2021·09·04 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

SPECIAL SECTION: Message For Our “Friends” In The Middle Kingdom

I normally save this for near the end, but…basically…up your shit-kicking barbarian asses. Yes, barbarian! It took a bunch of sailors in Western Asia to invent a real alphabet instead of badly drawn cartoons to write with. So much for your “civilization.”

Yeah, the WORLD noticed you had to borrow the Latin alphabet to make Pinyin. Like with every other idea you had to steal from us “Foreign Devils” since you rammed your heads up your asses five centuries ago, you sure managed to bastardize it badly in the process.

Have you stopped eating bats yet? Are you shit-kickers still sleeping with farm animals?

Or maybe even just had the slightest inkling of treating lives as something you don’t just casually dispose of?

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

And here’s my response to barbarian “asshoes” like you:

OK, with that rant out of my system…

False Flag?

I think in some cases people on our side misuse False Flag. Unless, of course “FF” stands for something else.

This became apparent to me when I had a very valuable conversation with DePat and FG&C about the notion that the Arizona Audit people were waiting for a “FF” before dropping their results. Once FG&C explained what he meant by FF, it made a LOT more sense than it did with my reading of the term.

I first heard the term False Flag many, many years ago in an intelligence context. It’s a method of recruiting spies. The signature example is the KGB “handler” who finds someone in his host country who has access to classified information and is sympathetic to Israel, then arranges to meet the Israel sympathizer “by chance.” Once he does so he lets slip that he is an agent…but not for the USSR, rather for the Mossad. He’ll even explain that he knows government employees aren’t supposed to leak sensitive stuff but if the sympathizer could just alert him to harmless stuff, it’d help Israel out.

Before the Israel sympathizer knows it, he’s “helping Israel” a lot more than that, but in fact he’s really passing stuff on to the Soviet Union.

The thing that makes it “false flag” is that the Soviet agent, whose flag SHOULD be red with a yellow hammer and sickle in the upper left, is (figuratively) displaying a false flag–that of Israel.

In the more modern United States Cold Civil War context, a false flag is when some leftist does something while pretending to be on the Right, in the hopes that it will damage the Right politically. This is everything from posting a bunch of stereotypical “right wing hate” on the internet then going off and shooting up a black church (to prove “right wingers are racists”) to…well, January 6 with Antifa pretending to be “right wing militia” types–which was very damaging to us.

Just like the Soviet agent was pretending to be an Israeli agent, the leftist douchebag(s) is (are) pretending to be on the Right politically.

I can’t be certain but I suspect some conflate this with something different: A big spectacular event staged to distract from something they don’t want you to notice. False flags can certainly do this (have some “right wing nut” shoot up a school and that will indeed saturate the media for a few days) but not all such things are “false flags” because many of these events don’t try to discredit the Right.

Now the Opposition does pull that trick too, and quite often, but when they do so, it’s not a “false flag,” it’s something else with a name that may just be best described as “distraction” or “misdirection” (the magician’s term for such a tactic). Basically the staged event sucks all of the oxygen out of the media room and nothing else gets looked at for some short period of time (a day to a week). It doesn’t matter if it ends up making the Right look bad (though if it does, bonus!!!), if it keeps people from noticing something else that happened, the operation was a success.

In this particular instance, the suggestion was that the Audit Results We Have All Been Waiting For are being timed to drop when disgust with Biden reaches a (new) all time high. This is certainly plausible though I would have a multitude of detail questions about it before I’d go beyond that. But what this scenario does NOT describe is a “false flag.”

OK, that off my chest…lets hope that Arizona Audit drops soon. If that implies something else must happen first, then let THAT happen, already! Too much death and destruction is being meted out by the Biden Facade Administration and the people behind it.

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Kamala Harris has a new nickname since she finally went west from DC to El Paso Texas: Westward Hoe.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

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And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

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5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Spot Prices

All prices are Kitco Ask, 3PM MT Friday (at that time the markets close for the weekend).

Last week (I did have THAT tab still open; alas I closed the post editor):

Gold $1817.80
Silver $24.08
Platinum $1016.00
Palladium $2498.00
Rhodium $18,400.00

This week, markets closed for the weekend at 3:00 PM Mountain Time

Gold $1828.60
Silver $24.77
Platinum $1032.00
Palladium $2506.00
Rhodium $17,750.00

I attended a talk about the silver market last week; the speaker actually alluded to the folks who pushed the price of the gaming company in order to try to bankrupt a bunch of institutional traders, and then went on to try the same with silver. He described their effort as a failure (and from what I’ve seen so far, their effect on silver prices was, in fact, minimal). However one effect that they did have was they got me to post articles on the nine precious metals AND give these updates every week.

Part XVII: Nuclear Physics Finds A Hammer


Today, there is a subdiscipline of physics called “nuclear physics.” It deals with the nucleus of the atom, but does not typically dive any deeper than that (and there is most assuredly a “deeper than that” today known as “particle physics,” though there was no hint of its existence in the 1920s).

The sorts of investigations Rutherford and Co. performed in the first two decades of the 20th century were the very beginning of nuclear physics, though it’s often not considered to have been founded until 1932.

Why 1932? That’s the subject of today’s story.

There’s a modern trope among nuclear physicists. Someone asks “how do you find out what’s inside an atom” and the response is: “Just like a toddler trying to figure out what’s inside an alarm clock. He gets a hammer, smacks it, and sees what flies out of it.”

When we left off the physicist’s best subatomic hammer was the alpha particle, known to be a bare helium nucleus, mass number A = 4, electric charge +2. This would come flying out of certain atoms (like those of uranium and thorium) when they underwent what is called “alpha decay.” This process would reduce the atomic number (i.e., the element number, Z) of the parent nucleus by 2, and reduce its mass number, A, by 4. So uranium-238 (the isotope of uranium, Z=92, A=238) would become thorium-234; the mass number has decreased by four, and thorium is element #90, so the atomic number has dropped by 2.

Physicists used these alpha particles with some limited success as hammers to hurl at nuclei. In fact, that was how the nucleus had actually been discovered; Rutherford used alpha particles as a hammer on gold atoms and found there was a lot of empty space in an atom, but a very small hard kernel in the middle that would cause the alpha particles to ricochet. Physicists had even figured out how to give alpha particles more energy, by using electrically charged plates and so forth to get them to speed up.

But here’s the problem. The nucleus has a positive electrical charge, a substantial one. And an alpha particle, also a nucleus, has its positive electrical charge, too. And like charges repel each other.

Imagine if your hammer, and the nail you were trying to hit with it, strongly repelled each other. That’s a recipe for deciding a hammer is for hitting your thumb with, isn’t it? (Or perhaps your wrist, or even your face if the hammer bounces back at a sharp angle.)

Alpha particles were, to put it mildly, suboptimal as nuclear hammers.

There was also another glaring mystery in the early 1920s. What actually held a nucleus together?

As far as they knew back then, the nucleus of (say) oxygen-16 (Z=8, A=16) held a mixture of protons and electrons, 16 relatively heavy protons to give it the 16 mass number, and eight very light electrons (1/1836th the mass of a proton) to cancel out the charge of eight of the protons, leaving a net charge of 8, which was recently understood to be the very definition of an oxygen nucleus–a charge of eight.

It certainly looked as if there were electrons in a nucleus; consider beta decay. This is when the nucleus spits out an electron and goes up one in charge. For instance, the thorium-234 I referenced will spit out an electron (in this context, it’s known as a “beta particle”), uncovering another proton, raising the atomic number, therefore. from thorium’s Z=90 to Z=91, which means it’s now a protactinium-234 nucleus. So it certainly seemed as if nuclei had electrons in them; otherwise how on earth do electrons end up coming out of the nucleus during beta decay?

So let’s consider a helium-4 nucleus; under this model it contains four protons and two electrons. Those four protons can actually all touch each other (you can convince yourself of this with marbles, ping pong balls, or billiard balls). What keeps them from flying apart? The protons are all positively charged; and there are only two electrons to cancel that repulsion out.

Well, let’s list what we know about protons:

mass = 1.672×10−27 kg
electric charge, e = 1.602×10−19 C
radius = 0.8414 fm

[e is the symbol used for the electrical charge of a proton in particular; an electron has charge –e.]

[“fm” is “femtometer,” a femtometer is 10-15 meters, or a quadrillionth of a meter. Most people have heard the “nano” prefix, meaning one billionth; fewer have heard of pico (one trillionth), femto (one quadrillionth) or atto (one quintillionth).]

We can get an appreciation of the size of the problem by simply computing the electrical repulsive force between two protons that are touching each other. Their center-to-center distance is double the radius, or 1.6828×10-15 m, so we can plug everything into Coulomb’s Law to see how big the force is:

{\displaystyle |F|=K{\frac {|q_{1}q_{2}|}{r^{2}}}}

The vertical bars stand for “magnitude” (in other words, drop the vector stuff and just deal with the scalar values, because we want a size, not a direction.)

both Q values are the charge of the proton, e, and K = 8.988×109 Nm2/C2. You can do the math.

The answer I got is 81.456 newtons.

NOT 81.456 billionths of a newton, or trillionths of a newton, but 81.456 newtons. That’s the weight of 8.3 kilograms (81.456 N/(g=9.8 m/s2)) under Earth gravity.

This much force, between two itty, bitty, teensy, tiny particles!!! It’s an actual macroscopic amount of force. It’d be as if a proton could hit you so hard it’d be like taking a 60 mph pitch on the chin.

(Actually, now that you mention it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh-My-God_particle.)

The force is enormous compared to the size of the particles.

Since all four of the protons in the alpha particle touch each other, each proton is being repelled by three times this much force (244+ newtons). The two electrons that are attached to two of the protons attract with 167 newtons, but that still leaves 81 1/2 newtons of repulsion unbalanced, and that’s simply yuge.

Well, that’s the electromagnetic force. There’s one other force that could come into play: Gravity.

Now a physicist would know, instantly, that gravity doesn’t matter more than a mouse fart in a hurricane here, but many of you don’t, so let’s just check that.

{\displaystyle F=G{\frac {m_{1}m_{2}}{r^{2}}},}

The radius is the same, but the numbers of the masses are much lower than the numbers of the charges, roughly 1/100,000,000 as much. And G is only 6.67×10-11, much much less than K was, very roughly 1/100,000,000,000,000,000,000 as much.

I get 6.59 x 10-35 newtons.

“Drop in the bucket” doesn’t begin to describe that number in comparison to 81.456 newtons. Basically a quintillionth of a quintillionth the amount.

Nuclear physicists generally ignore gravity as a force between the objects they study. There’s no way its effect could even be measured as a fraction of the electromagnetic effect.

So, by everything known in the 1920s, nuclei should simply fly apart, in a nanojiffy. Or perhaps an attojiffy. The two fundamental forces act in opposite directions, but gravity shows up like Biden’s rally crowds showed up last year (and gravity can’t cheat to make up for that).

So by rights any nucleus bigger than hydrogen’s one-proton nucleus should simply fly apart. It should never have formed to begin with.

Since we’re still here, and not simply big Swalwellian clouds of hydrogen gas, clearly something else, something new, is at work.

And that is today’s story.

Can Nuclear Electrons Actually Exist?

Leaving aside the fact that the nuclear electrons can’t, all by themselves, keep a nucleus together, there was plenty of reason to question whether nuclear electrons even existed at all. There are, essentially, three reasons that I could explain to you. Number Three had to do with Dirac’s Equation which came along in 1928 and I want to save for another column. So going back to the other two reasons…

Issue #1: Binding Energy

In the introduction I described the prevailing model of the atomic nucleus as of the 1920s. Ernest Rutherford made the suggestion around 1919, but he decided shortly afterwards that it didn’t make sense; and this is one reason why.

One of the still-standing 1895 puzzles has to do with atomic weights. The atomic weight of, say, carbon is not quite twelve times that of hydrogen. Even after accounting for the presence of atoms with different mass numbers (uncommon isotopes of the same element), it still doesn’t quite work out; even accounting for all those nuclear electrons…it doesn’t work out.

In fact, heavier atoms (i.e., heavier than hydrogen) are always lighter than they would be if they were simple multiples of the proton’s mass, much less including some nuclear electrons as well. Even hydrogen-2 (deuterium) is less than twice the mass of hydrogen-1 (protium).

This, it turns out is due to something called binding energy. It’s the energy required to pull the protons apart.

This is directly analogous to the binding energy between, say, you and the earth. How much energy would it take to separate you from earth? At least as much as it would take to accelerate you to escape velocity. This is gravitational binding energy, because it’s the force of gravity that creates the potential difference between you standing on the surface of the earth, and you out in interstellar space.

It takes, very roughly, 7 million electron volts (MeV) to pull a proton out of a nucleus. Alternatively, if a proton is shoved into a nucleus, 7 MeV is released (just like, as you fall from a great height, you release a lot of kinetic energy).

That energy actually shows up on the books as missing mass. E = mc2, after all. So the particles in a large nucleus are all just a bit lighter in weight than they would be if they were separated; to separate them you have to add enough energy to make up the mass deficit.

If you were able to convert an entire proton to energy, it’d yield 938 MeV. The binding energy is therefore about seven tenths of one percent of the total mass/energy of the nucleus. We can actually measure that shortage…and, it turns out, had been measuring it for decades. This is the reason for the discrepant atomic masses.

Another sort of binding energy is the electromagnetic binding energy, keeping electrons in atoms. This ranges from a fraction of a single electron volt, to a bit over a dozen electron volts, for hydrogen. Is some fraction of the mass of an atom disappearing during chemical reactions, when chemical energy is released? The theory says yes. But it’s a small enough change (roughly one millionth the size of the nuclear binding energy) we haven’t actually measured it…yet.

I tried to discover exactly when this was first explained. It was sometime before the 1920s. Wikipedia says Einstein did it in 1905, but it simply points to the fact that he derived E=mc2 that year; I can’t quite nail down that he said, in that paper, that this is why nuclei heavier than protium are all lighter than they “should” be. If he did say that then, then I should have crossed off yet another mystery the week I talked about the incredible year Einstein had in 1905. If someone else (or Einstein himself) put two and two together after the fact…well, it certainly happened by the 1920s.

The reason I bring this up right now, is that it ties to the first issue with nuclear electrons. Ny Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, an electron bouncing around in something as tiny as a nucleus must have a kinetic energy of at least 40 MeV (its position is very well defined, its momentum therefore isn’t going to be anywhere close to zero). Not only is this a lot more than the energy of beta radiation (presumed to be one of these electrons escaping the nucleus), it’s more than the binding energy of the protons; one bound electron bouncing around in there contains enough energy to kick five or six protons out of a nucleus! And what would keep it from flying out as super-energetic beta radiation?

Issue #2: Spin

Probing into quantum mechanics eventually established that protons and electrons have a spin of 1/2. Or, alternatively, -1/2.

But the term “spin” is misleading. The particles don’t actually spin like a top. They do something else that’s pretty whacky and has no sensible referent in day to day life. Nuclear and particle physicists will hijack an everyday term to describe these phenomena, however, so they speak of “spin.” They picked this word because it is measured in the same units as angular momentum. The actual value is 1/2 of ℏ, so the physicists simply label it “1/2.” It can point in two opposite directions, so the “other” direction is labeled -1/2.

If you have some even number of electrons or protons, they could be any combination of 1/2 and -1/2 spins, but since there is an even number of them, you can pair particles with 1/2 spin with particles of -1/2 spin, cancelling each other out, and some even number of particles will be an excess of 1/2 spin (or -1/2) spin particles. The excess will always be an integer, if there is no excess the total spin is zero–which is also an integer. (In practice, the + and – 1/2 spins will cancel each other as much as possible, in this case leaving a total spin of zero.)

An odd number, n of electrons or protons will always have 1/2 or -1/2 spin left over, on top of the integer spin that the even number n-1 of the particles will give.

So let us consider the nitrogen-14 nucleus (Z=7, A=14). It should have 14 protons and 7 electrons in it, which total to 21. Thus if the spin is measured, the net spin should have a 1/2 (or -1/2) fraction in it.

They did measure the spin of nitrogen-14 nuclei, and it always came out to integer spins. So there have to be an even number of protons plus electrons in that nucleus.

Therein lies an apparent contradiction, and there are no actual contradictions in reality; there must be some unknown fact or bad assumption that when identified, will resolve the apparent contradiction.

The Nuclear Force

I’ve described two issues with the concept of nuclear electrons. But I kind of skated past something in my discussion of binding energy. As I said, you are bound to the earth by gravity. Electrons are bound to atoms by the electromagnetic force. Protons are bound to a nucleus by…anyone? Anyone?

Clearly there’s some other force out there. A force strong enough to overpower the eighty newtons of force between adjacent protons. But weak enough that we’d otherwise never have noticed it–because we hadn’t noticed it. It should have been about as conspicuous as AOC in front of a TV camera, yet we never noticed it.

It seems odd to postulate a force that’s very strong at close quarters, yet unnoticeable at a distance. If were anything like electromagnetism or gravity, it should drop off as the square of the distance…twice as far away, you feel 1/4th the force, three times as far away, you feel 1/9th of the force. So if this hypothetical force is an attractive force stronger than the electromagnetic repulsion at some distance, it ought to still be stronger than the electromagnetic force twice as far away–both forces are a quarter as strong at that location as they were before, so the one that was larger before, should still be larger here.

But we all know of something that doesn’t behave that way, and that is magnets. Sure, one pole of a magnet has a force that drops off as the square of the distance, but there’s always a nearby opposite pole. If you’re right up against a north pole, the south pole of that magnet is, say ten times further away, and only cancels out 1/100th of the force. But double your distance from the north pole, and now the south pole is about five times further away and cancels out 1/25th of the force, as you move further and further away the two poles are (propotionally) closer to being the same distance away from you and cancel each other out quickly.

So magnetic forces appear to drop off as the cube of the distance from the magnet.

In order to match what we see, this hypothetical force should be almost nothing at 2.5 femtometers’ distance, strongly attractive at about 1 femtometer, and actually be repulsive at distances less than 0.7 femtometers. In other words, two protons would have to be almost touching for this force to become a factor.

The repulsion at very close distances actually puts a lower bound on the size of nuclei, since the protons can’t get closer than that without being pushed apart. That’s the effective size of a proton. And indeed these distances are roughly the size of a proton.

This force turns out to be very, very complex computationally, but it was consistent with everything they saw at the time, so, just like gravitational and electromagnetic forces, it was accepted as being true even if a lot of details needed to be ironed out. (And even though we know a lot more about it today (1920s physicists had no idea), there are still issues.)

Enter: the Neutron

I mentioned that even though Rutherford had originally suggested the nuclear electron, he grew dissatisfied with it for many of the reasons already mentioned, and a year later, in 1920, had come up with another idea. Perhaps, instead of proton/electron pairs, the extra, dead-weight mass of a nucleus that doesn’t contribute to its electrical charge was due to a neutral single particle about the mass of a proton. He even gave it a name, the neutron. This rather neatly solved the spin issue: If a nitrogen-14 nucleus contained 7 protons and 7 neutrons, the spins would add to zero. Repulsive forces would still be about the same, though: too much without positing a “nuclear force.”

But most physicists didn’t accept this conjecture. Though it solved a lot of the issues that the nuclear electron hypothesis introduced, physicists weren’t going to accept that this “neutron” thingie existed until someone actually detected one. Throughout the entire decade of the 1920s, most physicists continued to accept the nuclear electron hypothesis as being likeliest to be true, despite all the problems it seemed to raise.

If it seemed like this attitude was inconsistent with their fairly ready acceptance of the nuclear force, well…no. A force is intangible, but you can see its effects. You write some equations to build a model of how the force works, and if all of the effects match, you’ve probably got a good description of a real force, at least until you learn more. But if you posit a particle, you’ve posited something tangible that you should be able to detect in a much more direct way. And so far, the neutron had not been.

So we need to detect a neutron. But how? Protons and electrons are easy to detect, and relatively easy to manipulate, because they had electrical charges. One could see the effect of the electrostatic force, both caused by the particles, and also the effect of the force on the particles…in particular being able to deflect them to measure their mass, but also to accelerate them, like happened to electrons in a Crookes tube.

A totally neutral particle would be invisible based on these methods of detection…and impervious to being manipulated by electromagnetism.

But the first crack in this problem appeared in 1930. Walter Bothe and Herbert Becker, in Giessen, Germany, were using alpha particles from polonium (Z=94) in an experiment. They picked polonium because it spits out particularly energetic alpha particles (in other words, the alpha particles are moving faster than usual), and they wanted those energetic particles to use as a hammer on light elements, like beryllium (Z=4), boron (Z=5), and lithium (Z=3). When the alpha particles hit these light nuclei, an unusually penetrating radiation was produced. It couldn’t be deflected, so they tentatively concluded that these were very strong gamma rays. But it was hard to interpret the results definitively.Two years later, in Paris, Irene Joliot-Curie (the daughter of Marie and Pierre Curie) and her husband Frederic Joliot sicced this radiation on paraffin, a compound of carbon and hydrogen. It resulted in protons being ejected from the sample; the protons had kinetic energy of 5 MeV. This radiation, if it were gamma rays, would have to be 50MeV gamma rays, much stronger than anything seen to date.

Ettore Majorana, a young physicist in Rome, analyzed all this data and announced his conclusion: This radiation had to consist of neutral particles.

When Rutherford, and his Cavendish laboratories colleague James Chadwick had heard about the Paris experiments and they, too didn’t believe this radiation was any kind of gamma ray. Chadwick devised a bunch of experiments to prove it wasn’t gamma radiation, then went on to subject more materials to the mystery rays, and eventually demonstrated that whatever it was, it consisted of neutral particles about the mass of a proton.

In other words, Chadwick had found Rutherford’s neutron.

Now that the neutron had been found…whoosh!!! the nuclear electron hypothesis was discarded; the notion that a nucleus contained protons and (except for hydrogen-1) neutrons now made a lot of sense and we could be sure that neutrons actually existed rather than being a convenient shorthand.

Back to Binding Energy and the Nuclear Force

With the correct understanding of a nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons, things become a bit clearer. In many ways these particles are a lot alike, and collectively, they’re called nucleons. They are of almost identical mass, and both are subject to the nuclear force.

The mass number (A) of an isotope is now understood to be how many nucleons it contains. Atomic number (Z) is now strictly equal to the number of protons in the nucleus, since we no longer have additional protons masked by nuclear electrons. We now have a new number N, the number of neutrons, and N + Z = A.

Nucleons are bound together by the nuclear force, which is very short range, its maximum strength basically covers the distance from one nucleon to the next.

So picture a nucleus with (say) about sixty nucleons in it. A nucleon near the center of the nucleus is completely surrouned by other nucleons and they each exert a strong attractive force on it; the forces balance, that nucleon is pretty happy where it is. But note, this nucleon does not feel any attraction from a nucleon that is two nucleons away, rather than adjacent.

Nucleons near the surface of the nucleus only experience about half as much nuclear force, because they’re not surrounded by nucleons, they just see a few to one side of them…and again, no effect from the nucleons further away.

A very small nucleus, say carbon-12, has a large percentage of its nucleons at the surface of the nucleus, maybe a handful in the center are surrounded by other nucleons. This means that the average nuclear force on a nucleon is less than it is in larger nuclei, where most of the nucleons are surrounded by other nucleons.

Now, going to a very large nucleus, like that of uranium-238, the vast majority of nucleons are surrounded and thus tightly bound. But those near the surface, just like those on the surface of carbon-12, feel half of the nuclear force attraction. But the protons there actually feel more electrical repulsion, because that force is long range and there are a lot of other protons in that nucleus, all pushing them away. So that particular nucleus is teetering on the edge of falling apart. Indeed, given a few billion years, it will fall apart.

This is sort of a hand-wavy argument that the most stable nuclei are the medium size ones; ones where a large number of nucleons are completely surrounded (maximizing the attractive force they feel) but also where ones near the surface don’t get repelled by so many distant nucleons. Either side of that happy middle ground, the average nucleon either just feels less attractive force (smaller nuclei, fewer near neighbors on average to attract), or feels more repulsive electromagnetic force (larger nuclei, lots of protons repelling the nucleon).

The total nuclear binding energy of a nucleus can be plotted versus the number of nucleons; when you do this you get a diagonal line, down to the lower left, up to the upper right. It’s almost a straight line, but if you look closely, there’s a slight bend to it. (I’d show you but I can’t find that plot on line…and it’s not nearly as illuminating as the one I’m about to describe.)

If you then go through and plot the average binding energy per nucleon, you now get a very striking curve, like this:

Nuclear binding energy per nucleon, versus number of nucleons. The line jumps up from zero to 7 going from hydrogen-1 to helium-4 (7 MeV each); it then drops going through lithium, beryllium and boron, then climbs through carbon and oxygen, eventually reaching almost 9 MeV at iron-56. From there it’s a slow decline to uranium-238 at about 7 1/2 MeV.

Now you can see that at about 56 nucleons, the binding energy per nucleon is highest; it takes more to pull one of those nuclei apart than any other nucleus. There’s a huge jump from hydrogen-1 (zero binding energy) to helium-4 (alpha particle).

Conversely, if you can build up to iron-56, you can release about 8 1/2 MeV per nucleon, which is a huge amount of energy. You can get most of that just going from hydrogen to helium-4.

Alternatively, if you can pull nucleons away from uranium-238, you can release about 1 MeV for each nucleon by the time you bring it down to iron-56. Uranium will actually help you get started on this by undergoing five alpha decays spontaneously as it decays to lead.

This was to have explosive implications. Quite literally.

But in the meantime, in 1920 Arthur Eddington–the same astronomer/physicist/mathematician who had measured the sun’s bending of the light from distant stars to prove general relativity correct just the year before, put forward the suggestion that perhaps this is what powered the stars…specifically the fusion of hydrogen into helium-4. In 1928 George Gamow did a lot of the math to figure out just what it would take to get this to happen. But hydrogen wasn’t thought to be any more common on stars than it is on earth. (The earth as a whole has little hydrogen in it; we think its common because there’s a lot of water up here on the surface). Cecilia Payne-Gaposhkin had, in her doctoral thesis in 1925, proposed that the sun was mostly hydrogen, but this was largely ignored because the prevailing theory was that the sun’s composition was similar to that of the earth. Eventually she was proved right, and Eddington, too was proved right. Most of the energy of stars does indeed come from hydrogen fusion; the rest comes from fusion of helium and heavier nuclei, releasing 7 MeV per nucleon. Further fusion happens in heavier stars to get that last 1 1/2 MeV / nucleon out of the “stuff” stars are made of. I discuss this in my older articles on stars, and we’ll be coming back to this in a future installation of this series.

[Semi-personal note: Gamow spent the last part of his career, 1956-1968, at the University of Colorado in Boulder (a/k/a “Berkeley by the Mountains”). This tower (physics faculty offices, one of the two or three tallest structures on the main campus with eight floors)…

…is named after him. (The physics lecture halls and labs are in the building at the bottom, and it looks like the picture was taken from a similar looking tower within which a lot of work is done for NASA–perhaps including the New Horizons probe that visited Pluto. I would cut through these buildings often going from one end of the campus to the other, particularly in bad weather. Football stadium in the background.)

The Neutron Hammer

Imagine that you are a lone proton, a/k/a an H+ ion, and you are headed directly towards, say, a carbon-12 nucleus. As you approach, you are slowed down by the repulsion of the six positively charged protons in that nucleus. If you aren’t moving very fast, you will eventually stop and be pushed away. If you are moving quite fast, you will get very close to that nucleus before stopping. If you are moving fast enough, you’ll manage to get close enough that suddenly, you’ll feel the nuclear force and now you’re caught–you just became part of a nitrogen-13 nucleus (which, by the way, is unstable and will want to decay–but not by either of the radioactive decay modes known so far).

Imagine a proton coming in from the right…it has to have enough velocity to travel over the “coulomb barrier” (repulsion from electrostatic forces), after which it can drop into the well because it is attracted by the nuclear force. This is actually a very good analogy because gravitational potential barriers are actual hills you’d have to be able to coast over. This one is a combination of the electrostatic and nuclear forces as they act on protons.

Now imagine you are a neutron. You don’t feel any force at all, either repulsive or attractive, until just before impact, you feel the nuclear force, and now you’re caught like a fly on flypaper…you are now part of a carbon-13 nucleus (which is stable).

If you are a scientist looking to hit atomic nuclei with things, do you see that it might be fairly easy to hit nuclei with neutrons? Both protons and neutrons need to hit almost head on, but at least the neutron doesn’t need to be given a good hard shove just to get past the electrostatic repulsion.

Suddenly, it became very easy to take some perfectly ordinary, stable nucleus, like, for instance, calcium-42 (Z=20, A=42) and hit it with neutrons to make Ca-43, Ca-44 and so on. Eventually, you’ll get to a nucleus that’s unstable, Ca-45, which will beta decay to scandium-45 (Z=21, A=44).

There’s no calcium-45 found in nature on earth. It has to be made in a laboratory. But by irradiating various things with neutrons, isotopes like this, and literally thousands of others, were discovered, and their radioactivity studied. It turns out that every isotope that beta-decays releases a characteristic amount of energy when it beta decays, and usually the half lives are fairly short (days or years at most).

(Occasionally it turns out the half life is ridiculously long–quintillions of years, trillions of times the age of the universe, and it’s very hard to even tell that that isotope is radioactive. Only fairly recently, in fact, has it been proved that bismuth 209 (Z-83) is actually radioactive with a half life of 20 quintillion years; it had been considered a stable element, the heaviest one in fact, before then.)

In fact, you can turn this around. If you have a sample of unknown composition that has a lot of beta decay going on in it, you can measure the beta decay energy (or energies) and get a good idea what’s in the sample.

Which is well and good, but in most cases, your unknown sample will not consist of a bunch of these short-lived beta-decaying isotopes. They don’t exist in nature, unless they’re part of a uranium or thorium decay chain.

There’s a way around this. You can expose your sample to a strong beam of neutrons. Some of the atoms in it will capture the neutrons, become unstable isotopes, and reveal what they are. For instance, if you irradiate a sample with neutrons, and then detect Ca-45 decays, you know the sample must have a lot of Ca-44 in it (some of which captured neutrons and became Ca-45). Only a vanishingly tiny fraction of the atoms are altered by this treatment, but you do have the issue of your sample being radioactive for a while after the analysis is performed. This technique is effectively non-destructive since only a small fraction of the nuclei end up moving to the right one on the periodic table, and does see use, it’s called “Neutron Activation Analysis” (the neutrons are deemed to “activate” the nuclei by making them radioactive).

Neutron activation analysis will not tell you about what molecules a sample is made of, only what elements. So, for instance, if it detects some small amount of lead in a rock, you can’t know which ore of lead it is (though you might be able to infer it from what else is in the sample). An atom’s being in or out of a molecule has no effect on its radioactivity, which is what this analysis looks at.


The nuclear force is, today, considered the force that governs alpha decay, as well as nuclear fusion. As well as nuclear fission, but that had not been discovered yet. The neutron was going to be a very useful tool for nuclear physicists, and only thirteen years after it was discovered, the world would be slapped across the face with the realization that it had very practical applications as well.

We can cross a few 1894 mysteries off our list. But we have a new one to take their places.

If there are no electrons in the nucleus, what the heck is up with beta decay? Where does that zippy little beta particle, i.e., electron, come from?

Plus the mystery of the current age: Who the hell actually intentionally voted for Biden?

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!!

Whoever ends up in the cell next to his, tell him I said “Hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for His Fraudulency Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!


130 thoughts on “2021·09·04 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

  1. All our bases are covered!
    Great post Steve.

    I’ve always been more interested in the parts of science that are generally more open to the idea that they don’t know everything.

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    1. That’s not so much the subject area but the people filling it.

      And there’s a historical component, too. A hundred years later, this stuff considered solid knowledge because it has been confirmed over and over again, and if someone shows up and starts to make claims that neutrons are really something else, he will be dismissed, with some justification, unless he meets all of the criteria I mentioned a few weeks ago for shifting to a new theory–his has to explain things that have been bothering the other scientists about neutrons (as far as I know, there’s nothing like that), and make new predictions *different* from what “neutron theory” would predict and they have to pan out. Explaining some other hitherto unrelated question with his new theory is good for bonus points.

      The more “well established” something is, the harder it is to get someone to question it. (And, frankly, most of the challenges are *obviously* flawed.) When working on the frontiers, the scientists of course know they don’t know…that’s the whole point. But they’re also building off a huge foundation of what they already know. Imagine if somehow they had discovered radioactivity *before* Newton discovered his laws and Maxwell set down those equations…they wouldn’t have the tools to discover what they did in those next 20-30 years.

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    1. The word “spinning” reminded me of a racing sail boat named “Spindrift” that was a part of a local yacht club that I was a part of.

      spindrift noun

      spin·​drift | \ ˈspin-ˌdrift \
      Definition of spindrift
      1: sea spray
      especially : spray blown from waves during a gale
      2: fine wind-borne snow or sand
      gale = storm

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    Father God:

    We come to you before the Throne of Grace on our knees to ask You lay Your Healing Hands on our Beloved Brother, Wolf.

    We give You all Honor and Glory and Praise as we put our trust in You to hear our prayer.

    You know only too well the trials and tribulations of our Brother Wolf who suffers daily physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    He rarely complains unless we need to understand something he has gleaned from his suffering we need to know and for that, Father God, we ask You to bless him.

    You know all, see all, and control all in this world so his suffering is well known to You and he knows that trials work patience.

    We ask for Your patience with us because we are impatient for Wolf to heal so he may glorify, honor, and praise You another day.

    Pour Your Healing Oils over his body, Father God.

    Strengthen his lungs and breathe new life into them, Father God.

    Comfort him daily as he brings forth the truth, Father God.

    Guide him daily in Your Truth, Father God.

    Bless him daily for fighting the good fight, Father God.

    Let him know You have not abandoned him, Father God.

    Make his sleep restorative and refreshing, Father God.

    You are the Heavenly Physician who heals all wounds whether they be physical, mental, and/or spiritual.

    We trust You will increase Wolf’s faith as he puts his trust in You and You alone.

    We lean not on our own understanding because Your ways are not our ways.

    We acknowledge You in all of our ways because You and only You will make our path straight.

    We ask you to make the path straight for our Beloved Brother Wolf and that with each step he takes, he can feel Your Healing Power.

    We ask it all in the Precious and Holy Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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  3. sluggish posting here suddenly…

    connecting via my email, ok…

    but thru browser, I’m getting..


    waiting for the blue bus…

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  4. This was intended for the Sadie / Steve bantering over gold, silver…

    Steve. Appreciate the videos.

    Looks like, The Broadmoor @ Colorado Springs will host American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money, March 10-12, 2022.

    Stars won’t likely align for me to attend. That looks like a very nice venue and good times.

    Sadie, YEA, it is so nice to actually own silver and gold. See and hold. 🙂

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        1. ok…yep…my bad…I even posted at QTree, thinking I was at UTree…



          anyway…it was here at UTree where I got the ERROR when I tried to log on from browser, earlier.

          it’s ok now.

          thanks for that thang ! 🙂

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  5. Bringing over here something Cthulhu wrote so I can respond to it:

    Cthulhu’s post:

    Now, I have an eventual destination for this, which will be headless…..but I also understand that the very latest version of Pi’s Linux has built-in ORCA, which I want to try. So I will initially flash the SD for Pi’s flavor of Linux, verify everything works, then come back and flash it with Ubuntu MATE later.

    I’ll also try to take good notes about what I’m doing to help coach RAC through lighting his up (although they will, sadly, be different versions).

    Earlier posts in this chain were, I think, comprehensible to non-Linux people (I’ll say “normies” from now on). Then the wheels came off here.

    This is full of jargon that will be impenetrable to “normies”. “Headless” (I know that one; many won’t.

    What the hell is ORCA? SD? Then I got to RAC but at least there I realized that was someone’s initials but my FIRST thought was it was yet more linux shorthand that linux people don’t like to have to expand.

    You flipped from trying to explain Linux to normies, to assuming you were talking to Linux people, and when I see most Linux people do this, they get very condescending when their audience asks what the alphabet soup means (you won’t be, I know), which is a gigantic turn off. Then they wonder why so many people use Micro$haft and CrApple products.

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  6. They FRIKKIN knew the BOMB WAS COMING!!!

    No one has asked…..


    We lost 13 souls, may they RIP. There are 15 in Walter Reed in horrible shape, pray for them.🙏🙏

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  7. My comment to :

    New Political Moonshine:

    Flatten the Curve Forever
    September 3, 2021
    From the article:

    “Evidence therefore suggests that in combination with bad advisement from a wide slate of counsel and cabinet members, Trump determined that it was in the nation’s best interest for him to diverge from plans and then vacate the Executive. This decision accounts for how the status quo has been reached.”


    Does not compute.

    I am inclined to agree with Scott

    If the threat was made, they had to LEAVE FOOT PRINTS and those could be traced.

    I think that Q is closer to the mark:

    Everything shown has meaning.
    You are watching a ‘scripted’ movie.

    Is that scripted move THE PLANDEMIC???

    Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.
    MSM role?
    Push conspiracy theory.
    Social media role?
    Push conspiracy theory and institute new rules allowing for ban.
    The graphic is key.
    Re-read graphic (ex: what family did Soros replace (Y)).
    Part II – How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children).
    What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)?
    All that you know to be right is wrong.
    The ‘cult’ runs the world.
    Fantasy land.
    The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).
    20% public.
    80% private.
    The world would otherwise collapse.

    40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label.
    Was necessary.
    For God & Country.

    Re-electing Trump would do nothing since the Deep State aka THE UN-FIREABLE SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE THAT ACTUALLY RUNS THE USA. All it would do is delay the NWO-Cabal for a few years.

    Prevent AT ALL costs.
    Traitors ALL.
    MSM will portray progressive activists as a large part of the pop – this is FALSE.
    No possibility of compromise.
    Do not underestimate our resolve.
    We stand at the ready.

    This is not just for the USA but for the entire world and we are seeing people WAKE THE F…CK-UP!

    Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.
    Crimes against children unite all humanity [cross party lines]?
    Difficult truths.


    Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.
    Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.
    Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.
    Seeing is Believing.
    Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.
    It had to be this way.
    This is not another 4-year election.

    I have been very skeptical of the District of Criminals for DECADES but even I have been surprised at the JAW DROPPING EVIL of these unholy Satanic B@$T@RD$$$….!!

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  8. With China
    They lack lateral thinking.
    Eg. they discovered that curved glass could magnify or diminish but never applied it to the common visual degeneration of age. Glasses and even just magnifying lenses revolutionised western society – craftsmen, artisans and those who read were coming into the peak of their skills/ mental prowess when their eyes robbed them of some of their most productive years
    Gunpowder was invented by China. Who used it for fireworks. A westerner looked at it and thought that force could throw a projectile.
    The endless warring of the European states made the people very inventive

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    1. Schoolchildren have discovered that applying orange juice to a Covid lateral flow test can generate a fake “positive” result. The Guardian also verified it works with ketchup and Coca Cola. If you were coming up on a vaccine mandate, faking a positive test, so you could say you had the virus and already had superior immunity might be the way to go.

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      1. I’m not taking any tests.
        I’m not going to justify myself to tyrants.

        Go along to get along is just playing their game.
        Now, I might be more cowardly than I think, but so far, this stand feels right to me.

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  9. Well this is a new one, not said that previously, feckin variants.

    Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

    Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to http://www.theqtree.com because this web site requires a secure connection.

    http://www.theqtree.com has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Firefox can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

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  10. Is this the thread for Monday the 6th of September?

    The Q tree is SPINNNnnnnnnnnnnngggg AGAIN!


    Scott has been asking what are they waiting FOR to drop the Arizona audit.

    Jack Posobiec in this 12 minute video gives a BIG CLUE….


    Interesting that it is the MILITARY., but NOT the top ranks.


    ….Barack Obama launched an accelerated purge of thousands of American patriots from virtually every government agency — including our intelligence services and the military —while replacing them with party loyalists and political operatives loyal not to the country and the Constitution, but to him and his globalist and progressive-socialist agendas.

    It was a purge of patriots and a takeover of government that began early on in his first term…

    So how pervasive is the SES?

    Here’s a list of the number of SES employees that were embedded in the following government agencies at the end of Obama’s 2nd term in 2016:

    Department of Education – 86
    Department of Housing & Urban Development – 115
    Department of the Air Force – 182
    Department of Labor – 200
    Department of State – 204
    Department of Transportation – 231
    Department of Interior – 258
    Department of the Army – 261
    Department of the Navy – 326
    Department of Veterans Affairs – 357
    Department of Agriculture – 361
    Department of Commerce – 425
    Department of the Treasury – 458
    Department of Health & Human Services – 468
    Department of Defense – 478
    Department of Energy – 490
    Department of Homeland Security – 639
    Department of Justice – 821
    All Other Agencies (all non-Cabinet level agencies) – 1,796
    And it wasn’t just a purge of patriots from governmental agencies…

    Obama’s purge of the military was especially damaging to our national security, as he literally gutted the command structure of the U.S. military.

    Not to mention the demoralization of the ranks due to his policies of radical political correctness.

    In all, Obama’s patriot purge included 9 Senior Commanding Generals, 2 Nuclear Commanders, 197 high ranking Senior, General and Flag Officers, along with thousands of non-commissioned officers…

    With perhaps the most glaring example being the firings of U.S. Army General Carter Ham and Rear Admiral Chuck Gaouette…

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    1. Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f74fbc No.5704553 📁
      Mar 15 2019 14:03:57 (EST)
      >>5704151 (/pb)
      “I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump—I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough—until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad,” he told Breitbart on Thursday, and then tweeted out the remark.” — [POTUS — LINK]

      Same day?
      How much more obvious can we make it?

      I think that this was a bit of mis-direction. POTUS was NOT talking about the support of OH!Bummer’s Generals, he was talking about the rank and file.

      Jack Posobiec is talking about a revolt within the RANK & FILE.

      Sep 14 2020 11:34:31 (EST)

      Worth remembering [think what you see today].

      Click to access 119629.pdf

      Insurgency can be defined as ‘the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify, or challenge political control of a region.’ [Sounds like what OH!Bummer did to the Federal Bureaucracy.]

      Insurgents seek to subvert or displace the government and completely or partially control the resources and population of a given territory. They do so through the use of force (including guerrilla warfare, terrorism and coercion/intimidation), propa- ganda, subversion and political mobilization. Insurgents fight government forces only to the extent needed to achieve their political aims: their main effort is not to kill counterinsurgents, but rather to establish a competitive system of control over the population, making it impossible for the government to administer its territory and people. Insurgent activity is therefore designed to weaken government control and legitimacy while increasing insurgent control and influence. [Sure sounds like Bye-Done’s admin. which certainly is NOT Legitimate and has done much to generate distrust in the US government.]

      Insurgents require supporters, recruits, safe havens, money, supplies, weapons and intelligence on government actions. A robust insurgency can be waged with the support of just a small percentage of a given population.

      Counterinsurgency may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.

      Jun 29 2020 23:19:14 (EST) <— NOTE DATE!!!

      …Will we be a free nation under God?
      Or will we cede our freedom, rights and liberty to the enemy?
      We all have a choice to make. .
      Evil [darkness] has never been so exposed to light.
      They can no longer hide in the shadows.

      Our system of government has been infiltrated by corrupt and sinister elements.
      Democracy was almost lost forever.
      Think HRC install: [2+] Supreme Court Justices, 200+ judges, rogue elements expanded inside DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, WH, STATE, …….removal 2nd amendment, border etc. ……… America for sale: China, Russia, Iran, Syria…….ISIS & AL Q expansion…….expansion surv of domestic citizens…….modify/change voter rules and regulations allow illegals+ballot harvesting w/ SC backed liberal-social opinion………sell off of military to highest bidder to fight internal long-standing wars……..

      Their thirst for a one world order [destruction of national sovereignty] serves to obtain control over America [and her allies [think EU]] by diluting your vote to oblivion and installing a new one world ruling party.
      The start of this concept began with organizations such as: world health org, world trade org, united nations, ICC, NATO, etc., [all meant to weaken the United States] also the formation of EU through threat [con] of close proximity attack [attack on one is an attack on all – sales pitch to gen public – fear control].

      Re: EU _did each member nation cede sovereignty to Brussels?
      Re: EU _each member must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas [think immigration, currency, overall control].

      Their thirst to remove your ability to defend yourself serves to prevent an uprising to challenge their control.
      There is a fundamental reason why our enemies dare not attack [invade] our borders [armed citizenry].
      If America falls so does the world.
      If America falls darkness will soon follow.

      Only when we stand together, only when we are united, can we defeat this highly entrenched dark enemy.
      Their power and control relies heavily on an uneducated population.

      A population that trusts without individual thought.
      A population that obeys without challenge.

      A population that remains outside of free thought, and instead, remains isolated living in fear inside of the closed-loop echo chamber of the controlled mainstream media.
      This is not about politics.
      This is about preserving our way of life and protecting the generations that follow.
      We are living in Biblical times.
      Children of light vs children of darkness.
      United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity.

      June 5th

      ….They knew they could not destroy America through invasion.
      Infiltration at the highest levels of government, media, science, health, military CoC, …..

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      1. Oct 22 2020
        Q, you magnificent bastard!

        Only the beginning, Padawan.
        They can no longer hide in the shadows [big tech, big media, [D] party being exposed for all to see].
        Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: a8c21e No.11220122 📁
        Oct 22 2020 17:01:25 (EST)

        This is not going away.
        Corruption at highest levels of gov.
        DOJ_FBI_MSDNC ‘political elite’ protection struggles during BRIGHT SUNNY days.


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      2. Which is why Mao said he would defeat America without firing a shot.

        Dumbing down, turning men into women (soy, trans, alphabet soup, etc.) and women into men (women’s lib, “empowerment” (power Frauen)(Power Cows), abortion, “free” sex, etc. Then fomenting anti-war sentiment whilst igniting purposeless wars with the help of the UN (Korean, Vietnam, etc.). Destroying the churches, schools, and other institutions via planted subversive agents, “working” their way up through the ranks until they hit the SES, where they cannot be fired. [Talk about Mandarins (like the UK); Gilbert and Sullivan even wrote an operetta about it: “The Mikado”, ostensibly about Japan, but really about England and China].

        This has been developing for decades, if not centuries (say, since 1776). At least we see it now. The only questions are what can we do, who might actually be doing something (that often we can’t see), and when will this crappy movie be over with so I can get some REAL nachos with a Margarita or two to go with it (with a bacon chaser)…..

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          1. Steve I am getting the spinning again on Qtree now up on FireFox. While Brave has moved from “waiting for available socket” to “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”

            DARN IT!!!

            They really dislike me!

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      1. I got that kind of error once and it was because I hadn’t updated the time on the VM and the new cert was in the future according the the VM’s way of looking at things.

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  11. One accessed the Q Tree earlier this morning with no problems.
    But 5 minutes ago, nope and “Connection is Not Secure” error message.

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  12. Your connection isn’t private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from http://www.theqtree.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).
    http://www.theqtree.com uses encryption to protect your information. When Microsoft Edge tried to connect to http://www.theqtree.com this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to pretend to be http://www.theqtree.com, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Microsoft Edge stopped the connection before any data was exchanged.

    You can’t visit http://www.theqtree.com right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

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    1. I am also getting the errors and have come here. How does that twitter account stay open when he is so abusive … I LOVE IT! maybe he’s trying to get booted…

      because fauxbidden didnt win and he’s (they’re) making his (their) move to NWO

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  13. Wow, ** somebody ** really mounted an attack on the Q Tree. No access, no workarounds, nothing.

    About “President” Biden’s DIKTAT SPEECH today (and by the way, the person speaking very likely was NOT the real Joe Biden — this looks like the body double that has the eyes a tad too close together, attached earlobes, and the bottom of the chin is wide than those of the real Biden) —
    One posits that Dr. Anthony “Fauci-Mengele” wrote this diktat speech.
    NONE of “President” Biden’s handlers or speechwriters would have been able to come up with a “Medical Mussolini” rant like the one of this afternoon.

    Watch for the AMA and the CDC start to put hard pressure on state Medical Licensing boards to REMOVE the licenses to practice of ANY MD, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant, who prescribes ANY alternative / “off-label” prophylactic or infection treatment for COVID or any of the “variants.”

    One can testify that the pharmacies that partner with FLCCC are either OUT or Ivermectin (and don’t know if / when they’ll get new supplies); or that new supplies have been ordered but are WAY late in getting delivered. Also, some of the partner pharmacies listed through the FLCCC website MAY NOT have a “License to Practice” in your state. This would mean that, say, you find an FLCCC partner pharmacy in, say, Florida, if you live in another state, that Florida pharmacy would need a “multi-state” or “interstate” license in order to fill your Ivermectin prescription and send it to you. If they don’t have this license, you’ll have to look for another pharmacy from the list and talk to them.

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    1. Look what I got trying to reconnect to the Qtree.

      Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

      Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to http://www.theqtree.com because this website requires a secure connection.

      What can you do about it?

      http://www.theqtree.com has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Firefox can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

      The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it.

      If you are on a corporate network or using anti-virus software, you can reach out to the support teams for assistance. You can also notify the website’s administrator about the problem.

      Learn more…

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  14. The Bias News
    The Bias News


    The Bias News
    The Bias News



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  15. I am going to put these comments here too:

    Got it in ONE!

    They do not want us ORGANIZING A RESPONSE!


    Joe Biden Says Covid Vax Mandates Are “Not About Freedom or Personal Choice” (VIDEO)


    Steve Austin (A-J-M) marilyn r johnson • 2 hours ago • edited
    Solution: Organized Work Stoppages

    Organize Now

    Faith Based Exemptions Available Under Title 7 Of The U.S. Civil Rights Act Of 1964

    Pursuant To Research & Development Of Covid Shots Relying On Embryonic Stem Cell Technology.

    9/7/2021: WV Governor: 25% Increase Of Deaths Among Fully Vaccinated

    https : //gab . com/WarRoomShow/posts/106893541131528919

    9/6/2021 Daily Coronavirus Cases Up over 300% from Last Labor Day Despite Vaccines

    www . Breitbart . com/politics/2021/09/06/daily-coronavirus-cases-up-over-300-from-last-labor-day-despite-vaccines/

    9/5/2021 Dr. Says Feds Covering Up Vaccine Deaths, Says Covid Equal To Just Acute Flu, Accuses Feds, Healthcare Systems & Pharmacies Of Suppressing Non-Vax Covid Treatments

    https : //banned . video/watch?id=6132a3a930a45e079f9aaef5

    U.S. Army Hiring Internment-Resettlement Specialists

    (Openings Posted August 7, 2021)

    Prerequisites Do Not Include Foreign Language Capability – American Detainees?

    www . jobsinlogistics . com/cgi-local/search.cgi?action=ViewJobDetails&JobIndNum=17819244

    Internment and Resettlement Operations (U.S. Army, 2010)

    – Transportation Of Detainees By Rail (Page 4-16)

    https : //info . publicintelligence . net/USArmy-InternmentResettlement.pdf

    Operational Considerations for Humanitarian Settings

    (CDC, July 26, 2020)

    – Separating … Individuals From The General Population
    – “Separation From Family Members”
    – “Neighborhood Camps”

    www . cdc . gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/shielding-approach-humanitarian.html


    Planning for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine (I&Q) of a large portion of a local, rural population.

    https : //ruraltraining . org/course/mgt-433/

    Australia: “Mandatory Quarantine Accommodations” By 2022

    – Objectives: “Improving Compliance … Changing Attitudes”
    – Will Be Active “Over The Next Two To Three Years”

    https : //www . vic . gov . au/victorian-quarantine-hub

    Share With Others.

    Major U.S. Talk Radio Program Phone Numbers

    https : //www . audacy . com/stations/news-talk

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  16. LADY AMINA (@Alpha_Mind7) Tweeted:
    “Just following the rules.”

    A Kindergarten child was kicked out of school for not wearing mask. The family claimed a religious exemption using 1st Amendment rights. The school no longer recognizes the CONSTITUTION!!! https://t.co/UiRgzIZidf

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  17. Part of this is to draw attention away from everything else so we should MULTI-TASK!
    (If you do a work stoppage you will have plenty of time.)

    SO it is time to MAKE A LIST of WHAT YOU WILL CALL/WRITE/FAX your representatives about:

    1. forcing a vaccine that is NOT FULLY VETTED with 1,000s of deaths (CDC said there were 6,207 reports of death among people who received a Covid-19 vaccine up to 26 July not to mention severe adverse reactions.)
    Good Article: Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?
    He suggest that the vaccination rates are A LOT LOWER than the government is saying and they HAVE TO HAVE high rates or they can not blame Covid for the resulting sterility.

    2. THE DEBT CEILING — NO! NO! NO! Cut the government don’t raise the ceiling. We can not pay the debt we already have.



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