Assembly Area for Q Tree Outages

I decided it didn’t make sense to have a nine day old daily post be the place to report Q Tree outages.

Chuck Fina and the barbarian monkeys of the CCP.

Buck Fiden and Huck Farris too.

When she becomes president do we call it the Whore House? Only two letters need be changed.

Oh, and Joe Biden Didn’t Win.


[author switched to Wolf for notification purposes]

840 thoughts on “Assembly Area for Q Tree Outages

      1. Maybe add Steve’s troubleshooting technique to body of post and any other ideas for trying to get local issues to clear like moving VPN servers until something kicks loose?

        “Never mind. I forgot to just try quitting and restarting the browser.” — SteveInCo

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  1. Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump

    Milley never told me about calls being made to China. From what I understand, he didn’t tell too many other people either. He put our Country in a very dangerous position but President Xi knows better, and would’ve called me. The way Milley and the Biden Administration handled the Afghanistan withdrawal, perhaps the most embarrassing moment in our Country’s history, would not exactly instill fear in China. Milley is a complete nutjob! The only reason Biden will not fire or court-martial Milley is because he doesn’t want him spilling the dirty secrets on Biden’s deadly disaster in Afghanistan.

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  2. 3:05PM September 16
    Looks like The Q Tree ruffled some feathers again — getting the “Your connection isn’t secure” error message on Microsoft Edge and denial to access the site — “NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID”

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      1. I am back home after being gone all day yesterday. Last nite and again this morning the site is just spinning for me or will not load. I keep getting waiting for available socket

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  3. So this does not get lost as the day wears on, here is a video — The Professor’s Record.
    David Clement interviews two guys about CANVASSING. One has developed a computer program that imports the state voter registration and then MAPS the addresses.

    This niffy tool lets you figure out for example, 200 people are registered to an address and then you can use google street finder to find it is a homeless shelter or a vacant lot or a small single family… Since google map is not up to date, you would then have to physically go look at the address.

    With this tool you can refine canvassing to the most likely places voter fraud is happening. (They do not say that but it is implied.)

    Meet Matt and Jeff. They work with US Election Integrity Plan “USEIP.”

    Matt created the Election Data Analyzer. Import voter roll data, and the analyzer will set you up for an effective ground game canvas.

    Jeff has been leading the way in Colorado with Canvas efforts.

    To access the tool and learn more, visit

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  4. I’m coming to the conclusion that when the site is down, it spins. But when it comes back up…it continues to spin.

    So my modified advice is to wait for a while, THEN restart your browser.

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  5. Not the first time I’ve had this appear, don’t know if it will give a clu as to what they’re doing

    Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

    Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to because this web site requires a secure connection. has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Firefox can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

    Learn more… uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.


    View Certificate

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  6. 8:55AM, Monday 19 September —
    Smells like another DDOS attack.

    “Can’t reach this page” Error Message.
    This is after I was able to access The Q Tree earlier, but it took ** forever ** for the site to load.
    Comments were “frozen” at 79.
    Tried to post a Reply to a post. No dice.

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      1. 9:11AM, Monday 20 September —
        “Bad Gateway” Error Message when trying to access The Q Tree.
        Guess the DeepState didn’t like all the “FBI memes” that were posted yesterday.

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  7. Wolf, I just had a pop-up from my anti-virus software on the main website, saying:

    “Your connection to this website is not safe due to untrusted certificate and was blocked. Attackers might try to steal sensitive information from you, such as passwords or credit cards.”

    It’s a new anti-virus software (for me), just installed the other day, but had no problems with the regular Qtree website until just now. Is the software whacked, or is something going on with the website?

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    1. It may or may not be the site itself. I’m not sure, but I think it’s part of an attack, and they’re trying to get people to “trust” the bad certificates. So DON’T.

      Quitting the browser and restarting may help.

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      1. Okay, I’ll try that next time.

        This time, it seemed to resolve itself, after refreshing the website a few times, or that was just coincidental and something else was resolved during the multiple screen reloads / refreshes 👍

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      2. It’s happening again, closing the browser and restarting it did not fix the problem.

        I can access some Qtree pages, but not the current Daily Thread page. When I try, I get the following error message (same as before):

        ” ********** (my anti-virus program) has blocked this page
        Your connection to this website is not safe due to untrusted certificate and was blocked. Attackers might try to steal sensitive information from you, such as passwords or credit cards.”

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        1. When this happens to me I can usually get past it by going first to (home page) and then using the link there to get back to the current daily.

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          1. Yep, I tried that, but so far it hasn’t worked.

            I do have a new PC as of a week or so ago, and new anti-virus on the new PC. I just don’t know why it would block me sometimes and not other times. It is not an obscure anti-virus program, it is highly rated by every review I could find.

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        2. Now I can’t access any Qtree pages except two that were already opened before the error message happened. Both of those pages are configured or formatted improperly, but readable.

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          1. And notably, I no longer have to log in for every post here at Utree, it is allowing me to post normally as I would at Qtree.

            I have not done anything different here at Utree, I just opened the link and started posting, and noticed after the 2nd post that I wasn’t having to log in, be taken to a different page, confirm my log-in, and then post.

            And it is allowing me to use the “like” button here at Utree, which is also different.

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              1. It is a new PC, but I’m using the same extensions as before, Privacy Badger, Ghostery and Ublock Origin, and added a couple more, Adblocker Ultimate HTTPS Everywhere and ClearURLs.

                But the first three (which I had been using before the new PC) are all currently at ‘default’ settings, I haven’t messed with them at all.

                On the old PC, I had messed with them a LOT, trying to make Utree work.

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  8. 7:39PM Eastern, Monday 20 September —
    The Q Tree is out again — big red “Privacy Error” message.

    “Whomever” is “monitoring” The Q Tree is becoming more upset that multiple targets are getting vectored.

    Remember that list of 70+ CCP members who are involved with Pfizer Investment Company Ltd. that appeared earlier today? Did some digging and, SO FAR, came up with the following:

    Pfizer Investment Company Ltd. is the COMMJNIST CHINESE AFFILIATE of Pfizer-BioNTech. It’s located in the Jing’an District of SHANGHAI.
    Pfizer-BioNTech has been mixed up with the COMMUNSIT CHINESE since AT LEAST 2009.

    *** Pfizer-BioNTech has a presence IN WUHAN:
    “Pfizer leads the way for pharma companies at Biolake”
    Pfizer built a huge R&D complex in a “development sector” in Communist China in the Optics Valley IN WUHAN. Pfizer’s complex is called Biolake.

    KEVIN RUDD, on the list, is the former Prime Minister of AUSTRALIA. He personally lobbied ALBERT BOURLA, the CEO of Pfizer-BioNTech, to “fast track” the delivery of the Pfizer “vaccine” to Australia.
    On the other hand, does his name on the list mean that he’s a “secret” member of the CCP? Unknown.

    Pfizer-BioNTech has ties to medical companies that have high-level employees who likely ARE OR WERE members of the CCP:
    This is the Everest Medicines webpage that lists their “Leadership Team.”
    Their “Chief Medical Officer, Oncology” is YANG SHI, a doctor who is a native Chinese, got her medical degree in Communist China, worked for PFIZER’s Communist China affiliate, AND got her Master’s in Oncology from the ACADEMY OF MILITARY MEDICAL SCIENCES in Communist China.

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        1. Yep. Me three…. Cert Error (and I don’t mean breath mints)…

          So it is a globo attack.

          May GOD straighten ALL THINGS OUT and CORRECT THEM!!!

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          1. And me four.

            I was able to get in, but once there, the post I’d intended to submit wouldn’t go through – not even any “processing” bars to show the program was trying.

            Btw, the anons’ board has been weird for the past couple days (single posts getting repeated multiple times, and more), and this is even after the images-not-loading problem was fixed (the anons were posting ASCII images instead!).

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      1. cPanel is closest I can get to seeing the site a few minutes ago.
        And Brave is acting strange in that it won’t let me delete my cookie permissions for Just The Q Tree site.

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  9. I am racking my head trying to remember the name for this certain kind of denial of service where the certification authority is reporting the site as bad news. Starts with an O, four letters. Can be bypassed by turning off the certification check in your browser. That’s about all I can remember, but it does seem to fit what we are seeing.

    Ah, I found it, OSCP stapling. A few years ago a site I was a part of was getting this issue.

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    1. This doesn’t look like an OSCP issue.

      Your connection is not private
      Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

      Now that you are warning that it could be a MIM or something, I’m less inclined to bypass the warning. So, I’m blocked from accessing the site completely from here.

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  10. I just unchecked the box in my Firefox browser to check security certificates. I still can’t get on, but am now getting this message:

    Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to because this website requires a secure connection. has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Firefox can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

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    1. Seems very broken at the moment… I used a private window without any cookies stored and bypassed the warning. The next message was a cPanel message:

      If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider:
      It is possible you have reached this page because:

      The IP address has changed.
      The IP address for this domain may have changed recently. Check your DNS settings to verify that the domain is set up correctly. It may take 8-24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache.

      There has been a server misconfiguration.
      You must verify that your hosting provider has the correct IP address configured for your Apache settings and DNS records. A restart of Apache may be required for new settings to take effect.

      The site may have moved to a different server.
      The URL for this domain may have changed or the hosting provider may have moved the account to a different server.
      cPanel, L.L.C.
      Copyright © 2021 cPanel, L.L.C.

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  11. Vegas has gone fully commie, joining Jackboot and Zuck.


    Clark County Commission Security Assaults candidate for Lt. Gov. in Nevada after they vote to Ban Speech.

    Clark County voted to regulate your 1st amendment rights

    (NO edit so I hope this doesn’t screw things up.)

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      1. Worked in 8 schools today in a school district just north of Colorado Springs. Sign on the door says if you’re sick stay home. There was one about masks which I did not read. Did not see a single teacher, staff or student wearing one. The other sign said there were armed personnel on site. Cool.

        The disconnect between different regions of the country, States, and even counties is amazing.

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  12. Just to make an official, not official report, I was told by a friend in California that there is a exit-poll online for California voters and currently the “Yes” for the Recall is 99% of those reporting. Talk about a STEAL!

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    1. Wow!

      I remember Kew said to “Watch California” – perhaps Gruesome is now caught in the net!

      (And “Watch the Water” seems to apply at least to CA, too – dumping all that fresh water into the ocean, while farmers lose their crops …)

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      1. I’m over on Gab reading stuff.
        Found this worth a read.

        It is to Australia’s credit that one of the most effective treatments was identified at Monash University along with the Doherty Institute which showed that ivermectin kills the Sars-CoV-2 virus within 48 hours. Yet to our national shame, the researchers have been starved of resources and the discovery ignored. It probably not a coincidence that it is NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet and federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who have suggested we to learn to live with the virus. Yet we don’t have to sacrifice lives or bankrupt the country. We only have to use an Australian treatment that will one day be recognised as the greatest medical discovery since penicillin.

        Not so in Indonesia where an enterprising philanthropist, Haryoseno, leapt into action and made ivermectin available to the masses for free or at low cost. As a result, Indonesia has had an extremely low Covid mortality rate. That is until the Ministry of Health decided, in line with the WHO’s recommendation, that ivermectin would only be used in a clinical trial. Haryoseno has been threatened with a fine and a ten-year jail sentence and the supply of ivermectin has dried up. Result? Deaths per million have increased five-fold since withdrawal of ivermectin on 12 June.

        In Australia, one of the few doctors brave enough to use the drug to treat patients and save lives, Dr Mark Hobart, was reported to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Thankfully, AHPRA advised that there had been no infringement. Indeed, federal Health Minister Greg Hunt wrote to one of the doctors in Australia who prescribes ivermectin confirming that he was aware that some physicians are prescribing ivermectin off-label for Covid and that they were quite within their rights as the practice of prescribing registered medicines outside of their approved indications is not regulated or controlled by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), it is at the discretion of the prescribing physician. Y

        et the silence persists. Ivermectin is the drug that dare not speak its name.

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        1. Naah, I scared them talking about antimatter.

          They were so scared it took them days to quit quaking in their boots and “counter” attack.

          [Note to anyone who is sarcasm impaired. This is sarcasm.]

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  13. From the Torba Letter about Gab and Germany: “According to our legal team, who has been working with us on this issue for several months, we have three choices.

    1) Obey German censorship laws and start censoring content that the German Government doesn’t like (this is not going to happen)

    2) Disobey German censorship laws and pick a fight with the nation state of Germany (I likely wouldn’t ever be able to leave the US again, they would come at us from every possible angle through state-sponsored deplatforming, heavy fines, they would possibly leverage contacts in the Biden Admin to come after Gab in other ways, and Lord knows what else.)

    3) Temporarily stop providing this service in Germany by blocking German IPs.

    I hate everything about these choices, which is why we went public with this information to gather feedback and consensus from our community on the topic.

    The overwhelming majority of people have been very supportive of the third option. Our lawyers are suggesting this option. Our community is suggesting this option. I’ve had many people email me and reach out privately to say that this is our best course of action. We seem to have a consensus.”


    It makes no sense that even a slim majority, much less an ‘overwhelming majority’ of GAB users would be supportive of cutting the German People off from Gab.


    Cui Bono?

    Does the Gab community hate Germany now or something?

    Does the Gab community not understand what is going on?

    Does the Gab community think that giving in to modern Nazis will work out any better than people who gave in to the original Nazis?

    It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    It’s a Nazi totalitarian demand made on the very platform whose entire reason for existence is Freedom of Speech.

    Is the ‘overwhelming majority’ of the Gab community unaware of that?

    It’s ridiculous.

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    1. I understand why the third option is the best. Getting into a legal theater with another country can cost a lot of money. Involving our justice as it is at the moment would hand gab out to dry. I see the pitfalls for Gab have seen hefty fines that made no sense leveled against US companies.
      Gab does not have the deep pockets like Zuckerberg.

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      1. That’s all makes sense, but as Torba pointed out, German fines have no effect on an American corporation, they are unenforceable, unless Gab has operations or property in Germany which could be seized.

        So he is free to ignore the new Hitler’s demands.

        Also, cutting off the German People at the behest of the new Hitler would be about as diametrically opposed as conceivably possible to Gab’s mission and reason for existence.

        It’s a line which literally can’t be crossed, because if you do it once — for the new Reich — where does it stop?

        How are you ever going to say “no” to the next tinpot dictator who demands you cut their people off from Gab?

        It’s the exact same principle as refusing to allow even the smallest error, addition or subtraction, into church doctrine.

        Because if you make an exception once (an exception without any Scriptural authority, importantly), how are you going to say “no” to the next one, without being properly subjected to the charge of ‘hypocrisy’?

        You can’t do it.

        It ends up causing far bigger problems than if you just nip it in the bud and do the right thing at the beginning.

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    2. Truth of the matter is people in Germany that want good information are already using a VPN and visiting sites from a NON GERMAN IP ADDRESS.

      So block the German IPs and it really changes nothing.

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        1. I wouldn’t say a no-brainer because you always have to check your gut and ask, is this the hill to die on, or is it tilting at windmills? But I can see reasons for capitulating enough to fight another day.

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        2. “This right here.

          Out of country VPNs make #3 a no-brainer.”


          Lot’s of people don’t have a VPN. I would guess the majority of people do not have a VPN.

          Why should our immediate response be to cave or knuckle under or back down to Nazi douchebaggery?

          When did that become the default position of Americans?

          What kind of signal does that send, strength or weakness?

          I would expect the Euroweeinies to capitulate.

          Why would we ever want to be like them?

          Didn’t our ancestors (and more recent immigrants) come here to get away from them?

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      1. “Truth of the matter is people in Germany that want good information are already using a VPN and visiting sites from a NON GERMAN IP ADDRESS.”

        So block the German IPs and it really changes nothing.”


        If it changes nothing, then why is the new Reich so insistent on the change?

        If Gab backs down on the new Reich’s demands, are they the last or only totalitarian government in the Western world… or are ALL of them totalitarian governments now?

        How long will the line of countries demanding their people be cut off from Gab be, if Gab knuckles under to the demands of the new German Nazi fascists?

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  14. From The Murder of Veronica Wolski by Fauci and Gilead’s Zyklon D thread:

    “Do you see Trump with his hands tied over there? He had to let that jackass on the left declare that a terrible drug recruited to MURDER old Republicans was “the new gold standard of care”, because the murderer is a member of “SES”, and can’t be fired.”


    Anyone can be fired for cause, and if they can’t be, then DJT should have held up the LAW that puts SES above the LAW at every press conference and make such a big stink about it that the People force the criminal Congress to fix it.

    DJT had the ability to do that, and he didn’t.

    I’m sure there are a hundred excuses why that would have been a bad idea, so the next thing he could do is send everyone in SES who tried to play that game to the North Pole. If he can’t fire them, he can certainly reassign them.

    The POTUS is not helpless, and the POTUS is not powerless, and we are deceiving ourselves to believe otherwise.

    But I’m sure there are many excuses why DJT could not send SES to the North Pole (or the South Pole), so the next thing he could do is hire an expert to stand right next to him, and contradict every single lying word the SES member says, and prove it, and do it at every press conference and public appearance.

    It would be simple.

    DJT could simply say “This clown from SES is a lying jackal, and the Congress has created a system where the SES can’t be fired, and for political reasons I can’t send him to the U.S. Research Station at the North Pole, and WH counsel has a bunch of other excuses and reasons he sides with SES, and you can ask yourself why that might be.

    In the meantime, since WH counsel and Congress are determined to lie to the American People, I have promoted a fact checker to point out the truth, in real time, every time the liar from SES speaks.”

    DJT’s popularity would soar ever higher, the SES crony would be humiliated daily by facts and evidence exposing that the SES is literally a reincarnation of Tokyo Rose and Baghdad Bob, and the TRUTH would be known to all.

    But we can NEVER ever do anything where TRUTH would be revealed or told, because [any one of a million excuses goes here].

    Speaking the plain truth, at ANY time, about ANY thing, would literally cause a RIP in the space-time continuum.

    Or something.


    “The medical mafioso can tell whatever lie he wants, and nobody can do anything about it.”


    Except LOTS could be done about it.

    The very LEAST that should be done about it is to COUNTER the medical mafioso lies with TRUTH, and then let the People decide whom to believe.

    If DJT can’t do it himself for some vague or obscure political reason, he can certainly afford to HIRE someone to do it for him.

    But we never get there. We never get anywhere CLOSE to there.

    Instead, it seems like we (all of us) are in the position to look at the facts as they are at any given moment, and then reverse engineer how would could have arrived at our current position, and make excuses for why “it had to be this way“, when it did NOT have to be this way.

    It did NOT.

    It is this way, but it didn’t HAVE to be.

    There were (and are) always options.

    And at every single fork in the road, at every single point where the choice was “light of truth” or further into “darkness”, the choice was MOAR DARKNESS.

    At some point, it becomes impossible to believe that choice is a mistake or an accident, in the same way it was impossible to believe that Hussein was just an idiot who meant well.

    When the direction only ever goes ONE way, and that way is BAD, there is a reason for that, and it’s not coincidence or accident.


    1. 𝙍𝙄𝙎𝙀 𝙈𝙀𝙇𝘽𝙊𝙐𝙍𝙉𝙀 (@risemelbourne) Tweeted:
      Melbourne 🇦🇺 Pro Choice WAX Rally 💥 Trying to get in, struggling to get past literally walls of Police. My friend has just advised me Police are Firing Rubber bullets at anyone walking around in even groups as small as 5. Welcome to the NWO 👊

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      1. When this is over, every single officer who is on the payroll as of today’s date, should never be allowed to work in law enforcement ever again, as the starting point for their punishment.

        Their names are known, a matter of record, and can never be hid now.

        They are literally Nazi fascists at this point, tools of an unconstitutional totalitarian government, firing on their own People, following the orders of lawless dictators.

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    2. Reason #2,473 why you never give up your guns.

      The dirty cops wouldn’t try that crap if they knew they were both outnumbered and therefore outgunned.

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      1. Shift change at ChiCom central…. cert problem again on QTree…

        Commies: you’d better learn, turn, and repent, or you’re gonna burn…
        And XI and Faux-Xi and Mao’s ghost won’t help you there…..

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  15. This article is devastating. If anyone ever needs some help stiffening their resolve, read this. The comparisons are real. Don’t be a collaborator.

    “The point is not that the French were especially bad. In most respects, they were simply all too human. No one is a born résistant—it took real courage to be one, and most people found it much easier to go with the flow. For every Parisian who actually fought the Germans, there were at least as many who actively helped them out. Even scrawling a “V” for Victory over a propaganda poster takes more guts than most people have. Who wants to risk being arrested?”

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  16. What does the word refuge make you think of? Maybe an imposing building with locks on the doors, maybe a thick-walled fortress, or perhaps something as simple as a canopy to keep you dry in a rainstorm. Whatever picture comes to mind, it can be agreed that a refuge is a safe place.

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