20200131: The Argument Over Flynn and Powell

Thought it best to remove this battle from the Open Thread and take it to the Woodshed because of the necessity to curse a little bit. I'm at the point where I'm personally offended, which rarely happens. Nonetheless, I agreed to respond to Tonawonda when I had time and felt this was the proper place … Continue reading 20200131: The Argument Over Flynn and Powell

20191109: LSU v. Bama

It's gonna be a helluva game. These two teams have hated each other for generations, both have been recent National Champions, and now, they are ranked #2 and #3. It's normally a big game, but adding to the pressure, the President is attending. It's going to be wild. Can't wait. Climb in, we're going to … Continue reading 20191109: LSU v. Bama