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Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – this is DAY 4. Which in binary is 0100, not 1110. Well, sort of. I will let others fight over the leading zero! It’s a dang joke. HAVE FUN! *wink*

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  1. Lol, the new rules…

    Food fights will be expected
    Some people will be running with scissors – watch out!
    If you want snacks you’ll need to bring your own bags of popcorn
    People will probably be using the nuclear missiles for target practice. Try not to be alarmed.

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  2. Seems like this place could use a tune.

    This one has a nice, slow blues groove. Don’t know much about the group, but the first time I heard it years ago, I liked it.

    It’s called Lachloosa.

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      1. If Lochloosa was a woman instead of a piece of real estate, it might be a classic.

        Instead it’s like a brush with greatness.

        So close… but his inner environmentalist got the better of him 😁

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  3. Particularly appropriate HERE.

    I really disagree with this guy Fuentes (Holocaust denier), but taking him down by Nazi authoritarianism is not the way to do it. He’s easily proven wrong and logically evasive, and in doing so, HUNDREDS of people are turned away from this crap every time.

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    1. “I really disagree with this guy Fuentes (Holocaust denier), but taking him down by Nazi authoritarianism is not the way to do it.”


      I only heard about this guy for the first time this past week, but from what I have seen, he is exposing all the shills and Corporate Conservative Inc. controlled opposition types (Ben Shapiro being the most well known), by simply confronting them on issues like unlimited immigration and promotion of LGBTQLMNOP.

      About the holocaust, what I read is that he doesn’t deny it, but that instead of just accepting the number of people that has become ‘common knowledge’ (6 million Jews, and 5 million gypsies, Christians, German dissidents, whoever opposed Hitler), he supposedly did his research and came up with lower numbers than the generally accepted (inculcated) figures.

      There is a lot about this on Neon Revolt. The younger generation is NOT accepting the “give up and run away” approach of the so-called ‘conservative movement’ which, as Neon notes, hasn’t even been able to ‘conserve’ women’s restrooms.

      It is the complete and utter lack of ANY success by ‘Conservative, Inc.’ that has caused this ‘uprising’ among young conservatives. They are motivated, NOT afraid of PC garbage at all, and willing to show up at the speeches of Conservative shills and ask the questions that weren’t pre-approved by the speaker and his handlers.

      I haven’t watched his live-stream where he addressed all of Shapiro’s points recently, but I’m hoping to watch it tonight.

      If he’s a bad guy, then he’s a bad guy.

      But if he’s not a bad guy, and he’s willing to force the issue and expose the UniParty frauds who pretend to speak for traditional conservative Americans, we sure need somebody to do that. As Neon Revolt noted, people like Charlie Kirk are promoting positions that were to the Left of HUSSEIN just 8 or 9 years ago.

      That’s not moving the Overton Window, that’s pushing the whole house over the cliff.

      Somebody has to get in these peoples’ faces about what is happening to our country. If not this guy, it will be someone else, because fortunately it appears that generation Z isn’t a bunch of emasculated soy boys, they have fighters.

      And they’re ready to fight.

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      1. Hi Scott,
        I raised my son in S. CA from 1963 at the age of 3. As a white boy from the south, he was bullied, beaten and abused by other students with the approval of teachers. When you say that Gen Z isn’t a bunch of emasculated soy boys, it is because they have had to grow strong just to survive. I was amazed at what was happening to my children in CA. If I defended them, it usually just made it harder for them. My daughter was not beaten up but she was verbally and mentally abused by the teachers and students in CA.
        I had no idea when we moved there that CA was being taken over by the Communists and Globalists. The object of the game was to turn CA into a sh*thole and they have succeeded. I have learned a lot since then. It was still beautiful in 1963. I left in 1990. I have visited briefly since then. It is not worth a visit now.
        It is so sad to see what Communism does to a place. The Communists colonized CA in the early 1900’s and have gradually destroyed it. Communists only steal, kill and destroy. There is not and never has been any positive benefit of Communism. NONE
        Reagan was the best chance to change it. He failed. Since then it is just the parasites eating the corpse of a once beautiful and productive state.

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        1. Hi Elizabeth,

          I’m sorry your children were mistreated. It makes no sense to punish people who didn’t actually do anything wrong, and never has made sense. The teachers who allowed it are morally and ethically bankrupt.

          I have seen how beautiful California once was in old movies, like Double Indemnity (1944, filmed in Los Angeles), Sunset Boulevard (Hollywood, 1950), Experiment in Terror (1962, Blake Edwards film, San Francisco), Kiss Me Deadly (Mickey Spillane / Mike Hammer, 1955 Los Angeles).

          It always amazes me how clean and practically empty the cities looked, how uncrowded the streets were, and how everybody dressed well, all the time. Not fancy, but cleaned up, shirts tucked in, coat and tie for men, dresses for women.

          People spoke proper English, and there was common courtesy, which everyone more or less observed.

          It was back when we had once culture, and it was American, and people were proud of it and of our country.

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      2. Yes – getting people to look at the old WWII research is not a bad thing. The holocaust numbers DID CHANGE – and the cultural Marxists tried to inflate them bigger than they actually were. I remember when they pushed UP to 6 million TOTAL (counting dug-pit executions, etc.), and then people tried to push it up to ridiculous two-digit millions (10, 12, 18). Those numbers were FAULTED back then, and we didn’t need Snopes to do it, either.

        Politicization of science, history, and everything else.

        I think it would be an amazing history of science project to look at the history of the numbers and try to RE-AUTHENTICATE THEM – free of cultural Marxist influence. My guess is that they would STILL come out near 5-6 million including people exterminated in roundups in Soviet areas. The problem is that now the scholarship could likely be untrustworthy. One has to be VERY careful who does the study. Sad commentary on the current state of academia.

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        1. I watched about half an hour of Nick Fuentes’ commentary on Shapiro’s speaking event, and based on that isolated event, it wasn’t impressive.

          In fairness, none of the questions being asked to Shapiro were controversial, they all sounded like pre-approved softballs which Shapiro rattled on about endlessly.

          He does profess to be a Christian (that seems to be a big part of the whole movement), but in the next breath he is taking the Lord’s name in vain, so that’s not helping his credibility, especially when he is attacking others for hypocrisy.

          He certainly seems to have a lot of energy and willingness to engage the fight, but if he is going to expand his influence much beyond his own age group, he’s going to need less profanity and giving people the finger, and more direct refutation of his opponent’s arguments.

          Having said all that, the people in that movement apparently disrupted a Charlie Kirk / Don Jr. + Kimberly Guillfoyle speaking event this evening, and the event was cut short and everybody ran away, to loud chanting from a sizeable crowd.

          Clearly a wake-up call, lol!

          Here is an explanation from Patrick Howely (just recently heard of him, this is Twitter but I found the link at Neon Revolt):

          And apparently Enty (Entertainment Lawyer) at CDAN (CrazyDaysAndNights) dropped a blind item about Kimberly Guilfoyle and a sex tape with Gavin Newsom from their swinger and cocaine days:


          And then it gets ugly, when Kimberly Guilfoyle grabs the mike:

          >let’s tell a room full of angry young men on the verge of revolt against a broken culture that they’re pathetic incels who are insufficiently grateful for wamman entrepreneurs

          This is Conservatism Inc.’s “let them eat cake” moment.


          And then Neon Revolt responds to Kimberly:


          And Rep. Dan Crenshaw (eye-patch guy) is completely off the reservation:



          Lot’s of news breaking at NeonRevolt this evening, lol!

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  4. This comment will make number 1121 as in OVER A THOUSAND already on this blog. We have over 306,000 on the Q Tree. That is a phenomenal start here. Hopefully some more long-time lurkers will choose to start posting – although having thick skin is needed for the “no ban” policy here.

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    1. is there a HOME button? harder to navigate than the q tree…
      and damn! wild west is right…think I got splattered during all the muck slinging and I was just reading yesterday’s thread…it’s all good. I know what my beliefs are and nothing y’all say are gonna change that…but it’s nice to read differing views…
      and maybe I need more coffee or you’re just screwing with my preconceived notions of a calendar..but I think your November “10” falls on a Saturday not a Sunday…

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  5. I watched this video last night and it is excellent.

    How to prepare for the Great Awakening NOW
    BOSSMAKER 275 subscribers Subscribed
    EXCERPT The interview is in English and starts at 01.40. Intro in Dutch with subtitles.
    Now is the time that forward looking leaders should begin to prepare for the unprecedented global paradigm shift that has implications for every person and every commercial enterprise. The global Great Awakening forces leaders to prepare on geopolitical, corporate and individual level. This is the time to take pro active steps to manage the series of events that will rock your world. Whether you are an existing business owner or starting your career in an organization: you need to prepare now and you need to do it fast. There is ample evidence of this being very real and serious situation and to ignore it is irresponsible. In The Bossmaker, Ronald Heister (top Marketing & PR strategist) and Martin Geddes, (the worlds number 1 Great Awakening analyst), explain how to strive and thrive through the Great Awakening so you can Trust Your Plan. For yourself, your family and your business. We are in the midst of a “trust apocalypse”: those who you were taught were most worthy of trust will repeatedly be proven to have betrayed it. END EXCERPT

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    1. Holy shit! Just finished watching this – it is happening!!! Now to figure out how this is going to affect me and my family directly……..

      Well, I’ve got the survival food I purchased 4 years ago (enough to feed me, my Mother, my SIL , his Father (who is a diabetic), and my granddaughter – for hopefully a month, and I will have my gardens next spring w/Heritage Seeds) – thankfully, plenty of farmers around for meat & eggs; need to get more bottled water; for heat, I have a small propane heater I can use inside (NTS: stock up on propane bottles, as well as propane for my grill), as well as my fireplace (NTS: get more wood); already have a Red Cross radio that I can charge in 5 different ways, including solar – I can also charge my cell off of it, altho towers may be affected; already have a bottle I can use to purify water; only med I take is Naproxen occasionally so I am good there; have a weapon and a gunsmith who lives down the street, vet across the street literally has an armory……

      OK – what am I missing? Anyone? Oh, yeah – CIGARETTES!!!! God help anyone around me if I don’t have my cigs!!!! Only thing I have ever been addicted to.

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          1. Navigation here is tougher than the Q Tree,,,,
            Wolf is working on it 🙂

            For now….
            I just click on the date on the calendar at the top right of this site…… then scroll to the Bold Topic I want to see….. then click on that Bold Topic……
            Hope this helps.

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              1. Fake piety is also a sin. I just can’t recall Jesus ever saying to shove one’s faith down the throat/in the face of others, particularly in a denigrating fashion with unwanted sermons! Again, if I want to hear a sermon, I will go to church. So, I am apparently not Christian enough to be allowed an opinion.

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    1. I thought part of what this thread is about is learning to stand up to people who don’t agree with us and deal with it. I consider it training for the abuse ahead. Our battle is going live and we must be strong and stand fast.

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        1. plse stop beating yrself up, ok ?

          several ppl owe YOU apologies, imo.

          but don’t hold yr breath there.

          and don’t keep ruminatin about it. 🙂

          you’re fine.

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        2. rayzorbak,
          When I started commenting on Disqus, I was told that as an old white Christian woman I should go kill myself and make room for the people that matter. It took a while to get used to being called names and disparaged for just existing. Once I got used to it, I realized they did not know me or care to know me. All they cared about was shutting me up with insults or fear.
          Christians have been taking abuse for over 2,000 years. I just needed practice.
          Many times when attacked Jesus kept his mouth shut, but when he opened it he would cut his enemies to small pieces even separating the marrow from the bones. His mercy was in the fact that if they would repent He would forgive them and if they would not He had prepared a place for them in the pit. Jesus never apologized.
          Over time I have learned to dish it out as well as take it. I can make some scathing comments and they decide to leave me alone. I told one that he was so rotten on the inside it was showing on the outside and people were avoiding him because he stinks of death and rotten corpses. I told him to look in the mirror. He went away and never came back. I usually don’t bother, but I was in the mood to do it that day. He had bothered me for a few weeks. He never bothered me again.
          Now I say what I want, have a pretty high rating (5.22 2219 comments – 11,592 up votes) and they never bother me anymore. I have never been banned. I hit moderation once or twice but quickly came out of it. I had a couple of comments on baby killing (abortion) that disappeared without comment or being banned ( more in the “calm down, we know he was pulling your chain” department. He was and I reacted. LOL
          President Trump is a great exercise in extending your boundaries and fighting back.
          Open your mouth. Stand up. Speak up. Never give up. Never give in. You never know your limits until you test them.

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      1. LOL. BIg brother will be here al day tomorrow to keep grandpa hopping. Baby and mom will be by her parents home for a few days. Daddy has to go back downstate to work. Mostly I think we have a B&B that serves dinner going here. Fun times, don’t know what we’d do without the commotion. LOL

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  6. I’m thinking about the critical race theory’s equation:


    Aside from the obvious absurdity that this formulation was intentionally gerrymandered as a means for racist academics to dodge responsibility for their own RACIAL PREJUDICE and blatant RACISM…

    … the formula backfires even under their own criteria of “POWER”!

    In critical theory there are many types of power, from the hard power (structural, kinetic, economic) to soft power (influence, culture, popularity).

    In the United States, thanks to our legacy from the founding fathers that requires checks on power, the hard power varieties are rarely held by a single person. The power of even the most abusive bureaucrat is limited.

    But soft power is quite pervasive… and academics have a larger pool of real soft power than is their due…

    * Credibility of an institution
    * A degree of prestige from being a professor
    * Academic credentials and credibility as a published author
    * Positions on committees, chairs, and in other institutions providing stature in the academic totem pole
    * A real, physical platform of being with an academic institution
    * A substantial intangible social platform, actively granted by the institution
    * The soft power of influence over young minds
    * The hard power over students of grades and GPA
    * The hard economic and academic power over grad students, who they willingly abuse

    When you tally it up, it shouldn’t surprise us that leftists are drawn to academy, precisely because of the degree of REAL TANGIBLE POWER the position affords them!

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    1. The definition of “power” must be smooth and continuous on all scales and extensions of space and time from global to microscopic, from cosmic to instantaneous. Anything less is arbitrary and artificial.

      Beating up a white who strays into black territory is prejudice + power = racist.

      Knock-out game (uses TIME to gain instant power advantage) is prejudice + power = racist.

      This is not hard. They use misleading application of their own ideas to lie to us.

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      1. Wow, I think you hit on something huge.

        “Beating up a white” or “Knock-out game” is a real kinetic means of power.

        Someone who doesn’t respect the law, and feels they are beyond the laws’ reach, that is the thug’s power.

        But what if they really were beyond the reach of the law? What if their raw criminal power could not be touched by the law?

        The exertion of raw, criminal power as a means of hybrid warfare seems to be a neglected topic in the literature I’ve been reading.

        But it is also brilliant, if diabolical.

        If you can neuter the police, it makes the criminals seem invincible.

        It makes the gangs seem powerful.

        It enables the leftist protesters to shut down entire cities.

        It destroys our national moral.

        It makes ordinary citizens fear for their lives.

        Especially when they are defenseless b/c they were required to turn in their guns.

        See most hybrid warfare doctrine talk about the actions between nation state actors that fall within the rubric of international law. Pushing the limits of international law between nations much the same way as the lawfare gang has with domestic law.

        But what if you could implant your own private army into a nation without anyone being any the wiser?

        If that army were undeclared, it wouldn’t even be recognized internationally as combatants.

        Essentially your foot soldiers would be considered a crime problem, not a terror cell or military invasion.

        What’s even better, because you could disavow them at any time, they aren’t bound by mere laws, treaties, or international conventions. They could engage in unfettered barbarism in a reign of terror.

        All you have to do is recruit them and get them across international borders. That’s easy, you just need a good funding source, and funnel money to someone who can organize and recruit, MS-13 gangsta style.

        Or some large oil fields one might suppose, ISIS style.

        The border is more important than you know.

        The war on the police is a psyops war to enact policies that make our police and law enforcement unable to act and ordinary citizens defenseless.

        Take the power from the police, and give it to the thugs.

        And we know why they want the guns.

        That’s why they are so willing to engage in ff’s.

        Selling the American people the lie of “safety” while they secretly plan a stealth invasion to overthrow the cities from within, at a strategically planned time, to seize full control.

        Could Russia do this?

        Maybe China?

        Or our “friends”, like the E.U.?

        Or multiple working together in tandem?

        What if it was actually a commie infiltration agency?

        Or what if it really was an inside job?

        How many of these terror groups that we track are really funded by the west and targeting all western institutions, now with their sights on America?

        How many FAKE “alt-right” groups are they funding just to have a ready made villain to fight?

        Is it a coincidence that the same funding also goes to Antifa?

        You think the Iraq insurgency was hard to fight?

        The cruelty of MS-13 lawless thuggery combined with highly-targeted nation-state capabilities and training in a stealth invasion is a potent mix, particularly in an environment where the people lack the capacity to fight back or return fire, and the law enforcement is knee-capped from preventing the literal overthrow of cities.

        People always forget that you cannot use air power alone or tanks to take a city. A city can only be taken with infantry. Door to door, building to building securing of the city.

        What if the infantry were already here, being reinforced daily by the thousands?

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    1. that’s pretty satisfying. She’s so nasty and I guess I’m too old to know how she became famous. Married to someone famous? Getting her vagina steamed?
      The only thing that was not so great was the many mentions of wealth distribution. They really believe that crap. These celebs better wake up because the commies will come for them too. Being rich and famous is a cardinal sin to socialists

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    2. That’s pretty satisfying. She’s a nasty skank. One thing that isn’t so satisfying is that so many mentioned wealth distribution. The elites better wake the hell up. Their leftie fans have been brainwashed to believe that your money should be their money. Communists don’t care if you can throw a ball or look sexy..gib them the $

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    3. That’s pretty satisfying! She’s a nasty skank. The one thing that’s not satisfying is the many comments about wealth distribution. Celebs better wake the hell up. Communists don’t care if you can throw a ball or sing or look fabulous..your money should be their money

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      1. Except that Adam Schiff issued a statement I heard on the 7PM news on 106.1FM Talk Radio that the “whistleblower” will NOT testify.
        I think Schiff is calling Lindsey Graham’s bluff — Sen. Graham said that the “inquiry” was DOA if the Dems stop the “whistleblower” from testifying.

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  7. OK – I am in the mood for dirty jokes (sheesh – on a Sunday no less!) – here goes – many have no doubt already seen this one:

    A man who is concerned about his wife cheating on him wants to catch her in the act.
    He doesn’t have enough money to hire a PI, so he goes to a pet shop. There he asks the clerk if he has a parrot for sale.

    The clerk shows him the last parrot he has: “This is the last parrot I have for sale. He doesn’t have any legs, but he is very smart and can talk.” The man asks, “If he doesn’t have any legs, how does he stay on the perch?” “He wraps his penis around it,” the clerk answered. The man asks ” How much?” “Since he doesn’t have any legs, I’ll sell him to you for fifty bucks.”

    The suspicious man purchases the talking bird and takes him home. He sets up the cage in his living room where he can see everything; he then instructs the parrot to watch what ever goes on and inform him when he gets home from work.

    So the next morning he leaves for work and his wife stays home, as usual. When the man gets home from work, as his wife is cooking supper, he asks the parrot to tell him what went on during the day. Every day he asks the same question and the parrot says, “Nothing, man!” day after day. He is beginning to think he was wrong.

    One day he comes home and, in a somewhat desultory fashion while reading his newspaper, he asks again. This time he parrot says, “Well, today was the day. At eight o’clock this morning the mailman came….” Interrupting the man asks, “Yeah and what happened?” “She invited him into the house…” Furiously, the man asked “And then what happened? “…and then they came into the living room…” The man impatiently asks, “What happened next?” “He began to take off his clothes…” “What happened after that?” “He took off her shirt.” The man says, “Come on – stop delaying! What happened?” The parrot then replied, “I don’t know – I got a hard-on and fell off my perch!”

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  8. I took my dad to the mall once to get him new shoes (he is 66). We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him… the teenager had spiked hair in all different colors — blue, red, green and orange.

    My dad kept staring at her. The teenager would keep looking and my dad would be staring every time. When the teenager had had enough, she sarcastically asked, “Whats the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?”

    Knowing my dad, I quickly swallowed my food so I wouldn’t choke on his response — I knew he would have a good one.

    In classic style he responded without batting an eyelid: “Got stoned once and fucked a parrot. Just wondering if you were my daughter.”

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              1. How about telling someone they’re whining when they aren’t? Hmmmm?

                And speaking of whining, I just saw your BIG WHINE at the Q Tree about me not stopping to call names.

                You really need to get a grip. This is The U Tree, not The Q Tree.


          1. And SO repetitive! And, you see the very same ones, same photos every single day! and on CTH….and undoubtedly other sites, as well.
            Reminds me of the ones that go house to house handing out religious pamphlets.

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  9. I held my nose and went over to Marica’s blod today. Figured since she came here to leave her filthy crap, I’d go there just to see what the bitches are talking about and sure enough, it was us. Had to laugh big time when I saw this line from Sylvia:

    “This blog was characterized as a sex site.”

    LOL! Sylvia is the one who posts most of the sexy pictures and other dirty crap over there. I mean she is one horny old woman.

    And of course Marica was whining about being told off here yesterday when she was the one who came here to attack us. Some people never learn.

    If you want to find who the phony hypocrites are, just go to Marica’s blog. But I’ll warn you, you’d better hold your nose. It’s nasty over there.

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    1. I am not going to complain about what Marica chooses to do on her own blog. Having said that, if they can’t take the heat here, they should just stay away. Still trying to control people and make those of us who are more plain-spoken feel that we are “less than.” Hypocrites!!!!

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        1. and WTH was that vile Marica referring to,as she spat her vile obscenities at me, by saying something about me “f#@##ing sylvia” 100 x…at that highschool girl’s club site ???

          she was either drunk or delusional.

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              1. Absolutely true. Just as there are phonies on this blog and on all blogs….Christian or not. In fact, I only have to look in the mirror to be reminded of inconsistency and that’s the only person I have to account for.

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        1. Along the whole “not being Christian enough” vein, and derogatory comments about our dirty jokes and such, I wonder how a true Christian would post pics of such scantily clad women, along with all the sexual innuendo, not to mention the derogatory comments about OUR language when the language on Marica’s site is just as foul.

          Can you not see the hypocrisy in that? I mean, people KNEW this branch was going to be very raw – why would Marica (and others) come over here and scream at us as she did or make negative comments trying to improve our on-line behavior, thereby insinuating we are terrible people and need to be instructed in proper “decorum?” It appears that some were LOOKING to start a fight, then they complain when others fight back. That is NOT how it works!!!!

          I am simply sick and tired of the holier than thou attitudes that are being displayed. Not ONE of us is perfect – no, not even one!!!!

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          1. Why NF, I have never in all my LIFE said or thought someone wasn’t Christian enough. That isn’t me. You have got me confused with someone else.

            Also I have never criticized anyone for their language. I have a hard enough time controlling my own potty mouth to be worrying about someone else’s.

            Nor have I EVER said a word about someone’s dirty jokes or thought twice about them TBH.

            Yes, I admit I post pictures of “scantily clad” women each day in the FU (fancy underwear) Report but seriously……….they are not even PG-13. I see much worse than that in the women’s magazines in the doctor’s office waiting rooms or at the hair salon.

            And yes, I will own up to sexual innuendo and double entendres and bad puns. Guilty as charged.

            As for Marica or anyone else, I don’t speak for her and cannot answer for her. If you don’t like something she has done you would have to ask her about it.

            I appreciate your response to me, If I have ever given you the idea that I consider myself holier than thou, I sincerely apologize. God knows better than anyone that I am not perfect.

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            1. Honestly, I do owe you an apology – you weren’t part and parcel in this latest brouhaha and I am sorry for wrapping you into it. You are correct – absolutely NONE of that applies to you – I was using a scatter gun when I should have used a sniper rifle! You have never, ever given the impression that I am “less than” because I don’t agree with many main-line Christian beliefs, unlike others. Please forgive me…..

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              1. ROFLMFAO!!!! There is NOTHING wrong with horny old women, altho I am not one of them. I thanked the good Lord above when I went through menopause and that drive was gone – POOF! It got me in WAAAAAY too much trouble!!! LOL

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        2. et tu, Backstabber ? yr “Good Girl” pretense is wasted on me….and you can take my comment right on back to yr clique and have a blast with it.

          it’s what you do….bad mouth ppl behind their backs…and then quote Scripture.

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    2. Would you tell me what happened? I cant read all comnents everywhere daily. Ive never understood why another blog was created by them and they left the den when we had created a good place to begin with. Now we have U tree and extra division. Technically, we have 5 sister sites, cth, q tree, u tree, maricas, and Stellasplace.

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      1. We cant become divided that only aids the other side.
        I have alot of love and respect for alot of people who I originally met ant the cTH I totally dug it all.
        It sucks to see all of us become separated by bullshit,I thought we as patriots were better than that.
        Reckon I make a better lurker but just remember this…V
        Our countries future depends on us,now pull your heads out your ass and let’s secure Americas future…
        Then we can take it out back in the alley…

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          1. WWG1WGA
            2020 is the point of no return,we as Americans have to fight the dark forces behind this “COUP”
            I wish they would go a few block from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and just kick the leader to the resistance,that fake American the Kenyan Hussein Obama doors in.

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            1. The battle that is underway is much larger than just the control for the USA. This is the end of the age. And whatever worldview or religion that one claims, for even atheism is a religion, it will not detract from a time when each of us must individually stand before our Creator, all alone aside from Christ, and give an account of what He has given us. Simply being smart or successful, or having a good life, being a nice person, or being part of a specific Church or cult won’t do it. God deals with us as individuals, not as a corporate body.

              Those who do not embrace the forgiveness for sin offered by Christ for each of us, will often create a straw man of what they think a Christian is supposed to look like. and then proceed to destroy it by pointing to bad examples from their own definition. As stated by NebraskaFilly, None is perfect, no not one.

              It is worthy of noting that end time Scholars agree that North America is not mentioned by any of the major or the minor Prophets of the Bible, nor does the book of Revelation refer to it. That means North America as we know it today either doesn’t exist at all or it’s changed beyond recognition. That’s the real battle. I agree with those who are really awoke when they say, “You’d better be careful how you live as your life might be the only Bible that someone gets a chance to read”.

              Liked by 3 people

        1. We’re not aiding the other side whatsoever. This is a blog that no liberal would be interested in reading. But when someone comes here and talks shit about other posters, it’s incumbent upon the others to stand up to them.

          Your comment about pulling our heads out of our asses is better directed towards those who are the aggressors.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I ask myself what would Jesus do 3 hours ago when I was thinking of a comment.
            After 3 hours of ponderin on it my comment is God bless you all.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. I have to think before I speak or I could offend people and that’s not who I am.
                2020 is going to make or break America and I will fight for what is right.
                Our country needs us, We are the news.

                Liked by 1 person

          1. Filly, that simply isn’t going to happen. Nobody – NOBODY – nobody on either site is about to change their attitudes. They may try to get along, but what you perceive as holier-than-thou attitudes WILL continue, and they WILL continue to say things you WILL feel the need to reprimand them for.

            You can do that here – you can’t do it there.

            It’s very simple. Over there, you have to let it slide. Here, you don’t.

            Over there, you must disagree with hugs and handshakes. Here, you can tell people they’re full of shit.

            Pick one, or learn to play both roles in a very convincing way.

            I personally suggest staying here, bringing a LOT of content, and making THIS SIDE very appealing. I think we can make this side VERY BIG with a little work. Free speech is a very attractive proposition once people get used to it.

            Or mostly lurk there, and just walk away angry when you see what you regard as crap. Leave it alone.

            Anyway, what’s going to happen, is when fights break out over there, people will be forced to stay here. I’m going to essentially “ban” people to free speech. People who can’t play the “restrained speech” game get promoted to here. At least, that’s the way I look at it.

            Sometimes we have to love some people at a distance. It’s sad, but we ain’t in heaven yet! 😉

            Liked by 4 people

            1. I had already decided that I will scroll through over there to pick up any news links and such, maybe comment now and then, but spend most of my time here. I think it is pretty clear now this is much more my kind of place. You have NO idea how hard I have worked to fit in over there, literally censoring myself minute-by-minute – especially because of the banning by SD – I did NOT want that to happen again. But I truly value all the great investigative minds and the rare intellect so I consciously fought against allowing the bullshit to drive me away.

              What really kills me is the hypocrisy – I don’t remember if it was Marica or someone else who slammed us for our foul language but HER site is even worse!!!! SMDH

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I have an advantage. I was a moderator at an extremely anti-Trump site. 99.9% rabid Trump haters. The anti-Trump hate could not be touched. I learned how to feel warmly toward and remain quiet toward people who even insulted me to my face. I did not realize it at the time, but it was good training.

                When we all came to the Q Tree, it made sense, and we acted as if Sundance was there. That started to fade away. But acting as if “Wolf is watching” isn’t good, either. Free speech is more than people all guessing what I will allow. They need a guarantee beyond that.

                Twitter and Gab have features to mute or block – we don’t. This is the best I can do with WordPress to have BOTH guaranteed civility and true free speech. They can’t be in the same place at the same time.

                We’ll be fine. This side will TEACH people what I learned with the Trump-haters – how to REALLY tolerate offensive speech. It’s an important thing.

                Liked by 3 people

              2. Damn, Wolf, how in Hell did our Revolution even get going with the 10% who were able to persuade the few others to the cause?

                They debated, freely, in the coffee houses (and they did exist-see Williamsburg, VA) and taverns.

                That was a time where all actually went to a publik house to find out what was going on…and talked to each other…in PERSON!

                Without an iPhone.

                I am sure there were a few black eyes and scraped heads!

                Liked by 2 people

            2. They may try to get along, but what you perceive as holier-than-thou attitudes WILL continue, and they WILL continue to say things you WILL feel the need to reprimand them for.

              You can do that here – you can’t do it there.

              So…wait a minute.

              Someone can act like an asshole over there and I can’t respond, or *I* will be kicked out?

              Liked by 3 people

              1. That depends on what you mean by “responding”. Respond with civility and you stay. But “in-kind assholishness” of an equally bannable nature will result in both parties banned from there to here, where they can scrap together in the eternal hell of this place! 😉

                The first asshole gets kicked out, but can still come over here. My advice to potential second assholes would be don’t go with them unless you want to get locked out over there. Q Tree is going to swallow the civility pill for EVERYBODY.

                The people who are REALLY going to have to be on their best behavior are the people who DREAD coming here. But THAT is what happens without the protections of true free speech.

                I am going to start jumping people’s shit over there. BE WARNED.


                They begged me for civility, and they’re gonna get it. In reasonable amounts, but it’s going to happen, because there is an alternative now. I’m not deplatforming anybody.

                People can pick. The civility pill or the true free speech pill. Not everybody can handle both.

                Liked by 2 people

              2. “They begged me for civility…”

                just wondering…who is “they” ?

                and how will you define “civility” ?

                by who’s standards ?

                theirs ?

                Liked by 1 person

      2. People are going to need to make choices about HOW MUCH free speech they want, but we all need to fight for Trump to HAVE THAT CHOICE.

        This is going to be a nasty election. The leaders of the DIRTY DEMS are all facing JAIL OR WORSE if they can’t finagle their way out. They will sacrifice everything to stop what’s coming.


        We are no longer going to be play-fighting each other over BULLSHIT. We are getting READY FOR BATTLE. Some will get sent to the ARMY. Some are going to the NAVY.

        BIBLES are over there. GUNS are here. And these INFORMATION GUNS are going to wreak havoc all over SNOWFLAKELAND, so we need the nervous nellies and CIVILians OUT OF THE WAY.

        People are going to say “But Woooooolf, that’s not who we are!”

        I intend to rain BAD DAYS on these Democrat villains that are going to have the finer folk in MAGA on their knees and PRAYING FOR THE END OF THE CONFLICT.

        We don’t need them here.

        Anybody who can’t survive a PATTON SLAP stays over there. SNOWFLAKES.

        I want the ASSHOLES over here, and I want MORE ASSHOLES.

        I want the DIRTY THOUSAND here, CUSSIN’ FOR A FIGHT!

        I said I intend to put some of my best stuff here, and I mean it.


        Liked by 8 people

          1. I am all for Bibles and Guns together. I don’t think God can be separated out of the battle for America. I think the difference is in how we understand the Bible. This is a Spiritual Battle and we don’t want to go in unarmed.
            Jesus said,
            Matthew 10:34-36 King James Version (KJV)
            34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
            35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
            36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
            Jesus turned the world upside down.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. AMEN, and you said it right here: “I think the difference is in how we understand the Bible.”

              There’s “Bibles and guns” on both sites, but it’s just going to be a bit different. I was raised (in part) by “fire and brimstone” Christian teaching. VERY Old-Testament. I lived through an era and in a place where kids were all expected to “toughen up” “or else”. I was raised to live with plainspoken people of all kinds, from the nice to the nasty, and they exercised their FREE SPEECH in ways that would horrify most people today, although it DID NOT back then.

              We’ll have the Bible here. But it may sting or soothe here in ways it won’t there, and vice versa. I can live with that.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. You can say whatever you want to the preachers who come in the bar, Filly! You have free speech. Just because I say “amen” doesn’t mean you have to. This is a BAR!!! LOL.

                Preaching in a bar is a bit different. It helps to have a story of how you got there! And maybe a taste for a drink or two. 😉

                We have free speech. Test it out. Kick the tires. You can yell at the preacher who walks in, or not. Offer them a drink!

                I prefer to raise a toast to the Lord, and to VICTORY over the FOUL GODLESS DEMOCRATS!!! 😀

                ENJOY *YOUR* free speech however you want. But remember. Everybody else has it, too!

                Liked by 2 people

              2. By the same token, if WE have to stay here because we are too blunt and outspoken for their sensibilities, then THEY should have to keep their sermonizing over there – only fair, wouldn’t you say?


              3. Can’t respond to the comments I want to respond to (they’re at the maximum nest level) so I’ll do it here.

                *sigh* I will soldier on, regardless. Thanks any way. But they had better take this fair warning: I will chew them a new asshole!

                And they WON’T like the language I use while I’m doing it! I decided to dig in my heels and refuse to leave because of them.

                THAT is the spirit.

                Liked by 2 people

        1. Ready for BATTLE.

          I have a meeting with my three sisters tomorrow. Two are yellow dog Democrats and I will remind them as good Christians of what’s on the horizon. I don’t have a problem with them as Democrats. I have a problem with the democratic platform and no true Christian can vote the Democrat ticket. I hate to call them a hypocrite, but I will if need be.

          Also on Twitter, I block every ad they present. I do not post but I follow every gun and ammunition company I find. Trying to screw with their analytics.

          Picked up another 100 rounds of buckshot last week. I have a plan to collect on my “insurance policy”

          Liked by 2 people

          1. “… true Christian can vote the Democrat ticket.” WADR, stop – it is not up to you, or anyone else, to determine what a “true Christian” would do. Again, the insinuation that if one doesn’t agree with you, they aren’t a “true” Christian. WTH???

            Liked by 1 person

        2. You are absolutely right, Wolfie! This is going to take tough people – people who won’t run or hide their heads when the going gets rough – people who will fight back – and it WILL get rough!!! People who don’t get hung up on the superficial and nicey-nice! The namby-pamby, saccarin sweetness (honestly, sometimes it makes me gag – I just sigh and shake my head) will be USELESS in battle!

          I see all this “I love you” – indeed, I have participated in that myself in my attempts to fit in – when, to my knowledge, not ONE of us knows each other in real life. I mean, really? That, IMO, is superficial love and IT IS NOT REAL – it will disappear into the ether when push comes to shove. When it comes to self-preservation, ALL OF THAT will fall by the wayside.

          I’m lettin’ it all hang out, guys – take it or leave it! I say SHOOT ‘EM ALL AND LET GOD SORT ‘EM OUT!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

      3. Gil, when PHC entered hospice he started his own blog so as to avoid being a distraction to Q Tree. I went with him because I wanted to spend as much time with my best friend as I possibly could given his life expectancy.

        Marica started her blog when PHC was no longer able to keep up his blog. She started it so that those of us who had become friends on his blog could have a place to go to talk and hang out and crack jokes with him. At the time, he was thought to have a few weeks, maybe, remaining.

        I didn’t make a conscious decision to leave Q Tree. In fact, I’ve never considered that I did leave Q Tree. It’s just I spend my time with PHC, and some on Marica’s blog and then I mostly lurk at Q Tree when I can. So there was no falling out or big decision made to leave here. Far from it. I hope that helps.

        Liked by 4 people

          1. Thanks for asking. He’s doing better than you would suppose. For now the pain which is constant is managed pretty well so he can eat and sleep and read and chat and watch the great awakening. He’s as sharp as ever.

            Liked by 3 people

              1. My dad was fast, but my mom took a long time – maybe longer than this. She made herself walk every day until almost the end – through almost the entire hospice part. She was one of the toughest old birds I ever knew.


        1. Thanks Sylvia. I was hesitant to ask, thinking Ive missed a big blow up. Kinda like what happened a year ago just about OT. I couldnt fibd p eople and then found out about the purge. Its harder to keep track when people move around, and my daily things are busier too.
          I hope youre doing ok.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. You asked a fair question that deserved an answer. And I know what you mean. That one year anniversary and the fall out has been on my mind a lot the last few days. See you over at the Q Tree when I can! 😊

            Liked by 2 people

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  11. “A left-wing activist group based in Spokane, Washington, organized a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood featuring drag queens, who held a “slave-style auction” of Christian pastors and activists who protest at Planned Parenthood clinics and Drag Queen Story Hour events.

    A group that calls itself on Facebook Spokane United Against Religious Extremism & The Church at Planned Parenthood organized a Halloween event last week at a drag bar that featured drag queens mocking Christians with giant cardboard photos of area pastors and pro-family activists, the Christian Post reported Wednesday.

    The drag queens reportedly “auctioned” off the Christian pastors and pro-family activists to the highest bidders to raise money for Planned Parenthood.”

    Liked by 2 people

      1. When I stop and think about it, in some ways, it is understandable. Instead of standing up against their delusion, the left/globalists have encouraged them to wallow in it, thereby increasing their inner confusion. Just a thought….

        Liked by 2 people

        1. The globalists WANT IT. Gays are often EXTREMELY USEFUL politically. Cthulhu’s point about “political gays” is spot on. That was a great post. There is a HUGE “gay agenda” by the globalists (along with the “trans agenda”) to basically confuse humans sexually. It’s VERY intentional.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Oh, I know – all part-and-parcel of the push for global governance and destroying the US – only way it could happen. They are on to the next step now – taking our weapons! BTW, where was Cthulhu’s post? Would like to read it.

            Liked by 1 person

          1. I don’t recall (if I ever knew) where you are located? If it’s FL, I can’t agree with that paradise claim – the fire ants and those YUGE cockroaches (I forget now what they are called) give me the creeps!

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Yuck! Hell, I am so tiny, they could probably drag me away!!! Last time I was in FL was in 2009, when I pulled a trailer down to Ocala to help some friends move 10 horses up to VA, including the beautiful Arabian stallion they gave me in appreciation of my help.

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