Event 201 – The Foreshadowing of an Evil Communist Chinese Plot to Infect the World?

I have to say that I was amazed that the information about this event was still available online! Until I found THIS buried in one of the pdfs on the site:

“EVENT 201 MODEL Disclaimer: this model was used exclusively for the exercise in October 2019 and does not relate to and cannot be applied to the current 2019-nCoV outbreaks because the epidemiologic inputs in this model differ from what is observed in 2019-nCoV.”

So, I am using the information from the website, and doing what I can with it, but it is ALL SUSPECT, as I now know it has been ALTERED to fit current reality. I went to the Wayback Machine, and this page was as it is now as far back as I could go, which was February 3. The other pages don’t appear to show changes, but none were archived before 27 January, so who knows?

This is the link to the Event 201 website:


For those of us with open eyes, it is just so FUCKING OBVIOUS how the scenario in Event 201 parallels the current crisis. But for me the question is WHY hold such an event in the first place, if your plot is about to launch. WHY be so OBVIOUS? We’ll get into that later. First, I’ll synopsize the event itself.

The Event 201 exercise was held October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. It was held by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As we know, Bill Gates is BIG VACCINE, a megalomaniac, and a partner of the ChiComs.

The “made up” virus for this scenario was a CORONAVIRUS called Coronavirus Acute Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS). It originated with BATS, transferred to pigs, then humans. It started in a large city in South America. There are rumors online that the Event 201 virus was originally stated to have started in Wuhan China. This IS possible, given that one change in the information has already been noted.

Spread by “mildly symptomatic” people is possible with the fake CAPS. Approximately 50% of CAPS cases require hospitalization, many of them in an intensive care unit (ICU). The CAPS fatality rate in hospitalized patients is about 14%. The overall case fatality rate (CFR) is 7%. The average R0 is 1.74. The incubation period ranges from 5to 7 days.

For comparison, the World Health Organization estimated the REAL Wuhan Flu RO at between 1.4 and 2.5. The death rate is expected to be around 1-2%, but nobody really knows yet. Incubation ranges from 1 to 14 days. It seems the coronavirus in Event 201 is more severe than the Wuhan Flu, which is interesting, and I think may be significant.

Also, with the scenario virus, there is an existing medicine which may be effective against it, a fictional drug called extranavir. This also mimics the real-life Wu-Flu, with hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir (sounds a lot like extranavir, doesn’t it?), and now even Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic for horses and people, working to kill the virus.

All of this sounds weirdly familiar, right? SO many parallels.

I found it interesting that with regards to a VACCINE for the fictional CAPS, Event 201 was pretty pessimistic:

“Development of a vaccine against the CAPS virus will likely take years to achieve. The vaccine development process can take more than a decade. In pandemic situations, the timeline for vaccine development could possibly be shortened, but developing and manufacturing a vaccine against CAPS in time to control this pandemic is unlikely.”

Also, in parallel to what is being reported by some about REAL WuFlu, the possibility that a vaccine for CAPS could exacerbate problems with OTHER viruses:

“Some experiments have raised the possibility that immunity incurred from certain coronavirus vaccines can be short lived and that enhanced disease may result from certain coronavirus vaccines. This has prompted some concern that vaccines targeting coronaviruses (eg, MERS, SARS) could lead to adverse events.”

Maybe the plan is to magically “develop” a vaccine in “record time” for the Wu-Flu? One that they assure us doesn’t have adverse effects?

They go on to discuss the supply chain for medical countermeasures (MCM) and vaccines. The consensus seems to be, as we are finding in the real world right now, that the supply chain for MCM is inadequate to the task of a global pandemic:

“Challenges with ensuring equitable access to and distribution of MCMs have been encountered in the past. Countries have withheld sharing samples in an effort to secure access to MCMs.”

Next, and importantly for us as citizen reporters, Event 201 addressed the communication aspect of a pandemic. Here is a quote from the website:

“These false messages are often defined as misinformation, erroneous information shared through various channels, and disinformation, purposefully spread false or misleading information. The information environment is increasingly made up of a mix of information coming from web sources and other media, in addition to historical sources such as print and TV news media. However, the influence of social media has made the spread of false information even more pernicious.”


“Disinformation campaigns are widely recognized in the political world but have been identified in the public health realm as well. In the fall of 2018, a team of researchers systematically identified a concerted effort to spread disinformation and discord about vaccine safety. Public health response efforts for the currently ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been challenged by disruptive rumors that have occasionally targeted public health responders. Misinformation during a public health emergency is a particularly concerning threat, because of the time-dependent nature of outbreak response and the corrosive effect misinformation can have on public trust. Current solutions to the spread of mis-and disinformation are limited. Social media platforms have attempted to change their algorithms to limit the spread of false information and promote correct information, but the problem of misinformation continues. Many misinformation response actions have been developed to be used against political misinformation and disinformation but may be applied in response to an epidemic. More than 50 countries globally have taken different government-led actions that, in theory, aim to combat misinformation. These actions can range from media literacy campaigns and fact-checking websites to more extreme measures, such as jailing users for publishing content deemed to be misinformation. In some cases, authorities have shut down social media sites or the internet entirely.”

This gang is DEFINITELY NOT HAPPY that we are out here and able to co-opt their narrative! They would like to see us in JAIL for daring.

There was discussion at Event 201 about the financial implications of CAPS, and the reserves of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, national governments, and private charities to handle a pandemic. In the scenario, low and middle-income countries would require a “bail-out.”

Well, that’s the synopsis of the information available about Event 201. Now for some speculation on my part.

I started out this inquiry asking WHY would Gates et. al. have this OBVIOUS event in parallel with the release of an actual CORONAVIRUS? It is so blatantly comparable to the current situation, EXCEPT for the hospitalization and DEATH RATES, which are MUCH HIGHER with the fictional CAPS.

It got me thinking. WHAT IF the goal is to make the current REAL WU-FLU situation as miserable, scary, economically devastating, and awful as possible, and then turn and point to FICTIONAL CAPS VIRUS to say, “see, as BAD as this was, it could be MUCH WORSE. You have to LET US DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to prevent the NEXT ONE.”

I don’t know, but I would love input from you all on WHY you think they would have this scenario which so clearly mimics what we are experiencing, only with a much WORSE virus.

Next, I plan to look at the “Players” in Event 201. I will report back anything I find.



19 thoughts on “Event 201 – The Foreshadowing of an Evil Communist Chinese Plot to Infect the World?

  1. “Setting expectations”

    Those were the words that came into my head about half-way through your article.

    BEFORE I read this:

    I don’t know, but I would love input from you all on WHY you think they would have this scenario which so clearly mimics what we are experiencing, only with a much WORSE virus.

    Let me state that even more clearly, now that I think about it.

    “CONTROLLING expectations”

    Some of the controlled expectations are TEXTUAL, but some are SUBTEXTUAL.

    Consider this, which you point out:

    Also, with the scenario virus, there is an existing medicine which may be effective against it, a fictional drug called extranavir. This also mimics the real-life Wu-Flu, with hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir (sounds a lot like extranavir, doesn’t it?), and now even Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic for horses and people, working to kill the virus.

    All of this sounds weirdly familiar, right? SO many parallels.

    What I find FASCINATING is that there is “pre-existing” and “pre-pre-existing” and “pre-pre-pre-existing” when it comes to what drugs are being repurposed IN REALITY.

    First, look at the “trifecta”.

    Azithromycin is a MODERN broad-spectrum antibacterial.
    Hydroxychloroquine is an OLDER side-effect-reduced, post-quinine antimalarial
    Zinc is an OLD dietary mineral nutrient

    Now look at the dates.

    Azithromycin discovered in 1980 by Pliva and approved for medical use in 1988.
    Hydroxychloroquine discovered around 1945 and approved in the US in 1955.
    Zinc known since antiquity, biological role discovered in 1869.

    And on a SIDE NOTE about zinc, from Wikipedia:

    Immune system

    Impaired immune function in people with zinc deficiency can lead to the development of respiratory, gastrointestinal, or other infections, e.g., pneumonia.[6][15][16] The levels of inflammatory cytokines (e.g., IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6, and TNF-α) in blood plasma are affected by zinc deficiency and zinc supplementation produces a dose-dependent response in the level of these cytokines.[17] During inflammation, there is an increased cellular demand for zinc and impaired zinc homeostasis from zinc deficiency is associated with chronic inflammation.[17]

    The latter is relevant, in that the only social media outlet of any strength FAVORING nutrients as PRIMARY cures – Natural News – was taken OFFLINE by Adam Schiff and “Big Social” doing his bidding under THREATS by Pencilneck:

    I suspect that the central role of ZINC here is something that they really don’t want us seeing, as I sit here breathing half-way normally by upping my zinc levels, and wondering why this should matter if I’m “recovered”, and am now very curious if Event 201 AVOIDS or MISDIRECTS on the issue of long-term viral infection.

    Back to the drugs.

    Drugs ending in “avir” are all POST-AIDS / POST-HIV drugs from BIG PHARMA. [Note (to white hats) that “red diaper sparrow” got in on that action EARLY.]

    It strikes me that we are dealing with a kind of “Look! Squirrel!” game here. They want us to FOLLOW THE LASER POINTER. This is VERY “Bill Gates”.

    First, they don’t want us looking at the basic biology of the problem, and there are multiple reasons for that.

    Second, they don’t want us looking at more basic treatments of the problem, and again, there are multiple reasons for that.

    So I think that future digging can look at these items:

    Older drugs, nutrients, basic mechanisms, connections to malaria and HIV, etc.

    There sure seems to be some “Look, squirrel!” AWAY from malaria, doesn’t there?


    Bill Gates got the world addicted to the horrible product WINDOWS. I think he has new plans.

    Bill Gates has ONE HAMMER – and I think COVID-19 is the NAIL HE CREATED FOR IT.

    You know I’ve smoked a lot of grass
    O’ Lord, I’ve popped a lot of pills
    But I never touched nothin’
    That my spirit could kill

    You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
    With tombstones in their eyes
    But the pusher don’t care
    Ah, if you live or if you die

    God damn, the pusher
    God damn, I say the pusher
    I said God damn
    God damn the pusher man

    You know the dealer, the dealer is a man
    With the love grass in his hand
    Oh but the pusher is a monster
    Good God, he’s not a natural man

    The dealer for a nickel
    Lord, will sell you lots of sweet dreams
    Ah, but the pusher ruin your body
    Lord, he’ll leave your
    He’ll leave your mind to scream

    God damn, the pusher
    God damn, God damn the pusher
    I said God damn
    God, God damn the pusher man

    Well, now if I were the president of this land
    You know, I’d declare total war on the pusher man
    I’d cut him if he stands, and I’d shoot him if he’d run
    Yes, I’d kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun

    God damn the pusher
    God damn the pusher
    I said God damn
    God damn the pusher man…

    Very interesting lyrics. Especially toward the end.

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      1. I think the disease controls us as well. I think that there may never be a vaccine. These “people” are incredible liars. I think they want something that they can control pharmacologically. It’s a form of enslavement. Don’t get the drugs, you suffer the effects of the GATES MALARIA.

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  2. Repost from WQTH …

    April 7, 2020

    The coronavirus traveled all over the world from Wuhan China, but it did not reach Beijing or Shanghai or other major cities in China. Can anyone explain how is that possible?
    There are so many questions, after all, where it all started, in China, the Chinese stock market did not collapse, but the American and European markets did, and when those markets collapsed, the Chinese bought a lot.

    All roads lead back to China

    1. They created a virus for which they already had an antidote.

    2. They purposely spread the virus for financial gain.

    3. There is a clear demonstration of efficiency to such an extent that they built hospitals in a few days. To build so many hospitals they had to be prepared with organized projects, for example, with the ordering of equipment, the hiring of labor, the water and sewerage network, the prefabricated building materials and the storage in an impressive volume. Everything happened so fast that everyone was speechless.

    4. They caused chaos in the world, beginning with Europe and the rest of the western worlds.

    5. Quickly decimating the economies of dozens of countries.

    6. Stop production and manufacturing lines in factories and primary production in dozens of countries.

    7. Causing the stock markets to crash and then they bought stocks, bonds and companies at bargain prices.

    8. They then quickly gained control of the epidemic in their country. After all, they were ready and he was never really out of control.

    9. In all this, they managed to lower the price of basic products, including the price of oil.

    10. Now they are going back to mass production while the rest of the world is stopped.

    Also note how quickly Chinese unions activated to “hoard” purchases of bus cargo to regional shopping centers across Australia, stripping our shelves of toilet paper and staple foods.

    It happened before most of us knew what was happening, even before we knew what the Coronavirus was.

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    1. Oh My God.

      Note it is a “broken virus.” WOLFMOON, THEY HAD THE VACCINE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Remember, it works by “breaking” the cell wall!

      HO-LY FUCK.

      These people are literally the minions of SATAN.

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      1. Oh, that’s interesting. It may be a FUSION OF MEMES. It’s the virus, which is destroyed in a variety of ways, including breaking its lipid bilayer surface. The DNA vaccine creates (I believe) antibodies (OMG – that can cause SO much trouble – I’m calling massive future autism-type problems RIGHT NOW), and so those kill the virus “however”. Do they break up the lipid lipid bilayer surface of the virus? If so, then that would be according to the toy meme.

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  3. CHYNA controls the UN…
    Does CHYNA control the World Bank too?

    Here’s a neat scam:

    From Harold Wren in the Library on Telegram :


    So World Bank issued “pandemic bonds” in 2017 with an interest rate of 12% that were set to mature in July 2020, with one catch: If “coronavirus“ became a pandemic – and in 2017 they called Coronavirus by name – then investors would lose all their money.


    h/t ozzytrumpster WQTH

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    1. “Bill Gates & the Cabal thought they could push vaccinations & microchip technology on us after releasing COVID-19 as a bio-weapon.

      But that power grab is about to fail.

      Soon everybody will know that Big Pharma & the Swamp Rats in DC have been covering up cures for DECADES.” – Educating Liberals

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