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Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

Day 34 – SELENIUM.

13 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191210

    1. Damn. And here I thought it was named after Selena Gomez.

      Seriously, check out her images on DDG! I saw that one particularly outrageous one was on some site called “thefappeningblog”, and it hit me hard, bro!

      Now it’s utterly clear how Hollywood creates FAP POISON as a part of CULTURAL MARXISM!

      This post on Gab (TOTALLY NSFW) discusses some of this stuff.

      It’s HUMAN TRAINING. They start these pop tarts and toy boys as objects for our chilluns to attach to, and then morph them into decoy objects to lead them astray.


      1. Selena Gomez was born in 1992, so any photos of her pre-2010 are officially pervy. That said, I have no way of dating random photos and a quick glance shows most of them look young.

        Which reminds me of an anecdote. I was over visiting a High School buddy at his condo complex, and we went to use the pool (I didn’t have a pool, and this was in Newhall where it regularly goes over 100 degrees). So we’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons and goofball English teachers and splashing around to beat the heat, and this girl uses a condo key to enter the area.

        And I have to tell you, this girl was stacked — built like a burlap bag full of bobcats. She was wearing this little bikini thing and giant dark sunglasses and a hat, and when she walked across the pool deck there were bits of her swaying, bits jumping, bits of her in harmonic oscillation going every which way. And [guys know this], lizard-brain was in full tracking mode while actual thinking brain was just trying not to drool.

        And my friend leans in and says, “really something, eh? She’s thirteen.” ***record scratch***

        I should note that I went off to college at 16 — so was underage myself (though not so underage I couldn’t appreciate). But that was one of the most extreme cases of overdevelopment I’ve ever seen. People don’t march in unison — everything is on the normal curve. And commercial exploitation of the tails of the curve just ain’t “normal”.

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  1. Selenium is generally isolated from metallic sulfide ores (sulfur is the element immediately above it) as a contaminant in place of sulfur. Since operations that process such ore end up with a bunch of sulfur as a byproduct, earning a little cash by pulling out the selenium generally makes sense (you can buy 99.9% pure powdered sulfur, suitable for making homemade black powder, for $5.39/pound [retail package]; by contrast, selenium runs about $390/kilo [bulk]). The primary industrial uses of selenium are in glassmaking and pigments. It is a semiconductor and was used for a time in photocells, but doped silicon just ran it over in the marketplace.

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  2. As another one of those digressions……California’s largest lake by surface area was created by accident in 1905. The area had been a lake before — natural cycles would change the flow of the Colorado River over time — typically about 500 year cycles. The area was sometimes a freshwater lake, sometimes a brackish lake, sometimes a salt lake, and sometimes a desert. However, that was before the Colorado River was tamed by human engineering (Hoover Dam, Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Havasu — there are actually about 30).

    However, there is nothing about great works of human engineering that guarantees they will always be used properly. In 1905, there had been some silting issues that weren’t effectively addressed, followed by an unusually wet winter……and the Colorado spilled into the ancient lake once again……for two solid years before they fixed it. And thus was born the Salton Sea. It’s actually saltier than the Pacific Ocean, but not as salty as the Great Salt Lake. And, since they’re not putting more water in, it’s gradually drying up.

    Which creates several problems, not least of which is that the amount of selenium in the water threatens the health of migratory birds who might be tempted to land on it, and the exposed lakebed where it has gone dry produces selenium-laden dust that is a threat to anyone who breathes it or eats food exposed to it (if invited to a BBQ party near the Salton Sea, politely decline).

    Fortunately, we have academics and government experts….who are talking about a huge selenium removal effort — at which point, I’d best bite my tongue lest I go off on a rant about a huge removal effort aimed at academics and government experts.

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      1. I haven’t gotten to biological activity, yet, but there are plants that concentrate it. It’s just not all that useful and we have plenty. The metal producers dumping sulfur through the selenium isolation process could probably get creative and get more….but they’d find no buyers.

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  3. About 2,000 tons of selenium were produced worldwide in 2011, and there were stockpiles of about 93,000 tons. Selenium is about as common in the earth’s crust as mercury….which is to say, a bit less common than silver and a bit more common than bismuth.

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  4. Okey-dokey. Selenium is an important micronutrient, frequently found in multivitamins and other supplements, typically in the 50-200 microgram range . OTOH, doses over 400 micrograms can cause toxic effects which may even be fatal. Among the more indicative symptoms, “garlic odor on breath” and “sloughing of nails” are somewhat unusual.

    Selenium is used in various thyroid processes, as well as safely clearing oxidants from the body.

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  5. I have to confess that I’m envious about SteveInCO’s coin collection….and heartbroken about its theft. It only realizes its true value among people who know how cool it is…..and the chance that the thieves were that aware is slight.


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