch when you talk about something that goes against tightly held beliefs.

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  2. With a sigh of relief I bring with me the following items: knuckles, callouses, pens, scars, experience, naivete, wit, emotion, skepticism, sarcasm, optimism, patriotism and . . . gratitude.

    “It is in the hurly-burly, robust exchange of ideas, expressed without reservation and with trust that the recipient brings the same spirit to the colloquy, that we forge the steel, sculpt the stone and shapen the ideas that form the repository of this great, perpetual experiment we call America. Would that our optimism and honesty continue to preserve that repository as a safe haven for the few and the many such that it may never become an urn filled with the ashes of our dreams.” Unknown, May, 1776.

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    1. Good to see all y’all! I hope to be more of a presence and perhaps even a writer on this blog as perceived constraints tend to constrain me. The most important common understanding in any blog is that all comments are about issues and not the commenter. This is a “blog contract” for me. Geese (gooses?) and Gander (Ganders?) rules as well as those of the Marquess of Queensberry work best for me. This will could be a lot fun and a serious policy and strategy crock pot for both conservatives and the Trump campaign.

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      1. Having had a service business, if you don’t have a thick skin, your business will not survive! You can try to please everyone, but inevitably there will be some A-hole that you can’t please, no matter what.

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  3. Very interesting idea, Wolf. I’m a little bit surprised, as I tend to just scroll past people who try to upset me. Within reason, anyway. I’m wondering how much censorship WP will do down the line.

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    1. Very much agreed. Not all people can do that. I have a duty to protect those people as well. I had not been seeing things correctly, by not listening to those people as closely as I needed.

      Yes, the response of WP will be interesting. It will be designed to make money, and I understand that. But they have to monetize their free model with me, until the nest of rats is in jail and it’s safe us to move out into the open more.

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      1. Sorry…and no amount of Glade could even put a dent into that foul woman’s wake. Maybe some industrial sized fans? A jet airplane engine? Possibly a volcano….

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  4. GA/FL and Cuppa Crapola are too chicken to come here and read the truth about themselves.

    They’re both a couple of lying hypocrites. Oh, and they’re assholes too, IMO.



      1. Bullshit scolding bitch. They can come here if they want to. Would you prefer I post these things on the Q Tree blog? No, I don’t think so.

        That’s what this blog was created for. This way Wolf and others don’t have to deal with the flame wars over there.

        You were warned if you don’t like totally free speech to not come here. But, you just couldn’t stand it, could you?


        1. “You were warned if you donโ€™t like totally free speech to not come here.”

          “Totally free speech” is what allows you to say what you’re saying and Nebraska Filly to say what she’s saying. It allows her, and everyone, to call out anyone on this site, with impunity. It would allow the people you’re targeting to come over here and argue with you. Anyone can dish it out and have it dished right back. That’s why people are saying this could get interesting.

          So yes, from what I understand, you are allowed to call NF names and tell her she shouldn’t have come here, but she also has a perfect right to come and say whatever she pleases, whether anyone likes it or not.

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          1. Yes, anyone can come here and reply to any of my posts any way they see fit. I wasn’t arguing that point. I just gave the shit back to NebraskaFilly that she gave me. Did you notice she called me a #1 asshole? I’m not complaining about that, mind you, but she shouldn’t be surprised when she does that she’ll get back what she dished out, just as you stated.

            What I have a problem with is she was scolding me for posting about two people who have yet to post here. In both cases, I invited them to come here to see my replies to their attacks at The Q Tree.

            And yes, NebraskaFilly and everyone at The Q Tree were warned that if they don’t like uncensored speech to not come here. That’s all I was saying. I didn’t mean to say she couldn’t come here, only if she didn’t like what is posted here perhaps she should not read what is posted here.

            I’m quite tired of bitchy old women scolding me for no good reason. And what she said was no good reason at all.

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              1. What are you talking about? Did you even read my posts at Q Tree to each of them? They both attacked me and I said they could read my reply to them here. You have a way of missing important details. Or maybe you are just so biased you don’t want to read them.


              2. This is in reply to Andy, below. For some reason, there was no reply button below his post.

                “Did you even read my posts at Q Tree to each of them?”
                No, I was unaware of your posts on the Q Tree. I was thinking about your comment, above.
                “GA/FL and Cuppa Crapola are too chicken to come here and read the truth about themselves.
                Theyโ€™re both a couple of lying hypocrites. Oh, and theyโ€™re assholes too, IMO.”

                It would be interesting if they would come over here, but to each his own.


    1. Are we to assume that the standard that you use to evaluate others is the same standard by which you expect to be treated? If so, this blog could get very lively.

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      1. The way I’ve seen it stated is anyone can say anything to anyone here and if it offends them or ohers, too damn bad. Wolfmoon made it quite clear that is is a totally unabridged blog.


        1. I agree. Free speech is only free if there is freedom to say anything you wish and group conscience forms somewhere down the middle. But this will give others the op to respond with like-kind.

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          1. Many are not in the position I am, to see where the Dems and their masters are exposing future strategies, in a desperate effort to hide “gas chamber level” witnesses and testimony.

            They are very masterfully manipulating controlled opposition values, including Christianity and military virtue signals of all kinds. Both of these offer ways to recover control of sectors of the population backing Trump.

            Creation of right-wing censorship is IMPERATIVE to their strategy, IMO.

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            1. This is so very true and most times people on our side just follow a new path not even realizing the “leader” is corrupted and going in a direction that reinforces things that are not true. Both sides have controlled opposition but we usually don’t recognize it because “soandso” said it.

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            2. That is incredibly insightful Wolf and I could not agree more. In fact many with an agenda to destroy our society are right in front of us.

              Removing the boundaries of censorship will certainly help to lay aside confidence of the arrogant and perhaps encourage more of those who know, or, who recognize the TRUTH.

              I also encourage you sir, as I can only imagine the weight you carry. It’s important not to attempt to assume a responsibility that is not ours to assume …. the battle is the Lord’s and the end of the Book reveals who wins! And I’m with Him. Thank you for the part you play in this battle of good against evil.

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    2. Interesting comment, Andy! One of the two mentioned basically accused me of being an anti-Jewish for a comment of mine they totally misinterpreted. My comment was simple and clearโ€”it was almost like a blatant misread, drawing conclusions having nothing to do with what I said. I was shockedโ€”and no apologies!!!

      Also, I canโ€™t seem to like comments here? Suggestions?

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      1. No surprise you were attacked for no good reason as well.

        So far as the “likes” are concerned, I have no idea why you can’t like them since obviously you can post.
        My only suggestion is to ask Wolf.


          1. Yes – the need for WordPress logins working properly in their own tab, and saving cookies both on this site and WordPress, and THIRD PARTY COOKIES enabled ON THE SITE (U Tree) in any ad-blocker or privacy software (including the browser) are all needed for seamless performance, including likes and notifications!

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      2. “Also, I canโ€™t seem to like comments here? Suggestions?”


        Same problem here.

        Also, have to log in for every post.

        Although it seems to be learning, now it fills in my email and screen name, where before I had to type it in each time…

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        1. I’ll repeat for everybody!

          The failure to “like”, repeated login, and lack of notifications in the notification sidebar after login, are *ALL* due to failure of BOTH site cookies and WordPress third-party cookies to work. ANY ad-blocking or privacy software on a particular WordPress site *MUST* be set to allow third-party (meaning WordPress itself) cookies. Likewise, you have to ACCEPT COOKIES for this site, too.

          Cookies = session memory. Bottom line.

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      1. He should be used to set an example on traitorous politicians.
        Hang him in the RoseGarden and do it on pay per view,use the proceeds toward the National debt.

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  5. Wolf! I am giggling so hard…I am crying! And not from being punched or kicked!!!

    Uranium, baby-chopping, splitting atoms!!! Your humor is bigger than your bite!!!

    For now!

    Humbled to be fetched from moderation if deserving.

    BTW what is moderation to be called on this site? Extremebadasseration?

    Hi, everyone!

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      1. Ha! You would have to ask my Taller Half about my ungraceful moments!!!

        But will keep a piece of plastic at my side just in case!


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  6. Wolf…I would suggest one Rule for the U Tree: No Doxing.

    Tempers may flare here resulting in raw feelings, which could foreseeably lead to someone getting doxed in retaliation.

    So I would hope that doxing would be the one thing that is not allowed.

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    1. Good point to be specific about doxxing, even though I classify that as ILLEGAL – either criminally or civilly.

      But yes – NO DOXXING – and that includes SUNDANCE, who is the most common target.

      I do not include the WhistleBlower in that concept, because he has made a FORMAL ACCUSATION which is now in HEARINGS. Sorry on ERIC CIARAMELLA. Schiffty Schiff, that UNAMERICAN Soviet Democrat Criminal, cannot protect his KANGAROO COURT WITNESS from DISCLOSURE.

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      1. And by law Charlie is not a whistleblower since he must be whistle blowing within his own department. He cannot have that status with the President. I am using Leaker.

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    1. It’s not just at the Treehouse, on the Q Tree or here. In the USA, it’s EVERYWHERE. All over in this country. And we Catholics are scolded for saying some of the very basic tenets of the faith, and being supportive of our bretheren, not to mention maintaining an alternate school system. And really, frankly, most pro-TEST-ants have no idea what they are protesting. I’ve seen more blatant untruths repeated over and over again, I could give a crash course in apologetics.

      If free speech is really allowed, that’s my spare change. When up to speed on the Catechism, Summa Theologica, Didache, St. Augustine, the rest of the Doctors of the Church, the mystics, the Church Founders, and the ORIGINAL Scriptures, we can talk. Until then, we are NO WHERE CLOSE to being on the same page.

      With nothing but respect, of course.

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          1. Well… as I see it….. GOD saved me! (Before the beginning of the world)…
            Some call us the “Elect”….
            I don’t need to “Pray” to DEAD people…
            I Pray to GOD..and GOD alone…..
            I don’t need some Poop as a go-between.
            And I find it ridiculous that some MAN (Priest) can absolve ANYONE of their SINS!

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              1. Whatever that is (Apostolic Succession)…..

                God have revealed himself to me…..
                Not through some “Pastor” or “Priest…
                Through HIS… “Holy Spirit”…..
                I talk to him… HE.. Talks to me….
                (Evidence of Salvation)

                I TRUST in the Lord…..
                NOT the “Traditions” of “Man”

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              2. Alright, if I MUST explain.


                Apostolic Succession is when priesthood candidates sit before the bishop and sweat allegiance to him and his successors, put their hands between his for them to be Blessed for transsubstantiation, receive the bread and wine, and a few other things. It’s very powerful. They are ORDAINED. They are vested by their fellow priests. It’s just an amazing ceremony.

                This began at the Last Supper and the Great Commission. Not Man’s tradition, but God’s supernatural action.

                You have to see it to REALLY understand…and I’m thanking the Good Lord for the years of no sleep while I was a section leader in the Cathedral Choir. After that, I understood.

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              3. [big sigh]

                If Christ gave it – and He did – it’s God’s Tradition. We have lots of those.

                Hey, so what do you think of Christ’s discourse in the Gospel of St. John before the Last Supper. I mean the one that goes on for a few chapters. (14, 15 and 16)

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              4. And the new young priests cannot wait to get into their confessional booths to hear all the juicy sins of their flock of sheep. Some look forward to hearing from children so they can groom them for future exploitation. It’s a proven fact.

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              5. I actually trade game day snack recipes with my pastor in the confessional. Fortunately, there’s a wall with a screen between us, so he is in denial over who gave him the recipe for hot mayo artichoke dip that’s eventually going to clog his arteries more than the cigarettes he used to smoke ever did.

                As for actual sins, most don’t even address the individual ones.

                And, for the record, I’ve never been propositioned in the Confessional.

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              6. Siily, naive woman…. Priests don’t usually try to hit on children in confessional booths. They patiently wait until later when they can get them by themselves and work on them (it’s called grooming) to eventually abuse them sexually.

                And the priests know who is on the other side of that mesh. They can see very clearly.

                You probably haven’t been hit on by a priest because you got old. Besides, they tend to like little boys.


            1. Having the tour guide at the Vatican (a native Italian) giving the tour in English, she kept referring to the Pope as the Poop and describing an image in a painting as the “hearings of a donkey”, donkey’s ears, still have my husband and I joking about it 5 yrs later.

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              1. Yeah, that’s where we diverge. Works is part of the whole. You have to live what Christ taught to get there. Faith alone doesn’t do it.

                I don’t know where that thought process came from, but in Catholicism, it’s wishful thinking.


              2. For by FAITH you are saved by GRACE…. it is NOT of Yourselves…
                So that WE can NOT BOAST of OUR ….. anything!

                Romans 11:6 And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then it is no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.

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              3. lol….. tell that to Saul…..
                BLINDED by God himself….
                CHANGED by God himself into the Apostle Paul..
                (I know you have heard of him)
                GOD… Saved (Converted) Saul/Paul…
                Saul/Paul did NOTHING to “earn” Salvation…..
                It was “in the cards” already.

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              4. Hey, man, I’m a cantor in the Catholic Church. I know a lot more than the typical people in the pews. I have to.

                I’m also a weekly Adoration attendee. Trust me when I tell you that you have to be present to understand.

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              5. The secret handshake probably isn’t, either.

                I sing at Mass – cantor.

                Adoration is essentially an extended Holy Hour – when the Blessed Sacrament (consecrated host) is in a Monstrance for the Faithful to Adore. I have a dedicated hour a week in my parish.


              6. I am sure already…..

                1 John 5:13 King James Version (KJV)
                13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

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              7. KJV…yeah, too many errors.

                Sorry. We’re going past each other. There’s reasons why this sort of thing never gets resolved. I do not want to insult lovers of Christ, but I find the non-Catholic ways to be not in depth, and not willing to accept the supernatural. That’s part and parcel of the whole thing.

                Okay, enough for tonight. Gotta ZZzzzzzzz.

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              8. Not accept the “Supernatural”?
                What do you think God is?
                I also believe in the “spirit” world…..
                I rely on God (Jesus) and his WORD… revealed through his “Holy Spirit”…..
                I don’t need all of the Catholic extemporaneous gobbledygook.
                (Traditions of MAN)

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              9. Your loss.

                I said Mass, not Confession. Two COMPLETELY different things.

                And I would think pro-TEST-ants would want to have all sorts of ammunition including whatever they objected to during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to use as “ammunition.”



              10. The Holy Sacrifice IS the Mass. The wedding of Christ to His Bride, the Church via the Offering of the Bread and Wine that becomes the Body and Precious Blood during the Consecration.

                I know EXACTLY of which I speak. If you haven’t experienced it…your loss.


              11. Well… tell that to St Peter at the gate?
                I’m going DIRECTLY to be with my Lord….. Either at the “Harpazo (Rapture)”….
                Or after Death…..
                I already have my Ticket to Heaven…..
                And my Parents and/or friends can NOY… BUY my way in after the fact.

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              12. Make it to Heaven……..
                Saved by “Grace” (of God)….
                Through “Faith” (That HE gives US)…
                Not of “Works” (Anything that WE do)
                So that WE can NOT claim to be smart enough to realize HIS “Gift” to us.

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              13. What about the thief on the cross next to Christ? He had faith but no works, but Christ said he was saved and going to heaven. Also the Christ’s parable of Matthew 20:1-6, the vineyard workers getting the same pay for a day’s work or just an hours work.

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              14. Christ is free to grant salvation at will. Who am I to question that? All I can do is follow the teachings of the Church as fully as I can, make a good Confession when I can, and hope the Blessed Mother helps me out when the time comes.


              1. Free speech, Babe? You sure you want that? To be specific, the heirs of the Pharisees and their converts AFTER they changed the Old Testament and took out all of what Christ echoed in His teaching (Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Maccabees 1&2, Baruch, Tobit, Judith). Hopefully y’all understand I mean this as nothing more than an attempt to educate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              2. Quality religious discussions and humor – what more could one ask for? ๐Ÿ˜‰

                To me, the details of the debates are secondary. Getting people to vibrantly discuss God on the alleged “anything goes” board – how can this be a bad thing? ๐Ÿ˜€

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              3. It took a lot of thinking about IT and information in general to get me to believe in demonic activity, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It will be attracted here for sure.

                You may not be a pro, but you get it. Not all do.

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              4. This is true. Seriously, I was at Mass at the Cathedral one evening, and during th Consecration, some woman starting saying out loud, “BITCH!” “I SEE YOU” “BITCH!” All I could think of was she was possessed. It went on and on until the Consecration was over.

                Plus…the really famous exorcism was at Alexian Brothers hospital downtown. THat building is gone, but the rectory where they kept the boy is standing…the room where he was kept is 56 degrees year round.

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            1. depends on what you mean by “works”….the only works that matter to GOD are those that we do, being prompted by The Holy Spirit …. obeying Him…(certainly not any pope !)….Godly works, done in Faith, for Him…to glorify Him…not ourselves.

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              1. Novel #13 will come out in about 4 weeks. Average rating one the others is about 4-5 stars. It ain’t bragging if you’ve done it.

                Wow, the more I see from you, the more the character evolves….Hmmm


              2. just curious…are you male or female ? I’m thinking : female…due to the cattiness…

                as for yr toxic arrogance, that’s rather a male ego thing.

                maybe yr both !

                depending on what day it is…

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          1. I hear you! I have always felt the parable was more about our frequent inability to scrutinize who an infinite God has chosen to save based on our limited and even-more-finite view of a finite world.

            Trying to impose our own time-based ideas of causation on a universe-exceeding intelligence is – well – likely to lead to error, shall we say!

            God has the final say. Bottom line! ๐Ÿ˜€

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              1. I just set it to 10 levels deep – there is some possibility that the replies will get too thin, but if they don’t, it will increase the number of back-and-forth bounces until it punts, at which point you just have to go back to a “wrong” button and use it.

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      1. Trust me, Sister, I have no problem discussing the doctrinal theology of the early church fathers, including the Didacheโ€”and where they misalign with Catholic doctrine and Augustine! In fact, in order to write doctrinal dissertations (which I have), you must go back and trace the introduction of a teaching (e.g. Mariology), what social or internal pressures were brought to bear on any ecclesiastical teachingโ€”and then analyze it in light of Scripture.

        However, over the years, I have found it futile to discuss verbally and is best done in writing (hand someone a written document and send them on their way letting the Lord convict them!!!), and let a person determine for themselves in their own time.

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        1. And yet, every time I suggest to a pro-TEST-ant to attend a Mass and, please, please, tell us how we can squeeze more Scripture in there, I never get taken up on it.

          As for the Blessed Mother…to truly understand that omission from Scripture, you have to read the mystics. It was actually her idea even though she was beloved by the Apostles. And, please, if you could, explain a few events, like when she appeared to St. James in Spain on a pillar of cloud while she was alive and living in Ephasus. It’s called the gift of Bi-Location and maybe five people have been blessed with it. One was Padre Pio not even 100 years ago.

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              1. I’d be very careful with mysticism…..
                In fact… I think the Lord FORBIDS it?

                NASB since you don’t like the KJV.

                Deuteronomy 18:10 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
                10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer,

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              2. They don’t practice sorcery. All of those women were nuns. And one of them had the visions that were the basis for Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. She also had Stigmata, although, it closed early. Usually that doesn’t happen until shortly before death.

                Actually, St. Hildegard of Bingen was amazingly accomplished.


      2. Trust me, Sister, I have no problem discussing the doctrinal theology of the early church fathers, including the Didacheโ€”and where they misalign with Catholic doctrine and Augustine! In fact, in order to write doctrinal dissertations (which I have), you must go back and trace the introduction of a teaching (e.g. Mariology), what social or internal pressures were brought to bear on any ecclesiastical teachingโ€”and then analyze it in light of Scripture.

        However, over the years, I have found it futile to discuss verbally and is best done in writing (hand someone a written document and send them on their way letting the Lord convict them!!!), and let a person determine for themselves in their own time.

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    2. “One thing that I have noticed at the Q Treeโ€ฆโ€ฆ. Catholic vs Protestant โ€œTensionโ€ under the surface?”


      There doesn’t need to be tension. We all believe in the same Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It seems good to always try for a sincere and well intentioned appeal to reason and Scripture.

      Roman Catholics will say that Protestantism was a reaction to Roman Catholicism.

      Others would point out that the religion of Roman Catholicism is not mentioned anywhere in God’s Word, not even once. Still others would observe that there is no Authority for ‘Protestantism’ or ‘denominationalism’ in God’s Word, either.

      Considering all the many disputes among various groups… what if it is all much simpler than it appears to be?

      What would happen, if everyone put away whatever doctrines or traditions they hold which cannot be found in God’s Word, and followed God’s Word only, as their sole source of Authority?

      After all, is God’s Word not the only source of Authority which all Christians agree actually is a source of Authority?

      What would happen, if everyone observed the pattern and example for the Lord’s church given in Scripture โ€” in purpose, in organizational structure, in teaching, etc. โ€” and made sure the congregation they belonged to matched the pattern and example in Scripture?

      Imagine for a moment, what it would be like, how much better things could be, if there were no longer divisions among the body of Christ…

      What would happen if there were no longer Roman Catholics or Protestants โ€” but instead one People, united in Christ, following God’s Word, and simply called as the followers and disciples of Christ were called in the 1st century, and in Scripture?

      “And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” (Acts 11:26, KJV, boldface emphasis mine)

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      1. Agree 100% and I resemble those remarks.
        I rarely attend a “Church” anymore since “most” resemble religious social clubs anymore. Rocking out the “song” or “worship” service followed by a topical “sermon” cherry picked from the scriptures. (I was raised in the Southern Baptist “church”) Until the Holy Spirit CONFIRMED to me that the “Church” was not a BUILDING but was indeed the collection of ALL BELIEVERS. I have studied many “religions” and “denominations”. When I speak on religious issues, it is out of Love and try to explain what the Lord has taught me (Take it or leave it – “scroll” as some here like to say). It will not be ME, that changes anyones mind… but indeed the Holy Spirit may take something I say and HE will USE it for HIS Glory.
        (JMHO backed by scripture and experience)

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  7. One thing that makes a forum without moderation so unique (and becoming rarer all the time) is that in a sense, it takes ‘leverage’ away.

    A regular moderated forum has rules, and in a confrontation with someone, we use those rules as leverage, even if only subconsciously. Like fighting in an Octagon (or any enclosed space), because the boundary is there, you can push someone up against the wall. The wall prevents your opponent from backing up or escaping, while you can apply your forearm to his throat and lean into it.

    Without the boundary, you can’t do that. You have to come up with another tactic or strategy.

    The ‘boundaries’ (or rules) can be (and are) used to pin or at least hinder the opponent, even if we are so accustomed to those boundaries that we don’t realizing we’re doing it. And it also works against us in exactly the same way.

    But a forum without moderation is different. It’s like a boxing ring with no ropes. So you can’t ‘rope a dope’. And your opponent can not keep cutting the angle to back you into a corner, because there is no corner. There is no wall to be pushed up against.

    It’s just a wide open space in every direction.

    So you have to figure out other ways to defeat your opponent, ways that don’t depend on the ‘leverage’ provided by the ‘rules’ that are usually in place.

    For example, where ‘rules’ are in place, generally it’s ineffective to just call someone names, because the other person can appeal to the ‘rules’ โ€” which in practice, is generally appealing to the audience’s recognition that name-calling is out of bounds, or at least in poor taste, which loses points with the audience, i.e., the person calling names generally ‘looks bad’ for doing so โ€” and this usually transpires without any involvement of the moderator required.

    When there are no ‘rules’, calling someone names may still be in poor taste, but the object of the name-calling can no longer appeal to the ‘rules’, at least not in the strictest sense (because if push comes to shove, there will be no penalty for the name-caller). So he or she has to improvise. You can return the name-calling, but that just results in a Mexican standoff, which may be amusing for a while, but ultimately is pointless. So the challenge is in figuring out how to defeat someone in an environment where ‘defeat’ and ‘victory’ are essentially defined by the participants themselves, instead of objective ‘rules’.

    Those ‘rules’ are normally so ever-present that they become a ‘given’, taken for granted, and we can forget that we’re even constrained by them.

    But when the ‘rules’ are suddenly removed (sort of like ‘crutches’ being removed, or training wheels), you have to be creative, find your balance, try new things, figure out what works and what doesn’t.

    The only potential ‘leverage’ (beyond one’s own intellect) that exists in a forum without rules is the ‘audience’, i.e., the other participants in the forum. If the audience is persuaded more to your argument than to your opponent’s argument, or by your humor over your opponent’s humor, that is an advantage. And in the general absence of advantages, any advantage is valuable.

    So even in a forum without rules, there is still a self-interest in conducting oneself honorably, because doing so will generally rally the audience to one’s side more reliably than behavior comparable to the lowest common denominator.

    In a forum with only two participants, if they decide to fight, no one is ever really defeated until one or the other knows / realizes that he or she is defeated. But in a forum with many participants, the audience can weigh in on one side or the other throughout the fight, no different than cheering at a boxing match โ€” which can influence how both fighters respond, and ultimately, be decisive in one or the other recognizing when he is beaten.

    So it’s a completely different dynamic than a forum with ‘rules’ in that regard. Without the customary restraints (rules), you have to figure out other ways to win.

    What is different about this forum ‘without rules’ compared to any other I have known is that here we are all on the same team, so without a legitimate ‘opponent’, there is really no one to ‘defeat’.

    So in the event of a dispute, it’s more like sparring.

    It is entirely possible to have a heated rivalry among teammates, but when the enemy arrives, that rivalry is put on hold, while they unite to beat the daylights out of the interloper ๐Ÿ˜

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  8. Alright Iโ€™m in! And I promise to be a more active participant than a lurker. I got lots to say and I donโ€™t do it enough hereโ€”however in a very non-creepy way, Iโ€™m always here! And if Ozzy lived in my itโ€™s we would be best friends! He always says what Iโ€™m thinking๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

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          1. BTW, I had the same problem – when I signed in first at WP, my screen name showed up. When I signed in via the Q Tree, my name appeared. Turns out, I had registered my real name under the Q Tree but not WP – when I changed that to my screen name, all of my posts now show under my screen name.

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            1. Good! Yes, that explains it. Same thing happened to Emeraldstar years ago on Gab – it asked for “Name” and then SHOWED THE NAME. I think the confusion is always “what does username mean?” Is it the thing that is hidden or shown, or is the name the thing that is hidden or shown? This stuff is not made clear early in social media registration processes anymore – it USED TO BE a long time ago:

              Name (will not be shown)


              Name (will be shown)


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          1. See my post above to Wolfie – same thing happened to me and I was able to fix it. Now they all show up under my screen name. There are 2 different ways to log in – one directly through WP and the other via this site. Make sure the “name” is your screen name and not your real name.

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  9. I’d like to point out how NebraskaFilly came here yesterday and dropped her “A” bomb, than ran away never to be heard from again.

    Gotta rank her right up there with the cowards Cuppa Crapola and GA/FL.



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