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Welcome to The U Tree Canteen. This is where you might come to find inspiration, good music, humor, patriotism and the kind of conversations you find when the crowd thins out and day is winding down.

In the spirit of Wolf’s original post about The Smoking Car, this is also where we come when we are looking for the party in the back of the plane, the car on the train where everybody wants to be, the secluded garden at work where taking a break is the best part of the day.

Lest we forget who we are in the fog of war, we came together because we were longing for more retroculture, that essential goodness which unites us together as We The People.

And, while R&R is very important, Wolf has reminded us we are still at war

Our purpose is the utter destruction of the criminal CCP.
Anything can be posted … – we have free speech.
That said, everybody else does, too.
And we do have a rule. Don’t get in front of our weapons.

General Wolfmoon
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“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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      1. Beautiful pick of POTUS and Melania 🙂
        I like to check this place out and have a couple of laughs before going to sleep.
        You are doing a good job but maybe the others do not know what you are doing here?
        Wolf is keeping everyone busy on the Q Tree and is on a roll 🙂

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    1. No more open thread. ONE LONG CONVERSATION. 😎

      This one is jokes and relaxation. There will be others, too. Maybe one for science. Maybe one for this subject or that. We welcome input and “KICK THE TIRES” on this one first!

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    2. So Jesus, Moses and an old guy go golfing on kind of a stormy day…

      Moses goes first. His drive goes straight towards a water hazard, but the water parts and the ball rolls on dry ground through the hazard and into the green.

      Jesus is next. Same as Moses, his shot goes directly into the water hazard, but his ball rolls on top of the water and lands on the green.

      Finally the old guy steps up. His drive looks good but ends up in the woods off the fairway. A squirrel sees the ball, runs over, picks it up in it’s mouth and starts running onto the fairway with the ball. A hawk dives down and picks up the squirrel and begins to fly off with it. Just as it gets over the green a lightening bolt hits the hawk which drops the squirrel, which drops the ball, which rolls into the cup. Hole in one.

      Jesus smiles as he turns to say, “good shot Dad!”

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            1. No, wait, I’m probably wrong. Authors on WP sites can look at user info. I don’t happen to think that is important and don’t feel a need to to that.

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              1. Then we don’t need to coordinate. I’ve been doing three related music videos and three jokes on a subject every day, just to give the post some “heft” (after all, I’m just a commenter). Back with elements, I tried to do comments regarding the element, then videos, then jokes. When the elements ended, I kept slogging.

                Chesterton’s Gate, and all that.

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              2. The change up in format might allow you a little more creative freedom to only post when you are especially inspired or to engage more with Q Tree conversations. Whatever fits in your own sense of the world … “As you wish!”

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  1. A little more about the Pur.ism Librem phone…

    Decentralized encrypted communications

    The Librem 5 will be the first ever Matrix-powered smartphone, natively using end-to-end encrypted decentralised communication in its dialer and messaging app.

    Matrix is an open ecosystem for interoperable encrypted communication, supporting a rapidly growing community of over 2 million users for VoIP and Slack-style messaging. Allowing you to easily communicate securely to any Internet connected device, including iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, or GNU+Linux machines. Having a native communication suite which allows for Calling, Text Messaging, Group Messaging, and Video Calling is the future of communication.

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        1. Not sure!

          But I do have a memory (in my swiss cheese sketchy form of a brain) of Steve posting a link and my investigating it because I’d like something like this. 🙂

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  2. Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular request, the one and only, Fleetwood Mac.

    For those who may not be aware (or forgot!), as I remember reading about it, lead guitarist Lindsay Buckingham and lead singer Stevie Nicks had been in a relationship which ended badly, and bassist John McVie and Christine McVie (keyboards) divorced.

    It was the aftermath of those ended relationships which inspired all of the music which went into the multi-platinum award winning 1977 Rumours Lp. They were writing songs to each other, or about each other, attacking each other, and however it happened, it turned out to be the best-selling album they ever made, and one of the best-selling albums of all time (No. 6 all-time, 30+ million records sold, according to one source I found).

    There is a lot pain expressed in these songs. In Go Your Own Way (written by Lindsay Buckingham), they’re literally shouting at each other.

    The review describes Rumours this way:

    Rumours is the kind of album that transcends its origins and reputation, entering the realm of legend — it’s an album that simply exists outside of criticism and outside of its time, even if it thoroughly captures its era. Prior to this LP, Fleetwood Mac were moderately successful, but here they turned into a full-fledged phenomenon, with Rumours becoming the biggest-selling pop album to date.

    While its chart success was historic, much of the legend surrounding the record is born from the group’s internal turmoil. Unlike most bands, Fleetwood Mac in the mid-’70s were professionally and romantically intertwined, with no less than two couples in the band, but as their professional career took off, the personal side unraveled.

    Bassist John McVie and his keyboardist/singer wife Christine McVie filed for divorce as guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks split, with Stevie running to drummer Mick Fleetwood, unbeknown to the rest of the band. These personal tensions fueled nearly every song on Rumours, which makes listening to the album a nearly voyeuristic experience. You’re eavesdropping on the bandmates singing painful truths about each other, spreading nasty lies and rumors and wallowing in their grief, all in the presence of the person who caused the heartache.

    Everybody loves gawking at a good public breakup, but if that was all that it took to sell a record, Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out the Lights would be multi-platinum. No, what made Rumours an unparalleled blockbuster is the quality of the music. Once again masterminded by producer/songwriter/guitarist Buckingham, Rumours is an exceptionally musical piece of work — he toughens Christine McVie and softens Nicks, adding weird turns to accessibly melodic works, which gives the universal themes of the songs haunting resonance.

    It also cloaks the raw emotion of the lyrics in deceptively palatable arrangements that made a tune as wrecked and tortured as “Go Your Own Way” an anthemic hit. But that’s what makes Rumours such an enduring achievement — it turns private pain into something universal.

    Some of these songs may be too familiar, whether through their repeated exposure on FM radio or their use in presidential campaigns, but in the context of the album, each tune, each phrase regains its raw, immediate emotional power — which is why Rumours touched a nerve upon its 1977 release, and has since transcended its era to be one of the greatest, most compelling pop albums of all time. — Stephen Thomas Erlewine

    There was one more song which was supposed to be on Rumours, called Silver Springs, but for some reason was left off (probably due to time, the album was already around 39+ minutes long), and it became the ‘B’ side to the 45rpm single ‘Go Your Own Way’ instead.

    Silver Springs is one of my favorites, as good as the best of them… 😎 😁

    Silver Springs was written by Stevie Nicks. With the above context in mind, it’s still compelling (to me) to watch the interaction between Buckingham and Nicks, even after all this time, as the song unfolds.

    As always, this song should be played LOUD 😁

    Silver Springs (written and recorded 1977, this performance from 1997):

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          1. Yes, he has mentioned that before. I don’t know how to allow the cookies, besides clicking ‘accept’ when the box pops up at the bottom of the page, which I did (something to the effect of “This site uses cookies, you have to accept in order to take advantage of the full whatever, whatever, whatever”).

            I have Ghostery, U-Block Origin and Privacy Badger running on Firefox. I know almost nothing about how these things work, and whenever I try to mess with them (to allow U-tree to function properly), it just makes everything else worse, and doesn’t help with U-tree at all.

            Someone who understood what they were doing could fix it in two seconds.

            Unfortunately, that someone is not me.

            I can get to the ‘options’ page, on Firefox, get to ‘privacy and security’, set ‘content blocking’ to ‘standard’, and it doesn’t help or change anything.

            If I try to specifically ALLOW the U-tree site to have NO blocking (seems like I should be able to copy and paste the u-tree website address to ‘white list’ it), the pop-up box is all grayed out, I can’t click anywhere to do anything.

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            1. The Ublock is where you have to allow all cookies. It’s the Shield icon. Probably on same line and to the right of the address box. Left click on the Ublock icon and look for a cookie setting which is probably a drop down list where one of the choice is “allow all cookies”. I’m not in a firefox browser so can’t be sure this is good advice…

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    1. I LOVE Fleetwood Mac, and remember the Rumours album, might still have the original album somewhere – had no knowledge of the dynamics and history of the band until long past those years.That era of music (and the early 80’s) are still my favorites today.

      1977 has poignant memories for me.

      Thanks for the interesting info. Scott. Will have to see if there are some books on Fleetwood Mac.

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      1. I wonder where Stevie Nicks’ abortion fits in in relation to that band’s timeline, & if the sacrificed child was conceived in one of those star-crossed band love alliances. I saw her on a DVD of Burt Sugarbushes (I think) late night musical show. The name escapes me of that show. But Stevie had such a shattered look on her countenance I wondered if that performance was in the era of that abortion horror…

        What a potential musical genius was sacrificed in that specific instance of baby-killing 😦

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        1. Correction of the above thought, Burt Sugarman “The Midnight Special”

          Fortunately the local library where my parents’ Northern Michigan Cottage is found carries some interesting stuff, like many Midnight Special DVD’s & an amazing WWII era DVD collection that includes the Soviet Union/Russia affiliated lands Before the Cold War, & major info from Japan after WWII, & the “Duck & Cover” ads, that neither myself or my children had ever seen before 😉

          I didn’t re-watch these videos or read all of the wikipedia stuff above, just sharing FYI

          God Bless…

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    2. Though not at all in the same genre, or even the same league, what you shared about the emotional pain underpinning Rumors is how I perceive Adele’s 21 (the only work of hers w/which I’m familiar). Universal themes of heartbreak & longing & eventually “moving on” to some stutter-stepped degree resound to me throughout that work. But perhaps that’s one of those “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or even “there but for the grace of God go I” perspectives…Great comment!

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  3. YouTube Removing All Videos That Don’t Begin With The Chinese National Anthem

    “China is leading the world in not being evil,” said Wojcicki in an interview as she showed off her new Chinese flag ankle tattoo. “They are, like, really good at human rights, and they have such a handsome president. It’s only right that we acknowledge the great and glorious Red Dragon of the East in each and every video on our platform!”

    Read it all here …

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    1. Wolf,
      I can access U-Tree from “reader”, or from the side bar.
      If I access a post from reader, AND click on the title (after I initially access it; it opens in a new tab), I cannot “like”, or comment.
      I have the same result if I access it from the side bar (acts the same as if it was open in reader, and then opened in a new tab)
      So the only way I can access it and be able to like and comment is through the reader.
      (This seems to be an issue only on U-Tree)
      As each day goes by, this post will be further and further down my reader “following”.
      Is there any way to schedule this post to re-post daily, so as to stay closer to the top of my reader following list.
      (pretty sure I’m not the only one with this issue)
      Thanks in advance.
      (Lo-Tech here… Hope this makes enough sense!)

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      1. Isn’t there a publisher option to post most recent comments at the TOP of the thread (in reverse order to posting earliest comments at the top)? If so there wouldn’t be as much scrolling (at least for I-pad users) to Get to the latest threads if this is going to be running commentary.

        Thanks for considering. 🤓

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        1. I think if you use the WordPress Reader you can set that option for your own viewing. I have the Reader app on my iPad and it’s easier for reading comments in time order. However, you lose the threading.

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          1. Hi N’easter 🤠🤠 Aren’t YOU my computer problem solver? 🤷‍♀️😁 I guess my I-pad works really differently from desktops cuz most of the ‘how to’s” that people helpfully post aren’t right or left clicks or menus I have.

            I can just click the right side of screen to get to more recent comments. It’s not a burden 🤓

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    2. Same place they’ve always been — all over the internet. To take a recent example that I got three days of jokes from, I did a duck-duck-go search on “jokes kitchen”. That lead me to:

      * <== yes, appears twice in search results
      * <== mostly too short
      * <== security violation, didn't read
      * <== looked too "kiddy"
      * <== I hate these guys
      * <== errr…..
      * <== security
      * <== didn't pass security
      * <== nothing to do with kitchens

      ***N.B. — search engines tend to think I'm British.

      I then had several open tabs of jokes. As a career auditor, I have a knack for scanning through large amounts of data rapidly looking for "nuggets" — in this case, long-ish jokes that were funny and unsuitable for a more genteel audience. I only needed nine and I think I had a couple of extras. While scanning them, I also found some funny shorter jokes that I'd sometimes throw in. And there were a zillion one-liners that I ignored.

      You can see the ones I used, the ones I threw in as a bonus, and the short ones I published. Now that I've disclosed the sources, you can see the ones I rejected.

      And I did it to avoid "dead air", to make utree a "place" that someone might visit daily to see what's new. Well, there's something there now, so I don't need to do it anymore. And, frankly, doing this as a commenter was a pain in the tuchis, because I really couldn't start until I had a place to put stuff — not like authors who can create things in draft and schedule a publish — and that was keeping me up later than was healthy. The other thing about the delayed start was that it allowed me to riff off of current affairs or memes of the day.

      I should also note that there's a certain amount of discipline involved. I tried for three music vids and three jokes per day, because that keeps the home fires burning. I could have done a monster mash-up of 100 music videos some weekend……but, then, what would I do for Monday? Three should be enough to get some comment, and maybe riff off the comment, or even inspire OTHER PEOPLE to post more…..but I was always confident that I could do three more of each the next day.

      But, y'know — turn the page.

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        1. Wolf was the first “like” … then mine … Thank you for keeping the home fires burning for all that time. I think many of us can to see what you had found to share with it. Now that the hours are a bit easier, you might consider posting one video and a joke or two for those of us that enjoy your sense of music and humor. No pressure, but maybe give it some thought?


            1. Gee, I sure mangled my sentence up there… trying again…
              I think many of us came [nightly] to see what you had found to share with us [here at the U Tree].


        2. In addition to my comment above…
          If I access this post either through the side bar from the Q tree or after initially accessing through reader, clicking on the title, which opens the post in a new tab (the page appears different; what I am more accustomed to when reading Q tree), if I hover over “likes”, I can see who “liked”, whereas I cannot see them in Reader.
          So, where I can see “likes”, I CANNOT “like”, comment, or reply; and where I cannot see “likes”, I CAN “like”, comment, or reply.

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      1. I saved your list/comment in this post! Thanks for letting us peek behind the curtain of your genius 😉

        God Bless

        Here’s a few that came up when searching for a couple images to adorn that post…enjoy!

        I hope Wolf allows the same number of URL’s on the U-Tree as he does at the Q-Tree… 😉

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  4. Saturday is a good day for tunes.

    This little ditty is from 1957.

    From an album called Monk’s Music (Thelonious Monk).

    It is titled ‘Abide with Me’. Monk doesn’t actually play on this track, and the words that are often sung to this short piece were written by Henry Francis Lyte (1820 or 1847, unclear, see ‘History’ link at bottom).

    The music that usually accompanies ‘Abide with Me’ is called ‘Eventide’, composed by William Henry Monk, in 1861 (apparently no relation to Thelonious)

    Some pretty talented horn players on this rendition 😁

    Ray Copeland – trumpet
    Gigi Gryce – alto saxophone
    Coleman Hawkins – tenor saxophone
    John Coltrane – tenor saxophone

    Sometimes I put this on a loop and play it over and over, focusing on one particular horn or another, out of the ensemble. I don’t know why, but the first time I heard this, it really caught my ear.

    As always, this music should be played LOUD 😁


    History of ‘Abide with Me

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  5. Robert Johnson — Love in Vain Blues (a.k.a. Love in Vain)
    Recorded in 1937 on the 78rpm format, during Robert Johnson’s final recording session.

    AllMusic’s Thomas Ward describes the song as “heartbreakingly potent coming from an artist of Johnson’s calibre”. He adds:

    The song’s opening verse is worth quoting in full, it’s arguably the finest few lines that Johnson ever wrote – “And I followed her to the station/with a suitcase in my hand/Well I followed her to the station/with a suitcase in my hand/Well it’s hard to tell, it’s hard to tell/When all your love’s in vain”. Never has Johnson’s guitar been so subtle, so much in the background – the song’s success is from the artist’s longing vocal, and as such it’s devastatingly bleak.

    During the final verses, Johnson calls out to his lover, Willie Mae.[8] Years later, when she heard “Love in Vain” for the first time, she was visibly moved upon hearing her name.


    32 years later — and 51 years ago — it was recorded by some guys from England.

    And that’s the version I grew up with 😁

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    1. Okay, cool…that worked.

      Wolf, is the U-Tree still a place where we can bring up things that we don’t want to ‘clutter’ the Q-Tree site with?

      Because it looks like I am being falsely accused of “chasing off Daughn”…because of “petty jealousy”, by Alison.

      No names mentioned.
      But I would like to ask Alison if that comment was directed at me…and have the chance to defend myself…lest this go down in history as “All Wheatie’s Fault”.

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      1. I certainly hope not!

        Wolf must be the one it falls on if there is any fault to find. And it’s his place. He can create storms or calm them. It’s his call.

        But I am positive that Daughn has not been chased off.

        There was a whole lot of dust in the air and not everyone saw the same camera angles on that discussion.

        i get your heart but there was a point when principles were taking place over the respect and care we usually show one another.

        If Alison saw the camera angle near to where I was standing at the time she might see the post by Daughn where she asked Wolf why he didn’t just handle it between the two of them as Daughn’s way of saying she felt mistreated. As I said above, I don’t think she’s been chased off. More like she’s honoring the decisions made and redirecting her energy on other platforms right now.

        I hate to have anyone have bad feelings over what happened because the whole purpose was the opposite. All our Q Tree authors work hard for no pay and all are deserving of respect and honor.

        I expect anyone that reads through the entire comments section of that “BIBLICAL” post can see no one was trying to chase anyone off.

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        1. With Coronavirus (I’m in Silicon Valley) and summer, the hours are harder and not easier. You’re on your own. I’ll provide whatever helpful advice I can upon request, but you bought it.

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        2. “i get your heart but there was a point when principles were taking place over the respect and care we usually show one another.”

          I don’t understand what you mean by this, T3.

          I’ve always been very respectful towards Daughn…and taken great care to not be…and have been complimentary of all her hard work.
          I always take care to ‘Like’ her thread posts as well as her comments.

          All I did was post a comment in the Author Logistics thread, to Wolf…that people were getting confused about having ‘two daily threads’.
          And I agreed that it was confusing.
          It had reached the point where it seemed redundant to have two Dailies.

          I was willing to step back and let Daughn’s Daily Thread be the one to take precedence.
          How is that being “petty” or “jealous”?

          Since ‘the virus’ had become more than just a Topic…and has now affected pretty much Everything in our lives…it is hard for people to post anything that is not virus-related.

          Daughn’s threads were Daily…and they were Open to comments.
          So her threads had become Daily Open threads.

          I wasn’t one of the ones who were saying that her threads should stop.
          This was being said by others…that it had become confusing…and I was merely making Wolf aware of it.
          And I agreed with them, that it had become confusing.
          But I didn’t call for Daughn to stop doing her Dailies.

          For me it was a case of…”Oh, okay, Daughn’s threads are the Daily Open threads now. Why am I still doing this? Can I take a break now?”

          As you know, T3, doing the daily open threads can turn into some work.
          That’s why we volunteered to help Wolf out with them.
          If that work is not needed, then…great, I was perfectly okay with stepping back.

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          1. I missed the “petty” or “jealous” accusations. Did someone actually call you out by name? I can say that there was a point in the “discussion” when it I could see how someone might take something wrong (give a wrong motive) and feel that the “two daily threads problem” was not really an issue worth going BIBLICAL over. I could agree with that in some ways. And Wolf, being Wolf, actually agreed with both the “it’s a problem” thoughts and the “it’s not a problem” thoughts at different points in the discussion.

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            1. “Did someone actually call you out by name?”

              No…no names.

              Did you read the comment I linked to?

              I would simply like to ask Alison if she was referring to me in her remarks.
              If not…fine.

              If so…I would simply like the chance to defend myself of the charges.

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      2. Ok, I am trying to sort this out a bit. I’ve read Alison’s post, Wheatie – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t you that she was referencing. Nothing you’ve ever said or done indicated that you were even the type of person who would be concerned about the number of comments in the Daily. The only issue I had seen up until Wolf’s post that day was people being bothered by WHAT was getting posted in the different threads – some folks were bothered if it didn’t “belong.”

        It was very, very unfortunate what happened – whatever the intentions were in that shifting sands post by Wolf – I think almost everyone got a different take. If I remember, first I was reading about “gifs” and then it devolved into Daughn’s daily COVID posts. Some milk got spilt, and that’s disappointing.

        Personally, I’m going to chalk all of this up to the stress and distress going on because of our world being turned upside down – even if we’re not living in a Gestapo controlled state – but the effects are touching all of us through our internet connection.

        We are family.

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        1. Don’t forget spiritual warfare.

          Put on the full armor of God… the war is not between people, it’s being fought in the atmosphere, in our minds, in our hearts.

          We are not to be ignorant of the enemy’s methods. Division is always in play.

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        2. For the record, and I don’t want to get in the middle of all of it, but the numbers when it came to the daily threads, and the whining about the two of them initially came from pheonixrising. I left that discussion after checking the numbers and posting them. They were nowhere close to as low as she claimed, but far less than if there were not two threads. It it was it is. She claims to be a seasoned citizen who gets confused. Fine, but people who missed that came into the play in the second act.

          Daughn and Wheatie, of the authors, weren’t the only ones to get toes stepped on, and the claims were that it was unintentional. The way things were worded left doubt in some minds. And…for some of us it wasn’t what was said – and is said on a regular basis – it is what is not.

          It all got messy. Just like life.

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          1. PR and Duchess were sad because Pat Frederick was missing. They enjoy their morning chat, which most of us scroll by. I chime in on occasion but understand this is an annoyance to many. I get it, but they like to check in with each other. Okay, fine. Yet, they started whining because they missed ALL of us. They complained to Wheatie.
            And Wheatie took up their cause.
            Biggest question is “why”?
            I’m perfectly happy to lay this at Wheatie’s feet and point the finger, directly.
            It’s Wheatie pushing the “two daily threads” concept, which is absurd.
            It doesn’t ring true.
            One is a daily and one WAS a topic.
            We’ve had many topics in the past year+, because we are a curious bunch.
            Wheatie’s continued repetition of “two daily threads” reminds me of today’s media = repeat the lie often enough so that it becomes the truth.
            Newspapers have more than one article. On-line sites have different topics/postings. During Watergate, I opened the paper and checked the update on Nixon, first. During other hot issues of the day, Vietnam, Desert Storm, ISIS, Hurricane Katrina, Trump election, Shampeachment, I also checked those topics first…… before reading the classified ads and the comics.
            We all do.
            When did Q Tree lose the ability to see the truth?

            As for Wolfie, I feel sorry for him.
            The “people are confused and complaining” was 2 1/2 people, and their complaints had nothing to do with me or with the Covid thread.
            Not at all related. They missed their friend = they missed us = shit rolled downhill.

            Wolfie reminds me of the “husband”, whose wife was having an argument with her sister. As the well-meaning “husband”, he tried to get in the middle, when suddenly, the sisters joined forces and turned on him.
            Poor guy, he can’t win in such a situation. When a bunch of women start complaining, no man can win in the middle of that…mess….., heck, Superman would have fallen.
            I didn’t see it coming at all. Blindsided.
            Yet now, he’s talked himself into thinking this was his own idea…..Poor guy, he was played.

            Again, in the grand scheme of life, a single thread on a blog with many authors is completely insignificant. I am ……just not that important.
            Wasn’t about “me”, it was supposed to be about electing and re-electing President Trump, for our country.

            Yes, it would have been better to privately tell me, “Hey Daughn, let’s drop the CCP thread”, instead of turning it into a free-for-all, for reasons which defy logic, excuses that still don’t make sense. I would have agreed, easily.
            Am I mad?
            Bet your ass I’m mad.
            It was handled poorly.
            Strange too, for me to be mad about anything for longer than 30 minutes. It’s actually my Achilles heel – not being able to keep a grudge. Normally, in the morning, I can’t tell you what I was mad about yesterday. This issue, however, was different. I woke up in the morning and was MORE angry than the day before. Gosh, that only happens about once ever 20yrs for me. But it tells me, I need to change…. something.
            And make no mistake, there was no “let’s bow up the thread and start all over”, that was Wolfie’s frustration. He must have been getting an earful. This was all about getting rid of the CV thread….. and/or Daughn is getting too much attention and it’s not HER blog.
            To wit, I respond, “huh, wut?”
            Which goes to the pettiness.
            Which makes Q Tree toxic.
            Okay fine, it’s gone.
            I’m gone.

            Yes, I have moved on. Dear Lord, please help me. I’ve drifted back to Facebook and holding my nose. Yet, there are 70K people in those groups and they are active groups, where I admin. I don’t know, maybe I should be spending more time there since we’re only 180+ days from the election. Maybe the timing here was perfect, and a blessing. Maybe we’re all sick of CoVid and I was the casualty of that war. Who knows? At least they were happy to see me, and we all want to be where we are welcomed.

            In any event, always appreciative of the opportunity here. Thank you for everything you all taught me…. wow, what a great group. Thanks for letting me contribute for a while, but let’s not lie to each other about what happened. Take the blinders off. Let’s learn from it.

            God Bless. Love to all.

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            1. My apologies for misstating then, as I only saw half the conversation.

              You’re missed. Do not think you aren’t.

              And for the record, I’ve had my moments of being on the verge of walking away for some of the pettiness as well. And the lack of appreciation for the work that goes into all of it. Insults to my faith and lifestyle have contributed. That’s not what this effort is supposed to be about, I agree.

              Please, pray on it. Thanks.

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              1. Oh Punkin, I’m sorry. Was not relying to you, individually, more like, replying to all.
                See you on Twitter, dearest DEP.
                Rock on!

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            2. I will try this again, apparently my last comment is still being moderated over. Maybe I was being too nice so I will say this more meanly – I might get through that way.

              Dag gone it I would like to be able to reach out to you on Facebook. I don’t guess you are in on Digital Soldiers, I am on there. Or you could friend me – my name and all is the same as here.

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            3. I liked the way the QTree had developed and loved many threads and it was not confusing.
              I enjoy daughn’s gifts she sharers and like Weatie and what she sharers. Each author brings different gifts to the forum.
              I do miss daughn what she brings to the forum and i like all other authors what they bring.
              Why do we need to jump negatively and react when a person complains? Sometimes people wake up at the wrong side of the bed and project their miserable mood on others.
              Can we not let people complain and realize it is not the author or the forum but it is them?
              Some people are affected being coped up and sadly project it in the forum. No one is perfect but we expect perfection. I scroll past such person until l they get their wits back.
              Daughn I hope you reconsider you are much bigger than allowing others to bruise you?
              I also love Wheaties and Wolf and DP and all others .
              Peace life is to short and even more we are on the same team never forget that the Trump team.

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              1. I have seen it in other organizations. Daughn is brilliant it can be a blessing and a curse and they easy can be misunderstood specially their intentions.

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              2. Well this just make me sick. Have enough stress in life – wondering if we can start living again without worrying about friends and people whose businesses we gave our custom to go out of business. Worrying everyday about the Evil Dems in Congress and what next hateful thing they’ll be able to pull off. Worrying about the MSM being an enemy of America that we seem to be able to do nothing about and in the midst of all this – find out folks here were unhappy, feuding even – and it was all so unnecessary. Very sad.

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              3. I put it all in God’s hands knowing I have no control what others do. With Trump in charge all will be well. He is the man elected for this time and we are and the country is blessed.

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              4. You’re right, singingsoul. It’s just that things have been difficult enough, so to have this go on – where some of us find solace and bolstering… it’s kind of shocking.

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              5. There are many good people here. Tomorrow is a new day to embrace what is not what was or could have been.
                Good speaking with you ladypenquin you are a special person 🙂

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            4. Daughn, like many others here, I greatly miss your contributions, too.

              I wish you, Big T and your family all the very best.

              If you don’t think you can return here, I hope you will visit my site occasionally to comment.

              That said, Dep Pat has a point: please pray on it.

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            5. Yikes. I had a migraine yesterday, and cataract surgery canceled because of that. Neither was I able to read all of this. Obviously, I missed the petty stuff, or if I read anything I took it that people were saying things were posted in the wrong thread, I missed the bigger behind the scenes.

              I didn’t get what happened, and as I catch up now – all I can say is that it is disappointing that this is the outcome. Daughn, I consider you one of the brightest and most interesting of folks to have become acquainted with – you shared so much of yourself, and Thomas was insightful too.

              I don’t know what else to say, but I feel a sense of sadness, because I always thinks there’s a better way for things to be done.

              Anyway, I hope you’ll stop by now and then.

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            6. Going to miss you and big t immensely. Especially as we are at the climax of this long running 4d chess war. Have appreciated both of your insights, personal and professional.
              Think things through. WG1WGA is Qs constant message. You are a ranga. You meant to explode and then be over it in a flash. The long build up, the almighty bullet that Potus dodged by sheer brilliance and extraordinary effort has left us all on the edge of our seats for a long time.
              I’d love for us to all share in the victory together. To watch thE deep state and their water carriers go down in flame. Remember we don’t have to actually talk to people who we don’t want to.
              Whatever you do you have my best wishes. I’ll always be your colourful, correction , incandescent cousin.

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        3. Thanks, LadyP.

          I think I may have missed some things in that Site ReOrg thread.
          Haven’t read all of it, I don’t think.

          We got hit with some things in the first part of the week…including a hail storm which did some damage…so it’s all kind of a blur.

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          1. Wheatie, I look forward to your posts and comments. They always seem so reasoned and positive. I’d just let the rest of this go.

            I’m not even sure 🐧 didn’t step on Daughn’s toes – but it was more about the CONCEPT that our lives were being consumed by COVID – all aspects, and that was a daily thing. Therefore, her thread could be a daily. Inadvertently, I can see now how that could have been taken the wrong way.

            Whatever generated the entire mess was unfortunate because people were hurt.

            I never told anyone but Marica this, but last year, when I wrote the abortion articles, and because my style is more of an essayist, and takes ME a lot of effort to write, it distressed me when two new posts pushed my last article out of view by early afternoon on the same day. It was kind of, “all that effort just disappeared.” I didn’t have the mental energy to expend that way, and just let it go. This year I was about to write an article or two because Roe v Wade really gets me – but by that time, the big focus was on that Chinese virus, so it wasn’t hard to pass on writing.

            I’m better at trying to be insightful and observant. 🙂

            Have a Blessed Day, Ms. Wheatie.

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            1. Take heart about your articles from last year!

              I, too, only write occasionally. I have way too many responsibilities to do much more, and the kind of writing/research I do just takes too much time to do often. But I STILL sometimes get a comment or like of what I wrote about Covington & Burlington or other stuff a year ago!

              Your articles are on the Tree, and people WILL continue to find them.

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      3. Alison said: “We lost one of our most prolific contributors and analysts to petty jealousy from a few who didn’t like the Covid thread getting more comments than daily thread. Suddenly the covid/back-to-work thread got nixed. Made the harpies happy.”

        Several assumptions there:
        — jealousy was a motive for comments made
        — a few (more than one person) didn’t like the COVID thread getting more comments
        — those people are “harpies”
        — the “harpies” got what they wanted and are now happy

        Clarification would be nice:
        — Who, exactly, didn’t like the COVID thread getting more comments? And do we know that that was said out of jealousy? If the person who said something about comment numbers is not an author of threads, then what would they be jealous about?
        — Who are those people who are now “happy”?
        — What was Wolf’s reason for stopping a daily COVID thread? It was not to give in to “harpies,” it was not to appease someone who brought up a point for consideration, and it was not to restore comment numbers to the daily thread. He stated his reasoning very specifically and clearly and what he thinks we must be fighting for now. And he has followed through on what he said.

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        1. Thank you, These Truths!
          Logical and well said!

          It was the “petty jealousy from a few” that made me wonder if she was referring to Thread Authors.

          And “harpies” are female, so…that narrowed it down.

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          1. Yikes.
            I get it that you’re angry, Daughn…but where is your evidence that “Wheatie is elated.”?

            Because I’m not!

            I hope you will reconsider, and come back to posting with us!

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            1. Author’s thread, beginning of April.
              You started this whole mess.
              You’re the one pushing the irrational idea of “two daily threads”.
              Thought it was resolved.
              Guess you kept working on it.
              You got your wish.
              Happy now?

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              1. No…not “happy now”.

                If you will re-read that comment of mine in the Author’s thread…
                You will see that it was Steve who mentioned that and said:
                “I think it should go away…”

                I only agreed that it was “confusing” to people.

                And there had been other comments, like Steve’s.
                I just didn’t report them to Wolf.

                Again, if you will actually *read* what I said…I said it was “fine by me” to take a step back so that your Virus threads could be the daily.

                I don’t know why you have it in for me, Daughn.
                I’ve always treated you respectfully.
                Always ‘Liked’ your posts…and tried to contribute to them.

                But TBH, I have felt like I was walking on egg shells with you.

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              2. Wheatie, I’ve said the same about you.
                As in, “where the heck did that come from?”. And yes, I’ve always been respectful to you.
                Playing the victim now?
                Not working.

                You started it in early April.
                But you just kept going.

                And to be clear, I’m not pissed about anything so insignificant as a thread. Not one bit.
                It’s about the way you handled it.
                No place for high school antics and petty manipulations.

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              3. “Wheatie, I’ve said the same about you.
                As in, “where the heck did that come from?”. And yes, I’ve always been respectful to you.”

                Sorry, not following.
                Where was it that you “said the same” about me?

                “Playing the victim now?”

                No…simply trying to defend myself.

                Alison, and now you, have made some snarky accusations about me.
                I’m trying to address those.

                “Playing the victim” <– Isn't that what you're doing?

                "Author’s thread, beginning of April.
                You started this whole mess."

                I don't know what you're talking about here.
                The first comment I made in April, in the Author thread, was on April 27th.

                And no…I'm not the one who "started this whole mess".
                There were others who were referring to it as 'two daily threads', before I mentioned it.

                But what I have said is that I didn’t think it was intentional, on your part, to create another Daily Open Thread…but that it just turned out that way.

                The Covid threads were daily…and they were open.
                People were congregating there, understandably so, and treating it like the Daily Open.

                I posted quite a bit in the Covid daily threads, too, if you’ll recall.

                Nothing wrong with that, except that it made the other Daily thread redundant.
                Why have two?
                Having two was confusing.

                That’s why I offered to step back for awhile, and let the Covid threads be the one daily thread.

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          2. I am sincerely sorry for the offense I have caused. It was not intentional, and I am dismayed to learn of it.

            I am not ½ of anything. My comments are mine alone.

            For the sake of facts, I have posted below the comments I made on the subject. They reflect my weariness with COVID taking over our lives and a gradual realization, due to Wolf’s insight, that that is exactly what our enemy wants to happen and that that is what I am reacting to.

            My comments clearly state appreciation for the COVID threads and the opinion that they still provide valuable information. They also show that I have not advocated for doing away with those threads.
            I haven’t read all the comments in depth, but skimmed through. My thoughts:
            ►Must. have. daily. open. threads. I greatly appreciate the efforts of all the authors!
            ►Flep news also a must as long as he wants to continue.
            ►COVID threads have been extrememly helpful. My personal feeling — and this is just me, not relevant to anything, really — is that I’m sick and tired of COVID! But that should have no bearing on whether we have a thread about it. I just went to today’s COVID thread, and there is good info there. One suggestion might be to have a weekly COVID thread instead of daily.
            ►I like GIFs.
            ►I am fine with the way things are and am so grateful for this site. Thank you Wolf, authors, and all the commenters.

            I agree that this is not fighting. I don’t think anyone is upset with anyone else here; we are just voicing opinions about what we’d like to see, and in that process we have become determined not to let some entity dictate our narrative or what to focus on. China and the Left want to distract and enslave us, and we are awake and aren’t going to let that happen. It is no reflection on anyone here or on any of the authors.
            The COVID threads are invaluable for providing info on many fronts, but I think many are feeling it’s time to stop focusing so much on the virus. We have a pretty good idea of what it is, where it came from, its mechanism of action, how to treat it, how social distancing has been/is being enforced, research about it, etc. Time to go on offense. That doesn’t mean there should be no more COVID threads, either; there will continue to be much to learn, including info about antibody/serology testing, whether antibodies indicate immunity, and so forth. But we just have a different focus now. We will not be enslaved.

            I agree. It is inevitable that things will be posted multiple times. I try to refresh pages and be careful, but it doesn’t always work. My issue is the huge focus on COVID. This is no one’s fault; the threads have helped us get through something that hasn’t happened since 1918. But Wolf astutely observes that our feeling we must remain immersed in it is exactly the corner they want us to cower in. (Let me out!)

            That might work. (I’m not the person to ask about COVID, though! 😛) I don’t know at what point COVID news becomes news of the day. Right now there are 51 posts on that thread. Some are very specific to COVID, and others are people posting personal info that could go on the daily thread (I’m not saying it should, just that it is not necessarily appropriate only to a COVID thread).
            I do see benefit to being able to search through threads dedicated to COVID for information relating to it.

            When COVID was new and raging, those threads were great sources of information about protection and facts about the virus. Now we know a lot more, and much of the COVID news falls under politics (tyranny of governors, states wanting money, etc.). I agree that that info could go in the daily thread, as much of it already does.

            [We just are inside the rat maze and don’t see it. – Wolf]
            I think that’s what I’ve been feeling. It’s not about “two daily threads,” “confusion” about where to post, or lack of appreciation for the threads. It’s about feeling coerced by the ChiComs, and then the Left, to reside in that place. That’s why I’m sick of COVID/WuFlu. I want OUT of this box they’re putting us in. It has nothing to do with anyone here or how things are run here. This place is a true refuge with insightful, multitalented people.

            [A response to Wolf’s post:]
            Wolfmoon said:
            The bottom line is that through both Wheatie and Daughn, I have had a revelation. We have become CONTROLLED OPPOSITION by moving to a “new normal” of COVID-CENTRISM from which the LEFT and CHINA derive POWER OVER US.
            We cannot ignore it, but it is time to REFRAME IT and PUSH BACK HARD.
            “Normalizing COVID” as the “big daily” is not helping.
            It’s a PHONY CRISIS forced on us by the WICKED ChiComs and DNC.

            I would rather have a Daily Destruction Of The CCP, PREPARE FOR WAR WITH CHINA Thread.

            Nope. We are going to CHANGE FOCUS slowly, strongly, and surely, back to…..

            TRUMP NORMAL

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        2. I do not understand the squabble. If I do not like a thread maybe I do not feel up too I do skip over it or catch it later.
          Complaining is so petty specially if people give their time so generously.
          We are many with different needs but we are one in the vision getting POTUS reelected.
          I love all authors and love what they share and love Wolf for proving the space. I am grateful to you all.
          Aren’t we all adults?

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  6. I’m watching to see where Daughn went and thinking of following her there.

    I followed Flep over here from the OT and was at both places until I got banned OT. I was cthulhu on the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link, and old = cranky.

    I love wheatie to pieces…..and I’m actually oddly fond of you….but I’m getting a bit tired of being jacked.

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    1. Daughn has an active world. She works a big FB group, gets loud on Twitter, and until this past week was using her daily posts as that place she parked the facts she could point to in her tweets.

      She’s still going to post at the Q Tree on Fridays and she’s posted info in the daily open for some important items. For example her summary of a recent Presidential event.

      I am very, very sad that she no longer feels welcome to create content here to use in her battles in the social media space. However, she is both wise and gracious and I expect she will stick with us for the long haul.

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      1. You just documented that she got sideways with the site. This does not look good. Mind you, you only have what you were given, but that would be regarded as a gaffe in Washington.

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        1. Just my take. I read through the comments after most of it had already taken place. My read could be totally off. That is why I’m talking about camera angles with Wheatie. From where she was standing things did NOT look the same as they did from Wolf’s, Daughn’s, or P.R.’s locations.Have you read through it one more time after most of it took place? Do you think I’m getting it right? I’m not the best in this arena, so maybe there’s a clue in there that needs surfacing.

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              1. Daughn no one is perfect. I cannot speak for Wolf but I love your contributions. Please you are bigger than ankle bitters.
                Hugs to you

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    2. Author Logistics Thread.

      April 28, 2020 at 00:16

      OK. I’m going to create a thread in a few minutes for explosive bitching by the entire site. I will sort through the rubble at the end and reconstruct a site based on who is still here, what is left, and who still wants to do open threads on which days. Everything will be up for grabs. It’s going to be Biblical – even if Carl is no longer here! 😉

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    1. I’m guessing it’s the unified patriots link.
      You can try those kinds of links with a * in front of https or other obfuscations to test if that’s the problem.

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  7. I will have a statement later about all of this. In the meanwhile, it has been very helpful to see people’s thoughts on this.

    Please note before then, that I said – fairly early on – that Daughn could keep doing the COVID daily open thread. If *any* editorial decision to wrap it up EVENTUALLY is unacceptable, then yes, that’s a problem. But I think I offered an extremely lenient compromise and NOBODY wants to talk about it. Thus, I think what this comes down to is much more about emotions than it appears on the surface.

    But in any case, I’ll have more of a statement later, and as always, your thoughts before then are helpful and welcome. And yes, I am being a bit “aloof woof” here to try to depersonalize it, for reasons that I’ll elucidate later.

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    1. A number of posts contain language that attributes thoughts and feelings to others. In other words, some people claim they know what someone else thinks or what their motives are. And then accusations are made, based on those assumptions. That is the surest way to shut down discussion. It leaves people with no place to go. When someone claims to know you better than you know yourself, and they are not willing to listen to you, it’s over.

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      1. There is no logic to Wheatie’s explanation. It was ALL about her feeling like her thread was losing attention to the COVID thread.

        WHY did she feel the need to “speak for others” to report supposed complaints to Wolfie. Is that her job? . WHO were the others she spoke for and why couldn’t they speak for themselves? WHY did she present all that to Wolf on a thread the rest of us couldn’t see and refute? Why did she pick on the COVID thread and not Flep’s news thread? She claims COVID turned into a second daily thread because it was posted daily and was open for comments. Flep’s thread does exactly that yet she never raised a stink about his.

        She wanted Daughn’s thread gone, and she succeeded. It’s really not that hard to see manipulation at work.

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        1. Alison, I’m just going to end this now. I’ve made Daughn an offer – “you win, take it or leave it”. After that, I implement a rule that Authors talk and Complainers walk, and that applies to ALL of us. That way I don’t ever have to deal with this again.

          I still believe that the COVID thread is problematic, but hey – free speech is being infringed by shutting it down – even slowly. We have to tolerate the problems, and solve them by more free speech, not less. And I know exactly how to do that.

          Daughn’s choice. She’s in or out, and then I slap burning iron on the wound.

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            1. Alison, I found your comments in the spam bin and read them all. This binning is clearly due to Akismet’s AI “auto-moderating” the comments.

              I’m going to take the AI’s suggestion and just leave them. I want to let things calm down now, explain the new policy and some other things soon, and then we go from there.

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        2. I am so PISSED! This is utter Horseshit!! You sound like the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN!

          Show me ONE time where Wheatie is jealous of Daughn. JUST ONE, I’ll wait, SHOW ME!

          Is this the CRAP you’ve been DM’ing to Daughn on Twitter behind everyone’s back? No
          wonder she’s pissed!!

          There is no secret thread. There is an Author’s Logistic thread on the
          sidebar – which ALL can see and even comment, but aren’t supposed to
          – where Author’s discuss things.

          And yes, Wheatie is an Author and she monitors ALL comments on her threads, which
          Authors are supposed to do. If they see there are are any issues – weirdos, trolls, bullies,
          questions, confusion, problems, changes needed, etc., – they take it there to
          get Wolf’s attention and discuss amongst themselves.

          And what do we have here??

          Now I’m even MORE PISSED!!!

          Allison, YOU WERE THE FIRST one to mention to Daughn about redundant threads!!!!
          You were even loving on Wheatie in the conversation.

          Miss Daughn takes the issue to the Author thread on April 2. Wolfie says keep going. They all agreed.

          On April 27, Wheatie goes to the Author thread because Steve, PR, and TheseTruths have all raised the
          issue AGAIN. She happens to agree with the others about the confusion and asks for Wolf’s opinion on
          the Author thread where the discussion belongs. IT WAS NEVER ABOUT HER THREAD LOSING NUMBERS!!

          I don’t mean to be spilling her business, but she’s been suffering with a back injury for over 3 months
          AND she just got hit by a frikkin TORNADO!!
          She is also saying she needs relief. Wheatie needs a break. You say she wanted Daughn shut down but
          How does getting rid of Daughn as a potential daily author benefit her if she wants a break??? Daughn’s
          absence only creates MORE WORK for Wolf, herself, and the other Authors.

          So Wolf’s response is to throw out the REORG thread, to take everyone’s temperature.
          General consensus is the majority are happy with STATUS QUO. Daughn keeps going,
          even though he thinks China is manipulating us, but he’s glad to see that she changed
          the COVID thread to BACK TO WORK, but eventually we wrap it up following POTUS’ lead.
          He also asks all Authors to re-volunteer for the days they want and asks for new Authors.
          Wheatie gets some relief by giving Saturday to Steve and Miss Daughn still wants Fridays.
          He says over and over Daughn should keep doing what she wants.

          Then Daughn disappears. You say you’re DM’ing her on twitter and accusing Wheatie
          of jealousy and being happy about running her off. Daughn says she’s blindsided and
          disappointed in Wolfie even after he told her over and over and over to keep posting.

          Ain’t nothing like a SHIT STARTER!!! Makes me Wonder, Exactly what the Fuck are YOU up to???
          Did you drive Daughn off on purpose?? Who is the Manipulator?? Are you trying to destroy the QTREE???

          I love everyone here and I realize we’re all stressed. BUT THIS IS SOME MOTHER FUCKING BULLSHIT
          AND I’M CALLING IT OUT!!!


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          1. Well well.

            Alison, who has been accusing Wheatie of jealousy, had raised the SAME concern herself!!!

            You’re right, this is a stinking pile of Bearded Dragon Shit.

            (And believe me, bearded dragon shit smells VERY bad.)

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          2. BFly –

            I did not suggest getting rid of the covid thread. I suggested changing its focus and direction to #OpenForBusiness. And yes I was one of the first to suggest it. After Daughn explained her reasons for wanting to continue a separate thread, I agreed her reasons made sense. How could I have disseminated that valuable information if it was all commingled in the chitchat of the daily thread. And the covid thread DID begin to change some focus to Opening businesses, the state capitol protests, etc. It was evolving in the right direction imo.

            I never tweeted Daughn any information; you are wrong about that. Daughn knew where her conflicts lay. She was in the middle of it. Did I DM her on twitter? Yes. To say how sorry I was because I know this hurt her deeply.

            I did not realize – until today – the author’s thread was open for public viewing. I’ve never read it and I don’t even know how to find it. Why would I; I’m not an author. I had no reason to read it even if I’d known about it. It wasn’t any of my business.

            The last few paragraphs of your rant are laughable.

            Daughn was the spark and the energy. She personified this place, heart and soul. She wrote the most uplifting posts at just the right time and thrilled me with her in-depth rally threads that were the best pro-state marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen. She taught me about Ukraine and trade in China, and life in Mississippi, and so many other topics too numerous to list. She was generous to a fault, and she brought out the best in many of us. I love everything she contributed, and she’s another great loss during a time when it feels like I’m losing everything I knew and loved about my country and our way of life. My life is vastly more colorful because of the gifts Daughn gave me. It breaks my heart that she is no longer going to participate here, and that in expressing my anger, I no longer belong here either. Anger comes before grief during this kind of emotional loss.

            I understand and accept your anger towards me. Natural and logical consequences.

            Plenty of people have gone off the rails here about one thing or another. Or at one person or another. I’m not apologizing for this being my time to rage against something as incomprehensible as losing a star player. The whole #WWG1WGA rings hollow right now.

            Wolfie and all of you will be fine and QTree will recover from this just like all the other snafus. There are some really good people here, you included, who will make sure of that.



              You may have scammed Daughn but not me. You don’t
              give a damn about her, you just wanted her out of here.

              You wanted Wheatie out of here too, but YOU FAILED.

              I notice you did not provide me an example of jealousy.
              I notice you did not address any of your FALSE ACCUSATIONS
              against Wheatie.


              Mission HALF Accomplished, Moving On, How Convenient.


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              1. That’s so ludicrous. I’m the same person I’ve always been. Losing my temper the last couple of days – especially during a national crisis- doesn’t make me a scam artist or a con or a subversive. I’m no different than anyone else who’s gone off on someone or something here at the Qtree.

                Now I’m going to bed.


            2. Alison: I did not suggest getting rid of the covid thread. I suggested changing its focus and direction to #OpenForBusiness.
              Yes, you did suggest getting rid of the COVID thread. See your own point #2, below, in your own words.

              You planted the seeds in the link bfly provided above. Here, the idea that the COVID thread was getting more comments than the daily:
              Alison said: Hey Daughn – just a thought … now that the Daily C-virus thread is getting more comments than daily thread

              Here, the idea that people are confused about where to post:
              Alison: and I’m probably not the only one to wonder “where do I post this?” and “where DID xxx post that?” when trying to recall someone’s earlier comment …

              And it goes on:
              Alison: 1. Are we posting too much trivial or irrelevant stuff on this thread that better belongs on daily thread?

              Here, the idea that there were two daily threads and maybe the COVID thread should go:
              Alison: 2. Is it time to go back to one daily thread since most convo is likely to be virus related?

              And more seeds were planted that we are all “scattered” because of the two threads:
              Just asking and wondering if you’re tearing your hair out about how scattered we all are

              All the things you’ve accused Wheatie of, you did.

              Now, back to your post above. Your list of all the good things Daughn did is true, and we will all miss that. She also said,
              “This was all about getting rid of the CV thread….. and/or Daughn is getting too much attention and it’s not HER blog.” — ascribing bad motives to people, including, indirectly, jealousy. She also said, “Let Wheatie rule whatever she wants.” Rule? Really? But you have no comment about all that.

              Alison: It breaks my heart that she is no longer going to participate here, and that in expressing my anger, I no longer belong here either.
              Utter baloney. Wolf has made the U Tree a place for just such a thing. Your posts strike me as disingenuous and manipulative.

              Alison: I’m not apologizing for this being my time to rage against something as incomprehensible as losing a star player.
              Straw man. No one expects an apology for angst about losing Daughn. That’s not the issue.

              Alison: The whole #WWG1WGA rings hollow right now.
              Tokyo Rose would be proud.

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              1. Good TT, you see it too. Lied, Manipulated Daughn, Falsely accused Wheatie, and has now attacked Wolfie for suggesting Daughn get her own site and we support her. I’m with Wolf, Daughn should be her own boss and control her own future, not that demon.

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              2. Fine, you got me 🤷‍♀️

                Parse what I’ve said and call me a fucking liar. I’ve got no beef with you, TT, or with Bfly. I have no emotion vested in what you say or how many times you say it.

                I reacted emotionally to Wolf’s blowup post because from where I’m sitting, Daughn was the casualty. Mea culpa for having a reaction to that.


              3. Alison: Parse what I’ve said and call me a fucking liar.
                I did not call you a liar. There can be a number of reasons why people don’t say something correctly. They coud be misremembering, or they could be mistaken, or they could be lying. You’re the one who mentioned lying.

                You don’t have to keep insisting that you’re just upset about Daughn. It was clear the first time, and that’s not the issue here.

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      2. Yeah, I’m going to assume that everybody is well-motivated here, but their priorities are wildly different.

        I made the mistake of going with the “less free speech” option, when I should have gone with MORE free speech, so the latter is what I’m doing now.

        I’ve made Daughn a final offer where she wins. If she still wants to leave, then that’s up to her. But from now on complaints about Author threads may be made, but they have no effect. I am no longer hearing these complaints.

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        1. I hate to even tiptoe around this whole mess….

          Way, way back in the 70’s, Steve Jackson Games had a hit called “Ogre”, where a hugely overpowering battle-tank was fighting its way across a field of lesser opponents. To me, it introduced the concept of “victory conditions”. To be frank, the big tank was always going to smoosh the opposition — but it was considered an opposition victory if the tank didn’t make it to a specific objective and there were x number of units still alive after y turns.

          VSGPOTUSDJT played with the “victory condition” of x number of electoral votes in 2016. That’s why he’s POTUS.

          He told us in “The Art of the Deal” that parties frequently enter into negotiations where A’s victory condition is not “the obliteration of B” and B’s victory condition is not “the obliteration of A” — and, therein, the skilled negotiator can find a win-win deal.

          You’re saying that, “I’ve made Daughn a final offer where she wins.” Has she formally informed you that this is her “victory condition”, or is this an assumption? What are your own “victory conditions”?

          Again, “The Art of the Deal” makes clear that there is often space between the parties to find advantages, and that understanding “victory conditions” for each party (which may well be obscured for strategic reasons) is key to unlocking those advantages.

          I’m quite fond of you both and would like to see you both prosper and succeed, so I’m putting this out there.

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    2. Thanks Wolf. I don’t envy you having to sort things out.

      But these kinds of problems are a sign of something you’ve done right, maybe not perfect on this side of heaven, people who feel they have something special here, and when something they perceive threatens that equilibrium they get defensive.

      I’ve already posted more than I wanted on this – I want to stay out of it, let things simmer down and not take sides.

      Feeling exhausted. REAL LIFE DRAMA. Spiritual warfare.

      Clear your mind.

      TRUST GOD.

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    1. I was astonished at B-Fly’s certitude and confidence above, and then These Thoughts answered my doubts. Sure I have common knowledge that ‘People do stuff like this all the time,’ and ‘Hey I’m just a person who made a mistake just like you’ is a common path we get on sometimes. Yet it is true that many trolls do draw a paycheck, and like in the spy novels, sometimes a highly skilled professional is sent on an op behind enemy lines.

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      1. Bfly girl was incorrect in her assumptions.
        Everyone entitled to their own opinion, of course.
        Yet, Alison had nothing whatsoever to do with my decision.
        This was between me and Wheatie.


        1. We all drew conclusions based on the data at hand. “We see in part …” The timeline shows the ball was set in motion by player “A”. Our experience with what motivates the other key players may help us understand that some with good intentions were unable to see the larger game afoot. Love will win. ❤


          1. Not true, it’s an unwarranted extrapolation to excuse bad behavior by Wheatie.
            I’m gone and done.
            Just wanted to clear the air.
            No ill intent.
            Feel badly you guys ran off Alison for a false premise. Not right.


  8. Since nothing seems to post when I write my diatribe, I will say #ImWithDaughn. This whole thing was Wheatie’s jealousy and back door attempt to persuade Wolf that people were confused & complaining about COVID thread.


    Wheatie and Phoenix complained. That’s it.

    Wheatie competes with Daughn when Daughn has no intention of doing same.


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        1. It doesn’t matter who it was to me, I was responding to the rude hashtags, the last of which was #PleaseAxMeNow.

          Nobody is forcing anybody to be here. The UTree is for us to express our opinion and brawl it out, if necessary.

          I’m not much of a diplomat, I’m pretty direct, especially over here.

          You are such a kind and sweet person, I’m honestly surprised you venture into this Wild West Show.

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          1. You are right of course that he was rude. I was surprised when I found out who he was because I did not expect that. I thought at first it was a troll. I was not judging you.
            I do not know about wild west I am tolerant of most people . So much upheaval for nothing.
            Good to talk to you 🙂

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              1. I was curious one of my faults and when I fallowed his name I found my way onto his site.
                I like the Turnip story he wrote so I liked it.
                Unless someone high jacket his site?

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  9. Geez I stoped in to see if there’s any go jokes or maybe some lighthearted talks. Sounds like HS reactionary response going on ……. Do we need a group hug…. ah come on just a hug it’ll all be better soon.
    Anyway not trying to offend anyone just trying to ad some humor.
    LY all

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  10. I mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beer. The day was really quite beautiful, and the drink facilitated some deep thinking.

    My wife walked by and asked me what I was doing, and I said, “Nothing.” She then said, “That’s what you did yesterday!” I replied, “I WASN’T DONE , SO I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF FINISHING RIGHT NOW.”

    The reason I said “nothing” instead of saying “just thinking” is because she then would have asked, “About what?” At that point I would have had to explain that men are deep thinkers about various topics, which would lead to other questions.

    Finally I pondered an age old question: “Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the nuts?” Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a guy getting kicked in the nuts, but how could they know?

    Well, after another beer, and some more heavy deductive thinking, I have come up with an answer to that question.

    Getting kicked in the nuts is more painful than having a baby, and even though I obviously couldn’t really know, here is the reason for my conclusion A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, “It might be nice to have another child.”

    On the other hand, you never hear a guy say, “You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts.”

    I rest my case. Time for another beer, and then maybe a nap.

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    1. I once asked someone on a nature hike, “what are you thinking” to which they replied, “nothing.” In astonishment It exclaimed, “You can do that?”

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    2. Having a child is more painful. Fact.
      Woman are stronger…and have hormones that help easy the pain…and have Mother’s Love that is MUCH Stronger than the pain. We Know how painful it is but its all worth it and we willingly face it again because we are strong and our love for our children is even stronger.

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  11. Okay…this is gonna suck, but I want to set the record straight.

    Since Daughn has said:

    “I’m perfectly happy to lay this at Wheatie’s feet and point the finger, directly.”

    “You started this whole mess.”

    Perhaps she is right.
    It was my comment on the Author Logistics thread that prompted Wolf to create the Site Reorg thread, which led to Daughn’s feelings being hurt…which led to her deciding to leave us.

    So…I take full responsibility for this mess:

    This is all my fault.

    And I am profoundly sorry for how this has turned out!

    But I reject the allegations that it was “petty jealousy” that motivated me to make that comment in the Authors Logistics thread.
    Because it was NOT!

    If anything, it was ‘opportunism’ on my part.

    For me it was like…’Daughn’s daily Covid thread has turned into the Daily Open. Great! Can I take a break for awhile?’

    I try not to talk about what’s going on in my life, but we were getting hit from all sides, together with health problems…and it was taking a toll.
    I let the frustration get the better of me…and even did a whiney-butt lament about the storm damage, in DePat’s Daily thread.

    I immediately felt bad about bringing it up to Wolf, and said so:

    “Uh oh…now I feel bad for bringing it up!

    But Wolf was in Dad-mode, and decided to settle it in a Dad way…and I don’t blame him for that, at all!

    How many times as kids, did we learn that is was not a good idea to take something to Dad…because we may not like the results.
    I should’ve known better.

    But Wolf handled it in a Solomon-like way, and threw it out for discussion.

    But I hereby reject the allegations that I in any way, resented Daughn’s daily Covid threads!
    Quite the opposite!

    I have thanked her for them, complemented her for the “phenomenal job” that she was doing with them and had been contributing to them as much as I could.

    If I had been concerned with ‘comment count’ on threads…would I have done that?

    Daughn did a lot of work for us in doing those threads.
    And I was grateful to her for it.

    Maybe I should do a thread post on the Q Tree…saying “It’s All Wheatie’s Fault”.
    That way everyone could vent their displeasure towards me and clear the air.

    I am perfectly willing to do that.
    But I think I would be accused of ‘playing the victim’ if I did.
    Even so…I am willing to do it.

    Interesting, isn’t it?
    That you can be slandered and accused of things…falsely…but if you try to defend yourself of those charges…
    You are “playing the victim”.

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      1. Thanks, Butterfly.

        But it *was* my comment that led to this mess happening.
        So I am willing to take the blame for that.

        However…I reject the false allegations that Daughn and Alison have made against me.

        It was NOT because of “petty jealousy” or “competition” and I am not “gleeful” about what has happened!
        That is bullshit.

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        1. There was an ‘Iago’ character in the ‘sotto voce’ comments who knew how to create leverage. You can see the lumber and rocks and weights used in Butterfly’s and TheseThoughts posts above. You were just a well meaning route-driver who alerted others to confusing signage that leads to a dangerous intersection.

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    1. hey wheatie…thanks for stepping up here to explain what the heck happened…I’ve had no idea what was going on and couldn’t make heads/tails what ppl were talking ab w/ all these new thread ideas and formats etc….

      I’m still a little confused ab “Open Threads” vs “Topical Threads” and what, exactly, we’re sposed to talk about or not….and where ….?

      …but I’ll figure it out, no problem….

      personally, FWIW, you’ve never struck me as the “jealous victim” type at all , and I’m sure I’m not alone there…so don’t worry ab it…

      just want to give you a little morale support here….

      personalities clash sometimes…esp when ppl are under stress…misunderstandings happen…

      …and there are always 5,000 sides to a story, right ? 🙂

      don’t let it get you down.

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    2. So, I finally got around to reading “most” of the commentary around this whole thing. I think I got most of it anyway.

      What a tempest in a teapot!

      The We-Flu thread served its purpose for a while. BUT, it was also a fucking despair-vortex, too. What I mean by that is, WU-FLU IS BY DEFINITION NEGATIVE, and by giving it our un-dying love and attention every day, we succumb to negativity.

      The thing needed to come to an end, somehow. You saw it first. We were FORGETTING OUR PURPOSE.

      I don’t come here every day to worry about how a virus might kill me. There are plenty of other places online to do that!

      I come here to figure out how we are going to MAGA, and keep our President in the White House, where he belongs. I come here to try to learn information that might help me turn one more voter to Trump.

      THIS IS NOT ON YOU. People are shooting the messenger.

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    3. Wheatie, I admire your taking responsibility, but it is not your fault. I am just stating facts.

      As illustrated above, it was Alison who, back on April 2nd, brought up all the points she accused you of. And here’s what she said in this very thread:
      Alison: Since nothing seems to post when I write my diatribe, I will say #ImWithDaughn. This whole thing was Wheatie’s jealousy and back door attempt to persuade Wolf that people were confused & complaining about COVID thread.


      Wheatie and Phoenix complained. That’s it.

      Wheatie competes with Daughn when Daughn has no intention of doing same.

      It was Alison who planted the seeds on April 2 about “two competing threads,” “confusion,” and possibly doing away with the COVID thread. She has accused Wheatie of all the things she (Alison) brought up, accuses Wheatie of competing with Daughn, and causes discord and strife on this site.

      Daughn appears to have fallen in with Alison’s beliefs, blaiming Wheatie and saying she can “rule” (in the author’s thread). Daughn claims people thought she was getting too much attention (which is practically saying they were jealous), when there is no evidence of that unless you choose to believe what Alison has been saying. Alison started it all and has been poisoning things.

      I have held back on saying this, but I urge people to take a step back from angst about Daughn and look at all the things people have said, including Daughn. There was blame, false accusations, and no attempt to hear the other side or give the benefit of the doubt. This is not about Wheatie vs. Daughn, as Alison falsely claims. I don’t know what it’s really about — I can think of several possibilities — but I know what it looks like.

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      1. Thanks. I’m going to use your post here for a general announcement (i.e., this is directed at everybody).

        We all have some fault here, but by tonight I will be asking that the topic be dead and buried so we can heal on it. Everybody will have to lay down their swords and bury their hatchets. I’m bringing the red hot iron, and we get back to work.

        Getting in some last hits between now and then is NOT a good idea. Far better to begin to practice reconciliation.

        I am hoping that I don’t have to go “Sundance of positivity” on things (meaning banning people for negative emotional outbursts that keep stirring this incident back into contention), but I may do that. There is also the possibility that “technically innocent people will have to be separated”. The best way not to be one of those individuals is to avoid all blame-casting on this topic in the future. But there is more.

        Based on current analysis results, there are specific patterns of behavior, not necessarily intentional, sometimes very subtle, which can be promptly eliminated to prevent these incidents. To most people here – even the banned – they will appear like “mystery bans”.

        People can get into practice sheathing their swords and burying their hatchets NOW, so it’s not hard later.

        I’m now going from the current “Comey style” (yacking selectively about stuff behind the scenes) to “Barr style” (radio silence until the bombs fall). We will work on analysis of this incident, and if any further actions are warranted, they will be taken swiftly.

        I am also posting this on the Q Tree.

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      2. The general frustration levels of the Entire Planet are also coloring our responses. Personally that period of time found me in an uncharacteristically strong “porcupine” state as well. But, I’ve learned to not post much when I am in that place. Less messy that way.


    4. Wheatie Thank you for explaining your site . What is done is done and now a new day is here. A new beginning what was is past.
      “Hell is paid with good intentions” I myself have to relearn it over and over.

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    1. Random comments into air

      I’d like some targeted research threads. We still need to regroup on [GS]. [BG] got too much attention and we forgot about [GS].

      I need a rest though. Two months of Corona is too much for anyone. I’d try to watch the briefing live or else I would have to watch it very late. It made for a VERY hectic schedule keeping up with POTUS, then being back up and online for my early morning conference call and another day of work.

      I’ve also been dealing with the blues of the spiritual battle. Every day has been a battle lately.

      Keep in mind that we are still in 4GW . . . BE CAREFUL! Don’t let our ammo get depleted!!!

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      1. The Corona thread was nice much information. We all have freedom the click on the thread or not. No one forces anyone to linger in the thread and pass the daily thread. Life is all about choices.
        I liked that I had a choice because for me at times the daily becomes boring and I found the Corona thread super informative because many bright posters contributed so much of their research.
        I understand that people can get stressed and the beauty was and is the choice to skip over what stresses and go to the daily thread.
        I always think to myself because I do not like something or stresses me I should take care of myself and ignore a thread or post or snarky comment or complain.
        But then I am stupid and it is like a comfortable old shoe it works for me.
        Michaelh you are a good guy it is a stressful time for many and you have a beautiful little family to enjoy. Prayers and peace.

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      2. Joy in small things.
        Refreshment in nature.
        Turning off the data spigot for a day once a week.
        Asking for more love to share with family and with the difficult ones.
        Singing loudly in the car with the radio off.
        Whispering affections to Jesus.
        Humbling myself before God.
        Humming tuneless hums just because.

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      3. Might be good to let Q guide both our targeting and our timing.

        May all the servants of evil experience:
        supply lines severed
        communications confused
        resources drained
        victims released
        plans foiled
        purposes turned back upon themselves.

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      Like all the other FAKE CONS

      Would be really nice to have a thread w/ insights into recognizing it, understanding it

      Alex Jones long time obvious
      Drudge for certain
      Like Gail said so many bought off

      Wow to see what they are doing
      The make a standard to rally around
      Once everyone has picked sides the fake con starts waffling
      Goal is to move Overton windows
      Move the goalposts
      Have a gotcha gaffe to make a con defend or distance from
      Split and divide the cons opposition
      Even the nutters at birch are controlled oppo
      Infiltration everywhere
      Dirty money everywhere, seems like everybody can be bought these days

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      1. I resemble that remark!
        Cthulhu, is this the album art? They made a picture of Alison?

        When this record came out and we folks in my town were of a certain age, in the restaurants and bars where our best band played, there was an ‘Alison’.
        I loved her so dearly from afar. She had a smile and a sadness. Heck, we all loved her from afar.

        And ‘Alison’ looked just like this girl. How did Elvis Costello know about her? Alison …

        My aim. is. true.

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  12. I have a Question about the new policies here at this site..

    I am confused…from time to time, I am absent from the daily runnings here, and it’s easy to get out of the loop very quickly if I happen to miss a couple of days posting & reading here…

    I found the COVID-19 Threads to be very helpful and informative…esp regarding the hoax aspect of the whole thing…many good posts were made there, and good analysis, imo..

    but I also understand why that daily COVID Thread has been pulled…

    so…my Question is this…

    (a) can we still post info, sources etc regarding the COVID-19 issues ? and…

    (b) if so, where should we continue to make those posts ?

    thanks. 🙂

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    1. Yes, this is an excellent question. I will answer this again on Q Tree later.

      I am now acting as THE EDITOR here by going back to one open thread. We’re CHANGING THE FORMAT, not the CONTENT.

      Please continue to post COVID-19 information in the daily thread AND (and I hope to see many more of these) in dedicated, high-quality, quotable, tweetable, linkable ARTICLES about COVID-19 and related topics, these being specific topics of analysis and understanding. Yes, it’s a bit like CTH in that respect.

      What I want to do is to KEEP THE INFORMATION but break up the “ongoing crisis psychology” which comes from an enemy-controlled open thread. If other authors don’t rise to the challenge on this, I will do it myself and post “article-wrappers” – like Sundance does – so that people can comment on daily important items. The COVID items will naturally draw more COVID-related but OT comments – sure, no problem.

      As far as limiting information, the ONLY thing I ask being that people not “do the enemy’s work” and post fear-porn in such a way so as to cause fear. Usually, a bit of analysis wrapping the fear-porn, or simply pointing out that it’s probably or definitely fear-porn, is all that is needed.

      Of course, I will have to change this as we go along, but I want to try this NOW.

      By TONIGHT I will be fully back on the job of attack posts.

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      1. thanks…got it…

        so….we should just keep posting relevant and topical info at The Daily Open Thread and flep’s thread..

        and if any of that info/those posts warrant it, you and other authors will decide whether or not to put up separate Threads to delve further…?

        sounds good and will do.

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          1. (been trying to understand, as much as poss, what happened…been out of the loop for those days…just want to understand what the issue was…is….from what I’m seeing, the saddest part is not the Threads or what’s on them but the comraderie between w & d that got wrecked ! someone drove a wedge in there…hopefully that can be restored one day…. jmho.)

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        So many hurt.


        The answers to “why” show how evil these people are. The answers are not comforting or reassuring.

        This cannot be allowed to escape justice.

        Attack thread + Research Thread.

        The people (general public) need to see the truth.

        (For me, for now, rest. This fight is a BIG FIGHT and I need my strength before going to battle.)

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  13. Given that I am WAY late to the game on this, I will keep my comments brief and frivolous……

    I find that anything that can be construed in the slightest as critical or controversial concerning personal interaction on the internet needs copious amounts of “winkie faces” 😉 Been doing this long before we had emoticons ;-….way too easy to misinterpret someone’s intent and feelings with the typed word.

    …..Is this WAY over simplifying personal dynamics in this case specifically and the cyber world in general….yes, but, it works for me ;-)………see;-)…….I cant help myself;-)

    ………and FWIW, cant imagine this place without a handful of people here, which includes Daugh and Wheatie both, a sad day indeed 😦

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    1. I agree and did the winkie face for a month.
      it was past time to call out Wheatie for her irrational position.
      Handled in the worst possible way.

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    2. Yeah, when “here” is the utree and I don’t get a mention…..I’m kind of relieved that T3 killed it. It’s not exactly a morale booster to be chopped liver.


  14. I favor lining EVERYBODY up against the wall and Wolfie can walk the line using a pingpong paddle on each set of buttocks. At the end of the line, he says, now get back to blogging and commenting. If it happens again, I’ll walk the line again – slower – with all your butts bared. You have been warmed — err — warned.

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  15. OK – new day – 5/7 – and we’re moving on.

    For some indeterminate period, I’m going to ask for people to avoid any new “she said, she said” comments, which I will delete, and which will therefore waste my time. We’ve got plenty of them already. People “new” to things can easily review the old postings and comments. We know what everybody thinks now.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    Move along now – nothing to see here!

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  16. Some time back Wolf was talking about the possibility of losing the Q Tree in the midst of the fight. My immediate response was to “see” a picture in my mind’s eye of a shattered hologram where each piece contained the whole.

    This community is a hologram of down to earth, thinking, researching, wise and patriotic souls.

    Shatter us, divide us, do as you will, we will each carry the essence, the “song” if you will, of love, life, and liberty in our hearts as we create new places to meet, discuss, collaborate, encourage and #WAR

    We can’t imagine who may gather under Daughn’s banner at her site and what new authors will get their wings here on Wolf’s sites during this transition period. We’ve been through this before. We have a special strength when we share what we have. It’s painful now but there will be joy again. Not discounting the pain and loss, but feeling hopeful for the future.

    You are all deeply loved more than you can ever know.

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    1. Uplifting, encouraging, focus forward post! Thank you.

      Just thinking about the moment I as banned at OT. This is the truly depressing commenter than turned out to also be a moderator and banned me.

      The person made some equally, all is lost and nothing good is happening post such as the one at the link, I countered with Good News and called them out for seeing the glass empty when it is at least half full and listed reasons why to be encouraged and why posts such as this are 100% unhelpful to President Trump and to any hope of success in draining the swamp. They said and Now You are a Ghost, Bam! I was banned due to that conversation.

      I was sad, and yet I was freed. I still scan/read the articles and scan the comments but do not feel invested there and have more time to actually learn and be productive v. fighting trolls and *moderators*! on OT.

      Sometimes we are freed to do other things. I was cussed at and called names at our own treehouse, many Very personal remarks were made at/to me in recent weeks. Thought we could disagree and debate without that kind of childish behavior but … OK. Choices. Where to spend our time. Sometimes freeing.

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  17. I was in a long line at 7:45 am today at the grocery store that opened at 8 am for seniors only.

    A young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the line, but an old lady beat him back into the parking lot with her cane.

    He returned and tried to cut in again but an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away.

    As he approached the line for the third time he said, “If you don’t let me unlock the door you’ll never get in there.”

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  18. Me: “Hello.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Hello. This is Bob Bobson from Microsoft Support. We are seeing a lot of virus activity from your device.”

    Me: “Oh no. My device? Are you sure?”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Oh yes, we have many reports.”

    Me: “Oh jeez. How can I fix it?”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “It’s OK sir. We can help you right now. Are you in front of your device sir?”

    Me: “Yes. I was just about to use it. I’m glad you called.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Yes sir, we are going to help you. Can you please push the Start button?”

    Me: “I think it’s already on.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Okay, sir. Now you want to click on Control Panel.”

    Me: “I don’t see that.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Do you see a bunch of information above the Start button?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “That is your Control Panel.”

    Me: “Wow, I didn’t realize it had a name.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Yes sir, now press on Internet Options.”

    Me: “Yeah, I definitely don’t see any Internet options. I don’t think I purchased that feature. This is just a cheap one.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “They all have the Internet sir. Press the Start button again.”

    Me: “OK, it’s the same as before.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “That’s OK sir. We are going to restart your device. Can you please turn it off?”

    Me: “Ummm…I don’t know how. I’ve never turned it off. Since I bought it it just kind of stays on all the time.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “There must be an off button on your device. How do you stop it when it’s running?”

    Me: “In those cases I usually press the big button beneath Stop/Cancel.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “OK sir. Please press that button.”

    Me: “Ok.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Is your device off?”

    Me: “No. The door popped open.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Door? Is there a disc inside the door?”

    Me: “No, there’s a burrito.”

    NOT-Microsoft support: “Why is there a burrito in your computer?”

    Me: “Computer? I thought you said this was microwave support.”

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  19. Occasionally I come here (to UT) for laughs when I am caught up with my other reading. Tonight I am going to gripe. WHAT happened to the QT??? I sure hope this is not what it has become. Is the goal now to put as many links as possible in a single post? Pictures just to be adding pictures? Tweets to toot your own horn?? I can scroll past as I have found necessary to do more lately but SURELY this is not what Wolf intended!!!

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  20. I am bringing this comment from Ozzytrumpster over here, so that we won’t continue to sully Fle’s thread:

    June 9, 2020 at 03:20
    You drove dawn out. We are at the cusp of victory here and should have all been here to share it together. Whatever differences we had over language, religion the parts different characters are playing in this colossal struggle we needed to WWG1WGA. We need to have each other’s backs. Having said that . The rift is irreparable. I want us to have each others backs and will drop this for all eternity but don’t tell others how to mind their manners. Going to a new area as an adult means finding a whole new friendship group. Daunting enough without worrying that you are irritating people who are too polite to mention it. Encouragement and support and belief that they will find their niche is warranted.

    To which I replied:

    “You drove dawn out.”

    I did nothing to ‘drive Daughn out’.

    I was always supportive and complimentary about everything that she did.

    And I challenge you to produce anything to support your claim that I “drove” her out.

    Let’s take this to the U Tree, where you can tear into me all you like:
    [ with a link to this comment.]


    It seems to me, Ozzy, that you are the one doing the ‘targeting’ here…and accusing me of doing something that I didn’t do.


    1. This is the exchange that you are chastising me about, Ozzy:

      Text of my comment to Coothie:

      Coothie, I wish you would stop nagging poor Fle about the Mu-Shu pics.
      I liked your comment…except for that part.
      That’s a strange fixation you’ve got there, on Mu-Shu.

      To which Cooth replied:

      June 5, 2020 at 03:55
      I look at it as showing a friendly interest in one of Flep’s interests. And, though I do it often, I don’t do it every day. If Flep told me that it was annoying, I’d stifle in a jiffy — but, instead, every so often he leaks a pic — which shows that he still has the interest and that he’s still proud. Is it such a problem to ask a humble man about things he’s proud of? Especially when one doesn’t have to feign an interest?

      I’m looking to move out of Silicon Valley and into North Carolina. I was born in California and have always lived here — at the age of 57, I’m going to willingly step into a situation where I’ll be a “babe in the woods”. I need to learn about all sorts of things that don’t involve growing citrus or making semiconductors. Is it wrong for me to connect with people about unfamiliar subjects?

      You will please take notice, Ozzy, that I didn’t characterize Coothie’s repeated requests for ‘pics of Mu Shu’ as “annoying”.
      It was Coothie himself, who did that.

      And it was because he mentioned moving to North Carolina, and being a “babe in the woods”…that I made this comment, which I made as a cautionary comment…nothing more:

      June 5, 2020 at 04:07
      I think that Fle is too polite to tell you that you’re being annoying, Coothie.

      That’s something you’ll experience a lot of…once you leave California:
      Polite men who say nothing, even when someone is being annoying.

      I was raised in a house full of them and I am also married to one.
      So I learned to be protective of them and speak out when they are too polite to.

      You will need to be mindful of this in a Southern state like North Carolina.

      The men may not tell you when you are being annoying.
      They just ignore you.

      But their protective sisters, wives and friends might tell you to put a sock in it.

      What I didn’t say…is that showing a persistent “interest” in someone’s personal life, can get you punched in the face in some parts of the country.

      Which is something that I would hate to see happen to Coothie.

      You mention, Ozzy, that moving to a new area and trying to make new friends can be “daunting”.
      Yes, it can.

      That is why I was trying to acquaint him with an aspect of what he will be encountering.


      1. In law, there is the concept of “lesser included charges”. For instance, if you murder someone, you logically also assaulted them. I would assume that the charge of “nagging” included the lesser charge of “annoying”. Given my interest in linguistics, I’d be very interested if you could provide a counterexample.


        1. Sure, Cooth…’nagging’ is ‘annoying’.

          Or it usually is, but sometimes not so much.
          Such as when someone nags a friend to go see a dentist about their toothache…in which case it’s done out of concern for their friend’s well-being.

          Perhaps I should’ve used the word ‘pestering’ instead?

          How about ‘cringeworthy’.

          Used in a sentence:

          It seems we’ve reached the point in our societal discourse, where someone can engage in cringeworthy behavior…and if anyone asks them to stop, then *they* are the one who is committing an offense.

          Rest assured, I will never commit such a grievous offense again.


  21. That is the hole point. I don’t want to tear into you or daughn.
    Seriously. Do you think we are unnoticed?
    The enemy have the msm in their grasp and blogs and chat groups with intelligent people asking questions are their most feared enemies. Think how twitter and Facebook and wordpissed supress conservative voices. How much of you quarrel was organic? Did either or both of you have an iago tormenting trouble. THEY need to divide us.
    Soon the masses are going to be repelled whether they like it or not and there are going to be a lot of lost souls looking for untainted news.
    I missed the argument-you people keep wierd hours , but what you said about manners was , at best, unkind.
    Let’s argue about who’s a white hat. Who’s a Judas goat and whether some things ar oo teileto be made public


    1. “How much of you quarrel was organic?”

      What quarrel?

      Where was the “quarrel”?
      This is what is mystifying to me…when or where did we have this “quarrel” that I am being blamed for?

      …………..And now this:

      “I missed the argument-you people keep wierd hours , but what you said about manners was , at best, unkind.”

      So you “missed the argument”, but you are blaming me for it anyway?

      And you also ‘missed’ the spirit of what I said to Coothie, which was meant as a caution to him — not about “manners”.
      If you will read my comment about it above, I try to explain this.


  22. I hate this site. Wordpissed keeps logging me out and saying I’ve double posted. And autoincorrect is putting its spoke in the wheel too. I may have too many tabs open because things are getting garbled.
    We have a great crew. Lots of really engaged people. The daily thread is over500 most days.
    Let’s keep it together and remember we have a common enemy.


    1. Sorry you’re having trouble with this site, Ozzy.

      And I agree…we have a really great crew.

      One manipulative person can cause discord, even within a group of like-minded people.

      I am not referring to you, dear Ozzy.
      You are not the one who wrote stories bragging about their powers of manipulation.

      This is not something that I have ever even pointed out…till now.
      It’s just something that I noticed and was mindful of, as things progressed.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m curious….who are you referring to when you say, “You are not the one who wrote stories bragging about their powers of manipulation.”?


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