OPEN THREAD 20191119

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – today – the 19th of November, is DAY 13.

The 13th element is ALUMINUM.

Aluminum has 1 stable isotope – 27.

Aluminum is an extremely abundant metal in both the universe and Earth’s crust.

This version of the periodic table is quite awesome to see where your aluminum foil originally came from.

It’s easy to find normal information about aluminum – see the first Wikipedia link above for THAT KIND OF STUFF.

But are you interested in ALUMINUM FOIL VERSUS TIN FOIL?

Here you go:

How about aluminum foil WEIRD TRUTHS and URBAN LEGENDS?


Check it out!

66 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191119

      1. They sure are colorfully dressed lads, these dandy mountain men.

        Some pretty long hair too for 1954, isn’t it?

        I was guessing this was a late 1960s production going by the length of hair and sideburns alone, until I saw the ‘(1954)’ in the title, which means it might have been filmed as early as 1953.

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  1. This video is very informative. IMO it is worth the time to watch it.

    The WeatherMen II – Of Media Money and Men – IPOT Presents – 11.11.19

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  2. Aluminium is fairly common, but is a pain in the ass to isolate.

    The most common process is . It wasn’t invented until 1886. You have to pass a significant electric current through molten (about 970C) ore with a dopant where the metal drips off the cathode.

    One of the family artifacts in my possession is a German-made binoculars made from aluminum. Prior to 1856, aluminum was more valuable than gold. The binocs were made in roughly 1920 — they were still treasured, but nowhere near as valuable a generation before.

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  3. “He will get caught”

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    1. Yeah, this is going to break big.

      This is all making strategic sense now.

      The plays and counter-plays.

      And you know what – I think we knew Vindman and Charlie the Tuna were rotten, and they are in so deep, we USED THIS as the igniter for indictments.

      When people see what was done here, they will CHEER for Comey to get put away as part of the plot. They let Vindman draw OBVIOUS TREASON BLOOD, so the whole gang goes down hard.

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      1. Yup!

        OMG. I just thought of something. They *say* they don’t record these calls – right?

        Maybe that’s just “normally”.

        FISA works both ways – right?

        If Vindman was under investigation….
        If Ukraine was under investigation….
        If Charlie was under investigation….
        If NSA and/or DIA and/or whoever were activated to investigate….
        If Ukraine was already “OK” with it….

        That “Perfect” call….

        They probably recorded it….
        Or recorded it on BOTH ENDS, separately.
        Vindman’s agenda will be CLEAR….

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  4. apropos of nothing….

    it’s almost the end of HURRICANE SEASON ! 😀

    …and we’re giddy with relief here in paradise…

    …celebrating early !

    anything can happen.

    watch out. 🙂

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  5. WordPress has a tag that causes a long post to be excerpted until you click on it (if that’s not the default behavior for that particular theme).

    I’d like to suggest it be used here; that would probably wipe out 98% of the navigation complaints.

    I just wish I could remember what the hell it was.

    (Went and looked:)

    It’s the “Read More” tag, and on the editor it looks like a pair of thick horizontal lines with a dashed line in between.

    If it could be inserted into posts here by the (non) moderator; that’d be a fantastic thing.

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    1. I had to take a different approach. The theme is weird as hell. This method has to take the theme’s idea of how many post are “recent” on the homepage. The “show more posts” page goes back to the non-excerpted mode, but I may be able to fix that page, too, later.

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  6. As for aluminum, it was known that something not known was “there” for quite some time, in the late 1500s there were hints that alum contained something we couldn’t isolate. Eventually aluminum oxide was isolated, it was named “alumina.” Serious attempts to do so were made in the 1760s but it wasn’t until 1824 that Oersted succeeded in creating aluminum metal. He was the first human being to lay eyes on aluminum; a substance that is ubiquitous today. Early attempts to repeat this failed (for reasons that weren’t clear for decades). Wohler managed it again in 1827 and initially got the credit for the discovery.

    Wohler’s method couldn’t produce much aluminum, so it was quite rare as a metal (but very common as a constituent of rocks), as some have already noted. The cap of the Washington Monument, in fact, is a pyramid of aluminum. Heroult, in France, and Hall, in America, independently invented a process that could mass produce aluminum from alumina in 1866, and it became common. A different process, to extract aluminum from bauxite, was invented by Bayer in 1889. Aluminum produced today is by either the Heroult-Hall or Bayer processes.

    The Brits call it “aluminium” and unlike words like honor/honour, color/colour, or center/centre, there really is a difference here (it’s not a gratuitous extra vowel or a rearrangement that doesn’t mattre at all). They pronounce that extra I and say “al you MIN ee um.”

    Ironically, the element was named by Humphy Davy (a British chemist), he first suggested “alumium” (autocorrect nearly got me there), but people said, “no, it should be named after alumina” so he went with “aluminum” (the current American spelling!). Somehow the Brits decided to stick that extra I in there at some point.

    Aluminum is very reactive, actually, and it oxidizes instantly on exposure to air. (This is why it was so darned hard to make aluminum metal, before we knew the [very energy-intensive] trick.) Iron takes some time to do so, a process we call rusting. The reason aluminum doesn’t just crumble to dust is that the aluminum oxide formed stays attached to the lump of metal, giving it a protective coat.

    As someone else pointed out, aluminum “recycling” is the only recycling that makes economic sense. That’s because to reuse aluminum, you just melt it; the paint, paper labels, etc. just burn off and you have pure aluminum again. This consumes much less energy than the Heroult-Hall and Bayer processes do, so it’s worth the aluminum companies’ while to do it. All other recycling is done with trash, that usually can’t be returned to its original state, and if it can, takes a lot of effort. (Paper can’t be made white again, easily; plastic won’t be a neutral color once dyed.)

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    1. The Libertarians used to (and maybe still do) have a saying. “If voting could ever make a difference, it wouldn’t still be legal.”

      Which sounds like an excellent description of the Democrap attitude towards it. They’ll continue the façade of citizen participation whilst making sure it never ever makes a difference.

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      1. “If voting could ever make a difference, it wouldn’t still be legal.”
        That explains why Libertarians think nothing of casting votes for candidates who have no chance to win. The Libertarians can say they “vote on principle.” Never mind that it guarantees a Dem victory, which is akin to killing America. Sometimes “principle” involves choosing which enemy to defeat.

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        1. Many Libertarians are ex-Dems, so this argument is profoundly ineffective with them; in fact they’re likely to consider it a feature. They value the “social freedoms” (they’d be appalled at someone like GA/FL) more than the economic ones, so in the absence of the LP, they go Democrat. With the LP, they have a party that gives them what they want (or would, if it ever won enough elections).

          In other words, it’s a mistake to assume the LP is full of disaffected Republicans.

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  7. OK – I’ve changed the homepage to show 20 excerpts, with a link to show 50 excerpts, and with a link from either to ALL POSTS (not excerpts) as an infinite scroll.

    If this is not pleasing, I will move on to experiment with new themes.

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