OPEN THREAD 20191206

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

Day 30 – ZINC.

49 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191206

  1. I am just galvanized to be talking about zinc tonight…..

    One of the common methods to protect iron or steel against corrosion is galvanization — which means applying a zinc coating. There are fancy electroplating methods and such, but the most common method by far is “hot dip” galvanizing, where the iron or steel item is submerged in a tank of molten zinc. Since iron melts at 2800F and zinc melts at 787F, the iron in this process is actually closer to room temperature than to the temperature it had when smelted. Incidentally, self-cleaning ovens can hit 900F-1000F, so you could theoretically run a hot dip zinc process in your kitchen. I wouldn’t cook lasagna in the oven afterwards, however.

    For people in the trade, there are (mostly aesthetic) reasons and methods to vary the rate of recrystallization (and, thus, the size of the crystallized patches) for the molten zinc. This can be from small, which gives a uniform appearance, to quite large. This is known as “spangle”.

    One cool thing about galvanized iron or steel is that you can scratch it down to the steel, and the galvanization will continue to protect the scratched area — this is to be compared to paint or porcelain, where a scratch can be deadly. On the other hand, galvanization eventually wears off — mind you, over decades, but…..

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    1. I have an exceedingly clever uncle (by marriage) in Knoxville, TN. I visit every few years. One visit, I noted that he had a rusty old galvanized garden shed. Next visit, he had a very similar shed several yards away that looked considerably better. When I mentioned it, he said that he’d moved the shed. When I asked him what he had done to clean up the corrosion, he replied that he had turned it inside-out.

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    2. Apparently, if you REALLY want to be hard-core about it, you can galvanize with cadmium instead. But cadmium is more toxic. Nevertheless, airplane bolts and the like are cadmium-galvanized for extra safety.


  2. Folks – we MUST keep our eyes on this “nuclear incident” in Columbus, Ohio. I am POSITIVE that this is connected to influencing a VOTE in the Ohio Senate.

    Details HERE:

    Twitter thread.

    My feeling is that the Dems and CIA triggered a CRAZY PERSON in Stephanie Kunze’s district. She’s a swing vote (MAGA vs. Greenies) on a bill that the Dems are positioning as a “nuclear bailout”. The space and time just give this away as another bloody Democrat hoax.

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    1. here’s something else very troubling about Senator Stephanie Kuntze…

      GUN CONTROL in the Senate…specifically re Senate Bill 288 which was introduced by Kunze ( and fellow GOP Eklund) back in April 2018 as a companion…an exact duplicate to…HB585…

      destroys Due Process for gun owners, allowing for gun confiscation through declaration rather than by adjudication

      read about those 2 bills, here…article….

      from April 18, 2018

      FTA: “And alarmingly, both bills would tether Ohio’s state code directly to the Federal ‘prohibited firearms’ list, enabling any anti-gun Presidential administration to outright BAN AR15’s and other firearms !”

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        1. Yeah, this is making sense. LOTS of sense. Fucking dirty Dems and the dirty Columbus media taking one crazy person (likely manipulated by the FIB and CIA) and then using it to dirty her up with “nuke fears”.

          Columbus Dispatch used to be a good rag – best outlook on all of Ohio – totally Marxist now, just like Cleveland.


      1. Kasich and his crowd had her on a string. Now that it’s DeWine in charge, she has been able to tuck in behind him. She definitely follows the establishment. Thankfully, DeWine is much more MAGA than Kasich was. This explains her vote on HB 6 – she held strong on that.

        Check this out:

        Note that this was not the final disposition of things. The bill shuffled along after Kasich. Very messy.

        Here is what I’m thinking. The Dems and their media want her to back off on supporting any further energy bills or legislation defending HB 6. Also, they don’t want her breaking off to the RIGHT of DeWine on anything like gun control, such as not supporting his STRONG bill (which contains “almost” red-flaggish stuff, but is actually not bad). They know she will likely retain her seat – THAT is why they are still trying to influence. Keep her penned in relative to the election.

        The Columbus media can hype up whatever it wants into a disaster for any candidate. They did that to Kasich with that cop-killer in Westerville, which is his home town suburb. It can be just random or a constructed false flag-type “event” – they can politically activate it. The Dispatch is HORRIBLY anti-MAGA. HORRIBLY. Pure communist trash now.

        Columbus is a deep blue cess-pool other than their honest Republican DA – that is where they went after Jim Jordan on the wrestling bullshit. That is where they flew in Stormy Daniels for some bogus event that got nipped in the bud.

        It’s totally Soviet and Cankles-supporting in the city center, and yet the STATE is moderately conservative. The commies are trying the DC model to take over the state, like they did to Virginia.

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  3. Zinc is an important dietary nutrient. The human body generally contains between 2-4 grams of zinc, and it’s all over the place. It’s required for the operation of over 300 enzymes, and roughly 10% of human proteins potentially bind zinc.

    The RDA is about 10 mg. Zinc is found in a variety of foods including beans, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. Symptoms of low zinc are a bunch of chronic problems, low growth, susceptibility to infection. You can also have an overdose of zinc — which generally causes problems by replacing copper and iron in your body’s absorption — although post-1982 pennies are primarily zinc and contain enough to mess you up (the hydrochloric acid in your stomach makes them into zinc chloride, which is just bad).

    Zinc supplements have actually been shown to reduce the severity and duration of the common cold.

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    1. Think it is still used but in a colorless form now…however, just like the football players wear the black marks under their eyes…it’s β€œkewl” for life guards to wear the white zinc!

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  4. Alessandro Volta’s original source of electricity, the “voltaic pile’ was a stack of copper and zinc plates separated by an electrolyte. So, the guy who the “volt” is named after needed zinc.

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  5. Calamine lotion, for insect bites and such, is primarily zinc oxide — with a bit of iron oxide — with some lotion-stuff mixed in. It’s been used since around 1500 BC.

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  6. zinc oxide on our noses when we were kids in the summers on the swim team.. in the SUN & water every minute of every summer day…life guards wore it on their noses, too…even some moms & dads…

    a day without zinc oxide on my nose was like a day without sunshine. πŸ˜€

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  7. Moar again!

    New: Title TBD
    6 Dec 2019 – 2:48:08 PM


    People actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup [coup attempt] of a duly elected sitting US President will go unpunished?
    End to our Constitutional Republic?
    No equal justice under the law?
    No accountability?
    Escape unscathed?
    Enjoy the show!
    New: Title TBD
    6 Dec 2019 – 2:52:47 PM


    People actually believe those responsible for stealing billions of US taxpayer dollars will actually go unpunished?
    “This is not simply another four-year election.” – POTUS

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  8. Zinc.

    It’s now the major component of our one-cent piece (the so-called “penny” though a “penny” is a English/British thing with its own interesting history–I’ll spare you the little I know about it).

    The changeover from being bronze to copper-plated crap…er, copper-plated ZINC, occurred partway through 1982. Years after the fact, my brother (who worked as a cashier) went on a rant about how everything was made cheaply these days and said, “even pennies feel cheap now, I don’t know why!” and I told him about the zinky.

    Copper cents will “ring” a bit when they hit a hard surface while a zinky will just go “clack.”

    I know zinc is absolutely a metal…but I tell people it’s the only plastic to appear on the periodic table.

    Even in a book on the elements (and this: is a wonderful coffee-table book, possibly still for sale at Barnes and Noble if you don’t want to deal with Amazon) zinc doesn’t get much respect…and Theodore Gray even said as much on his zinc page.

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    1. If you have a powder scale (and why would any Trump supporter have such a thing?), a copper cent weighs 48 grains, and a zinky weighs 2.5 grams. Those are spec weights (and notice the copper cent was specced in grains while the zinky is specced in grams; that’s because the coinage laws didn’t start using metric until after the small bronze cent was introduced in 1864). 2.5 grams works out to 38.5 or so grains; for completeness, the bronze cent weighs 3.11 grams if your powder scale is actually set up in grams instead of grains.

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