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Day 17 – CHLORINE.

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      1. Cool!

        Now – while I agree that this stuff is an amazing sanitizer (read link below), and may even have some “not fully understood health benefits”, it is also a strong oxidizer, and like all strong oxidizers, is poisonous at high levels in ANY form. (Note that antimalarials are basically selective poisons – so – that anecdote kinda makes sense – although potentially dangerous.)

        SO – I advise people to READ THE FOLLOWING – which contains “the good, the bad, and the ugly” about ClO2.

        Note that much of modern medicine – including “alternative” medicine – is about getting RID of free radicals. THIS STUFF IS FREE RADICALS. So be warned – this is like the OPPOSITE of Vitamin C.

        I personally would be very leery of taking this stuff – but I MIGHT consider using it for sanitizing.

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        1. I’ve tried many interesting remedies along the way. MMS is a bit harsh, but highly diluted in practice.

          And, your point about being an oxidizer is no small issue. If you have malaria and it’s urgent, maybe that’s when you choose something a bit harsh.

          And yeah. Maybe alternate with vitamin C or other nutritional support.

          For someone that wants a strong antimicrobial in the case that civilization has broken down, it’s a very inexpensive and effective option that can be stored for longer periods. BUT, I’d use glass containers for long term storage..

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  1. Ah, the subtle joys of chlorine…..

    According to , the first killing gas was chlorine. Tear gas had been used the previous year, and attempted under various formulations previously, but chlorine wasn’t meant to annoy, and was deployed in 1915.

    Problem is — it’s not particularly optimal for the purpose. You can see it and dodge it, you can smell it before it’s fatal, and you need a large amount of it to saturate a kill zone. By contrast, neurotoxins [ ] require tiny amounts and frequently kill before detection.

    Ah, well……hydrochloric acid is a primary part of digestion in the stomach [ ]. As stomach contents are passed on to the intestines, they are treated with bile, which is alkaline. This whipsaw of acid/alkali allows for efficient absorption of nutrients.

    In a lot of ways, Chlorine is Fluorine’s tamer cousin. It dials reactions up to 9, where Fluorine dials them up to 14 (FOOF is, maybe, 18). Sodium chloride (table salt) is one atom of sodium (which you can refer back to) and one atom of chlorine, calmly coexisting together in a salt shaker and not eroding anything or blowing anything up.

    Hydrochloric acid is also known as muriatic acid and is available in swimming-pool supply stores.

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  2. wow…a wild ride into the U place this morning…could hardly find the right door !

    …Happy Chlorine Day…I’m soooo not into chemistry but here’s my contribution…

    …by guess who….


    ( I always hated chemistry class….ugh…even to this day, the mere thought of it gives me a bad reaction.) 😀

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  3. Florida politricks….heads-up…Bush Plant…

    Afro-Bahamian Congressional candidate for Seminole County and north Orange County…Florida’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S.House…

    …Vienna Francois…

    article here..

    BUSH PLANT : Republican With Ties To Deep State Mounts Another Bid For Congress

    Nov 22, 2019

    Vienna Francois, a veteran of the Bush political dynasty and a policy advisor to several Neoconservative Republican establishment figures, is attempting to fool voters in CD7 .

    …she has deep ties to a trio of politicians who are part of the #NeverTrump forces…and an involvement in several industries dominated by globalist influences and who are opposed to PDJT’s America First goals..

    …she also worked on Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign, and worked with Dem Congressman Charlie Crist…and brags about her employment with Lockheed Martin who is a leading opponent of PDJT’s efforts regarding seemingly endless foreign wars…

    Republican voters should be extremely careful !

    …back in 2016, she said that Donald Trump was “un-electable”…

    …and, as stated in her website Vienna Francois For Congress , here…

    …she also volunteered, in 2012, as a state strategy room operator, local liaison and rapid response team member for Lawyers For Romney .

    Florida general elections will be on Nov 3, 2020.

    more about this, at the first link above.

    anyone but Vienna.

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  4. I’ll put this on the U before migrating it over due to colorful content. Was posted on another site I peruse.

    Interesting read if nothing else and things to look for to be revealed…

    The post…
    There’s been a bunch of posts by a notable anon named BD anon… he’s like another one that’s established credibility with some proofs that have happened, like MegaAnon did a few years ago… Here’s the latest…

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    1. Trying to interpret the allegation that Q is private – is that the “Big Dick Anon” or the thread writer? Either way, it’s at a minimum not entirely true.

      Nevertheless interesting, and at a minimum interesting LARPy speculation.

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  5. Being the owner of a brand new inground fiberglass pool…….
    Chlorine……. Used to sanitize swimming pools the world over. Chlorine can be purchased in granular and tablet forms for this purpose. Relatively new is the making of Chlorine by oxidizing Sodium Chloride (Salt). A Salt Cell is plumbed inline and produces Chlorine from the salt by electrolysis.
    (At least that is how I understand it 🙂

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      1. I think there could be an islamic saboteur element to this. Move to agricultural area. Get a job where you have access to adulterate the food supply. Get Americans sick. Ruin the farmer’s livelihood and then buy them out for pennies on the dollar. I would not put it past them.

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    1. And soak all foods intended to eat raw. These days food safety is not a given. At our house we soak carrots, celery, radishes and romaine lettuce as soon as they get home from the store. We use an extra large old tupperware bowl with filtered water and a couple drops of lemon essential oil* added. Crisps up the vegetables and deals with any bugs at the same time.

      *Some people use some kind of chlorine instead.

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    1. Okay, what we need to find is a Catholic nun who is also a conservative attorney to be nominated. Wouldn’t that be a spoke in the Dumocrats’ wheel! 😂😂

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  6. One thing that I do not understand……..

    Why are there soooooo many (undoubtedly expensive)
    Ad campaigns for every drug not off patent?

    Don’t the DOCTORS know what drugs to prescribe?
    Are WE supposed to prescribe drugs for ourselves?

    Hey Doc, I saw this on TV….. can I get me some of that?

    They spend millions of $$$ on these ads……
    Wouldn’t it be better spent on LOWERING the COST?

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  7. My comments on the RED FLAG DRAMA unfolding today in NEW YORK….

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