Open Thread 02.22.21+

I am creating this thread so that I will get notifications when people post here.

This open thread will stay open until I create a new one.

UTree is basically going to serve as an emergency posting place, in addition to its “free-for-all speech” functions.

Have at it!


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        1. Dearly beloved, think not strange the burning heat which is to try you, as if some new thing happened to you; But if you partake of the sufferings of Christ, rejoice that when his glory shall be revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.

          If you be reproached for the name of Christ, you shall be blessed: for that which is of the honour, glory, and power of God, and that which is his Spirit, resteth upon you. But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, or a railer, or a coveter of other men’s things.

          But if as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name. For the time is, that judgment should begin at the house of God. And if first at us, what shall be the end of them that believe not the gospel of God?

          And if the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

          Wherefore let them also that suffer according to the will of God, commend their souls in good deeds to the faithful Creator.

          1 Peter 4:12-19

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  1. We haven’t had any music on the Utree in a while.

    This is Jennifer Warnes in 1992, singing Leonard Cohen’s Joan of Arc.

    Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc
    As she came riding through the dark;
    No moon to keep her armour bright,
    No man to get her through this dark and smoky night.

    She said, “I’m tired of the war,
    I want the kind of work I had before,
    A wedding dress or something white
    To wear upon my swollen appetite.”

    Well, I’m glad to hear you talk this way,
    I’ve watched you riding every day
    And something in me yearns to win
    Such a cold, such a lonesome heroine.

    “And who are you? ” she sternly spoke
    To the one beneath the smoke.
    “Why, I’m fire,” he replied,
    “And I love your solitude, I love your pride.”

    “Well then fire, make your body cold,
    I’m gonna give you mine to hold,”
    And saying this she climbed inside
    To be his one, to be his only bride.

    Then deep into his fiery heart
    He took the dust of Joan of Arc,
    And high above all the wedding guests
    He hung the ashes of her lovely wedding dress…

    It was deep into his fiery heart
    He took the dust of Joan of Arc,
    And then she clearly understood
    If he was fire, oh she must be wood.

    I saw her wince, I saw her cry,
    I saw the glory in her eye.
    Myself I long for love and light,
    But must it come so cruel, must it be so bright?

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    1. This is my other current favorite of hers, another Leonard Cohen song, and he slightly altered the lyrics for her, at Jennifer’s request. She has covered this song several times, but this one is (to me) the best. It is with bass player Rob Wasserman, an album where he invited a variety of singers to do stripped down versions of well-known songs, mostly just the singer and the bass player.

      Jennifer Warnes toured with Leonard Cohen, sang back-up on several of his albums, and helped reignite Leonard’s career in 1987 when she did an entire album of covers of Leonard Cohen songs, titled Famous Blue Raincoat, which turned out to be one of Jennifer’s best albums, the one she is probably most known for.

      Jennifer’s voice seems to be a very good match for many of his songs. Or maybe she just likes them as much as his fans do, that probably doesn’t hurt either 😁

      Ballad of the Runaway Horse

      Say a prayer for the cowgirl her horse ran away
      And she’ll walk till she finds him her darling her stray
      But the river’s in flood and the roads are awash
      And the bridges break up in the panic of loss.

      And there’s nothing to follow nowhere to go
      He’s gone like the summer gone like the snow
      And the crickets are breaking her heart with their song
      As the day caves in and the night is all wrong.

      Did she dream was it he who went galloping past
      And bent down the fern broke open the grass
      And printed the mud with the well hammered shoes
      That she nailed to his feet in the dreams of her youth.

      And although he goes grazing a minute away
      She tracks him all night she tracks him all day
      Blind to his presence except to compare
      Her injury here with his punishment there.

      Then at home on a branch on the highest tree
      A songbird sings out so suddenly
      Ah the sun is warm and the soft winds ride
      On a willow tree by the riverside.

      Ah, the world is sweet and the world is wide
      And he’s there where the light and the darkness divide
      And the steam’s comin’ off him he’s huge and he’s shy
      And he steps on the moon when he paws at the sky.

      And he comes to her hand but he’s not really tame
      He longs to be lost she longs for the same
      And he’ll bolt and he’ll plunge through the first open pass
      To roll and to feed in the sweet mountain grass.

      Or he’ll make a break for the high plateau
      Where there’s nothing above oh nothing below
      It’s time for their burden the whip and the spur
      Well she ride with him or will he ride with her…

      So she binds herself to her galloping steed
      And he binds himself to the woman in need
      And there is no space just left and right
      And there is no time but there’s day and night.

      And she leans on his neck and whispers low
      Whither thou goest, I will go
      And they turn as one and the head for the plain
      No need for the whip oh no need for the rein.

      Now the clasp of this union, who fastens it tight
      Who snaps it asunder the very next night
      Some say it’s him, some say it’s her
      Some say love’s like smoke, beyond all repair.

      So my darlin’, my darlin’ just let it go by
      That old silhouette on the great western sky
      And I’ll pick out a tune and they’ll move right along
      And they’re gone like smoke and they’re gone like this song…

      Say a prayer for the cowgirl…

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    2. Thank you for sharing that song (which I’d never heard before). Ironically 1992 was the year of my wedding dress & this year is the year my dress is being remade for my daughter’s wedding. Haunting & soulful

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  2. Jetpack’s back on my wordpress account. I was able to post with my new name on the Q Tree but it’s awaiting moderation. My likes now show a slightly different name but with my new avatar.

    Also, my first post on the QTree showed up then disappeared. I tried to post the same message again which said “testing” and was told I already said that. lol. Posted a second time with a different message and said it was awaiting moderation.

    Not asking for tech help just a FYI.

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  3. Tried a third post. This one actually showed up unlike the other two which disappeared immediately. It said “awaiting for approval”. Hmmm. Sounds like the foreign phising emails I get. After a while it too disappeared.

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    1. I’m refreshing myself on this page to get to the hope/hopium/hopanyl/hope-anal comments here & since my brain is currently like a sieve I forgot your epic comment that I Really wanted to “Like” again. Let slip the dogs of war!

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      1. Liking my own comment for fun, just because…& listening to my husband practice his bass getting ready to go to band practice–they’ve got a mini-concert this weekend!!! I’ve missed getting out seeing them play & several dive bars that were willing to host their “Christians in a band” style of rock/blues music have apparently closed permanently–thanks to Gretchen Whitmer’s version of covidiocy 😦

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      1. I was on the qtree site and lost all the log in features. I advanced from page 1 to page two and the ball, liking, and the bell quit functioning. had to log out of qtree and wordpress and then back in. Never happened to me before.

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    1. The conservative treehouse originated as a site after a group “split”.

      Ironically, it was a “refuge” to those who were kicked off the original group, the original site … and then others were kicked off of that site and ended up here.

      some of us were not kicked off of OT because of Q, per se, but because we commented on this site. I was here because I followed PHC, not because of Q. I cared about the people that I had gotten to “know” via OT and was banned not for every posting anything Q but just for maniting connection with those who were banned.

      I have always thought it respectful that Wolfmoon1776 started what was intended to be a complimentary site to OT and was suprised at how SD et al handled the “split”. And in consideration of the earliest posts of SD on OT, its origination, etc., so ironic to then ban others.

      I have been consistent about Q from the start – interesting and would be nice if it were true but the existence of Q ought to do nothing to lessen our actual political (and legal) actions to support MAGA and President Trump. If anything, Q ought only encourage us to do more. Sadly for some, it encouraged them to do less rather than more. Anyway, no change on that issue.

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              1. I want to apologize for making an issue of ‘hopium’ and conspiracy theories, being too quick to challenge and deride people’s favorite purveyors of hopium. You are such a gracious tolerant host and I want to change my ways – learn from and reflect your attitude.

                My bone of contention regarding truth and exposing fake news and lies, is because of all the lies, deceptions in my childhood and marriage. These make it hard for me to trust anyone, especially online rumors and personalities. This and all the art/decorator training, makes me look for and see details.

                Again, I’m sorry for being a vehicle of unpleasantness.

                I absolutely won’t cause any more trouble here.

                Thanks for all you do for our country, Wolfmoon!

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              2. Thank you! And I hear you! I could say things very similar to what you did.

                There, by the grace of God, I went!

                I come at the same problem (“untrustable things on our side”) in a somewhat similar way for somewhat different reasons. Yes – there is some personal stuff there, too, but there is more.

                I’m coming at the problem of “rooting out the wrong” from “science the way it is” which embraces skepticism as a tool to find truth. Secondly, as a “student of the ways of the other side”, I’m coming at it from “science the way it must become”, meaning I’ve essentially expanded the vision of science to ACCEPT the fact that science is being continuously abused and deceived, by others, by its own members, and by itself.

                We have to beware deception. It’s just part of the game now. EVEN in science, which we were TOLD is a place to trust, deception and lies abound.

                So what does that mean for “we the Tree”?

                There is a fine line between helping people see the truth in a helpful way and raining on their parade. I don’t always get that right, but I am still TRYING to get it right. I think we still must pursue truth, even at the risk of pain, but with as little needless pain as possible.

                Some people need more hopium than others. I’m learning to welcome all patriots. Thankfully, we are not the only site for patriots, so when REALITY is served straight up, or with an extra shot of bitters, there are other places that offer other lines of thought!

                As wheatie says, “we’ll get through it”. 😀

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        1. I believe it was called Honey Trail…I copied Stella’s telling of the CTH origins at the blog post directly below & then shared some items from the 1st CTH prayer request page in the other one, fyi.

          I believe that CTH was started because someone in their HoneyTrail group suddenly just deleted the entire site w/out discussing things w/ the other site owners/admins, iirc. Kinda ironic given further machinations over the years…hmmm

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            1. YW If you do read either of the posts drop me a line to let me know…I’d love you opinion/thoughts on Any of it.

              I really appreciated what you shared on the hopium topic–very well said & kind enough it Could have been posted at the Q-Tree. Neither fission nor fusion was generated 😉

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              1. I thought it was time to bring the conflict over here to the U Tree. It seems to have caused so much consternation. I still don’t know exactly what FG&C and Harry Lime were upset about or why ProgRex left. Everyone has got their own stress tolerance factor, values and prerequisites – for getting out of a conflict, leaving a group, or even going off line for a while.

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              2. Yes. Well Q-Tree has gotten so big in the lead up to & aftermath of the 2020 election that it’s hard to read Every comment & know what’s happening w/ individual people.

                I miss PatF & her humor & playful personality. PRex & FG&C & maybe even Flep were often expounding theories w/ certitude & certitude is nearly impossible right now. The ambiguity can be killer when we really want things to be mostly black & white & we’re stuck in endless shades of gray.

                Eating our own isn’t a way out of the dilemma. We all are experiencing a measure of pain & have to employ such coping mechanisms as will allow us to continue to go on–perhaps harder to do for those who are used to being “right” all the time, even if it’s only in their own mind.

                Cognitive dissonance is abounding & other than the standard of truth that scripture supplies is so very hard to combat w/ constantly moving goalposts & footballs 🙂

                Hang in there…at some point this too shall pass. We can rest in the everlasting arms of Jesus & look forward to every tear being wiped from our eyes someday…

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              3. As a veteran of “sites”, I can tell you all that BURNOUT is a real thing, and people need time away – even me. Running a site is double hard, in that I cannot walk away when I need to, psychologically, and it causes some nasty side-effects. With help from above, I deal with those as best I can.

                When personal changes come, and going on a site is not aligning with one’s life, it can be very hard to do the right thing and LEAVE. I understand this, and I may even HELP people leave, as gently as possible, as persistent as necessary, so that when they are ready to return, they won’t feel unwelcome. AND that if they never come back, they have closure and feel good about leaving.

                Many people have to rationalize leaving with a negative dynamic of some kind, and that is OK – it’s probably at least partially true, and it helps people get their life in order.

                I want to make it VERY CLEAR – it is OK for people to leave “here” (meaning The Q Tree from here on out), and they can say good or bad and it won’t matter – they can come back. Like I said, I’m a veteran of online posting and discussion.

                My ultimate purpose in having this place is so that I can say what I want to say and need to say. The people who want to hear and need to hear what I have to say have found me. They are not all just the people who post or lurk – they’re “out there somewhere”. It’s good enough.

                But I also wanted to provide a place for OTHERS to have that same ability. To SPEAK and BE HEARD.

                Running the site is secondary. Being an admin is secondary. Being a geek of the site is TERTIARY. Saying stuff when I need to say it is PRIMARY.

                I can speculate about why people leave, but the only thing I *KNOW* for sure, is that IT’S A GOOD THING when they do.

                People have to do the RIGHT THING for themselves, not for the site. This is ONE of the reasons I tell people that I would be happy with 30 posts a day. People need to shop around. This isn’t marriage! 😉 Seriously, I think people need to go where they feel they are most effective. That could be real life – that could be another site.

                Take a year off! The 2022 Election is almost 2 years away.

                I have found that this site has increased my “spiritual awakening” tremendously, and for that reason alone, I’m happy with the results, and excited about the possibilities for the future. A big part of that is FREEDOM, and I want people to feel FREE to stay or FREE to leave. This is a very good time to experience that freedom. Take stock of life. Is being here what you really want to do? Do it only that much – no more! Enjoy life, and if The Q Tree is part of that – GREAT.

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    2. My hope was never in Q even though I found the info fascinating and informative.

      I had hope in President Trump to win all the way to Jan 6.
      This is where I am now Psalm 33:-22

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    3. That is always the demise of conservatives they do not stick together and as intolerant as lefties but lefties stick together. Conservatives many are Christians or proclaim they are but do not hole to the Christian principals “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.”
      The hallmark of Christianity is forgiveness. Maybe it is hard to do on a forum. To bad OT banned so many of us because we dared to think differently. How is that different than what Twitter has done or other liberals.
      I had to take time out because I saw the forces that were splintering the Trump coalition . I immersed myself into Taize music and John Michael Talbot’s music and in Rainer Maria Rilke “The Book of Hours”
      Prayers to a Lowly God.
      The division and divisiveness that is been caused by trolls and psy-op on different forums just drained me. I finally have my balance back .
      One thing keeps floating around “Love your neighbor as yourself.” One cannot love they neighbor if one does not love they self.

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  4. What I can’t post other there righr now :
    …I’ve got a post on something that I’d love to have the time to work on publishing soon.

    …Also, I appreciate varying points of view. As many have stated today, we can’t figure it out. I agree with you that it looks seriously horrific now. And yet my heart is not shaken.


    I keep getting the “you are posting too fast” message in a red box in upper right corner of screen. I hadn’t posted anything for many minutes. I am tried to reload the page, change security settings, or log out/in so that I can post a new comment.

    When I showed up today the site had logged me out.

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        1. “I turned off another JetPack “feature” and it may actually be helping.”


          Just don’t turn off the wrong JetPack feature.

          It’s could be a long way down… 😁😲😁

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    1. That’s incredibly weird. We discovered earlier that it was JetPack ( that was doing it, through a setting. Grandmaintexas and her husband found it! I turned it off and that disappeared for everybody.

      I was absolutely convinced that WordPress was doing it intentionally to drive people away.

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  5. The Hope vs Hopium vs Hopelessness question/issue/quandary has been our minds a lot over the last months – and has been an ongoing source of conflict, complaint, rejection and anger.

    Steve’s post yesterday, Carl’s post today, and Harry Lime’s comments last night and this morning have put this in the forefront of our minds.

    What are Carl and Harry saying?

    Are they saying that – Either we believe the pronouncements by personalities on the internet (that we really do not know) – Or we are being sources of discouragement and negativity?

    Is it encouragement and charity to silently go along with opinions and theories and not speak out when you don’t agree – and/or when your gut tells you something isn’t true?

    Is it encouragement and charity to demand that others believe declarations backed only by out of date or shopped photos and videos?

    Which theories are we supposed to ‘believe in’ in order to be certified orthodox – since new theories and predictions keep coming out weekly or daily as the next person’s theory or prophecy is revealed?

    And if we don’t believe all the right ones – we will offend or discourage someone?

    Are we experiencing the birth of a new cultural phenomenon or ideology – an illogical, disconnected to facts, detached from reality, conflicted, confused, incoherent way of thinking and relating that tries to avoid making people upset, or getting attacked or banned. Is internet interaction a more effective way of indoctrination and brainwashing than normal in-person social engagement?

    Observations about internet experiences….

    – At Right Scoop, you could once get banned for not supporting Ted Cruz.

    – At one time at CTH, you could get banned for saying anything negative about SD or his writing style or for disagreeing with SD or the moderators, or for posting an off-topic comment.

    – At Quod Verum, right now, our old friend Wictor is convinced Trump is in a submarine doing stuff with the military. He has turned Trump and Ezra Cohen Watnick into super-heroes who are out-smarting all the leftist villains though we can’t see it yet – and he backs his theories by saying he’s studied Trump. Then he says, he may be wrong. Wictor and Saul have got almost 30K folks at Quod Verum who know they can’t disagree without getting banned. While QV is a much nicer place than Twitter, it’s completely intolerant of Q and of anti-vaccination sentiments – and of any thoughts and theories except Wictor’s. If you disagree with any of the QV intolerances, will be banned.

    – Duchess and I had a discussion about Dianne Marshall using out of date photos as evidence of her theory. Duchess was sweet and didn’t get angry. She said the discrepancies were OK with her, since Dianne was writing opinion pieces, not news, and we could just opt to take it or leave it. Though I didn’t say anything else, I disagreed and question the integrity and motives of that author and decided to scroll on by that author’s pieces.

    – Maybe as long ago as during the 2016 campaign, I pointed out that on his blog, Tradical had equated Donald Trump with Hitler in a really nasty piece – but Dora still believes Tradical tweets are worth posting….and I totally disregard them.

    – A couple of times, I have been called naive, or other derisive names, and have offended someone because I said I didn’t believe a theory because there was no proof – and suggested the people putting it out were likely not honest and trustworthy.

    Recently here, we have seen that people have a extremely strong emotional attachment to their favorite internet personalities and their opinions and can take offense if anyone disagrees.

    Just in time for this comment, here was one of Doug Ross’ Top Twenty Tweets for Saturday night:

    “Logic and facts are “offensive” to people who emotionally cling to views they cannot rationally justify.”

    I do hope this won’t be us – that we can agree on the big stuff, forgive the little stuff and be free to express all our thoughts and opinions respectfully, sarcastically, satirically without others calling offense or foul, but responding with their own opinions and arguments.

    That is respect and love.

    If someone disagrees, we can say why and if we are wrong, we can thank the one who set us right. “I was wrong.” is a sign of maturity and integrity; it is loving truth more than ego.

    God, not self is supposed to be our first love and our neighbor, family, country and self come afterward. GOD is LOVE, TRUTH and LIFE – those are our best and highest goals.

    Encourage appears in the Bible 32 times.
    Repent – 75
    Warn – 87
    Forgive – 109
    Watch – 140
    Obey – 162
    Hope – 164
    Guard – 169
    Rejoice – 202
    Love – 684
    Love one another i- 22 times

    In several verses, the Bible directs us to Love, Do Good To, Pray For, Bless and Forgive our enemies.

    With love and deepest gratitude to all the Q Treepers and Maricans – you are my teachers, healers, cheerleaders, inspiration.


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    1. PS – I’ve told everyone several times that I have a conditioned heightened tendency to distrust/suspicion.

      I also don’t read people well, am a social klutz/sub-zero – and came from a very long line of dysfunctional family and had early childhood abuse that makes me have to ‘guess what’s normal’ – therefore, despite years of struggle, counseling, reading and studying psychology, I still tend to offend people even when I’m trying not to do so.

      So, I’m asking forgiveness of anyone my recent posts have offended and know I’m trying to change and overcome. And I always welcome correction.

      Love, GA/FL

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      1. Oh and the reason why I’m so adamant and insufferable about fake news and fake theories is because I’ve been lied to by so many people close to me throughout all 76 years of my life.

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    2. In my opinion, TRUTH is an absolute defense of ANY SPEECH.

      In a crowded theater ON FIRE, shouting FIRE at the guy wearing headphones is not just ALLOWED – it is our DUTY TO SAVE HIM!

      The only question is how to SHOUT FIRE in a way that SAVES THE MOST PEOPLE. Shouting “Head for the EXITS! FIRE!” is likely THE BEST.

      Even OFFENSIVE truth is precisely what the First Amendment protects.

      IMO, almost any truth can be formulated in a civil way, but SOME will still be offended. Thus this place!

      Still, people should not be afraid to post TRUTH as they see it on the Q Tree! Some offense will occur, but civil speech will soothe over most problems.

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      1. the left & culture nazis are the ones who want to use being offended & feelings to decide what is “permitted” speech—that shouldn’t be our style. However there are many scriptures that remind us to treat each other with gentleness & grace & humility & love.

        In the present circumstances in our country it is very hard to discern what the actual Truth of the matter is…and Q drops, imo, have conditioned some to accept disinfo mixed in & to tolerate a degree of deception as a way to keep the other side from knowing the real battle plan–a potentially dangerous place.

        Few of us are at the general level so we are not always/ever given the reason for our orders, nor are we included in the discussions & decisions that have lead up to the specific plans of attack being executed at any given time.

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    3. I pretty much agree GA/FL. However, a couple of things. Mark Levin was adamantly pro-Cruz, anti-Trump a few years ago. He pretty much made a 180 degree turn and became a big supporter. Do I discount everything he now says because of his prior position? No. People change and evolve all the time when they have more information. Thomas Sowell was a part of that Never Trump National Review issue. And yet people post things he has said all the time. And most people agree with him.

      Let’s not totally throw out and censor people for things they said in the past that they may no longer agree with. The left does this. This is what Cancel Culture is all about. Find a really old tweet someone made and ruin their whole life with it. I totally disagree with that. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them more scrutiny now. But Christianity is all about redemption. We are forgiven for the sins of our past when we repent. This is something that the Never Trumpers never understood with regard to Donald Trump, even though many of them profess to being Christians. They forever hold him to his long ago past.

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      1. Very good points. You are so right. I think even old Glen Beck is somewhat supportive of most Trump policies. Remember when Trump’s entry interrupted egotist Beck’s lecture during the campaign and irked him no end?

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    4. “At Quod Verum, right now, our old friend Wictor is convinced Trump is in a submarine doing stuff with the military. ”


      That’s not even the half of it.

      What Thomas hasn’t revealed yet, for operational security reasons, is that Thomas is ON that sub with President Trump, doing stuff with the military.

      AND… it’s a fantastic voyage.

      And you know what that means.

      That’s right.

      They had to shrink the sub, with the president in it, down to a size so tiny that it could be injected into a patient with a terminal medical condition, so the President and his team can travel, with Thomas Wictor, through the patient’s blood stream, avoiding the white cells (or is it the red cells?), to get to the source of the patient’s medical condition.

      Then eliminate the problem, probably with lasers, and escape alive and intact, before the shrinkage wears off and President Trump’s team (and hopefully the submarine they’re inside) returns to normal full size.

      Thomas didn’t want to talk about any of this because of his well known modesty, but people should know what a great service he is doing, both for President Trump, and our country, and the patient they are both trying to save with intravenous micro-surgery.

      Here you can see the news footage, which is not scheduled to be released to the wider public, until after the President and Thomas Wictor successfully return from their mission.

      But this is history.

      People should really see this!

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        1. “Scott – what have you been drinking?”


          Pepsi. And water.

          I quit drinking alcohol (and cigarettes) when I became a Christian.


          I’m beginning to think that space-ship thing in the documentary segment looks a lot like something size of a water ski boat, with a fiberglass top section glued on. I don’t know that I would trust it to be waterproof.

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            1. I was just kidding about the documentary, I was referring to the 1966 film clip from Fantastic Voyage video clip above.

              I remember watching that movie at my Grandma’s house, in the kids’ play room, on a giant console TV. It was a color TV, and probably 25″ diagonal or so, but the wood console was at least three times the width of the TV. On one side of the TV, the wood console opened at the top, and I think there was a record player inside. The other side of the console had a storage cabinet, if I remember correctly.

              The room had a couch and a pea-green colored vinyl recliner (probably pre “Lazy-Boy”), the same color green as a lot of kitchen appliances back then. It was in the early 1970s. I remember being amazed by Fantastic Voyage.

              A child’s imagination certainly helped to compensate for the questionable special effects… 😁

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              1. My grandparents had one of those too “a pea-green colored vinyl recliner (probably pre “Lazy-Boy”), ” We actually “inherited” that chair & it lived in our oldest son’s room for a while. I took many a nap in that chair with various sports my dad & grandpa were watching &/or listening to froning in the background….

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    5. “While QV is a much nicer place than Twitter, it’s completely intolerant of Q and of anti-vaccination sentiments – and of any thoughts and theories except Wictor’s. If you disagree with any of the QV intolerances, will be banned. ”



      So Monte Saul has calibrated his cult based on the doctrines of Carlos O’Wictor.

      Is Kwodverum monetized, i.e., is Monte Saul getting paid via advertising or donations or some other means, or is he covering expenses out of his own pocket?

      And how much would something like Kwodverum cost to maitain?

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      1. QV is donor-supported. Carlos seems to get a charge out of banning people.

        He and Wictor are rather curmudgeonly – but there are some interesting people there. It’s a nice change from twitter where @jack lets leftist get really vile, but is very intolerant of conservative views and truth about fraud.

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        1. “QV is donor-supported. Carlos seems to get a charge out of banning people.”


          Everything is (almost) always about the money.

          It’s not hard to imagine that one or a couple ‘donors’ are bigger than all the rest, and if those donors don’t like ‘Q’, then no ‘Q’ there shall be.

          And how big of a ‘donor’ would it take to gain editorial control over Kwodverum?

          Whatever amount that might be, it’s peanuts for whoever is donating it.

          And if anything like that is going on, the ‘donor’ has effective operational control.

          I wonder if Monte Saul is sharing income with his star attraction?

          Liked by 1 person

            1. If so, then it would be incredibly easy to compromise the Kwodverum forum, the same way Big Money compromises or co-opts any group or movement, once it reaches some threshold of critical mass.

              Like the Mercer family secretly buying Breitbart in the run-up to the 2016 election, to use it as a platform to promote Ted Cruz.

              Which was purely corrupt.

              An entity that represents itself as a news organization, purchased secretly by a billionaire, to use Breitbart as a political tool in the guise of a news organization.

              Imagine how much cheaper the ‘buy-in’ for Kwodverum would be, than something like Breitbart.

              We have no way of knowing whether this has happened, just as we have no way of knowing that it hasn’t.

              Because there is no transparency.

              Liked by 3 people

    1. “I am on overload. Will be back around Easter unless I have been banned ?”


      I can’t imagine why you would be banned in a million years!

      Have a nice vacation, be well, and I look forward to seeing you around Easter 👍😁🙋‍♂️

      Liked by 4 people


    We must not forget
    to hold this bit
    of Truth that
    Hopium is hypothesis,
    a speculative guess,
    not backed by fact
    evidence or event.
    It’s a theory sent
    by those we do not know.
    Could be a hoaxer
    prank or joke
    a seductive wish-filled
    wisp of cyber smoke,
    that they blow
    out of their head or ass.
    We do know this:
    that very little Hopium
    has ever come to pass.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Like house cleaning, a poem is never really done, or good enough.

      Ode to Hopium – II

      We must not forget
      to hold this bit
      of Truth that
      Hopium is hypothesis,
      It is at best
      speculative guess,
      not backed by fact
      evidence or event,
      it is theory sent
      out to the net
      from those we see and hear
      but do not really know
      We hold Hopium very near
      Like amulet or bear
      to salve our growing fear
      We cannot really know
      if it’s true or joke
      or a just wish-filled wisp
      of cyber smoke,
      that the net stars blow
      out of head or ass.
      We can and do know this:
      that very little Hopium
      has ever come to pass.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Limerick on Hopium

      Here’s to the latest hot Hopium
      The Gurus dispense for our Dopium
      It’s helpful for stress,
      Angst is clearly much less,
      When we sniff or ingest
      Eau de Hopium!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. and another!

        Take caution when handling Hopium
        It is a most slippery slopium
        Strict reality fades,
        Wishful thinking pervades
        Till you’re lost
        In a thick fog of dopium.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I don’t trust the purveyors of Hopium
        Seems to me they are just out to rope ‘em in
        From sources anonymous
        Come predictions synonymous
        To Fan-tynl, Hero-in and Hope-caine
        Getting off them will be quite a pain

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Jesus of Nazareth: how God anointed him with the Holy Ghost, and with power, who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.

    Acts 10:38

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL!!!! Just found you!!!! Needles in haystacks…who said no one could find them…eye of the needle! In, and if you can help, I will be your slave for life!!!! I think!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. PS, cth…it is a bit late or early here on the East Coast, so I may need to wander off at some point, but…I will keep this thread open!!!!

      And I guess we can swear all we want down here in the cave, no?!


        1. Yes! I am seeing you on my WP bell so can do both, I believe.

          Not sure what area of the country you are in or what your work schedule is, so feel free to take a break, amd we can resume when you have time!!!

          Best wishes!!! I come on board during the oddest hours…remnants of architecture school, so feel free to cast off when you can!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Wonderul!! I am as well, just because…

              However, I believe I really need new hardware, unless you know how to cheat it!

              My tablet looks brand new! Hate to have to upgrade but if so, so be it!


  8. If I ever leave this world alive
    I’ll thank you for the things you did in my life

    If I ever leave this world alive
    I’ll come back down and sit beside your
    feet tonight

    Wherever I am you’ll always be
    More than just a memory
    If I ever leave this world alive

    If I ever leave this world alive
    I’ll take on all the sadness
    That I left behind

    If I ever leave this world alive
    The madness that you feel will soon subside

    So in a word don’t shed a tear
    I’ll be here when it all gets weird
    If I ever leave this world alive

    So when in doubt just call my name
    Just before you go insane

    If I ever leave this world
    Hey I may never leave this world
    But if I ever leave this world alive

    She says I’m okay, I’m alright,
    Though you have gone from my life
    You said that it would,
    Now everything should
    Be all right

    She says I’m okay, I’m alright,
    Though you have gone from my life
    You said that it would,
    Now everything should be all right
    Yeah should be alright


  9. 15 April. Somethings not right it’s taking a really, really long time to load pages. Not the interweb speed I don’t think as other sites are normal.
    This UTree seems to be loading OK.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Just coming to report the same. Was going to qtree to share the below but can’t connect.

      So perfect about Liz Cheney:


    1. Judging from the comments here, there are selective disconnects on an ongoing basis to the hosting company from everywhere. If yours does not resolve, we will get funky on it. 😎


  10. Was on earlier, but now it keeps timing out, other sites. TGP, etc., all work ok.
    Got here by going to old site which works ok and using link to u tree.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. It’s working slow for me today too. If I hover the cursor over the number next to the ‘like’ button, sometimes it won’t show the list, it just ‘thinks’ about it (the green timing thing pops up in the upper right hand corner).

    And when I click the ‘like’ button, it does the same thing, the green thinking/timing icon shows up in the upper RH corner, but it doesn’t register the ‘like’ for 30 seconds or longer.


    1. I managed to get on the home page just now, then when I chose today’s topic it timed out again, then got on today’s made a couple of comments and it timed out when the page refreshed.

      Liked by 2 people

  12. I have not been able to access the QTree for several hours, and before that, it was very slow. Just now the Home page came up, but when I clicked on the daily thread, it failed to load and said it “can’t establish a secure connection to the server.”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Now I get this page:

        Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

        We can’t connect to the server at

        If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

        Try again later.
        Check your network connection.
        If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web.

        Using Firefox browser at the moment, on a PC.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. On the off chance that it might be being blocked geographically I just now tried coming at it from a different country (apparently) but it made no difference.
          Internet is very slow though I just got an update notification wich usually takes around 20 minutes tops, and it was predicting well over an hour to complete, so cancelle it till another time.

          Liked by 2 people

      2. I was on earlier but then did some surfing, came back and thought there would be more comments, then noticed some new comments for you Scott and began to read them and whoops page closed.

        Scott was the last one posting on Q Tree. Scott broke Q tree!!!

        Oh wait.. no smiley face emoji things here 😦

        Does this mean we have to refresh to see new comments too ?

        Liked by 1 person

  13. I think I spelled my email wrong because it put me in moderation and gave me a different icon.
    I tried to explain, and am sure I spelled it correctly the second time ( who knows it’s been a long hot day) but same thing happened again and still the weird icon.


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