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Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – this is DAY 3. We’re SMOKIN’!

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  1. I’m not sure I “get” the way that posts and comments work here. I seem to enter into a specific post, then go up a level to see other posts, then go into one other post before it concedes that there are comments, then go into the comments before I see everyone.

    Then, again, I’ve had to adapt to every Microsmurf operating system since MSDOS 1.0, and every spreadsheet from Visicalc. I’ve got a great track record on muddling through.

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          1. I find it harder to find articles now.
            I have to go to the calendar and click on 2019 archives to get the latest in a fashion I can follow….. Q Tree arrangement was much easier to navigate (IMHO)

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          2. I’ve never been a huge fan of the theme at WQTH but it’s decent. The comments seem to take up a lot of vertical space. The OT comments feel pretty condensed overall and I prefer that. Comment theme needs the most attention since that’s the part that’s most used. That said, generally I like the theme OT uses, though I would make changes with the background colors and artwork. The maroon there is pretty aweful; though I love Andrew he doesn’t pair with anything, and all the other graphics frankly are terrible. You picked a good default site logo for WQTH IMO but I’d like to find a better nuclear fission…

            On this theme, the threads are harder to follow than WQTH b/c there are just indents. The other theme there are bars that track on the side; OT the indents are larger and easier to see. Generally i don’t like much indent because it squeezes the posts down too much.

            Is this one “twenty sixteen”? I don’t like the black border around the edge, the “like” line looks really weird… I like my web pages more condensed but it seems everything is geared toward tablet viewing these days. There’s a lot of white space surrounding every box model. I think if the theme is more modern than “twenty sixteen” it might include high definition support.

            The newer WordPress has a pretty good theme preview and browser system, which also exposes a control panel to fiddle with the theme settings and preview for desktop/tablet/mobile devices.

            I really like “Iconic One” but don’t know how well the comments section would work. I think it looks best with a simple tiled background… lol like the old SUN logo in blue ๐Ÿ˜‰ But my opinion is to keep the b/w requirements for the site to a minimum. “Super Minimal” is a little too minimal, “NS Minimal” looks good but still might be too much for most people. “Blog Info” looks really nice but probably not a good fit here. “Simplus Blog” has a good feel but a little too minimalist for my taste. I dare you to try “Blank Slate” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I played with it a bit, within the limits of the theme. It’s a bit like Q Tree, but instead of showing excerpts, it scrolls the WHOLE BLOG POST. It also scrolls infinitely instead of pages of excerpts.

      The best way to get to things is CLICK THE TITLE – that takes you right to the single post with comments.

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    1. I have to agree, with Sessions announcing and that overlaid with PDJT tweets about the corruption being caught. And this
      Plus Jordan joining the intelligence committee. I am thinking SHTF soon.

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    2. I saw a report from some MSM outlet (NBC, maybe?) the next day after Sessions announced, that Pres. Trump said he would not endorse Sessions. Of course, I don’t believe a thing the media says. I can’t see any reason why Pres. Trump would not endorse Sessions unless it’s part of The Plan for him to appear upset with him. I’m taking Sessions’ reappearance as a very good sign.

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      1. There were many who even SUGGESTED that Sessions come back, back in the day! I even remember excitedly echoing the idea BEFORE Sessions resigned, when many of us thought he SHOULD resign to BREAK the PHONY MUELLER BLOCKADE.

        I see it as a good sign, too!!!

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      2. I just watched Pres. Trump answer media questions on the lawn (from yesterday?), and he did say he was not ready to endorse anyone yet. Interesting.

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        1. At this point, anyone that Trump endorses will be castigated and excoriated by the media. Using reverse psychology, if that is what it is, is an excellent strategy.

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  2. Thinking this is true as well. Something is UP with this Ciaramella guy.

    He’s supposedly some lowly guy in the gov, yet he is starting to look like the MASTERMIND of both Fake Impeachment [MUH RUSSIA] 1.0 and Fake Impeachment [MUH UKRAINE] 2.0. So who is he REALLY?

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        1. Brennan supported the Communist Party while in college…
          He did indeed convert to Islam while serving in the CIA in Saudi Arabia…
          Wiki has scrubbed that nugget but even Snopes says it’s true.

          He’s not very bright… He is the planner for the coup, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that he screwed that up…. and the DIMs are attempting to cover it up.

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  3. Big stuff here. A DOJ leaker is gonna get FRIED!!!

    โ„•๐”ผ๐•†โ„• โ„๐”ผ๐•๐•†๐•ƒ๐•‹ reposted
    Posted in Great Awakening Edited

    So wait, big D Anon was right about the Barr press conference.

    Clearly it was more trump smoking out traitors, and BD called it in advance, so it seems. Pics related


    In pictures:

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  4. I am tired you, you FAKE NEWS MEDIA. You are NOT an unimpeachable priest-class who alone have the right to narrate the story of what is happening!

    I am tired of you FAKE SCIENCE. You are going to be smoked out – just look out, it’s coming. FAKE RESEARCH, FAKE PAPERS, FAKE ACADEMIC JOURNALS, FAKE INSTITUTIONS, FAKE DIPLOMAS.


    And I’m extremely tired of you FAKE RELIGION. I don’t care if you are a pastor, a priest, or a rabbi. I am 100% FED UP and sick of your bullshit crap, lying to your flocks and using them for your own power and gain. God hates your lies – they are offensive to him. He has seen your wickedness and he is ready to ACT and bring judgement. You take God’s law and flip it upside down and tell everyone good is bad and bad is good – God will NOT hold you guiltless! Your boundless arrogance will be humbled.

    And I am tired of you, FAKE TECH. Your phony baloney lies like “do no evil” are a total joke. Oh we’re a search engine! No you are a PROPAGANDA ENGINE. Intentionally clubbing algorithms to give people ONLY what you want them to see! “We give people what they want” – Baloney. You’ve gone so far beyond “page rank” you’re totally off the reservation. You aren’t watching user trends for searches and shaping output based on usage – YOU ARE SHAPING OUTPUT BASED ON WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO SEE. YOU ARE A FREAKING EDITOR. You are about to lose your privileges. You love using lawyers? Guess what, if you haven’t learned already you’re about to learn the hard way, the law is an ass.

    And you too FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA. You claim to give everyone a platform equally, but facts are stubborn things, because you’ve decided that some people are more equal than others. Your days of choosing who the winners are and who the losers are are quickly coming to end.

    Did I mention FAKE RELIGION? You are some arrogant assholes. How in the hell do you think that people like me are going to believe that you have any authority to speak on religious matters when you are so disgustingly arrogant and self-righteous and self-important that you can’t be bothered to answer questions? You are FAKE! FAKE PASTORS, FAKE PRIESTS, FAKE RABBIS… FAKE BISHOPS, FAKE TRUSTEES, FAKE SEMINARY PRESIDENTS, FAKE PROFESSORS, FAKE MINISTERS, FAKE SEMINARIES, FAKE MISSION BOARD CHAIRMEN, FAKE ELDERS and FAKE PRESBYTERY, FAKE DEACONS. You claim epic credentials but you aren’t qualified to teach sunday school.

    FAKE TEACHERS HAVE FAKE AUTHORITY. If you’re going to be a false teacher, you don’t deserve to be given respect as an authority, period. False teaching means you ABDICATE ALL RIGHT TO SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY. Further, righteous followers of God have a responsibility to oppose you in your falsehood.

    Politics is downstream of culture.
    Culture is downstream of religion.
    Everyone has a form of religion, even if it is idolatry or narcissism.

    And a person just claiming to be a “Christian” doesn’t mean that they’re any more a Christ follower than a Marx follower. FAKE SINCERITY does not give you a free pass anymore. Crocodile tears and emotional manipulation are NOT TRUTH OR FACTS.

    What people worship defines them. If they worship the Cult of Politics, it crowds out everything good and true and beautiful.

    Leftism ruins everything.

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    1. “And you too FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA…. Your days of choosing who the winners are and who the losers are are quickly coming to end.”

      Remember, everybody, you can’t spell “social media” with ‘c’, ‘i’, ‘a’.

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      1. You have a great point there about anger. Think about how many movies have been universally considered GREAT because somebody “rants true” and the audience recognizes how what needed to be said was finally said?

        How much is too much anger?

        One tiny bit more than I can control.

        And even when I control it, I sometimes realize that I could control it better.

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        1. Lately when I think about people with anger issues, the image that comes to mind is little Greta Thunberg speaking before the U.N. She seemed extremely angry with everyone, even blaming them for “stealing her youth”. LOL!

          I’d love to attend a lecture of hers in person so I could laugh out very loud at all her phony climate change B.S.

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          1. Did she ever find a way to get back across the Atlantic? LOL
            Sheโ€™s a star that will soon flame out, IMO. (Kind of like AOC who rapidly losing her appeal…sheโ€™s at 14 minutes and counting.)

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            1. Spain will help:


              ‘Spain’s environment minister has promised that the government will help Greta Thunberg cross the Atlantic in time to attend the upcoming UN climate talks after a last minute change in venue left the 16-year-old stranded on the wrong side of the world …’


              1. Yes, but how? A little rough at this time of year to take a sail boat ….she says anything with fossil fuels is out. Poor thang…hung on her own petard! Well, guess it gives her more time to see the 4 story mural of her being painted in Time Square.

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  5. We keep snagging leakers but they have to go to jail. It’s the whole Overton Window thing. Like laws which allow petty theft under $1000. They could rob me blind. We need consequences. I know. I’m yelling at the wind, but DAMMIT. It’s time!

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  6. RE: The testimony of bit players done by Schiff.
    The whole thing is unholy.
    Can’t go in for a deposition without cross examination, but these people have not been cross examined, feet to the fire. Reluctant to give it credence. We’re only getting half the story.

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        1. When I started calling them “House of Commies”, I kinda knew it was gonna go in a bad way, but KANGAROO COURTS? Holy Moly. These people are just going STALIN on us. They’re not even pretending.

          I think they done some bad-bad. SKEEEERED.

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          1. You know what’s weird Wolfie?
            Every now and then, we both spend a little time on Twitter.
            Every time I refer to someone as a Communist they disappear immediately.
            No come back.
            And they’re obviously trained to come back.
            Wild, huh?

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              1. Blue Checks rarely respond to anyone. It’s people over 250 followers but hidden behind an avatar and fake name, those who “resist”.

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      1. To an extent, they aren’t. No one from the White House is showing up for closed door deposition taking. The people that are, should be automatically suspect as to their loyalty. As well, McCarthy putting Jordan on the committee just in time for the open hearings is essentially going to spike the appearance of gentility that Schiff is going to try to project. Not only that, you might actually get witnesses from the good guys in front of the committee – live on C-SPAN – talking about what they know.

        At this point, the Republicans are playing their cards smart. The trick is to get the other side to self destruct on national television. Consider the way the Nathan Jessup character in A Few Good Men is tricked into admitting he committed a crime on the witness stand. This situation is not exactly the same, but there are similar characteristics. The self-destruction has to happen in full view of the audience, or they aren’t going to believe it.

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        1. You know how coaches show an inspiring film before a big game or Olympic competitors have ear buds before a figure skating event listening to music to motivate them? Well, maybe the GOP committee members should all see A Few Good Men together the night before the Committee convenes! LOL

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        2. You are exactly right. The State Department and CIA are showing their losing hand knowing Trump is not going to fold.

          Just think, General Flynn plead GUILTY two years ago. How long does it take for sentencing a guilty plea. This could be the first step of exposure of the coup if Judge Sullivan allows the Brady material aspect. Why did Ben Witte tweet this weekend about Lisa Page who altered the 302’s originally for Strozk and the FBI. She is a cooperating witness and Judge Sullivan knows this.

          Also the case against Roger Stone has just begun and I think he is laughing and whistling Dixie down the hallways of justice. His last hurrah to being relevant in his old age game of politics. Look out DNC!

          Poor Manafort will be free one day.

          The Epstein suicide is viral. You know!

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  7. First hard frost tonight in Mississippi. Wham, leaves dropped on the pecan trees all at once. Winter coming, frost on the pumpkins. First fire in the fireplace. Lots of changes coming.

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      1. We have already had temps down into the teens at night. Going to be a VERY cold winter, methinks!

        BTW, I just finished reading the back-and-forth about Catholicism and Protestantism. Thought I would offer my perspective, if I may. I will tell you straight up that I consider the Catholic church to be one of THE most corrupt institutions in the world and, IMO, is does nothing but brainwash people. But, then, IMO, ALL organized “religion” has been subverted in order to keep butts in the pews and $$$’s in the collection plate.

        Back in 2014, I got interested in the Four Blood Moons but there were discrepancies between what Pastor Hagee and Mark Biltz were each saying (imo, Hagee piggy-backed off of Biltz). I was also attending a church in Neligh that had various translations scattered throughout the church. I was trying to follow along with the Pastor, yet the Bible I was reading was different. I pointed this out to him after the service and he claimed to not even be aware that there were different versions scattered about. BTW, he refused to even discuss the Four Blood Moons with me – said it was going against God’s word to even TRY to understand it. He said it doesn’t matter which version one uses. I beg to differ!!!!

        That started me on a HUGE research project to nail down the reason for the differences (Hagee vs. Biltz) and to settle (for myself) once and for all WHICH Bible was the most accurate. I sat down with the oldest version of the KJV in my possession (my grandmother’s from the 1950’s) and compared it line-for-line with the NIV. People claim, “Oh, it didn’t change the meaning – it just changed it into modern-day language.” I found that not to be true at all – many of the wording changes also changed the meaning.

        I had a HUGE stack of research I had printed (about the Pentateuch and such) because I wanted to save it. My sister wanted to read it so I loaned it to her – she didn’t realize I wanted it back and gave it all to someone she worked with. I was so PO’ed but I couldn’t outright blame her since I hadn’t told her I wanted it back.

        OK, so I decided the ONLY way I could be completely satisfied was to compare the original (in Aramaic Hebrew) to modern versions. I even looked into taking courses to learn Aramaic Hebrew. It turned out to not even be an option for me since I would have to go to Omaha or Lincoln. So, I purchased “The Interlineal Bible” with Hebrew, Greek and English versions. *sigh* Without knowing Hebrew or Greek, it was useless to me.

        So…bottom line….I do not believe the Bible contains the LITERAL Word of God, but humans’ opinions. Throughout the year before my daughter died, I prayed and prayed and prayed, every day, all day, to please save her – if not for me, for her 5 year old daughter. After she died, I lost all belief in the power of prayer and have been unable to consciously pray ever since. Oh, I pray automatically through the day (when my screen went down “Please, please, God, don’t let it crash!” kind of prayer – that will never change, no matter what – it is bred into me, a lifelong habit; a scare on icy roads “Please, God, help me!”) but am stopped dead in my tracks when I try to consciously pray about something.

        And no, I do NOT want to hear the stupid platitudes such as “God wanted to end her pain and bring her home.” What absolute bull shit!!!! No, I believe God gave us free will and it is up to US to try to live a righteous life.

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        1. Glad you got that off your chest. The MEN running the institutional aspect of the Church are corruptable, and have been since the beginning. The men in charge do not change the Faith, though.

          As for Scripture…that’s a circular firing squad.

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              1. I am not trying to “change” your choice of beliefs. Simply offering my perspective. See, this is where you and I diverge – you come across as arrogant on this subject, as if you, and ONLY you, have the answers. I am glad for your sake you are firm in your faith, if that is what comforts you. IMO, it is the heighth of hypocrisy to denigrate those of us who do not believe as you do. And yes, you ARE denigrating by use of the “pro-TEST-ants.”

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              2. C’mon Rayzor! I’m Catholic!!! I love my faith! The Current POPE is BAD!!! I even confessed to a priest that I thin he is!!! and the priest told me “we have survived dirty Popes before…” I don’t like you guys Being UGLY! JUST FUCKING STOP! We are on the same team!!!

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              3. We love you, Marica, but this is the wide open wild west here – we can say anything as long as it isn’t illegal. If it bothers you, I would respectively suggest that you stay on the main tree. Otherwise, be prepared to be insulted, hurt, angry, sad…….

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              4. Naw…i don’t think Wolfie wants Patriots to be hating?!!!! I realize it’s da wild west!! I do!!! (my site is a bit of a wild west!) But… the ugly…I don’t think… MAGA PATRIOTS go there!!!

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              5. I can’t speak for anyone else here but I don’t hate anyone and I will venture a guess that neither do others here, in spite of the venom. I dislike some people…..I dislike proselytizing no matter WHICH religious branch….. and yes, the name-calling is certainly unnecessary but…….here we are. No limits except the law.

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              6. NF…..Thanks for responding… ina kind way…
                I Do NOT think anyone being ugly.. works..Ever! But I I responded tonight.. BUTT Ugly!!! Love ya for this response!!!๐Ÿ˜˜

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              7. I do not understand why ANYONE would be ugly to you!!! I think you have one of the biggest hearts in the universe!!! And such joy in life!!! It is refreshing and often gives me a much-needed pick-me-up.

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              8. Pope? Confession… to a “priest”?
                Why not just Talk DIRECTLY to God Himself?
                You Catholics are caught up into Traditions of men…
                and the “teachings” of YOUR “Church”

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              9. Marica posted above:

                “I Do NOT think anyone being ugly.. works..Ever! ”

                And then she goes on to post some extremely ugly B.S. about others here. This shows her to be what she really is …………. a lying P.O.S. hypocrite.

                She only deserves to be laughed at.

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              1. “the Supernatural aspect of the Church…”

                there you have it.

                a facsimile …a stand-in…a copy.

                a symbol.

                and all man-made.

                and PS : yr arrogance on all things is duly noted….over and over and over…

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              2. You–Smiley–Duly Noted– Are A BITCH! I Know! You f-ed Sylvia about 1000 x!!! Oh yeah baby !!!! Wolfie will see your bullshit! I saw it On PHC site! and now here!!! Deplorable Patriot Is ONE OF THE BEST! !!! I pray you get Banned!


              3. Excuse me…. are you telling me where I can post? And what do you mean by my style?
                Do you think I am weak?

                And no, Wolfie said

                There are NO BANS for legal speech here. You good folks are allowed to moderate each other by FREE SPEECH ALONE.“[see the very first post]

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              4. If I ever See RAYZORBAK or ANDY anywhere near me……………I am disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Ya’ll fake MAGA–Fake Friends-Fake!!! But………………..Real ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know.

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              5. LOL! Marica, you ignorant SLUT! You are the big Phony. Your filthy sex blog you run under the guise of religion and prayer requests is thoroughly disgusting. You’re just an old skank-ho who wishes she had had sex when she was young enough to do so and now is all dried up and resentful.

                You only have yourself to be mad at, bitch. And your followers on your blog who enable your line of B.S. are just as bad as you. I’ve lurked there a couple of times and seen what crap you old battleaxes post there. So you can take your criticism and shove it right up your butthole, twit.

                BTW, you’re welcome for the education I’m providing you.

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              6. no man will EVER “live up to” the so-called supernatural aspects of your Church…

                men are not “supposed” to “live up to” anything…that’s false doctrine…

                all we are “supposed to do” is accept The Lord Jesus Christ as Being exactly who He says He is : Our Savior…our personal Savior who suffered for our sins on The Cross…once and for all….died and was resurrected….

                He cleanses us of our sins…The Holy Spirit within us prompts us to obey (good works)…He changes us to want to become more “like Him”…on a deeply personal level…to conform to Him…thru Faith…not thru a set of rules & regs issued like doctrine with anathema thrown in..

                we don’t have “live up to” anything…that’s only human conceit and arrogance to think that way.

                maybe you should repent

                i.e. think again

                rethink it.

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              7. That’s YOUR belief…

                Can’t be argued…

                Your attack on her BELIEF is just that… an attack.

                Filled with condemnation.

                Not a shred of civility in your comments.

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              8. Wolfie said no one would be banned for what they say.

                That doesn’t mean you won’t be gonged for arguing a BELIEF, by attacking someone…

                We’re not into abuse.

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              9. sadly, unbeknownst to you, you are actually enabling the “abuse”…go back to the source of it…

                yr barking up the wrong tree like a flying monkey…look up that term..

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              10. This is not to argue for one side or the other, just a comment on what I see:

                “no man will EVER ‘live up to’ the so-called supernatural aspects of your Churchโ€ฆ”
                God Himself is supernatural, for He is Spirit. The Holy Spirit is supernatural. His promptings are supernatural.

                “men are not โ€œsupposedโ€ to ‘live up to’ anythingโ€ฆthatโ€™s false doctrineโ€ฆ”
                There are many Scriptures about obedience and how we are to behave and that we are to humble ourselves and be servants to God and our fellow man. God does have standards that we are to “live up to.”
                Hebrews 10 (KJV)
                26 For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,
                27 But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.
                30…The Lord shall judge his people.

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              11. “you canโ€™t figure that out ?”
                You’re assuming you know why I asked you what your point is. You think it’s because I can’t figure it out, when really, I’m giving you the opportunity to speak for yourself about what you mean.

                The very definition of supernatural is “beyond that which is natural,” so of course spiritual things of God are supernatural, as well as things not of God like sorcery. And I’m still wondering what your point is.

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              12. yr playing games here…arguing w/ me just for the sake of arguing…if you’d LOOK downthread, you’d see where I did answer yr post …

                I didn’t “assume” anything…

                I don’t read minds…or try to make sense of yr circular arguments.

                maybe yr the devil’s advocate today.

                bye bye…done with you here.

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            1. Faith comes from the Lord….

              Hebrews 12:2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

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            2. “For by grace you have been saved though faith; that too is a gift of God, not as a result of works
              that no one should boast.” Eph 2:8,9
              “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Heb. 11:1 NAS

              So my faith comes from the resurrected Christ. If it’s in other people, including myself, I have been sorely disappointed.

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            1. HOLY Men of God….. wrote the scriptures

              2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;

              2 Peter 1:21 for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

              Pro Tip:
              Often overlooked or even unrealized:
              Jesus came to earth to complete prophesy and provide a once and for all sacrifice for our sins…..
              But ALSO….
              To give these inspired “writers” something to write ABOUT.

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              1. “Ordinary men with fallibilities like all men have.”
                Those are the only kinds of men that have existed from the beginning of time. God uses paradoxes, including using imperfect men to impart perfect truths.

                I Corinthians 1
                27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

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              1. A lot of people don’t know that. It’s really rather stunning how hated the papacy and the Church is, and yet so few actually know the details of what they hate, just a lot of untruths that have been passed down.


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              2. how demeaning !

                seems, in yr mind, if we don’t see it or believe anything as YOU do, we somehow “don’t actually know” what we believe ???

                srsly ?

                do ever actually listen to yrself ?

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              3. That’s not at all how I interpreted what DP said. She said it’s sad that people don’t know the details of what they hate and is advocating for people to be informed.

                It’s very similar to politics. People hate Pres. Trump without knowing the facts. Once they learn the facts, if they still disagree with his policies, that’s one thing. But to rail against him because he supposedly showed disrespect to a disabled person, for example (which he didn’t), is to speak out of ignorance.

                Many evangelicals will not even look at the history of the church or why certain beliefs are held. One who did is Hank Hanegraaff, “The Bible Answer Man,” who converted to Orthodox Christianity, which is not the same as Catholicism but also worhips liturgically.

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              4. I’m done. Goodbye. I have other things to do that do not include being insulted for what I am, or what I know to be true regardless of what has been made up about my faith by others over the years.

                Excuse me, but I can’t do this with people who will not afford the possibility that maybe someone inside the faith might know something about it.

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              5. s/he always tries to make it all about him/her …as if we aren’t informed correctly just because we will NEVER fall for the catholic dogma…that s/he espouses…??

                news flash to deporable patriot : it’s not always about YOU .

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              6. I wonder why she isn’t the poop!
                She said gender problem…..
                Not sure that matters anymore to them…
                They don’t stand for the Word of God like they do their “Church”

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              7. Didn’t know How anyone can hate a fellow Christian…and now.. I have met them! SMH So disappointing.I Thought you were a friend!

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              8. One thing to be happy about Francis is this – he has demonstrated to all honest observers that the papacy does NOT have some kind of unswerving mind control over unthinking herds of Catholics. If anything, it has shown that communism and pedophilia have control over a subset of all humanity, and the upper echelons of the Vatican are no exception.

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              9. Yes, and if you follow the traditional and more conservative Catholic sites, twitter accounts, etc., he and his cohorts are being roundly denounced for heresy. There are calls for him to step down as well. But, you have to get out of the echo chamber of America Magazine and the one publication out of Kansas City that the bishop there can’t get them to quit using “Catholic” in the name. Approval was pulled YEARS ago, and the people publishing the crap are obstinate about using the word that no longer describes what they are peddling.

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              10. That’s right, there’s actually some pretty rigorous conditions that have to be met for ex cathedra. It dates to 1869-1870 during Vatican I. In practice it is used extremely rarely.

                The popular misunderstanding, even among a shocking number of Catholics, is that Pope is infallible in all he says or does. That’s part of the reason that Francis is so dangerous (leaving aside the question of whether the Pope is Catholic) because every fuzzy confusion he puts out there is taken by many people – whether Catholic or not – as if it were the new doctrinal truth. Leftists of course love this, the cultural marxists have been pushing for the Catholic church to “evolve” in every toxic area that they can find. They take every pronouncement and weaponize it, “The Pope said this, why don’t you get with the times?” as a rather tame example. These kinds of PsyOps work on people.

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              11. Your short reply is inspiring a lot of thoughtful ideas in my head…

                But I’ll stop short from posting them here right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d love to have some fruitful discussion but I’m afraid there’s a lot of radioactive fallout here at the moment.

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              12. “For by grace you have been saved though faith; that too is a gift of God, not as a result of works
                that no one should boast.” Eph 2:8,9
                “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Heb. 11:1 NAS

                So my faith comes from the resurrected Christ. If it’s in other people, including myself, I have been sorely disappointed.

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        2. I understand and have similar experience……

          About Prayer:
          1st off…. I offer Praise and Thanksgiving to the ONE TRUE GOD of the Bible.
          Then After thanksgiving for the BLESSINGS of Salvation,Health, Family etc….
          I ask that HIS will be done (and it WILL)……
          Then for the “askings” in accordance with HIS WILL…..
          Like Protection for my family and Friends (All of US)…
          Continued Health (Though we still get “trials”)
          Stuff like that.
          Remember that the Lord is GOD, My Savior, My Teacher, and Friend.
          He is the Creator of ALL things and he is the Christ of the Bible…..
          The Messiah Prophesied from old…
          King of Kings and Lord of Lords…
          I complete my prayer with……
          Amen and Goodnight.

          I also believe “Prayers” do not CHANGE anything…..
          God has PLANNED all of creation and KNOWS what will happen.
          I reject “Free Will” because IF we had this “Free will”…..
          WE could CHANGE God’s will…… IMPOSSIBLE!
          Though we have the ILLUSION of “Free will”…..
          God will NOT be mocked (For long)…..
          HE and HE alone directs our paths, thoughts, and lives for HIS Glory.
          He does work in mysterious ways…..
          His ways are not our ways and….
          Our ways are not his ways
          Try as we may….. we CANNOT live up to be “Holy” as he has called us to do…
          Relax… HE Knows these things.

          Rest not in a “version” of the scriptures…..
          Ask the Holy Spirit to Teach us….

          I have been reading the Bible at times……
          and the HOLY SPIRIT taught me a whole different unrelated teaching.
          The Lord will lead and guide you into all Righteousness in the end.

          Read the Book of JOB…. all of his troubles and response…

          TRUST in the Lord
          Let go… and Let God. ๐Ÿ™‚

          /End (for now) ๐Ÿ™‚

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        3. NebraskaFilly, thanks for sharing your perspective. It reminds me of something I was told once, and I say this not to convince anyone of anything or to make you think you “should” be thinking a certain way. Just something that has helped me.

          I was told that, in this fallen world, God allows the forces of nature to operate, as tragic and destructive and heartbreaking as that can be. It is why He doesn’t stop every earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane. It is why children are abused and murders happen. It is why even children and young people get sick and are maimed and die.

          Sometimes He does intervene, so we wonder why not in a particular case. These verses help me:

          Isaiah 55:
          8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
          9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

          I have not experienced your suffering, and I acknowledge and respect it.

          I know that I do not understand everything. My finite, human, somewhat logical thinking does not rule; that’s what a god would do, and what God does.

          John 16
          33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

          I pray every day for faith that God loves us despite what we are allowed to experience, and my prayers are being answered. I believe this is the kind of faith the martyrs had, knowing that eternity stretches before them and that this life is a blip on the radar of eternity.

          One’s journey of faith is very personal. I wish you well.

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          1. Thank you. I cannot imagine ever losing my faith completely. I would be completely unmoored. John 3:16 is my Confirmation verse. In 2012, I purchased a ring in the shape of a cross with amethysts and 3 small diamonds (signifying the Triune God), engraved with the words “With God, all things are possible.” And I do believe it.

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              1. Election aside, I see nothing in Scripture that tells us to arrogantly presume anything. Humbly asking God to maintain and increase our faith, as well as our knowledge of and trust in Him, is a good thing.

                Some of the attitudes I’ve seen here are exactly why people run from Christianity and organized religion in general. And I’m not talking about Deplorable Patriot, who merely posts facts about her faith and church. (No need to say I am defending Catholicism, either, because I am not.)

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              2. you say “run from organized religion” as if that’s a bad thing.

                not sure exactly what “…in general” might mean…as opposed to “organized religion”, specifically ?

                what’s the difference there.

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              3. By “organized religion, specifically” I mean specific churches and denominations. By “general,” I mean churches and church organizations in general.

                Scripture says to do all things decently in order, and that means having some form of organization. So the local church can be organized religion in the sense that it has a set of beliefs, times of worship, probably officers to take care of the building and grounds and finances, etc.

                So my comment refers to those who run from church and church people because of the bad experiences they’ve had.

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              4. Andy: “Can you blame them for running?”
                No. That’s why I said, “Some of the attitudes Iโ€™ve seen here are exactly why people run.” But I hope they find faith in God and cling to it.

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              5. Andy: “Well, you go cling to your bible and fight lots of evil.
                Meanwhile Iโ€™ll enjoy life.”
                The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. I enjoy life very much. And I’m so glad we have a President who is fighting evil on multiple fronts and on a global as well as local scale. Those who pray, speak up instead of doing nothing, spread the word, stop evil practices like trannies flashing children, live good lives while influencing others to do the same, are all fighting evil. All while enjoying life.

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              6. “…do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from GOD, for many false prophets have gone into the world.”

                1 John 4 :1

                you wanted to know what my “point” is, above…in anothet set of comments.

                that’s my point.

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              7. If you’re referring to the supernatural, the very fact that Scripture mentions testing spirits tells us that some are of God and some are not. Therefore, the supernatural refers to both godly things and ungodly things. You appeared to be leaving all things related to God, church, and Christianity out of the “supernatural.”

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              8. you know…you strike me as a person who loves to hear him/herself talk …over & over the same circular and very verbose…and overly sanctimonious….arguments….

                maybe yr a lovely person…but here today you are really boring me with yr tedious wordiness.

                there’s something belligerent just under the surface, try as you might to appear so pious .

                I hope you have a delightful rest of the day…as I said above : bye bye.

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        4. Hi NF, I am 78 now. I understand what you are saying. I was saved at 11 years old and did not begin to understand what that meant. I was determined to be “good”. The year after I got saved, we moved, our house burned to the ground, my Dad was in a car wreck that was not his fault but he was disabled and had to change his occupation from being a mechanic who owned his own garage to becoming a teacher. When we moved to NC from OH that year, it was very different for me. I started going to a Methodist church. My parents did not take us to church before that. My Mom started attending the church but did not really believe in God. I did not know that until she was in her 70’s.
          Over the years, I discovered that I did not know how to be “good”. That was heartbreaking to me. I could not find people even in the churches that actually believed in God. Most believed in money, doctors and worldly solutions to spiritual problems. I attended different churches sometimes over the years but they always seemed to substitute church attendance and money for actual belief in God and submission to His will. I studied and studied but I could not find much that was not just a human interpretation of what Scripture said. I studied The Homilies of St. John Chrysostom about 10 years ago. He was The archbishop of Constantinople in the 400’s and I loved his writings. I read over a thousand pages. I am sure you would like them. I have not gone to church since 2001. I am Protestant in my beliefs. I do believe the Bible is the Word of God.
          I have spent a huge amount of my adult life taking care of the people I loved the most and they are all dead now. My daughter, son, husband, mother, father, and brother are all gone. My Mother was the last one I took care of that died. She was 90 and I was 70. I spent her last 20 years taking care of her and my son. I prayed for their healing. I laid down my life for them. I was devastated most of all by the deaths of my children. My son’s birthday was Nov. 11th so of course he is even more on my mind today.
          When my mother died, I was praying and asking God why they all died when I had done everything I knew how to keep them alive. His answer was that if I could do everything for them, they would not need Him. My job was to love them and do my part. That may sound trite to you but it was a huge release for me. He is God and I am not.
          I pray for your healing. It will come.

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          1. heartfelt testimony…humble, sincere and real….

            we are all broken…none of us is or ever will be “good enough”…

            The Ten Commandments have proven that…

            which is why we need GRACE …so freely given to us by The Redeemer. โค

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          2. I have enjoyed your posts here (and OT) all along and admire you for your strength. I don’t know if I could survive as much devastation as you have faced. I am healing, slowly. I have accepted my own failings and have come to terms, for the most part, with my guilt. I still feel a great deal of anger towards the doctor but it is not as intense, thankfully. Now, I feel mostly disgust with the entire medical field in general. All of the other doctors in Norfolk know all about him but they refuse to stand up and do something about it. Complicit, each and every one!!! Even my VA doctor, who admitted it to me, while also telling me if I ever told anyone he said it, he would deny doing so. Shameless!!! It seems the Hippocratic Oath means nothing any more. Do doctors even take that oath any more? Appears not.

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            1. I know that feeling. Everyone I loved went to doctors.
              I have not been to a doctor since 1993. I miss them as much as I miss CNN – not at all. There were a few good doctors in the mix, but many just simply did not care.
              I figure as an old, white, female Christian… I am way better off to pray for healing. God made me. He can fix me if He has work for me to do here. He does a great job of healing me spiritually, mentally and physically.

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              1. I go every year since I am required to in order to keep my VA healthcare. I never agree to any of the myriad of tests he wants me to take, #1 because I would have to go to Omaha or Lincoln for anything beyond the most basic of tests; and #2 why stir something up? Far too many people look at doctors as some kind of God whose word one has to accept just because they are doctors (like both of my Mothers). People forget that doctors are human too and equally subject to vice.

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          3. There are some members of a faith healing Christian church in the town where I live. They’ve had several members die at young ages, including babies. One was my neighbor who died of kidney stones at the age of 52. They don’t go to doctors, they just have prayer parties.
            Some of the members have been prosecuted and convicted for preventable deaths of their children.


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              1. Yes, that’s one of the dangers of organized religions. Many people take it to seriously to the point it ruins lives. And pity the poor children of those church members who don’t know any difference.

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          4. “His answer was that if I could do everything for them, they would not need Him. My job was to love them and do my part. That may sound trite to you but it was a huge release for me. He is God and I am not.”

            Thank you for this. I always gain something from your posts.

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    1. Here in SC, as well. Hibiscus trees covered tonight…I hate to see them moved into the greenhouse so soon….normally we have mild temps until Xmas.
      Still have roses, Confederate roses, impatiens and azaleas blooming…and all the trees in the background in their Fall colors.

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  8. So I came across something I posted the day after the election and am sharing here because it is STILL true today, maybe even more than 3 years ago……………๐Ÿคท

    I am seeing lots of Facebook angst over the outcome of the election, and it seems the very people screaming about “hate”, “racism”, “sexism”, and every other kind of “ism” are the ones that truly have these qualities. I, for one, am none of these. I am a professional, I have friends and family of all races, and I would be happy to vote for a woman…but not just to break the proverbial glass ceiling or prove a point.

    My taxes are already too high, why would I vote to have them increased if I had another choice? I believe in helping others, and have made a career of it, but there are some who make “help” a way of life, and yes, they are at both the bottom and the top of the financial totem pole. It is not selfish to make a priority the help for your own family, your own neighborhood, and your own country. Remember, charity begins at home.

    There was a choice to put this country first again; this country where we are ALL Americans, with the opportunity to come together as a soverign nation, or to go down a path that would break the backs of working Americans.

    The silent majority is not one race, one creed, one sex, one religion, one profession, one socio-economic class, it is a cross section of America that reflects the belief that we can ALL work toward a better and more prosperous future.

    Time will tell if the right choice was made.

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        1. Speaking of corn…..when I was in basic training in line at the chow hall, I was looking for corn to have with my meal but they didn’t have any. I asked about it and my DS, who was standing behind me, said, “Nebraska, I thought you’d have some in your back pocket.” I wanted to deck him…..

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