295 thoughts on “New Continuous Bypass Daily Thread for The Q Tree

      1. Anything short of it is giving in to their evil. The game the uni-party plays involves letting the occasional patriot and/or conservative win with their rigged system for the appearance of being honest. Which is why PDT beat Cankles. In reality, they already have mapped out plans to undercut the winner’s agenda, which undercuts We the People. If that target can be bought or blackmailed, they keep on keeping on. If not, like PDT, they have to smear, undermine initiatives, and use Lawfare to do the dirty. Even to the point of being openly corrupt and murderous because they know their own Achilles Heel.

        It’s one big club and we are not in it. I am thankful for that. But I want to take them down.

        If we can lock down the election methodology and assure legitimate votes – the cornerstone for their demise will be in place.

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  1. AND the site is back down.

    Here is what I was about to say to Scott, referring to the parts of the military who let the STEAL happen, or worse yet HELPED it happen.


    They didn’t just do that. The “woke generals” SET US UP on January 6. They helped FRAME TRUMP. They tried to DESTROY Trump’s base. They tried to DESTROY PATRIOTS – with the help of Dodge and FIB and Mobby Pelosi.

    IMO they should resign NOW to avoid what needs to happen to them.

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      1. Desperate and panicked people do terrible things. Afghanistan is just the beginning.

        The enemy has several ways out of this, and none of them are pleasant. They will use them before they give up power, IMO.

        Releasing a virus with a sub-1% mortality was a baby step.

        I think these people are worse than Hitler.

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  2. Why is cpanel complaining about “www.theqtree.com/2021/08/21/2021%c2%b708%c2%b721-joe-biden-didnt-win-daily-thread/ (port 80)”? Shouldn’t it all be on port 443?

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        1. That’s what I thought. No way you have been putting these together in an hour or two. I know cause I used to author too and mine where nothing like your’s.

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    1. Yeah, the banner there is set up on the notion that you can see the page, but can’t post…so it sends you here.

      If you can’t see the page, no way to know what to do unless you have U Tree bookmarked.

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    2. I think you were gone when I made a big deal about coming here when the site is down, when we had the first major outages.

      I’m not saying everybody remembers, but when we had our first really big bunch of partial outages, I even created a link on the main page to report outages here. Later we changed that – just fail over to here – generally the top post which *I* have authored (that way I see who’s here).

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        1. People are going to have to get used to treating this as the second site, where the stuff toward the top is active. We are in a classic refugee / border scenario right now.

          At some point the other site will go dark for a long time, but right now we are building up credibility for my next demands.

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            1. Just being honest. We are not in control of the site. It was wrestled from us under false pretenses.

              I predict we’ll have to abandon it and huddle on Gab at some point, if two or three next steps fail.

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              1. The site is now more under your control than when we were on wordpress.com . You chose a particular pseudo-managed hosting provider who has been bumping you around — potentially through malice, but also possibly through not understanding the nature of this site, their customer.

                There are other hosting providers with other levels of support. You have the databases with posts and comments and all the other fun (hopefully backed up), as well as the WordPress instance. You’ve already done the heavy lifting — however unappetizing it may sound to do another pain-in-the-ass move.

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  3. This is really bad.

    It Begins. Former British Commander in Afghanistan Calls for Joe Biden’s Court-Martial (VIDEO)


    During his interview with Mark Levin Col. Kemp said the fall of Afghanistan has devastating effects on NATO. “President Biden has completely destroyed his credibility single-handedly… Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are strong in Afghanistan. They will operate freely. And they can operate more freely than before 9-11. Jihadists from around the world will train, flock to Afghanistan… There is no one more who is cheering this than Russia and China. They will now see they have pretty much an open field… In my opinion. I don’t say this often, and I don’t say this lightly. And I’ve never said this about anybody else. Any other leader in this position. People are talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t think President Biden should be impeached. He’s the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces who has just essentially surrendered to the Taliban. He shouldn’t be impeached. He should be court-martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States Armed Forces.“

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        1. I’m not going to lay out my strategy here, but people need to be prepared for a lot of turbulence.

          I think actual WAR is coming.

          IMO the site is down because FDA is going to approve the killer vaccine on Monday, and mandates will start in earnest. The third booster is going to be the beginning of controlling people by vaccine addiction. The level of antibodies from shot #3 will be enough that withdrawal at the next variant will likely be bad enough to scare people into compliance to get shot #4.

          We have two choices – slavery, or all hell breaks loose.

          CHOOSE WISELY.

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    1. Yeah, this would make sense, but Joe Biden is not actually in control, and the DUPES in NATO need to figure out quickly that Trump was RIGHT about NATO.

      IMO, NATO is HEAVILY INFILTRATED with Soviet ringers, dupes, and globalists wingnuts who believe the ringers. That anybody in NATO thinks Biden is actually running things is laughable. Biden a PUPPET to keep Obama’s communist hands clean.

      The only way to ACTUALLY court-martial the people behind this is to get the following:

      The ENTIRE Obama White House, including Obama and Valerie Jarrett
      The Biden-Hillary State Department who helped arrange this
      George Soros and all his actors and clients inside Washington
      The BELFER CENTER and all the ChiCom tools who belong to it.

      Raheem Kassam Asks – Is Biden’s National Security Advisor Incompetent? Then Reveals A Far More Sinister Explanation For His ‘Bungling’ Of Afghanistan


      REVEALED: Biden Advisers’ Deep Ties To Chinese Communist Party Military And Propaganda.


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  4. Here’s a thought.

    Given that this latest thing looked a lot like a DNS attack (DNS couldn’t find the site), publish the actual IP address so people can save it and type it in if they need to.

    And for some reason my comments here are taking a long time to show up. Am I being binned?

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    1. DNS used to work like that — a straightforward URL -> IP translation. Now you have to “knock” on the right IP with the right “calling card” for it to open the right site. If you look at just the IP, we share this addy with a whole bunch of strangers…..with the emphasis on strange.

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      1. dig http://www.theqtree.com –> our IP is

        Using https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/ , we share this IP addy with:

        anonymize.com , badgoy.net , bubblicorn.com , crackstreams.com , daviddiep.com ,
        epik.com [undoubtedly why we’re here] , hispachan.org , hispasexy.org , lydialeather.com ,
        nyaa.net , operami.com , sukebei.nyaa.net , texasgop.org [!!!] , tinnitusadios.com ,
        ufon.com , http://www.hispachan.org , http://www.hispasexy.org , http://www.operami.com , http://www.texasgop.org ,
        http://www.ufon.com , yuggie.live , z.zz.ht

        So you’d have to go to and give the secret knock for **** — and ask **** to be routed onto the subnet where http://www.theqtree.com lives, then present our calling card at qtree. Just having the numeric IP no longer gets you there.

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    1. QUOTE:

      Vorhies’ new book is called “Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Exposé of Big Tech Censorship.” The book dropped earlier this month.

      “The madness of Big Tech and their attempt to mold our reality into a version compatible with their globalist view of the world has never been portrayed better than in this chilling account by Google whistleblower,” the book’s listing on Amazon states.

      “As a senior engineer at Google for many years, Zach was aware of their bias, but watched in horror as the 2016 election of Donald Trump seemed to drive them into dangerous territory. The American ideal of an honest, hard-fought battle of ideas — when the contest is over, shaking hands and working together to solve problems — was replaced by a different, darker ethic alien to this country’s history,” the description adds.

      Vorhies said he left Google in 2019 with 950 pages of internal documents and gave them to the Justice Department.

      It is unclear what, if anything, the DOJ did with those documents.

      Vorhies also made the documents public with the help of Project Veritas in 2019. The former employee previously told Project Veritas and founder James O’Keefe how he was able to get ahold of the documents from his former employer in 2019.

      “These documents were available to every single employee within the company that was full time. And so as a full-time employee at the company, I just searched for some keywords, and these documents started to pop up,” he said.

      “And so once I started finding one document and started finding keywords for other documents and I would enter that in and continue this cycle until I had a treasure trove and archive of documents that clearly spelled out the system, what they’re attempting to do in very clear language,” he concluded.

      Vorhies spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year, alongside O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

      “Google, Facebook and the Big Tech oligarchs represent the Trojan horse for totalitarianism,” he said.


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  5. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/08/21/antony-blinken-admits-diplomats-sent-cable-warning-of-potential-swift-taliban-he-ignored-it/

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted reading an internal cable from about two dozen diplomats warning of the potential swift Taliban takeover of Afghanistan as U.S. troops were pulling out in mid-July, about a month before the jihadi group forced the collapse of the country’s government and military Sunday.

    The group of U.S. diplomats reportedly sent the confidential cable, signed on July 13, through a so-called dissent channel and offered recommendations on ways to deal with the situation and accelerate an evacuation.

    Nevertheless, even after reading the cable, the secretary continued to assure the public that the fall of Afghanistan after the full departure of U.S.-led NATO troops expected to be completed by the end of August was a far-fetched notion.

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        1. I don’t think so – not with the default plugins. There IS a way to post it, by an HTML link, but it’s tough. If you try to post it, I may be able to fix it by editing.

          BTW, just sent you an author invitation for this place. I’m trying to get all the authors backed up over here.

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          1. Okay, thanks.
            It probably went to my old email address that I used to set up my WP account.

            In which case, it might take me a bit to open it…because I’m having trouble accessing that email again.

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            1. I sent it to the one that is in use both on the new Q Tree and U Tree, if that helps. But it may either go into spam, OR it may be thrown out by the provider, who is notorious for trashing Gab emails.

              I may be able to just add you and send you a PW reset. I’ll see.

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        1. LOL! You did get a bit burned by an author on that one. Let me explain.

          I’m only encouraging current authors to be on two sites that I and I alone control (information exclusive to myself, state actors, and hosting companies). Authors give up nothing they have not given up already, in this case – just making a change in status.

          This is not true when going to Marica’s and other sites with more moderators and admins, and lower levels of administrative security. That’s where problems come into play for people who require high levels of privacy. Some authors are more aware of the risks than others.

          IMO authoring issues are always a source of trouble, and authoring conversations also tend to be very personal, and thus I was in agreement that it’s a bad idea to drag that stuff into the open for group discussion. It’s not so much doxxing (IMO) as social hacking and “imposition of security weaknesses.” I know too much about the privacy needs of authors, but also their vulnerabilities. They need a certain amount of protection from scrutiny, IMO, above what they understand.

          But more than that, an adaptive response to further censorship is better, IMO, than giving the enemy the plans right out in the open. We have such a response in place. Those who know, know.

          No worries. 😎

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  6. Have we got any word from the site service peeps about (a) what is going on, (b) what we might look for in imminent future, and (c) an expected date/time when it’ll be “normal”?

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  7. The AUS govt is nearly irredeemably batshit evil or crazy. This right here is nonsensical.

    “Several impounded dogs due to be rescued by a shelter have instead been shot dead by a rural council in NSW under its interpretation of COVID-19 restrictions, alarming animal activists and prompting a government probe.

    Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government.”


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      1. I wont put this on Sunday’s thread. Too 😥. Going to take a break for a day or 2 to clear my head, spend fun time with my son next week. So “something” political usually happens. Tis life.
        You have a healthy happy Sunday Wolf!

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    1. Just like Cuba during the revolution. Havanese, the breed we have, were hunted down and killed because they were the pets of the monied people. 17 specimens were used to resurrect the breed. And now they are everywhere…and expensive.

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        1. Our Lab wasn’t all that expensive, but she was an auction puppy. The Havanese…Ying was essentially on clearance as she was one of the last two puppies left in a litter of seven and Yang was returned to the breeder who more or less gave him away. He was expensive in vet bills later.

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  8. Seems that the response at the q tree is back to pre cough cough intervention levels. If the page has a lot of yellow/unread additions the jetpack bars at top right (that is jetpack/disquz talking, right?) seems to take longer and longer as the page ages. Or at least that is what seems to be happening.

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        1. Those two links are as new as the new site. They’re a default part of the “Meta” widget. I just left them in there.

          The main point is that people can grab the URLs to follow the comments or posts here. For good or for evil. Their choice.

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  9. I was on theqtree all morning, and now Malwarebytes is blocking it with this warning:

    Website blocked due to riskware
    Website blocked: animal.memozee.com

    Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
    We strongly recommend you do not continue.
    Tooltip icon
    Do not block this site again for malware

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    1. Quick note to Linda and the authors. A commie in Philly posting under the name “Linda” wants to get in and engage on election fraud. Please do not approve any binned posts. Everybody has been EXCELLENT about not doing so, but just a reminder. This one seems artful.

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        1. Sometimes a comment will not post but will go into a “bin” for approval by Wolf. It happens if you include too many links (like 10 or something) and sometimes for unpredictable reasons. I wouldn’t worry. 😊

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          1. Just tried to post this at the cough cough hosted site and it’s not working …

            You say “jump” and we’ll say “how high?” 🙂


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