Fake Elections. PROVEN.

I was about to step outside today, but I decided to turn on OAN and see if they were showing Mike Lindell’s symposium.

They were.

That physicist was on. Dr. Frank. I had missed the most recent “Proof” videos.

I watched him. POLYNOMIALS. Cool. CURVES.

I saw him show how FAKE ELECTIONS work.

H/T Sundance:

There is no GOOD or NATURAL explanation for what he showed us. He showed us a HUMAN HAND (more or less) on what should be NATURAL DATA.


I’m a scientist. My GUT – my scientific GUT – has this THING that goes off when I’m onto something – when a new understanding hits me like a ton of bricks.

When I saw what he found, my jaw dropped.

Now. I. Understand. The. SCAM. The “Pre-Scam”. It’s so beautiful. It’s utterly beautiful. It actually apes a pattern of creation.


Pre-cheating at the registration stage is CUNNING, and it’s SMART, but they were LAZY.

What they did was fascinating, and THEY GOT CAUGHT.

Now here is the horrible thing. They can cover this up in the NEXT election, unless we do something.

Mike Lindell is right. They have been stealing elections for so long.

Clinton’s “motor voter” fits into this. It’s part of the SET-UP.

It’s huge. This is huge.

Any scientist who sees what Dr. Frank showed us, who denies that the votes we are getting are utter bullshit, is a traitor to science itself.

Holy CRAP.


161 thoughts on “Fake Elections. PROVEN.

  1. Wolf, I am most definitely NOT a scientist, but I saw what they did. It truly is shocking. And how in the hell I can still be shocked at this point, I don’t know. But it is shocking.

    And they can’t hide it this time around. Waiting around for 7 p.m.

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    1. YES! Everybody knows how a XEROX works. Everybody knows how a COPIER works.

      They got LAZY because they didn’t NEED to be more sophisticated, so they COPIED A VALUE.

      NOW of course, they’ll FIX THE “BUG”.

      To hell with that. This illegitimate government needs to be GONE.

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    1. Actually, that’s pretty funny.

      “Wherefore” isn’t anything to do with location, it actually means close to the same as “why” — so “Qtree, Qtree, why you out?”

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  2. Checking here. I *think* I put a post on our GAB group, but don’t see it yet.

    Remember the Artillery Fire Plan guide: Always plan your fire: In Front of you; on top of you and behind you. No exceptions.


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  3. I am two sites open for watching Sindells symposium
    This works if someone needs to find another site.


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  4. Wolfie all of a sudden I can’t get into the QTree. I get this message:

    Website blocked due to riskware
    Website blocked: findresults.site

    Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
    We strongly recommend you do not continue.

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          1. None of the ones I use. I have to use Microsoft Edge to access The QTree. I was never able to get there using Opera, my browser. I have the free version of Malwarebytes to block malware.

            I’m in my notifications right now. When I get a chance in a bit I’m going to see if I can get on QTree again. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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  5. About those instructions for wiping photos off Apple iCloud… I did a test run and those photos of my yard (pretty much all I’ve got on there) — that I already deleted — keep coming back — multiple tries.

    Apple is probably protecting you from losing photos … but it’s becoming a real question if they can be removed effectively and permenantly.

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  6. Good morning. Out of luck today! No Lindell TV, no FrankSpeech.com, no QTree, and RSBN’s feed of the symposium keeps freezing. I’m watching Bannon live because I know he’ll report on the symposium.

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    1. Getting the same sorts of error messages, 404s, 522s, etc.

      Looks like the Demonic WEF wusses are feeling the heat.

      Well, if they don’t learn, turn, and repent, they’ll be feeling the heat in the Lake of Fire.
      They should all suffer the fate of Herod: struck by lightning, then eaten alive by worms…..

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  7. Jet pack won’t log me in at either QT or UT. WP has my I.d. correct when log in page shows – when I hit “continue” button, a blank page shows up.
    Is UT being messed with now? When trying to post here moments ago got prompt that the “message could not “ etc. Never experienced that before. Second attempt was successful.

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    1. That will go over real well for those working in another state. I lived in NH but worked in MA for example.

      It looks like the time for a INTERNATIONAL SICKOUT is fast approaching….

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  8. They’re at it again, at least there was a different message this time……….

    If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider: webmaster@theqtree.com

    It is possible you have reached this page because:…….
    We’ve said something that hurt their feelings.

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              1. They open ok when I try them, are they not readable or something?
                Para59r pointed me to them couple of days ago and I really think he’s onto something.
                The re-prints are copyright in 2019,so am assuming that’s the year the re-print was published it’s an article some 80 years old.
                What was the purpose of reprinting them on virtually the eve of the covid outbreak, fore knowledge, giving a heads up to some group ?
                The guy who owns Time is a big wheel in WEF

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              2. They look like crap to me – they may look better to you.

                Just go to archive.fo in your browser and put the URL in the TOP line. If nobody archived them already (it will tell you), they will be archived using your connection to display the results.

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              3. The pdf is a bit too scientific but on page 604 there’s a paragraph that’s OK

                “Propylene glycol vapor was also found to exert a lethal or a t least an in-
                activating effect on the virus of influenza. This was determined b y tests in
                which the presence of the glycol vapor in concentration of 1:3,000,000 was
                shown to protect mice completely against infection with amounts of air-borne
                influenza virus t h a t produced death regularly in the control animals”

                Propylene glycol is what’s in vaping juice

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              4. Thanks I got two of them, the pdf didn’t work though it was dead, only got the first page. I’ll settle for 2 out of 3 for a first try.

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    1. I brought up Antibody dependent enhancement at the start of the PLANDEMIC. The Chinese even had a paper about that problem with SARs vaccine trials.

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  9. So I refreshed my page at the QTree and got these two messages:

    First this one

    And then this one

    And now I can’t get back to the QTree. But I’m going to bed. Tomorrow’s a new day. Who knows what it will bring?

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    1. It is 5am and I can not get into the QTree either. I get:

      404 Not Found
      Please forward this error screen to theqtree.com’s WebMaster.
      The server cannot find the requested page:

      theqtree.com/2021/08/13/apple-commits-to-the-iceberg-abandon-ship/ (port 80)

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