Take the Pledge: “I Will NEVER Take a Bill Gates Vaccine”

Very simple. Pledge here if you will NEVER take a vaccine created by the MONSTER Bill Gates.

Just post your commitment here – however strong – not to take a vaccine linked to this horrifying madman, whose “Gain of Function” research is creating the same problems he alleges to solve with horrifying new power-over-humanity-gaining technology, snuck in through FEAR-MONGERING.

Death Race 4800: The Bill Gates “Vaccine” Is Here, and It’s Not a Vaccine – It’s DNA Modification

Sorry – it’s very clear that this MONSTER, hand in spiked glove with the CCP, used a pandemic to sell genetic modification of humans at the entry level, starting with a vaccine to cure his own malaria-research-based plague.

Bill Gates loves “crushing” things. The way he crushed a superior product with his own virus-ridden crap-fest tells me everything I need to know about Bill Gates – a man who values his own POWER and CONTROL as JOB ONE, over and above the actual QUALITY of the job.

-Linus Torvalds, Creator of the Linux Operating System

And there’s more. I remember being lectured by a ChiCom spy, sent in to “crush” American tech, about how we were going to “crush the competition” – competition which we literally did not have at the time – by sending all our work to China. You can guess how THAT turned out.

Bill Gates is just another useful idiot savant. I will trust the ChiComs before I trust a Gates vaccine. And I will trust the ChiComs NEVER.


PS – There is a new, standard, NON-GATES vaccine for COVID-19 entering testing. There are NO REASONS to take a GATES VACCINE if you’re PRO-VAX.

39 thoughts on “Take the Pledge: “I Will NEVER Take a Bill Gates Vaccine”

  1. I will never take a Bill Gates vaccine. I do not trust this huckster monopolist in any way.

    If it’s safe or useful for a COVID-19-exposed person to take a non-Gates vaccine, I might take one, but I will NOT take a Gates-money-linked vaccine under any circumstances. Too risky. This man, with a history of substandard products designed to gain POWER and not PRINCIPLE, has exerted too much undue influence on science, and is not to be trusted. His MONEY will push BAD DECISIONS. Gates is CONTROL FIRST, QUALITY LATER. Nope. Not injecting that stuff into my body.

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      1. Kimi is takin the poll, fuck brother I wish I was back on twitter I would help blow your poll up on the fuckin internet right now and let FUCKTARD Gates know when you see my dead body so he can give me his fuckin vaccine…
        I will never take a vaccine or go to a fucking dr ever again, this fuckin swampjumper can survive on my own,,,, I DONT NEED A FUCKIN THING FROM ANY DOO GOODER WHO WORSHIPS SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Our generation is the last of the survivalist we owe it to our youth to teach them how to survive without being dependent on any fuckin one!!!!
        Going back to my cave, been having a bad day, love ya brother and rest assured I GOT YOUR BACK!!!!!!

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  2. I won’t say never because that’s a giant red flag for the universe to pile on me and make me eat my words. HOWEVER. I have no desire to EVER take a vaccine for this particular virus, no matter who the manufacturer, LET ALONE GATES.

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      1. How do we know, though, that Gates and his group don’t have a hand in other vaccines?

        They are masters at hiding behind foreign companies and offshore LLC’s.
        Or rather…they employ the attorneys who are masters at setting it up for them.

        At this point, Wolfie…my faith in vaccines has been totally shattered.

        I had a bad reaction to an early flu vaccine.
        So I haven’t had another one since.

        I will take this Pledge even further:

        I Pledge not to take another vaccine until I know for certain that it is unadulterated and free of any hidden agenda-driven additives!

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  3. I won’t ever take a flu shot and I won’t even take the tetanus shot that they have piled a lot of other garbage in.

    The last one that I turned down also had chicken pox, measles and whooping cough added. I have HAD those diseases I do not NEED a darn vaccine.


    Vaccines are available that can help prevent tetanus, an infection caused by Clostridium tetani bacteria. Four kinds of vaccines used today protect against tetanus, all of which also protect against other diseases:

    Diphtheria and tetanus (DT) vaccines
    Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP) vaccines
    Tetanus and diphtheria (Td) vaccines
    Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap) vaccines



    Diphtheria rarely occurs in the United States [Between 2004 and 2008, no cases of diphtheria were recorded in the United States.] and Western Europe, where children have been vaccinated against the condition for decades.

    In areas where diphtheria vaccination is standard, the disease is mainly a threat to unvaccinated or inadequately vaccinated people who travel internationally or have contact with people from less-developed countries.

    I see ZERO reason for up dating my vaccination against diphtheria ESPECIALLY when combo vaccines are not as good a single disease vaccines.

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  4. At this point in time, I’m almost totally anti-vax. And they couldn’t pay me enough money to take anything that Bill Gates touched. No way in hell would I take a Bill Gates track-my-movements change-my-dna id-tag-me-like-a-dog Mark of the Beast vaccine!

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  5. For that 4-8% of the world that already have a nasty retrovirus (XMRV, HIV) then leaving the immune system alone is beyond a good idea. It could save your life. If you think you might have one, why endanger yourself?

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  6. I will NEVER take a vaccine for this virus. I WILL take good care of my body, the temple of my spirit. I won’t get fat, I will exercise, I will eat well. I will get lots of sunshine, take vitamins, drink tonic, and laugh a lot.

    I refuse to be controlled by fear of death, which is what this WHOLE THING has been about.

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    1. AMEN! The FEAR / FEAR PORN MERCHANTS are very apparent now. It’s time to push back, and not just push back, but ARM FOR 4GW. Our new society has to be tolerant for shocks like this without shutting down.


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      1. Death used to be “close to home.” Elderly people, sick people, and even children died at home, were “laid out” at home, and buried at home.

        Now, most people never see a dead person. They are cremated and put in an urn, then scattered or buried. We have somehow lost sight of the fact that eventually EVERYONE dies.

        I swear there are people who believe they are immortal. Somehow, they are never going to die. And I don’t mean just the young. I mean old Boomers who think the world won’t go on without them. It’s delusional.

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  7. #NO #WAY

    “The unique structure and mechanical properties of syringe-injectable mesh electronics have enabled seamless tissue integration and stable chronic recording of the activities…”

    Advanced One- and Two-Dimensional Mesh Designs for Injectable Electronics
    Robert D. Viveros
    Tao Zhou
    Guosong Hong
    Tian-Ming Fu
    Hao-Yu Greg Lin
    Charles M. Lieber



        1. I’ve seen some online discussion saying she’s a he and he’s a hormone damaged betafied male.I guess some people say that’s what all the twisted families tend to do to their kids already. If true, then all the celebrities coming out recently about their kids being trans might be a limited hang-out type of reveal.


  8. #NEVER

    Vaccines linked to mental disorders by Yale study

    The researchers found correlations for one vaccine in particular: the influenza vaccine, which was associated with higher rates of OCD, anorexia, anxiety disorder and tic disorder.

    Temporal Association of Certain Neuropsychiatric Disorders Following Vaccination of Children and Adolescents: A Pilot Case-Control Study.


    RESULTS: Subjects with newly diagnosed AN were more likely than controls to have had any vaccination in the previous 3 months [hazard ratio (HR) 1.80, 95% confidence interval 1.21-2.68]. Influenza vaccinations during the prior 3, 6, and 12 months were also associated with incident diagnoses of AN, OCD, and an anxiety disorder. Several other associations were also significant with HRs greater than 1.40 (hepatitis A with OCD and AN; hepatitis B with AN; and meningitis with AN and chronic tic disorder).

    Article: https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2017/02/21/vaccines-linked-to-mental-disorders-by-yale-study/

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    1. This makes loads of sense. Antibody attack errors.

      Hilariously/cynically, it didn’t come out until a day before Trump’s inauguration. I will bet MONEY that the publication was SLOW-WALKED during 2016.

      Now just imagine if “somebody” was a few centuries ahead of the rest of us, and could design / manipulate flu populations to require a vaccine that caused exactly the desired damage with one type of vaccine, and none with another, smarter type.

      Never trust blankets from CCP tribe!!!

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      1. Dr. Ayyadurai says the model of the immune system used to explain how vaccines “work” is outdated and just plain wrong.

        Which explains why so many outbreaks of infection happen in nearly fully vaccinated populations.

        2 minutes of his testimony. There are videos online where he explains the better model.


  9. Repost from QTree by bakocarl..

    Why are the world’s top vaccine promoters, like Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, frantically warning us about the unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a coronavirus vaccine?

    Gates is so worried about the danger that he says he won’t distribute his vaccines until governments agree to indemnify him against lawsuits.

    On Feb 4th 2020, when there were only 11 active CV cases in the USA, the U.S. quietly pushed through Federal regulations giving coronavirus vaccine makers full immunity from liability.

    Are you willing to take the risk?


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  10. This great advice got me to thinking…

    when the time comes to “decline” a vaccination, do so politely and with respectful words…. or else you will be considered belligerent.

    You must politely decline and refuse to give your consent.

    Ask the Doctor if the vaccine contains any MRC-5 (theses are aborted fetal cells , or other forms of DNA) and if it does you have the right to decline.

    Also ask the doctor if there is any possibility of an Iatrogenic Reaction (adverse reaction from multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine (they all do).

    When the doctor says, “yes, it does” and if he or she is honest, they must tell you…. and that can be used as your “get out of vaccine ‘jail’ card.

    Doctors must honor their Hippocratic oath to—1st do no harm.
    This way, you can politely and simply decline the offered or mandated services.

    However—this said—you may never be able to enroll in school or travel again…
    …if Bill Gates becomes President of anything….

    When are we going to break the heavy handed power of schools to impose known crippling and deadly injections on our best and brightest? … (The military has it’s own tale of broken lives from their vaccination practices.)

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    1. Good thinking.

      These are back-ups for me. My first defense is that I not only had the disease – we are not sure which variant, and it was untreated, possibly recurrent until I self-treated with an unofficial treatment (zinc and quinine), and thus is a HUGE unknown to any vaccine. Any vaccine could KILL ME unless tested on MY CASE TYPE.

      Thus, no vaccine until those tests have happened. Or just call me immune due to antibodies. That “easier” bureaucratic solution will be obvious.

      I personally think that POTUS should reverse the inDEMnification of the COVID-19 vaccines which Bill Gates FINAGLED out of his allies.

      “The cure can’t be worse than the disease.”

      Those are wonderful words to REJECT THE GATES VACCINE, or at the very least, undo the sneaky indeminification, and make it prove worthy, and for the Trump Doctrine to play out, and ASSIGN RESPONSIBILITY.

      Very clear now why Gates needed a pandemic / dempanic – to get that indemnification. SNEAKY BASTARD.

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