The GloboNazi Attack of August The Third

Please post all comms here. This will be faster now. is [still] down. Gab is down back up . The Conservative Treehouse is UP. Today is the primary in Ohio that decides the House. We just got confirmation that Fauci hid antibody-dependent enhancement risks. It's getting big. UPDATE: They're working on the site. No … Continue reading The GloboNazi Attack of August The Third

The Roadmap To Bio-9/11

Event Tolerance, Bush vs. Clinton, and Why the Event-Addicted Coronacrats Needed Anybody but Donald Trump in 2016 You may remember..... .....back when many of us were denizens of a place called The Conservative Treehouse, that a guy named SUNDANCE realized what in the hell was going on with the GOP establishment, a.k.a. the GOPe. It … Continue reading The Roadmap To Bio-9/11