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Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – today – the 21st day of November, is DAY 15.

The 15th element is PHOSPHORUS.

Phosphorus has a single stable isotope – 31. It has a very useful radioisotope, 32, which is a strong beta particle emitter.

Phosphorus is almost entirely produced in “exploding massive stars” according to this version of the periodic table.

The following video about phosphorus is great, but there is ONE MASSIVE ERROR in it, as well as a smaller one.

See if you can spot either error.

72 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191121

      1. I guarantee that Obama is getting CASH BACK from this stuff. It may be taking one hell of a circuitous route, but he is getting CASH BACK.

        This M.O. of HOLDING OUT and SHAKING DOWN is *exactly* what Obama did on Keystone pipeline, using his old corrupt Chicago law firm of SIDLEY AUSTIN to collect the cash from the Keystone proponents.

        It is SUCH A SCAM. Bait in the SUCKERS by sending out FAKE FEELERS that there is a back door to influence the process. It works EXACTLY like personal scams – offer a slightly unethical win, and when it doesn’t work and the sucker is fleeced, the victim won’t go to the cops.

        The way it works in geopolitics is simple. GET CONTROL and then hold it at a tipping point. Then just SUCK IN THE MONEY from whoever wants it tipped.

        Obama truly turned us into The United States of Chicago.


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          1. Yeah, looks like they got tagged appropriately!!!

            Riddle told Politico he is worried about 2020 Democrats being labeled as socialists β€” an increasingly common Republican talking point entering 2020. On its about us page, Future Majority, urges Democrats to use the terminology β€œSmart Capitalism” when describing economic plans. The group also subtly pushes back on Medicare-for-All, calling for Democrats to improve healthcare by β€œstrengthening the Affordable Care Act and protecting Medicare and Social Security.”

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        1. You may have lost either your U Tree cookie or your WordPress cookie – particularly after I made changes to the site. Sometimes cookies are invalid after too many configuration changes happen on a site. You need a fresh site cookie, and that means you MAY need a fresh WordPress cookie.

          Whenever you have trouble here, a PLAIN login to WordPress is in order, checking “Remember me” and making sure not to delete the cookie. Then make sure you configure your privacy software for THIS SITE to allow third party cookies.

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  1. 70 Kilos generated by the body?????

    Well, my hubby used to teach all sorts of science. He was prepping some yellow phosphorus for a demonstration, and it spontaneously ignited. He received burns on his first 3 fingers, right hand, and I guess it could have been worse, but he was right by a sink. He did have grafts on those fingers. He was lucky, because it could have been worse. He has full use and feeling in those fingers, aside from scar tissue, which did cause some “binding” issues for a few years. It happened mid 70s, after VietNam, and he was being visited by a lot of interns and new doctors because it’s not common. The more experienced doctors had seen phosphorus burns associated with Viet Nam and were recommending the younger ones to go observe his burns.

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    1. Phosphorus is one kick ass element. Going from memory, IIRC the richest source of Phosphorus in the known universe is topsoil. It is incredibly rare and the earth has an embarrassing of abundance of it. Some serious supernova were required to create it. Unless we find a lot of hidden phosphates on Mars chances are we aren’t going to be doing much extra-terrestrial agriculture.

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  2. Phosphorous tends to show up in a lot of interesting places.

    Let’s start with fertilizer. The three numbers on, say, Jobe’s rose food spikes. They are rated at 9-12-9 to signify the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in the fertilizer. As a general rule, Nitrogen encourages leaves, Phosphorous encourages roots and blooms, and Potassium improves hardiness.

    When I was a kid, dishwasher and laundry detergents competed on effectiveness. Then, in the 70’s and 80’s, they all decided to be eco-friendly and dishes and clothes started getting dingy. When they said “eco-friendly”, they generally meant eliminating phosphates, because the runoff from phosphates in detergents would cause algae blooms (wait — encouraging plants to grow isn’t eco-friendly?!?!?). Fortunately, you can find TSP in the paint department of any Home Depot or Lowe’s (even in such a benighted spot as California). Trisodium Phosphate is the stuff that used to make America cleaner than other, dingier places. A little bit in your dishwasher cup can really make your glasses sparkle (but do not use too much, because it will etch a fog on things in too high a concentration). I’d guess that the optimal amount is less than 1/8″ teaspoon per load.

    Phosphorous forms part of the vertical sidepieces of the ladder of DNA. Genetics would be impossible without phosphorous.

    Matches (old style or current “safety matches”) rely on phosphorous to ignite. I’m not going off on red phosphorous and white phosphorous……

    Oh, hell — here’s to tell you about various colors (violet?) and to tell you about it being isolated in 1669. That’s right in the “Sirrah, I be alchymyste — hast thou need of art such as mine?” period. I’m off to sleep.

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              1. Ike was awesome. If I could go back in time, I would convince the Birchers to back off on him. They didn’t know everything. They were too quick to judge what Ike was doing, because they didn’t know what he was dealing with, and how he was dealing with it.

                Future proves past.

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              1. yeah…that’s why I tried to warn you that it’s from TIME….it was just a quickie search, I was looking for something on his intentions to run for Senate…article does raise some valid points re Kansas…

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              2. Every third or fourth office visit, I open a Time and read one short article or two to pick up their current techniques, but they are pure propaganda, and HEAVY on demoralization. It’s poison that mixes the best of Soviet and Chinese demoralization.

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            1. He’s currently on my short list. People jumped to him massively as a future contender in 2017-2018, almost anointing him as Trump’s successor, but nobody gets that from me. Pence has worked very hard and is highly trusted. So “I like Mike” works for me!!! πŸ˜‰

              We also have Nunes, Desantis, Don Jr., and maybe Stepanik or Ronna McDaniel, both of whom I think are “Trump tough”, and VP material at least.

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              1. ❀ Nunes

                ❀ De Santis !

                I also am a fan of Don Jr…but (plse don't bite me) as impressive as he in many ways, I just don't know how tough he is ….I mean really tough…a little wet behind the ears maybe for POTUS…that's not meant to detract from him…I do respect & like him…just sayin, imo.

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              2. Yes, Don Jr. would only get my endorsement if our VSG thought he was good for it – and our VSG would NOT endorse his own son if he thought somebody else was better for the job. That’s what I love about Trump. Would never let family get in the way of doing the right thing.

                I think Don Jr. has the toughness, but can he STRIKE WITHOUT A RATTLE like our VSG? Not sure. But I think that 4 years might help determine it.

                All of these people have strong executive experience. Ronna has vision and can buck even more powerful family to do the right thing. That’s a rare quality.

                My prediction is that Trump is going to elevate a lot of fantastic, tough, smart Republican women, and even MORE if he gets 4 more years, which he will, and that has me very excited for the future of the party and the country.

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              3. Ronna “ROMNEY” McDaniel?…… NO for me…. too close to Pierre De’lecto.
                Don Jr.?…Like him…. But…. Was his mom an American Citizen when he was born?
                Pompeo?…. need more info…. and Proof.

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              4. I hear you! I know a lot of folks don’t trust Ronna, but IMO they’re looking at “sins of the uncle”. It’s hard not to. But after she told Mitt to back off in a rough way, I had to give her a lot of credit.

                Let’s see if she can give us 4 more years of Trump. Nothing will give her cred like that!!!

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      1. Pompeo didn’t have control over where he was born or grew up. Who was the one who moved him over to SOS? He sure didn’t move himself. The other thing that bothers me about the video is – did Pieczenik forget that all the ambassadors have to approved by the senate, and how obstructive the Dems have been?

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        1. Agreed. I think Pieczenik always brings up great points, but I don’t think he fully understands the Trump dynamic on what he calls “denigration”. Trump knows he’s the ball carrier, and Pence is the designated receiver. Trump is in it for the TEAM WIN. ALL OF US – from us water-carriers to SoS Pompeo are EXPENDABLE FOR THE WIN. Deal with it! Pompeo has been serving admirably, and will do so as long as that is the path to victory.

          This impeachment farce is going to get Trump elected, IMO. I suspect that Pompeo helped it happen – and I mean that in a good way.

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      1. um…that I don’t know…but I seem to recall…oh…about a year ago…? …some were speculating that Dr P himself was the mysterious person Q

        for whatever that’s worth…

        I also recall he’s a firm believer that Epstein was Mossad.

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  3. Q can’t remind us enough of this.

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    1. Yup. THERE IS NO GOING BACK. There is no number of lies they can throw at us now, that will make us believe them.

      I’m scheduling open threads over here – I’m up to RADIUM – meaning into February.

      They’re not much – no special information other than the element – but I figure I can count on the folks here to bring interesting information about the “Element of the Day”!

      Don’t want to be messing around with creating threads when things start happening! 😎

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  4. Anybody understand how this works?
    BaTP is saying we need to use a tool on our images to defeat the censorship algorithms.

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    1. What he’s saying is to create images of your text using, e.g., this fake newspaper clipping generator, instead of adding text and links that Twitter and Google and the rest of Soviet Valley can analyze.

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