Free Speech Baby-Chopping

Sometimes a guy just has to get all Solomon on these chicks.

Let’s try that another way.

They know I don’t want to chop my baby in two. So that’s exactly why I’m doing it.

We have a problem here, that is best solved by doing what the evil leftard shitheads wanted to do to our little Q Tree – namely DIVIDE IT – only we’re going to do it so much, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in LeftLand for CENTURIES.

Put another way – dear lady MAGA Mom, who has no business stepping into this foul den of testosterone-dripping vulgarians and assorted sordid hussies, once said that “two trees are better than one”.

Well, the fucking leftards have to deal with three of them now, and this one is going to be particularly nasty for them. NEUTRONS EVERYWHERE.

Here is the deal.

People try to manipulate us in all kinds of ways, which you generally don’t see because I’m the admin and you’re not. However, some manipulation is obvious. The manipulators behind the actors know that every possible player will react in some predictable way, with the end result being whatever evil machinations they endeavor to STOP TRUMP from restoring sanity and rule of law.

Good people who want other people to think they’re good people are extremely predictable, and thus they are uniquely qualified to be controlled opposition of various kinds. Schemes and plots just manage to find these people like radial tires find lost puppies in the middle of the interstate. It thus falls upon me to be the cigar-smoking asshole with a bazooka who causes said schemes to crash into fences and trees in exciting piles of twisted futures and wasted taxpayer dollars, while said puppies wander merrily but safely into the median strip, chasing bees and butterflies.

If it weren’t so much fun making evil suffer failure and rebuke, it would be a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I do not have time to teach all saints how to placate sinners in unpredictable ways to burn the Devil, but sometimes it’s just a complicated business, and people have to catch up with the story at a moment when the action is a bit slower.

Allow me to explain enough that many will get it.

The Q Tree ( was originally intended to be a place where Treepers at CTH (, a.k.a. “The Last Refuge”) could safely talk about “Q” or “QAnon” without raising the ire of Sundance.

Later, The Q Tree became our place of refuge when Sundance and his mods began BANNING those who even spoke of Q / QAnon – even OFF-SITE.

From there, QTH grew into a very interesting and vibrant MAGA site, albeit with the usual drama, typical of any quality social medium.

Because The Q Tree started out as something of a lifeboat for similarly minded “victims” – a kind of subclass of Treepers – it started out with a great deal of camaraderie and cohesiveness. That cohesiveness was tested greatly when the “PHC Event” brought a NEW bunch of surprisingly diverse and frequently contentious individuals from CTH into QTH.

I am not particularly concerned with WHY contention arose, but I do intend to end the threat that it poses to our site. This requires actually DOING what the contention aims to do – meaning to break up the site – but in a way that helps MAGA and harms its enemies.

Because I am now being asked very frequently to do something I REALLY hate doing – which is to MODERATE THE SPEECH OF SOME INDIVIDUALS in deference to the sensibilities, sensitivities, and feelings of OTHER INDIVIDUALS, I have chosen to create a NEW site for the “otherwise soon-to-be-banned-or-moderated” people, where the entrance fee is giving up such requests completely.

This is a bit like creating a lovingly built home for the red squirrel who wanted to live in the garage. She now GUARDS our property from other red squirrels, because she’s very territorial, and loves the new home I built for her.

In other words, I am creating the ULTIMATE REFUGE. Presumably more last than the last after last, if you know what I mean.

Thus, when people on QTH are BANNED for incivilities of various kinds, and they WILL BE, they are welcome to come HERE – to UTH – instead. And as the discussions here are expected to be livelier and more interesting, perhaps even sometimes spicy to ghost pepper levels, then I can imagine that some individuals will see coming here as a no-brainer BEFORE they are banned or moderated on QTH.

I will, of course, be looking for contentious authors to create contentious posts drawing contentious comments.

There are NO BANS for legal speech here. You good folks are allowed to moderate each other by FREE SPEECH ALONE.

A word of warning, however. Because I am under constant surveillance, nobody here should think for a moment that they are anonymous. YOU ARE NOT.

I will add more detail as needed, but for now, simply…..



291 thoughts on “Free Speech Baby-Chopping

      1. I would also like to be a lurker and not plan on swimming. Mostly like I do on QTH. I tend to scroll by anything that is too complicated or too “hot”.

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              1. That’s not enough. Your ad blocker and privacy stuff have to be adjusted to allow THIRD PARTY COOKIE RETRIEVAL. Normally SEARS can’t ask for your BANK cookies. You have to say that WordPress can ask for other cookies – that you TRUST THIS SITE (which is by WordPress) to ask for WordPress cookies.

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              1. Hey, I think I fixed it now.

                Got a notifications sidebar and a bar across the top, too!
                Can ‘like’ posts now.

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    1. Don’t worry – the moderator’s eye view teaches forgiveness by teaching understanding by teaching TIME and what it means in human interactions. Maybe too much at times. Fault and offense pretty much vanish.

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  1. A while back I decided why bother to use a pseudonym, an avatar? If law enforcement needs to talk with me, why bother to make them route through IP addresses and service providers? The flip side of the free speech coin is taking personal responsibility for what I choose to share. Perhaps this thought came to mind because it is irritating how sneaky the previous administration was.

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  2. This should be fun 😁

    “Thus, when people on QTH are BANNED for incivilities of various kinds, and they WILL BE, they are welcome to come HERE – to UTH – instead. And as the discussions here are expected to be livelier and more interesting, perhaps even sometimes spicy to ghost pepper levels, then I can imagine that some individuals will see coming here as a no-brainer BEFORE they are banned or moderated on QTH.”

    I have completely missed any serious contention at the regular site…

    Besides the people, the freedom to post without having to be concerned about a ban-hammer while everyone more or less gets along well together is one of the things I like best about WQTH πŸ‘

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      1. It looks like I’m able to post now πŸ‘

        But still not able to to ‘like’ other posts.

        And I have to enter my info with each new post.

        I see that it may be cookie related, so I’ll try to figure it out. Can I just refresh the screen to bring up the ‘cookie’ disclaimer, in order choose ‘allow cookies’?

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      2. Wolfie — you have hit on my major concern about adding this site to my daily diet. There is a lot of good content on our existing site that I miss.

        I wish I had Daughn’s bandwidth, but alas, I don’t.

        That said, I’ll give this place a whirl.

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          1. wonder if during their “interactions” she drugged him or at least gave him something that would allow him to be subdued more easily. the man is tall and not a thin man. I have no idea–being short as i am–but to strangle a tall, medium build man would take at least 2 guys no? wouldn’t he fight back? struggle? if lil sweetie stuff there gave him something–or passed him something for later that he thought he could trust to get him high not subdued–that might ease things along…if only there were cameras…lol

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            1. Makes sense. In fact, I think that makes LOTS of sense. But drugs are not really needed. Deception is easier, cheaper, keeps itself contained, and works better.

              She would have given him a FAKE ESCAPE PLOT. It would get him to help cooperate in his own murder.

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              1. I seriously think the LawyerBabe is the key. The black hats love to use people’s “special loves” to get at them, because they just let down their guard.

                Seriously – send in a girl who is being paid big money to SUPPOSEDLY get him out – she TELLS HIM HOW MUCH MONEY – gives him multiple O’s just the way he like’s ’em – he is gonna be convinced that any plan she slips him is for real.

                Epstein is still pretty cagey – he likely got to the point of them setting up the noose before he picked up the sketchy. The problem is the psych profile that Steve Pieczenik talked about is so accurate. Epstein would believe they would risk getting him out alive. Killing him is so much easier and safer.

                Epstein should have known when LawBabe gave him the plot that it was gonna be a snuff job. Not sure if he saw her AFTER the prior jailhouse strangulation attempt, but she could easily play that into her story – either why they’re acting to get him out, OR to say they did it to make things look real. Lots of lies possible.

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              2. makes me wonder why he was never taken out before…he was a smug, arrogant son of a bitch…definitely not the woe is me, end it all type…he would have thought he was gonna beat this rap and get to continue on his merry way

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              3. I think they worked him over psychologically by making sure he stayed in there a while, and also that he was attacked. All of this stuff prepped him mentally to WANT to believe it was an actual escape attempt. I also think he lawyers were involved in ways, perhaps not knowing there was an attempt on him, but very likely they were bubbled with bad news so that they could really make Epstein jump at any attempt to get out.

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              4. was there any word on the services for him? i remember thinking that would be news, but if there services for him, it was really kept quiet.
                when I worked for a local government office, there was an older woman who made my life hell–I was a rule follower–she was a rule breaker–we didn’t gel at all she tried numerous times to fire me–it all ended badly. when i found out a year later that she had passed, i was so disappointed and my friend (who told me about it) was incredulous…I told her I wanted to go to the services to MAKE SURE SHE WAS REALLY DEAD.

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          1. i dunno…logged in with my wordpress account…didn’t do anything special…hell I was amazed I managed to find the site and post…I need more coffee…
            but now that I’m looking…I feel kinda special…

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            1. OK, baby step beyond lurking. So incredibly pleased with QTree, simply didn’t consider moar blogs. Mainly a personal time thing.

              Yea. Some names blue, some black.

              Seems like a bunch of clicks to get here. Validation of sorts, slow guy here.

              Gotta get this site bookmarked. Challenged, I am.

              But Interested in contentious articles Wolfe may post. While retired, generally lots of time, gotta wedge in this U blog, I guess it is.

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        1. I just grabbed a new free theme – we’ll see how it goes. I could add some fresh on the other side, too, and probably will.

          Are you interested in authoring here as well? Just say the word. Your speech HERE is absolutely unrestricted except by your own good sense and savvy pen.

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              1. Great! That’s my plan, too. I feel like this opens up some posts for me that I would have never thought of making on the regular tree. Will be happy to feed both places.

                We will need some new authors, too. You ARE talent – if you SPOT ANY, feel free to encourage.

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              2. Okay, accepted.
                FYI, husband is DYING to be a poster. Ya’ gotta draft him, please.

                Also, I’m working on the first one for the testoserone dripping UTree and figured the BAMA v LSU game was perfect.
                Help, please.
                Are we sticking to text only, for now?
                No adding pics?
                Is it expensive to add pics?
                I have a pic of an burly guy, in LSU cheerleader drag, and it’s too perfect to pass up.
                Whaddya think?

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      1. free speech is a very fine line Wolf.
        is my speech any less valuable when I drink?
        is it less valuable because I like dirty jokes?
        how about if I don’t believe in God?
        what if in fact, I’m a closet {{GASP}} Democrat?

        deciding is not a job for sissies…

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  3. Well, I posted my “Hello”/tester post on the initial thread. I now see your own advice to me here. I have a feeling , Something is telling me, that you are giving me good advice. I may lurk when I have spare time but will not be a regular as per your own advice. But I also feel curiosity and like my friends are going to go out to play without me! Curiosity, cats, wisdom calling…..

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  4. As usual, I missed out on the hoop-tee-doos goings on in the Q-Tree. Best wishes, Wolf, on this new site. I’ll be checking in periodically. Hope my ticker can take it, lol.

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  5. So I totally enjoyed watching AndyofOregon and FG&C duke it out last week or so. Does that mean I can lurk here? Please warn me if your planning on sharing hugs and kisses and constant praises. As the saying goes…I prefer tongue tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity.

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    1. Welcome aboard. Lurk where you like, speak as you like – that’s my motto.

      We’re now offering Speech in the two most popular models – Think Before You Speak and Shoot From The Hip. πŸ˜€

      I am greedy for ALL of MAGA!!!

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  6. Most people have been trained to “go along to get along”. I see that as a serious problem. If I have to go along with evil in order to get along in society to get a passing grade, a job, a friend, etc. then I will never be able to be myself.
    Part of learning who I am and how to express myself means that I have to be willing and able to stand up to being attacked spiritually, verbally and even physically.
    One of my favorite stories paraphrased is:
    When you get to the pearly gates, the gate keeper won’t ask you why you were not Moses or John or Mary or Jesus. The gate keeper will ask you why you weren’t … Elizabeth.

    Learning to be Elizabeth has been uppermost in my mind since then. It requires prayer, courage, honesty and the ability to repent when we have gone down the wrong path. We have to be willing to allow God to guide us and mold us to fulfill His purpose and plan for us.
    Each of us is unique and we must be ourselves in order to fulfill our part in God’s creation.

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  7. FYI – Don’t forget to click the “follow” button so it U Tree shows up in you main feed.
    Button is to the left <<<<———- of the page.

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  8. Excellent! I’ve just caught up with all the “first post moderation likes”, but I have not had time to respond individually to your comments. Wife has CHORES for me. I will be responding tonight.

    People interested in authorship in the first wave have a few days to mull over the idea. Daughn has already gotten an invitation. I am hoping for some NEW AUTHORS, too, however, so that we don’t LOSE AUTHORSHIP on the Q Tree. Respond right here or elsewhere on this site if interested! πŸ˜€

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          1. I can be ruder. You just have to say the word
            Seriously would you prefer I stay here? I just want people to drink a cup of cement (and harden up) ignore the comments or commentators you don’t like. Enjoy the scraps of people who are thinskinned

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              1. It was a newspaper report of a Chinese inigrant who’s lost all faith in Australian police. They ask his name then attack him with no warning says mr Fuk Yoo

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              1. Not sure what that means but it’s in reference to early expressions of misgivings about language on with. Daughn said she always wanted a colourful cousin and bam I was it. To which I replied as above.
                I have, howeverm odified my language greatly to exclude rude words . I have also INCLUDED big words so that you al know I’m photosynthsisicated

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              2. Oh, sorry a physics geek joke.

                “Black body” is a reference to the manner in which hot objects glow. Such as, say, the filament in an incandescent light. There’s an “ideal black body” model, an object that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation that falls on it; in the real world objects act more or less like that.

                Stars, ironically, are almost ideal black bodies; they shine simply because they are hotter than Hell. Yeah, it sounds funny to call the Sun a “black body” when it seems the exact opposite of “black” but there it is.

                And it radiates as a black body would at 5772K (5499 C). In fact, the simple fact that it does so is how they measure the temperature of the Sun (and other stars, which can glow in the tens of thousands of degrees K).

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  9. MAGA Mom timidly raises hand….
    Wolfmoon1776, are questions about Q that are not all positive allowed in this newest treehouse?

    I am a firm believer in “Your blog, Your rules”. Sometimes we commenters get so comfortable and at home as visitors that we forget its not actually our blog, our own treehouse, and forget to respect the blog/treehouse owner’s state rules, explicit focus and personal preferences.

    I try to respectfully remember that I am a guest with the privilege of commenting and comment/post accordingly.

    In OT no Q was explicitly requested.
    In the WQTH, Pro Q was explicitly not only requested but the purpose.

    I have respected both sets of requests/rules/guidelines. I am not anti Q …but I do have questions and have opinions that are not 100% pro Q movement. I am not asking for permission to bash – just wondering if I may comment/discuss without offending or being rude to you, our pro Q & gracious, hardworking host.

    I am 100% fine not expressing those thoughts/questions/comments. Your blog, Your rules. I have freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean I have that freedom at all places, at all times, in all situations when on private property…and this treehouse is your private property that you choose to open up to treepers.

    I ask hesitantly and respectfully….

    PS: glad we can visit both or stay with one blog.

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    1. I said earlier (and it didn’t get unspammed even though I seem to be able to post now)

      The rules over at WQTH were that discussion about Q was allowed. Not that it had to be positive. My initial commentary about Q was quite negative and as far as I know I was in no danger of being banned for it.

      Wolf might have taken a dim view of comments like “You all are anti-American idiots for believing this Q nonsense and should just shut up and go away” but even then he probably wouldn’t have banned you.

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      1. I guess it wasn’t said but as that was the main focus I suppose I assumed + I would have felt very rude to question Q or discuss when that was the cornerstone of the blog, its purpose and the reason that many were there.

        Many were there for discussing Q and for me to bring negative about Q or even questions about Q to a place of refuge for those who are “into” Q – well, that just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. Feelings were hurt and emotions were raw…just wasn’t the place or the time.

        I have free speech but just because I can doesn’t mean I ought to say specific things at specific times to specific people. With freedom comes responsibility as well as thoughtfulness and consideration. Sometimes speaking truth in love means being quiet! (not saying that my opinions are truth re Q – just commenting on using freedom of speech wisely, thoughtfully and productively)

        Ok – I will feel comfortable asking here. Thanks.

        And, no, I have NO insults, just questions and opinions that are not always the same as those who are consistently pro Q /”into” Q.

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        1. Don’t think you get it yet…

          You’re free to ‘like’ Q or not. So am I, and the rest who follow Q. Use the scroll button if you don’t like Q.

          Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m certainly not going to engage in conversation with you about Q. Two years running since Q first appeared. That’s plenty of time for someone to do proper research and make up their own mind. Why does it bother you that some people follow Q ? It shouldn’t.

          There is enough control being exerted ‘out there’ without attempts to do so being made here.

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          1. Appreciate you all, even the annoying younger brother and rebellious cousin types. πŸ˜‰
            Praying for some very specifically as I have rarely seen a person fight the Holy Spirit so hard.

            I will post my Q questions on the wqth. Now that I have shared and read the responses I feel more comfortable and feel like I won’t be stepping on toes, break rules or taking advantage of Wolfmoon1776’s hospitality.

            We will see how it goes. And if it goes poorly, I just won’t mention it again.

            Anyway, you all have fun here and I will see you all at wqth! πŸ™‚

            (My only concern is that I might miss good political stuff here but I think/hope wqth will remain an outlet for current politics, analysis, etc.)

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              1. I think it repeats though.

                Firefly was an awesome series, however it was aired out of order and Fox shitcanned it after half a season.

                Lots of conspiracy theories on why that happened.

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  10. Just testing the waters. I usually lurk on the Q board, so I’ll probably do the same here… maybe, I might also get really nasty too! Who knows.

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      1. Thanks Wolf, so I do have a question: are certain antagonizers only going to been seen over here now? I am fine with that. But I also know that if I don’t like someone’s snark (or just uncalled-for rudeness) I just scroll on by. Either way, this could be kind of fun to see a few minds unleashed. Of course, it’s also good to see people getting along in civil society.
        Thanks for all you do for MAGA – this is how we are winning!

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        1. Thank you for your opinion! πŸ˜€

          I am hoping that people take advantage of the two boards *voluntarily* to the greatest extent possible. However, I can now act in good conscience b/c I’m not deplatforming or censoring by moderating – and THAT is very important to me.

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    1. I travel time and space. Daughn, I read LSU v Bama thirty minutes ago, and very good work it is.

      What if they held the biggest Trump rally, and a football game broke out? You were there to write the rallylogue for us. Will this thread of yours carry on top until after the game?

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      1. Ya’ know, the vast majority of people there are hard core Trump fans.
        The game is so big, so unbelievably big this year……. and then to add the President on top of it all…….. gheez.

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  11. Hiya Wheatie!!!!! How ya doin? I truly miss you…ALOT!!! This site is a great idea! I missed the drama! ..But I can guess…Venting site… sometimes we all need to throw out the F bomb!…LOL!

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  12. Miss you too Wolfie!!!! Moar than you know!!!!! Sylvia and I talk about you all the time ! Are yer Wolfie ears burning? We are all tied God’s Design…and Q! FOR A REASON! Digital warriors and the Great Awakening! (if I yell–Fuck Yeah)..does that fit on dis thread? LOL!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Of course ya did!!! my dogs chase deer but chicken out and run home when the coyotes start howling!!!!
        i gotta a coyote story for ya…We had a Sheba enu–Tough as nails but loved the entire neighborhood–spent the night in other peoples homes! serious. One night–at one of his favorite houses–The friend (he’s a fireman) looked out the window and saw our lil Sheba…Surrounded by 3 coyotes and barking his lil head off! He ran to the door and called him—17 year old dog bounded up the stairs like a puppy! …Fucking Bad ASS DOG! just sayin!

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          1. Please tell me ya heard my story bout grandson meeting his lil sis for the first time?


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        1. you…a mess!!! LOL!! Dead!!!! lets come to the U Tree….and mess with their heads!!! Wolfie—he would crack up!!! where is Steve’s……Dick Pic? ( I am so in trouble) but Wolfie….can’t ban me!!!!

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  13. I am totally laughing so hard…. I cannot see!!!! I love all ya’ll!! I think i need to say FUCKin awesome or sumptin. You MAGA peeps ROCK!!! Thanks dear Wolfie!!! you really are the……………………BEST!!!!

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      1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣😜😜😜😜🀣🀣

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  14. Wolfs, I been noticing things. Took me a while to catch on. Remember Maxwell Smart and Agent 99?

    Wolfs, everbody on here almost, is a GIRL !!

    I saw the signs. I told a poster, “Hey man I like your comment”. Answer was all, “TY, but not a man”.
    Geez, now I get it.

    The way I see it, now it’s like the Arabian Nights. Each one of them somehow is lovelier than the one before.

    What a brave new world, with such people in it!

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      1. Reading this comment by Katherine McCoun today on OT, it would seem she might be influenced by some of your posts.

        We all need to think about time management and opportunity costs as well as carefully considering our influences and how/why our decisions are made.

        Whisperings in one’s ear about doing the “right” thing, using one’s Predictable Principles, knowing that one will do the Right thing as one sees it…and then shaping how one sees it…thoughts from the wqtree. Deeper awareness while not being paranoid, just more aware, wiser and deeper understanding – 50K view. Learning. Interested.

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  15. The way I see it, now it’s like the Arabian Nights. Each one of them somehow is lovelier than the one before.

    And the really cool thing is, when you get to the last one…who you’d think has to be lovelier than all the ones before (after all if Z>y, Y>x and so on back to b>a, then Z ought to be > a), you can go back to the first one, and somehow, she’s lovelier than the last one, and a > Z. You can just keep going around in circles.

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    1. I use the following Rating system for “Looks”
      (Brains are a whole different part of the equation)…..

      U = UGLY! (Most all Dims and Libs)
      C = Cute
      P = Pretty
      B = Beautiful
      G = Gorgeous (1% er’s)

      A Lot of U’s are Pretty…… Pretty DUMB!

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      1. I use the same words in some different ways.

        “Cute” is a facial attribute for me. “Hot” (which you didn’t mention) is mostly a matter of what’s below the neck. Pretty is usually the face. Beautiful _can_ be just the face in exceptional circumstances, but usually applies to both. Gorgeous has to be both cute and below-the-neck hot.

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  16. Hi Wolfie/U…I was looking for the anti-social media site (a term coined by my daughter, but fit for us both)…Wondering if I might be allowed in even if I choose not to fling poop around? Thanks for your amazingly stalwart support of Free Speech!!! I only just saw your U-Tree post over at the Q-Tree since I’m still (again) doing catch up reading over there…I’m late to every party I’ve ever been invited to, if I even choose to go…& occasionally crash events that randomly make it on my radar–Blessings!!!

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