Report Q Tree Lockouts Here

Your comment may go into moderation – don’t worry if it does. Once I answer it, you are out of moderation here, and we will get you back into the main blog.

This is often the fastest way to get back into The Q Tree if you get locked out.

Thank you!


279 thoughts on “Report Q Tree Lockouts Here

  1. Maybe I got locked out. Tried to post the day (night) you were doing something buy I has=d also just CC ckeaned my computer of cookies, etc. Have tried a couple times since then but can’t post.
    Bfkyjesusgorl asked about Vaers so wanted to post this:

    The New VAERS Numbers Are Out Today:

    463,456 Adverse Events
    30,781 Hospitalizations
    9,274 Disabled
    3,906 Heart Attacks
    2,466 Myocarditis Reactions
    1,073 Miscarriages
    10,991 Deaths

    100% safe and effective.

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      1. Thursday July 29, can’t log in on the other site. When I hit the log in button I get a page that says it cant be found. But I can read the site okay.


          1. I just tried opening in a new tab copy/paste & got this message:

            Not Found
            The requested URL /wp-login.php?action=register was not found on this server.

            However this is what I see in the URL window


            I tried a couple different ways, but all failed…

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          2. Hmm, I just used your link copy/paste into a different tab & got the register for Q-tree info, clicked on login w/ WP, I was already logged in to WP, & got the Q-Tree dashboard. So now it’s working Again for me…finally (after many unsuccessful attempts). I had done another computer re-start so don’t know if that was a factor or if you changed something on your your end. Thanks for fighting for us, Wolf!

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  2. For the third day in a row, I got this message when trying to log in at the QTree: But later in the day I have been able to log in.

    Not Found

    The requested URL /wp-login.php? was not found on this server.

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      1. I just did some tweaking. If the lockouts don’t stop, I will send you a password reset. Be careful about cookie cleaning – I think a lot of people have been wiping their login credentials!


  3. Hey Wolf, the Q-Tree is acting weird for me after shutdown & restart of my computer. Usually I have to re-log into WP after sd but my open Q-Tree tab claimed I was still logged in. I had the black bar but clicking on the bell would show nothing. Also I clicked likes that never appeared & hovered over like #s but never saw who liked anything…

    I thought I’d try to logout & re-login, but this is the message I got:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-login.php?action=logout& was not found on this server.

    I logged in to WP in a different tab so I’ll see if refreshing that Q-Tree tab changes anything…

    So I then refreshed that Q-Tree tab & attempted to login since the black bar was gone…& got this message

    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-login.php? was not found on this server.

    So it appears though I’m logged into WP I cannot currently log into Q-Tree again…& I have a number of Q-Tree related tabs open, likely at least a half dozen+ in various windows, fyi…

    I had a similar error code to the one above (not sure if exactly the same or not) on my Q-Tree edit post that’s open (on logistics for my personal use) so I backtracked & got a page w/ a pink box to click to login to WP as myself & got this message:

    Error: Invalid nonce.

    Hope some of this is helpful to you…& sorry to need more hand-holding to get back into Q-Tree. Blessings!!!


  4. Cannot leave comment for third day. I can read, but everything loads slowly.
    I write comment and click ‘post’ and the three bars in upper right that show progress do move, but they go away and nothing has happened. My comment is still in the box. I click several times and same thing happens

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              1. Well, I’ve been posting directly on the U Tree page. Tonight’s the first time I logged into word press in ages. The notifier bell is here, and I’m using it to reply here…


              2. Refreshing/Reloading page on Q tree I do NOT see band at top.
                It wants me to enter my email/name to post, but the post button does nothing.

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              3. I only saw the log in dialog ONE TIME. Now it’s just saying it can’t find the login page.

                Assuming the geronimos are tinkering under the hood, something got changed between 4:05 and 4:15

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              4. Went to link… got this message…

                We’re sorry, you are not allowed to proceed

                Your request looks suspiciously similar to automated requests from spam posting software or it has been denied by a security policy configured by the website administrator.

                If you believe you should be able to perform this request, please let us know.



              5. I’ve stayed logged in on the local instance of wp at theqtree for over a day. Then my machine lost it’s mind a few minutes before 4am and I had to hard reset. A few minutes after 4am is when I went to log in from the “Login” link over the dialog box. Saw the login dialog, choose the local option and saw the page missing error.


              6. Very weird that the crap didn’t start until AFTER they had ALREADY converted us and we were SUPPOSED to be converted. Everybody was posting fine, and then after they tell us things changed, and I announced it right before it was supposed to go down, THEN crap happens.

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              7. NAH.
                If you are dealing with the same guys I’ve dealt with, they just do what they are doing and tell you whatever along the way. Because they are too smart and busy to explain everything.

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              8. Okay, I just retried the password reset and it’s not 403 anymore… I typed in new password and which all seemed normal up to that point. And now it’s error 522 Connection timed out

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              9. Can you open a different browser where you aren’t logged in and take a look at the problem with the “Login” link?


              10. Not exactly true.
                The [Post Comment] button does cause the little bars to twinkle once or twice before offering it’s dead stare. Might be that’s it’s attempt to reach jetpack or somesuch.

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            1. No changes.
              No wp bar at top of q tree pages.
              Can’t post as guest.
              Clicking Login links (side bar or comment box) gives page not found.


      1. It just happened by chance that my computer lost it’s mind (not uncommon, needs my attention, but not now). Since I had to hard reset, I lost my log in. Which by chance allowed me to test logging in. And it seems firmly broken.


    1. I tried dorking around with another browser with no joy; I have now rebooted my system and finding no success. Qtree is not taking comments from lowlifes like me.


      CAN WOLF POST ON QTREE? (Perhaps a “we are experiencing technical difficulties…..”)


    1. Same here. One flash in the pan, and then nothing.
      Tried to “like” a comment, and got a red box saying I’m not allow to like comments.
      How leet of them… Red box, no chocs…

      DEMONRATS gotta demon, I s’pose…

      Need some Irish in me Covfefe, methinks…

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  5. Hey Wolf, I’m locked out again after another computer restart…& I still have Too Many tabs going on my computer & not likely to do serious clean-up of all that until after my daughter’s wedding next month as too much brain power & energy is tied up in wedding prep…

    Sorry to bug you w/ this hassle again 🙂 God Bless!

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      1. Uh Oh…I hope that means you’re having to help a number of people individually (’cause Q-Tree is over the target much & crap is hitting the fan that the deep state was hoping to keep relatively hidden but the Wolf Pack is hot on the scent of prey!)

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      2. Hey Wolf, I’m in now. I went to the main Q-Tree page, scrolled down to the login in the far right margin & logged in via WP as usual….please don’t worry about me individually any more today–thanks.

        Before logging in I clicked on one of your Q-Tree links for Registering in the discussion above & that looked to be working (since it didn’t show a code 404, iirc, like before)–info purely fyi.

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              1. I’m relieved to hear you got some sleep.

                As far as power tools go, remember that you have “The Big Red Switch”. If taking it down for an hour or two gets you up to speed, we’ll live.

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              2. I got what I needed by a few “Geronimo” restoration attempts.

                Our backups are CRAP. The corruption is not removed by restoring back-ups. We’re going to try some new things.

                T3 had the winning comment, when asking if I trusted Epik. NO. I do not. They would not burn it all down to beat an NSL. They likely have wokester infiltration, too. Their shared servers are in England. They could not keep MI6 out of the server room if they TRIED.

                Whatever is going on, it’s not good.

                So we’re going to raise the stakes in various ways.


    1. Hi Wolf. I commented earlier today at this new post, because I had not logged out from the day before. Then an hour later I was automatically logged out and tried to login again, but could not. At first it told me I had attempted to login too may times and then it told me that either my username or password were incorrect. I am able to comment through the guest login and when I do, it shows my username and my color square avatar, so it recognizes me, but I cannot like other posts.


  6. I am unable to log in on the other site (July 29). Clicking teh Log in tab brings me to a page not found as several others above noted. exisAnd trying in separate tab doesn’t help. I normally use Brave browser. So just for fun I opened Tor. Voila! I could then get the log in page. So Tor lets me in but BRave doesn’t. FWIW.

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          1. That’s not bad….you should be able to figure out backups that YOU WANT instead of the default ones offered, so that you can do logical partial restores that work — instead of being disappointed with the backups you have now.

            My mp3 music collection is about 90G, and it is a pain-in-the-tuchis to move (as well as being “obsolete”, because I’m lossless in all my new rips — I’ll should re-rip it all one day, despite being usable as-is).

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            1. Yes – take a look at the post that just went up – it may answer MORE of your questions – although I’m trying not to be too loose-lipped about what is going on, for reasons that may make sense later.


  7. …..and…..sometime in the last 10 minutes all the pages disappeared. If I had an open page, all the comments would disappear from it; if I tried to reload the page to fix the comments, it asked to try to find the page in archives.

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    1. Specifically,

      Oops! That page can’t be found.

      It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

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  8. Okay, some really screwy things are happening right now. First all the comments disappeared in both the daily thread and your thread checking on whether everyone got in. I refreshed the page and they came back. Then suddenly as I was reading they disappeared again. I refreshed the page and the whole 7/28 daily is now gone. I went to the home page and checked out yesterday’s thread. It’s there but there aren’t any comments. Hopefully, you know what’s going on, Wolf. Yikes!

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    1. Yup. I did some “Geronimo” restorations from back-ups to see if that would beat the corruption of the site, and it does not.

      Things are going to get very exciting now. I WILL regain control of the site, and soon, however that has to happen.

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    1. There is no question of Wolf’s dedication to the site.

      This is a good place to leave possibly relevant factoids and breadcrumbs, as well as share experiences.

      How are you doin’ DePat?

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      1. A little scorched from being on a river today, but otherwise alright. FINALLY got the nine year old down. He’s in the 5-6 year phase right now, although we are seeing some seven year old behaviors. Progress.

        Otherwise, going through the ToreSays Telegram feed right now. Interesting stuff if she’s right.

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  9. An apology if I broke something and a caution to others.

    Likes were working then I got one of the red can’t like signs.

    Rapid clicks got 4 of them up all at once till it gave up, after a few dozen more rapid clicks I gave up too.

    However now I cannot like anything, so can only assume it’s revoked my like privileges.

    Don’t antagonize the algorithm.
    Because now it won’t let me post a comment either

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    1. Oh apparently not.
      The likes where working until I tried to post a comment then it wouldn’t let me comment or like.
      It seems like it put my email address in its bad book.

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    1. Well no wonder im gaving issues rn. So btw, i dont have a bell to see comments still. I have to open a window at maricas to use the bell and then toggle back to see if it posts.

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  10. I’m locked out again for second day. Just now I was able to get the log in page but it said no such person. So I went to a registration page. Now it tells me I’ve tried too many times, wait 20 minutes.

    Meanwhile just to comment on the new stab page – sigh! Just as this part of the world starts panicking over increased cases and wants everyone stabbed! I swear the stabs are what CAUSED the increse!


      1. Sorry – it is going to be a very rough ride for a while. The Russian crap artists allied with the Soviet DNC are still getting in with their taint, and I’m going to have to get very nasty, but there are other problems with those solutions, and people will get locked out.

        Securing the site has top priority. We can bring people in AFTER the checkpoints are bulletproof.

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  11. W – FYI, as of 3:40p EDT, 8/1/21; my “bell” is still there but is not functioning properly. As of now, the last notification was the announcement of the posting of the open thread by GrandMa: 7-30-21.

    Also, I’m now not receiving an email that the posts are up.

    Strange …

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    1. OK – here is the story on this.

      First, the emails should be restored now. If they’re not, then just sign up again. I shut that down so that bots could not do ANYTHING on the site. I do NOT want bots registering. I shut down subscriptions, to make sure they could not gain “Subscriber” ranking as registered members. NOW, I’ve opened by up subscription emails to posts and comments. IF that lets bots in, I will turn it off again, but so far it’s looking OK – no bot registrations.

      Next point – the notifier. You have to log out, and then log back in with WORDPRESS if you want it. Very straightforward fix.

      Hope this helps!

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  12. I am locked out. I tried and WP told me my account does not exist. When I checked my account does exist. I tried a couple of ways to get in and now I have to wait 3 hours to try again.
    I can like but not post.


  13. Hey Wolf…im in BUT…
    Trying to load, maricas, daughns or qtree and told site is unreachable. Even after clearing my data. Looked and see that phone is capturing a bunch of WordPress that it didnt use to. So something definitely going on.
    I just got here to log in. Going to hop over to q and see if theres any lag….slow loading this am a bunch, to time out on reply.

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      1. Ok. Shoot. Ive gotten on to maricas now. No prob with login. Theres just nothing. If it goes more that a couple few hours you prob will have to post here again and gab.
        They break in or wp doing something bc of adjustments?


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