Fake Elections. PROVEN.

I was about to step outside today, but I decided to turn on OAN and see if they were showing Mike Lindell’s symposium.

They were.

That physicist was on. Dr. Frank. I had missed the most recent “Proof” videos.

I watched him. POLYNOMIALS. Cool. CURVES.

I saw him show how FAKE ELECTIONS work.

H/T Sundance:

There is no GOOD or NATURAL explanation for what he showed us. He showed us a HUMAN HAND (more or less) on what should be NATURAL DATA.


I’m a scientist. My GUT – my scientific GUT – has this THING that goes off when I’m onto something – when a new understanding hits me like a ton of bricks.

When I saw what he found, my jaw dropped.

Now. I. Understand. The. SCAM. The “Pre-Scam”. It’s so beautiful. It’s utterly beautiful. It actually apes a pattern of creation.


Pre-cheating at the registration stage is CUNNING, and it’s SMART, but they were LAZY.

What they did was fascinating, and THEY GOT CAUGHT.

Now here is the horrible thing. They can cover this up in the NEXT election, unless we do something.

Mike Lindell is right. They have been stealing elections for so long.

Clinton’s “motor voter” fits into this. It’s part of the SET-UP.

It’s huge. This is huge.

Any scientist who sees what Dr. Frank showed us, who denies that the votes we are getting are utter bullshit, is a traitor to science itself.

Holy CRAP.


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    Wolfie, can you contact the hosting provider? The constant outages are unacceptable, especially if you are paying for the service. I’d be DOWN THEIR THROATS!! Let me know if you need me to come over there. I used to chew vendors azzes for a living.😉


        1. I’m getting the same message bfly. I can’t get in to the QTree. I was in briefly, then out. It’s been like that since last night. In briefly, then out. I get a variety of different messages, but they all say basically it is a problem with the hosting site. The server can’t find the page, etc.

          Wolfie’s not feeling so hot.

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            1. bflyjesusgrl,
              I appreciated your synopsis of the info Mike Lindell put out this am. I tried to sort out the interview between ML & S Bannon but got sidetracked by the crosstalk between them.
              I hope you are ok with me sharing over at Marica’s (with attribution of course)

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