The Quinine Doctor Speaks

Check this guy out! He’s AWESOME!

Big H/T to Linda for finding this video!

  • Doctor who is treating COVID-19 patients on the front lines.
  • Very big on hydroxychloroquine – says it’s saving everybody!
  • Also recommending a light regimen of quinine and zinc as prophylaxis.
  • Big on nutrition, exercise, immunity, and prevention.
  • SICK of the FAKE NEWS about COVID-19.
  • MAD AS HELL about an example where a premature baby’s death blamed on COVID-19.
  • MAD AS HELL about hospitals being HARMED by the phony crisis and closing down.
  • Telling doctors and patients to start speaking out / speaking up.

Just listen to the guy – he’s amazing!!!


Here is the original pair of tweets it came from, including a SHORTER VIDEO if you just want to get to the description of the preventative regimen.

22 thoughts on “The Quinine Doctor Speaks

        1. Yes, THANK YOU very much for this. Yup – great to see I wasn’t the only person to try this.

          Based on his suggestion, I tried a lower dose of tonic water. The quinine still produces some annoying effects, but it may be tolerable. I’m also trying some other zinc ionophores.

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            1. Thanks! I’m feeling pretty good. Once I got a hold of zinc, even my bad “osteoporosis formula” (mostly calcium and magnesium), I at least had SOMETHING that seems to work on this stuff.

              I’m experimenting with a lot of things right now. We’ll see. I may not be TOP shape, but I can throw grenades. Good enough to return to the fight!!! 😉

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  1. Just in from a contact in the Netherlands…

    Researchers at Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen think they have discovered an essential mechanism in the covid-19 disease process that has been overlooked so far.

    “If the insight is correct, it probably has important consequences for the treatment of the disease,” says a press statement from the hospital.

    Leaky blood vessels

    Doctors always see three stages of serious infections with the coronavirus: shortness of breath due to fluid on the lungs, an inflammatory reaction in the lungs and the development of thrombosis and scarring in the lungs due to the fluid.

    “The first phase, in which the lungs fill up with fluid, CT scans of the lungs look serious and patients quickly become short of breath when administering fluid, is very characteristic,” says Frank van de Veerdonk, internist-infectiologist at Radboud university medical center. “This picture cannot be explained only by the infection of the lungs. We had the idea that during this process the very small blood vessels in the lungs also leak. That leakage causes problems for the lungs, because they partly fill up.”

    This was previously seen with SARS, the virus infection that claimed many lives in 2003. However, a good explanation was never found.

    Possible leakage explanation

    The researchers at Radboud university medical center now come up with a possible explanation for the leak. Covid-19 is known to enter the lungs through the so-called ACE2 receptor. ACE2 is an enzyme found on organs, including the lungs. It is also the receptor, the ‘receiver’, for the coronavirus in the human body.

    “The virus binds to the receptor and is withdrawn by the receptor into the lung cell, where the virus can multiply,” says Van de Veerdonk. “In a massive infection, those ACE2 receptors disappear from the outside of the cell. Their function also disappears.”

    Until now, doctors have known that ACE2 plays a role in maintaining blood pressure throughout the body. But it has another function, according to the researchers, which has been left out of the picture in covid-19 infections. “ACE2 keeps the substance bradykinin under control. Bradykinin makes blood vessels leak.

    We have good reason to believe that with these covid-19 infections we see exactly this effect: ACE2 receptors disappear from the lung cells by the introduction of the virus , which gives bradykinin free rein and causes the small blood vessels to leak en masse at the site of infection. ”


    The researchers believe that this is an essential mechanism in the disease process of Covid-19. While most covid-19 treatments are now aimed at inhibiting inflammation, this research focuses on the phase before that: the leak that is causing the lungs to get into trouble.

    That is why the researchers are already setting up treatments with icatibant, a drug that can inhibit the effects of bradykinin. “The beauty is: every patient is the same,” says Van de Veerdonk. “They all have no defenses and everyone is leaking. We have now started the treatment with five patients and I can be cautiously positive. But of course we are not there yet.”

    International research must show whether the new insights and treatments do indeed have an effect. If that is the case, then this has major consequences, according to Van de Veerdonk. “The moment a patient enters the hospital, the whole process can be stopped within a few days and they will have an opportunity to clear the virus in the next two weeks. People can go home faster and because we asked patients no longer end up in intensive care. ”

    The researchers’ new insights have yet to be assessed and commented by colleagues. Van de Veerdonk chose to publish the research as soon as possible and not wait for publication in a highly regarded magazine. “Because if what we think is right, it can make all the difference.”

    (Sorry for the Google translation……)

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      1. Don’t forget.
        X-Rays cause damage.

        Most people don’t think about it much but a CT is basically 50x the radiation dose of a single chest x-ray.

        A DEXA bone scan uses x-ray radiation… which breaks down bone structure… to test the quality of your bone structure.

        The definition of insanity is…

        Doctors don’t refer for an MRI as often as they should.

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        1. I’m very radiation resistant! A lifetime across the whole damn spectrum. BURNED and BURNED AGAIN.

          Seriously – I did RADIATION EXPERIMENTS as a KID. 😀

          I’ll take whatever at this point. The bomb was dropped next to my jeep. Somebody wants to kick the tires? Hell, do it twice. If I had a HOME X-ray machine, I’d do it myself! 😀

          This is WAR. I’m an old horse. Gimme the cheap shot and put me back out with the platoon! 😀

          I get other people being careful. Luckily, I don’t have to be one of them.

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      2. The body is DESIGNED to heal.
        Doctors love the term “permanent” but it’s just using fear to control people.

        Ever read about the man who reversed his blindness using neurological exercises to retrain his brain to see?

        Lung function can be tested with one of those breath exercise devices (can buy cheap online). Good reason to see a pulmonologist (spelling?) when this lock down gets done.

        Did you ever get a pulse ox meter?

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    1. Another good comment from elsewhere…

      Researchers at Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen think they have discovered an essential mechanism in the covid-19 disease process that has been overlooked

      That is why the researchers are already setting up treatments with icatibant, a drug that can inhibit the effects of bradykinin.

      Bromelain, extracted from the stem of the pineapple, has an inhibiting effect on bradykinin too. Bromelain is available as a food supplement.

      DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-960949

      “Bromelain lowers kininogen and bradykinin serum and tissue levels and has an influence on prostaglandin synthesis, thus acting antiinflammatory.”

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        1. Here’s a report from another member of that discussion group… (herx = immunopathology)

          I switched to Zinc Picolinate.

          Taking it with no quercetin or green tea extract.

          Stronger herx then when taking the other forms of zinc even with quercetin or green tea extract.

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