Assembly Area for Q Tree Outages

I decided it didn’t make sense to have a nine day old daily post be the place to report Q Tree outages.

Chuck Fina and the barbarian monkeys of the CCP.

Buck Fiden and Huck Farris too.

When she becomes president do we call it the Whore House? Only two letters need be changed.

Oh, and Joe Biden Didn’t Win.


[author switched to Wolf for notification purposes]

713 thoughts on “Assembly Area for Q Tree Outages

  1. So it seems like Q-Tree is messed up for me now too, for the last few minutes at least. I was attempting to post a reply to Steve, who only just came to the Q-Tree minutes before, after 2 days of major distractions. Multiple times my reply wouldn’t go through…Must be time for some shut-eye.

    Blessings to ALL!

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    1. wofie, 12/24/2021…WTH????
      I cannot reach theqtree!!!
      I get some dumb PRIVACY prohibition…link from marica’s: same thing.
      Search does not provide direct link…put in full address. i.e., https://…and again get Privacy notice…Someone may be trying to steal your info…no refreshing allowed.

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            1. Valerie…I was not meaning to be brusque, it took me b 3-4 tries before I figured out how to read 3 versions of the qtree!!! I finally found the one where people were posting.
              So grateful it all was straightened out!

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  2. Currently getting (in Brave)

    This site can’t be’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

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  3. This is a duplicate comment that I also put on Valerie’s Test Post

    I’m trying to see if I can comment on ANY Q-Tree stuff right now.

    I just tried to reply to TradeBait via the notifier (& we were conversing on today’s daily) AND the reply wouldn’t go through.

    I’m technically Only signed in to WP but in using the notifier I found a link to this post to see if I could comment there.

    I’m at the public library AND both the Chrome AND Firefox browsers are blocking the Q-Tree. Here’s the warning:

    Network Security Appliance
    This site has been blocked by the network administrator.
    Block reason: Gateway GEO-IP Filter Alert

    IP address:

    Connection initiated towards country: United Kingdom

    I did NOT log in to Q-Tree because I can’t get to it. So this temp Q-tree is allowing me access via WP alone. Is this a security issue Wolf???


        1. Hi singing .. ❤️ … the Utree has the second site listed you can copy that and try to open it in a new page 📄 … I tried twice w/o success but God is good and bigger then the likspittles messing around on this site .. 😉❤️

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            1. Granted they are still counting in NJ.

              BUT, Murphy “was NOT supposed to lose”.

              SO, D-Rats didn’t “resurrect” enough dead voters in NJ.

              Trying to recall who is from NJ. Was Pat F NJ or PA? (Could be neither as my memory lapses all too often.)

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  4. I just like to address something that I find disturbing.

    We are loosing members who I value. Actually I value all members here.

    How can one not value children of God even though we have different opinions because we have different life experiences?

    Maybe I am dense , I am accused of that at time 🙂

    When people post I never assume they speak to me about me,

    I just would like to say without accusation love people enough not to write something that could be painful to people.

    GrandmaTX if you are reading you are loved and valued. I like waking up Fridays and read your unique posts. Friday the end of the week is special so are you. Just saying I miss you and is not even Friday.

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      1. Mine is telling me my clock needs to be reset. So yes, I can not get in either.

        I guess Mr Global did not like the fact we connected the gates foundation to the overdosing with HCQ to kill off patients and thus trash the EUA.

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          1. It’s not a regular attack. It’s a trick – a pretext – to gain back-end access to the site. Certificate goes bad on Christmas Eve when absolutely nobody is at the server site. Insiders let the cabal in, they jimmy the servers, get out, etc., and in 48 hours or so we get back on the site.

            I knew this was coming, but didn’t let on. I wanted them to show their hand, and they did.

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      1. Thanks Wolfie,

        I have a Christmas Present for you.
        This African Doctor says he has found the “long Haulers” and lung problems is an ALLERGIC REACTION TO THE SPIKE PROTEIN!!! Think my case that was treated as Asthma/pneumonia sucessfully as an out patient and the Spanish nursing home using antihistamines. This guy goes into WHY that worked. This is an incredible video. I literally could not turn it off and hubby was listening to it too. Reiner Fuellmch kept saying it was the most clear talk he has heard yet.

        It is 2 hours but you get a lot of info in the first 20 minutes.


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    1. Yup. I knew this was going to happen. I saw it being set up. They scheduled our security certificate renewal for tonight – it’s automatic – “no problem” – yeah, bullshit. CABAL. I warned people about this. I was ready for it. I can’t stop the downage, but I can give them hell about it.

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