OPEN THREAD 20191118

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – today – the 18th of November, is DAY 12.

The 12th element is MAGNESIUM.

Like oxygen , magnesium has 3 stable isotopes – 24, 25 and 26.

Magnesium is a light metal, located on the periodic table between two other light metals – sodium, which is more reactive, and aluminum, which is less reactive. Basically, magnesium makes sense. Because of the name, magnesium is frequently mistaken for manganese, which is a heavier transition metal, closer to iron. Interestingly, manganese can usefully alloy with magnesium, which is otherwise problematic for many applications.

One of the most important uses of magnesium is in chlorophyll – the plant pigment that makes photosynthesis possible.

Enjoy this funky musical explanation of photosynthesis!

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  1. Magnesium burns with a fierce white light and — just for fun — can continue to burn underwater. My parents put together a “chemistry set” for me around 1969. They’re both STEM, and I was a seven-year-old techie-boi, so they tried to put enough into it that would keep me amused but not obliterate the house, block, or neighborhood. So, one of the ingredients they gave me was a jar with about a 10′ length of 1/8″ magnesium strip. I could cut off six inches, light one end, and drop it in a [metal] bucket of water.

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  2. Regarding the photosynthesis video, one interesting side note from the standpoint of evolution is that essentially all plants have cells containing chloroplasts, which do the little funky photosynthesis boogie…..and just about every animal has cells containing mitochondria — which turn various forms of chemical energy into ATP that the cell can use.

    And both probably evolved as independent organisms before plants or animals were “a thing”. The very first plant-like beings were probably born with the instruction: “round up some chloroplasts and incorporate them within you”, just like the first proto-animals said, “grab some mitochondria and stuff them inside your cell wall”.

    Today, modern animals are born with cells all incorporating mitochondria…..but where the cells have a blend of DNA from mother and father, all the mitochondria have their own DNA — and it’s only from mom.

    Similarly, every chloroplast contains its own DNA. A plant cell has to have inherited chloroplasts in order to perform photosynthesis. Algae can have just one, while a wheat cell may have a hundred.

    This is, of course, real science, where one may find wonder and delight through careful observations of Nature. Please do not forward to any libtards, who might immediately start protesting to “free the mitochondria” and kill us all.

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      1. (that, above letter post, is not meant as humor, BTW)

        re: exposing the source of a human trafficking operation ….as opposed to ABC’s enabling it.

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        1. Usually I think it’s a waste of time for Congress to investigate anything, because they have no power to prosecute or convict anyone, and because even if they did have that power, they would only grandstand or do their barking seal controlled opposition UniParty routine anyway.

          But in this case, forcing national media attention on Epstein (and therefore on all of his clients… one by one… drip… drip… drip…) would actually be incredibly useful.

          And calling Epstein clients to testify under oath could be hilarious, like Dershowitz doing his “Jon Lovitz as pathological liar Tommy Flanagan, Esquire” routine, admitting that he did get a massage one time at Epstein’s… but it was from an elderly German woman named… Hildegarde… or something.

          Oh, and he never touched her.

          AND she never touched him.

          Because it was… it was a mind massage. Yeah, that’s what happened…

          And he was fully clothed the whole time.

          And so was she.

          And they were… in different rooms… yeah, yeah! They were uhhh… they were just on Epstein’s intercom system.

          Yeah! But… they never even spoke.

          He wouldn’t even recognize her, even if she did claim to recognize him… because… she has X-ray eyes, but he doesn’t… yeah, that’s ticket 😁

          Jon Lovitz as Tommy Flanagan, Esquire, defending Oliver North, from 1987)

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          1. My money is on the Epstein videos. I think that the RAW, UNEDITED videos will prove solid, but extremely WEIRD due to botting of some of the participants, using both drugged hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestion, and that is how the left is going to play them as “deep fakes”, EVEN IF experts claim they’re authentic. Silicon Valley will TRAIN people to assess them as deep fakes, and use that in a kind of internal “wrap up smear” to censor the material.

            “Our trained examiners determined that they are deep fakes” – end of story.

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  3. of interest… Communists & Socialists…

    Trevour Loudon’s 2019 List of Socialists and Communists

    article with 2019 List, here…

    from Feb 2019

    …the List is of 50 (at the time) of the most obvious in the House.

    ..of note…the new so-called “hottie” Tulsi Gabbard…is also on that List…


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    1. Great link!

      Her similarity and ties to Kucinich are interesting:

      Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members through her political career. Ties to some Filipino-American β€œformer communists.” Worked with Communist Party USA affiliated former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to defend Soviet-Russian puppet Syrian leader Bashar-al-Assad.

      There is a subset of these leftists who are kinda like “truth-telling useful idiots”, who tell the truth about everything but their fellow commies. A kind of rogue Menshevik that rejects deception but still “pretends not to know” quite a bit.

      Tulsi and Kucinich fit right in there.

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  4. uh oh…gettin kinda funkay !

    …born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia…

    …is now…wait for it… Racist !


    Old Steve Martin King Tut Sketch Is Racist !, Triggers College Students

    article…and VIDEO of original 1978 SNL skit with comedian Steve Hilarious Martin . πŸ˜€

    read and WATCH here, for yourself…

    one THE funniest skits EVER.

    college students…meh.

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      1. Red has been very, very weird for decades!
        At one time, however, I believe had the most Rhode Scholars of any university.
        Lived and worked in Portland at one time and couldn’t even tell you where the school is located…shows how much under the radar they were.

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  5. Okay, so, I always miss the action.
    Just figured out what happened with the “ban”, but I’m still light on details.
    Talked to NBFilly this morning, she knows she stepped over the line, but I congratulated her on talking one for the team.
    Heck, I would have been happy to accept the ban in her place.
    Free Speech is fine, but that doesn’t mean mom won’t throw you out of the house, or that our dear Wolf won’t throw you out of the Tree.

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    1. wait… mom ?? throwing us out of the house ??

      oh no….is that like we have parents here, LOL ??

      can’t we just move on from that…incident(s)…..please ?

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  6. Some things I’ll never understand.
    I’m a lifelong Repub.
    Yet, one of the top five people I would love to have dinner with would be James Carville, notorious Dem.
    We used to debate actual policy, and which side was better.
    People like George Conway……. and CNN going after KellyAnne for his comments???
    Is it the anonymous nature of the internet which allows us to rage, uncontrolled?

    Use to think people who acted this way would never do so in person.
    Yet, we’ve seen a mutation in our culture.
    Those who would never be so vile in person, now do it freely.
    Degrades society.
    There is no more shaming/shunning/shocked face/mom & dad grounding them, because those who are so vile can usually find a sympathetic audience…. on line.

    I’m not headed anywhere specific with this thesis. Just thinking.
    And I still think it’s fairly easy to gain consensus who is an A$$hole on any given day.

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    1. and this Bad Cat really needs a <b<sympathetic audience !

      can’t seem to find one…goes back & forth from one site to the next ! tryin to find the all the knives !…

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    2. Daughn I need to share with you when I was in Pleasant Hill KY I met a couple they did seek my husband and myself out.
      I thought of you she was into financial stuff and her husband was a Lawyer. She worked until her child was born who came late in life now in his early twenties brilliant and going for his PhD in Mathematics.
      She has a Russian name and they send my husband an email as soon as we were home. They want to meet us again.
      This was all so strange how parallel your and their lives were. She was a very confident achieved woman and I thought of you.

      I always value your thoughts on things.
      I watched NF and the other persons interaction. I wanted so bad to step in to let NF know not to allow another person to push her button. I hope and pray NF gets the skills to properly deal with who hide in the shadow of a keyboard.
      There is nothing worse for a person who seeks out a weakness in person and dig in when the other does not respond. That is strength weakness is to allow onself be down into another persons psycho.

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      1. Wild, eh?
        I’m about as Irish/Welsh as one can be on mom’s side, with a lot of Belgian/German from dad.
        Life takes us all to strange places, doesn’t it?
        NF has recovered nicely.
        I asked her to admin one of my mod one of our larger groups.
        She’s the answer to need I’ve had for about 2yrs and she is perfect.
        No baring one’s vulnerability on social media. Lesson learned. We feel as if we are among friends, here, and forget it is a public place. Compliments to Wolf for that sense of security.

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        1. Excellent! Filly needs new opportunities, and that will work fine. I know a lot of people want to forgive and forget, which is GREAT, and for her to come back HERE, which would be a problem. There is a reason why I can’t do that now, and which I can’t explain fully – but I can tell people MORE. It’s up on the original post as “Announcement 2”.

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            1. You know how sometimes where something is involved and it’s hard to say *exactly* how, but you know dang well that it is, that I’ll say “…that situation had some [WHATEVER] on it.” Example: “That situation had some China on it.”

              Well, this situation had some Q on it. I am not kidding.

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          1. Wolfmoon,
            There is a time and a place for forgiving. I am not sure there is a time and place for forgetting. I think that is why we are in the situation the USA is in right now. We need to forgive and move forward, but we need to remember what happened and how we got here.
            I am glad you are standing by your decision. I think you were entirely correct in the way you handled the situation. Lines needed to be drawn. I think you made the right decision.

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            1. definitely need to move on and not keep rehashing it, imho.

              it is what it is.

              lessons learned.

              I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes, saying that…or to sound harsh about it…

              but malingering and ruminating over it keeps the whole thing present .

              like : obsessing over it.

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              1. Agreed. Appreciate and agree. But I’ll just say from my longer experience here, [as one “bury the dead and roll the tanks tomorrow person” to another,] that some here will take more time to “process things openly” than others, and my advice is just let ’em – don’t say much more – and it just ends faster.

                Hence why I did not want to make that second announcement – it just kicks things up – so I made it at the first sign it would be needed.

                This is where training kicks in. Experience has trained me to recover from strategic errors as early as possible and as efficiently as possible. Just not in a hasty way.

                I’m preserving as much gain, and cutting as many losses, as humanely possible.

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              2. you’re a good guy, Wolf…

                …and yr site is growing …fast !

                I can not begin to imagine what goes into managing it and keeping all the vibes and comments and personalities cohesively inspired while at the same time encouraging freedom of expression and speech…

                a LOT of varying personalities to enjoy, contend with, tolerate, love, hate, laugh at, admire….etc…

                …and without EVER actually seeing any of the actual people….or actually inter-facing…

                it’s all in the brain….on the minds of everyone…and sometimes hard to shake…ppl have a strange tendency to focus on the bad things that happen. or to give those dramas more attention than the lighter, friendlier banter…

                …and when something goes wrong, it seems to carry more impact for a longer time than when something goes right.

                ..and many times, ppl don’t remember what other ppl say…what ppl remember is how other ppl make them feel .

                there will more moments of contention….more snarky remarks…more sudden misunderstandings…and even strenuous disagreements…. that’s the nature of a lively discussion (instead of a bland cookie-cutter blog where everyone agrees and pays homage to the site owner, been there done that, right)…

                but hopefully we’ve learned that when a personality takes a vindictive turn, and another personality tries to provoke that, it might be time for those 2 personalities to take a break and step away from the computer, and just chill for however long it takes to calm the hell down.


                thanks for listening

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            2. Elizabeth I understand about forgiving and one can and should forgive but it does not change the situation.
              I understand why Wolf had to do what he did and for his the sake and of the forums sake cannot change it.
              At least this is what and how I understand it.
              I truly wish Filly the best and I used to enjoy her posts. I am glad she has a new adventure and hope she will enjoy.

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  7. I worked in a foundry for a while,in Orrville Ohio and they had a mag dept. It was really cool to watch them grind the Magnesium casting with constant water running on the hugh grinding wheel because a spark would be deadly.
    They used to burn old pallets behind the foundry and the guy that did the grinding went out back to dump a load of trash,not knowing someone had dumped mag dust into the dumpster he went back and dumped about 50 gallon barrel of dust on the fire.
    We had fire depts from 2 counties away call and ask if the fire dept needed assistance.
    I will never forget the night sky being turned a crazy white from the fire after they tried to put it out with a near by water hose.
    The night sky was illuminated for hours because the fire dept just let it burn itself out.
    This happened about 30 years ago and the image is still clear as day in my mind.

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      1. Everyone was ok,the guy who dumped the thing on the forklift was a little rattled but he was ok.
        He said that the pile was just smoldering when he dumped the dumpster on the pile and it went poof.

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