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Citizen U

Day 22 – TITANIUM.

OK – I’m going to interrupt this chemistry stuff to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Well, I’m only going to interrupt A LIDDLE’ BIT.


Yes, I am THANKFUL for a world where TITANIUM is possible, and now fashionable for wedding bands. OK – among SOME people.

Just don’t buy any “titanium steel” wedding bands, if you’re paying more than a few bucks. Many sell for UNDER A DOLLAR EACH from the manufacturer!

For the most part, “titanium steel” is (apparently) just STAINLESS STEEL.

Some stainless steels DO have a bit of titanium in them, but typically not much. Chromium, nickel and manganese are the biggies.

However, you MIGHT be getting more titanium, but in that case, it’s even WORSE than stainless steel.

There is an alloy of SCRAP IRON and SCRAP TITANIUM called “ferrotitanium“, which is used as an easy-melting source of titanium in the STEEL INDUSTRY. It typically contains between 30% and 70% titanium, and the remainder mostly iron, plus carbon and the typical alloying metals of both iron and titanium.

Ferrotitanium is a BYPRODUCT of the manufacture of titanium products, and is part of the recycling stream for titanium.

Ferrotitanium can be used to ADD titanium to the steel, or to REACT the titanium with IMPURITIES, which are then removed as SLAG, or BOTH.

I am not certain whether low-grade ferrotitanium is being used for such rings, but I suspect it may be.

So BEWARE. Insist on TITANIUM or a SPECIFIED ALLOY if you’re paying more than FIVE BUCKS for a ring!

And if you’re buying CARBON for a GIRL, insist on DIAMOND, and not CUPID ZIRCONIA, which ain’t much better than GRAPHITE for the application. *wink*


Titanium is useful for a LOT of things, and one of them is DENTAL IMPLANTS.

I love this next video, because is really demonstrates how


I love that some dentist in the trenches has all this real-life knowledge of titanium performance. THIS is the heart of science, IMO.

People are entitled to their opinions – and not just the “experts”. I have learned to respect opinions based on things like personal experience, informed outsider perspective, “untainted wisdom of the beginner”, and other reasons which fly in the face of authoritarianism and elitism.

People are entitled to QUESTIONS, no matter who they are.

The answers, of course, get COMPLICATED.

And then there was THIS – the mixing of titanium and GOLD to create an alloy that is FOUR TIMES HARDER THAN TITANIUM. Whoda thunk?

So TODAY, I’m thankful for the periodic table, INCLUDING TITANIUM.

And I’m also thankful for the kiddie table, where the best questions come from.



(and then the engineers argue….)

47 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191128

    1. Looks like some mislabelings after Ac (actinium); it should be Ac, Th, Pa, U, Np, Pu, Am, Cm, Bk, Cf.

      There is funkiness both in the X axis labels and in the labels on the points themselves.

      I’m not surprised at the gaps either side of Rn (radon) as astatine and francium exist in only the most vanishingly small quantities, and I do mean quite literally vanishingly small as the atoms of each you are looking at right now (if you are looking at them right now) won’t be around in a day or two.

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            1. Yes, a graph of specific gravity vs. atomic weight is indeed most illuminating!

              It’s easy to understand why the lefthand alkali (kaboom-in-water) elements are so light; they have one electron floating around out there in that outer shell and it’s loosely bound and going to feel free to take up lots of room. It’s less obvious why the right hand side has a low density while the middle doesn’t.

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  1. It’s interesting how much of dentistry isn’t like health care, but rather about sculpting and materials science.

    I’m not saying that there’s no healthcare involved, but there is a large component of dexterity and aesthetics, as well.

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  2. VSG Rocky

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    1. White House story.

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      1. A farm is initially selected to provide “The Presidential Flock” of 10 birds. It is only at the last minute that the two are selected that go to the White House.

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      2. “Clinton is a city and the county seat of Sampson County, North Carolina, United States. The population of Clinton is 8,639 according to the 2010 Census. Clinton is named for Richard Clinton, a Brigadier General of the North Carolina militia in the American Revolution.” Wikipedia

        There is also a Clinton, South Carolina

        “Clinton is a city in Laurens County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 8,490 as of the 2010 census. It is part of the Greenville–Mauldin–Easley Metropolitan Statistical Area. Clinton is the home of Presbyterian College.” Wikipedia

        Clinton, SC is near Prosperity, SC

        “Prosperity is a town in Newberry County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 1,180 at the 2010 census.” Wikipedia

        Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here …………….

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  3. Microwave frequency phone in your pocket for faster de-population effects.
    Isn’t that what everyone wants?

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    1. The way 5G is currently constituted is just bad news in all sorts of ways. Including, but not limited to — the FCC should lease US bandwidth by auction, to be used as the lessees see fit.

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  4. the sinking of the Titanium


    Happy Thanksgiving to Mr Wolf and to all U All weirdos who venture here.

    peas & carrots ❀

    oops…peace & crackers ❀

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  5. I prefer YIN YANG to Andrew Yang:

    “yin and yang is a concept of dualism in ancient Chinese philosophy, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” Wikipedia

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  6. Any of you who get the chance should watch this video of an interview with Doug Wead, Presidential historian. I was so moved by it. He has received death threats for daring to publish an actual history of the first years of the Trump White House. I will be purchasing the book.

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      1. Trump out-thinks them all, all the time.

        The hilarious thing to me is, he has half the country convinced he is a moron.

        I have used that ruse a bit myself over the course of my life. People meet me, and immediately make assumptions. I’m blonde, blue-eyed, I was pretty when I was younger, AND I have a deep-Southern accent. There is SUCH a stereotype that goes along with those characteristics! DUMB!

        But I am not dumb, I am smart. Letting people THINK I am dumb can sometimes be VERY helpful, tee-hee.

        Trump is the absolute MASTER of this “cloak of invisibility.” They fall for it every time.

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        1. OMG – Alternative Universe Reese Witherspoon is posting on this blog! πŸ˜‰

          *fans self on swing on porch in movie*

          Yup. Adaptive language – not expending work to dissuade – is a really powerful communication technique! Let the success itself teach as a form of PERSUASION!!!

          Note how well that worked for Scott Adams, too!

          And one of the coolest things about “letting people correct themselves” when one can predict that it will happen is that it is GENTLE LIKE THE BIBLE. Not that I know any pastors like that, because the best ones always are like that. But each of them shows unique tricks in HOW they do it, and one can learn a lot about persuasion by simply being in church.

          Everybody is keeping up with the VSG – possibly even Norman Vincent Peale, who is likely going “OMG – this guy takes it to new levels even *I* didn’t think of. He’s making it work where it SHOULDN’T!”

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