Emergent Scientific and Medical Speculations, Hypotheses, and Theories of COVID-19 Mechanisms of Action – Open Working Thread


Having suffered this disease myself, I can tell you that HYPOXIA is central to the whole damn thing.

I can also tell you that SOMEBODY doesn’t want us recognizing that.

Worse still, I can tell you that I smell GAIN OF FUNCTION all over Bill Gates’ little playground here.

WE are going to get to the bottom of this shit.

And when we’re done…..


Now, I’m going to review some critical stuff which THEY have been hiding.

We know all about “hydroxy” (hydroxychloroquine) and chloroquine – the old antimalarials that work so well on this stuff, and which the DEMON PRESS seems to hate so much.

Oh, it’s making sense now.

First – clinical hypoxia and ALTITUDE SICKNESS. They REALLY HATE that we’ve recognized THAT as a symptom.

This is MUST WATCH – I would say even watch it AGAIN:

When I realized that this doctor was saying exactly what *I* had been saying – that I was “stuck at 7000 feet” – lights went off. This guy automatically explained WHY the vents were a death sentence, as well as the Zelenko viewpoint that people must be treated early to keep them off the vents.

Vents are hitting a screw with a hammer. Not quite the right tool for the job.

No, we’re figuring out this wicked bioweapon. We are figuring it out.

Very interesting that I woke up yesterday and TWITTER had been taking down this video.

Yeah. Something is going on.

NEXT, there is the “hemoglobin hypothesis” – which actually started EARLIER in China – Gail posted that a few days ago.

But NOW the hemoglobin hypothesis is getting some really strong support from a post which MEDIUM took down. Oh, we must be OVER THE TARGET.

I will now provide links to COPIES of the hypothesis. Please try to read, even if the science is a bit daunting. The ANALOGIES are really quite good.

FIRST, an archived copy of the original Medium post, without any explanation of who is behind it.

LINK: https://archive.is/ONUmi


NEXT, a newer copy of it, with the following explanation, first from the AUTHOR (A.G.), then from the “rescuing blogmeister” (Kate).

LINK: http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/index.php/2020/04/05/wuhan-flu-21/


Updated and Bumped with this note from Andrew Gaiziunas.

Just popping in to say hello and add some context before anything gets out of hand.
Me and my dad (retired M.D.) were intrigued by the possibilities behind this particular piece of research coming across my desk yesterday morning: https://chemrxiv.org/articles/COVID-19_Disease_ORF8_and_Surface_Glycoprotein_Inhibit_Heme_Metabolism_by_Binding_to_Porphyrin/11938173/5
Being all stuck at home under quarantine, we wanted to learn more. My dad provided the medical knowledge, I provided the tech & sleuthing skills, and we came up with this core hypothesis. As we pulled together a series of anecdotal data, some pre-prints, and even some peer-reviewed papers, a clearer picture of the hypothesis formed. We found missing pieces precisely where we thought we would. And yes, we became convinced this is not only plausible but quite likely (or a similar mechanic) to be the case.
I threw it up on Medium just to save a copy and see if anyone would have feedback. We got plenty — much over both of our heads, some out-of-left-field fantastic ideas. For example, if this turns out to be the case, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy might save lives (we have far fewer hyperbaric chambers in the US than ICU beds), a mountain climber suggested portable hyperbaric bags which are pretty cheap (in comparison) and can fit through hospital doors could do the trick.
This was precisely the type of interaction we were looking for.
The article has since been taken down by Medium, but it seems it garnered sufficient interest in the 12 hours it was up as to be handed off to much more qualified and experienced hands. We’re hopeful some of this can be found to be useful; it may or may not, but NOT sharing it would have weighed heavier on our minds if we found out later this theory, or something similar to it, could have helped save lives and yet we did nothing about it.
Cheers and best of luck, everyone stay safe and thanks.

Thank you, Andrew. The original post continues below.

This article is currently percolating across social media and may begin to gain traction in the coming days: Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret. (Now deleted, copy here)

It makes for a compelling read, no question. And it may even be a valid hypothesis, and at least one of the responses lends it legitimacy, as perhaps does this. ⇽ Read it.

But it’s also written under a pseudonym, “libertymavenstock”.

With a few minutes of sleuthing, I found the identity of the author — Andrew Gaiziunas along with his Youtube channel on cryptocurrencies, and an interview. It had 7 views as of this morning. So buyer beware should it pop up in your travels. (Update: He is likely the son of a retired Illinois doctor of the same name.)

It would be useful if our readers in the medical field would chime in.

Fair warning: to anyone veering off topic or jamming up the threads with conspiracy jackshit – prepare to be disappeared.

But I also stumbled upon this during my trip down the rabbit hole, and this is probably as good a place to share it as anywhere. By Dr.Cameron Kyle-Sidell who is treating COVID-19 patients in New York City. Patients need OXYGEN NOT PRESSURE!!! The ventilators may be causing lung damage because of PRESSURE. Needs to be immediately investigated.

And more here.

“These patients as far as I can see, do not experience respiratory fatigue. It seems to be a pure hypoxemic failure. […] the constellation of symptoms seems to most mirror that of decompression pulmonary sickness or high altitude sickness.”

Italian paper that also describes this phenomenon: Covid-19 Does Not Lead to a “Typical” Acute Respiratory
Distress Syndrome

Update: Our own DrD weighs in.

Also, from the comments:

This might be a reach but as a physician I’ve been aggressively treating patients here in the west with the hydroxychloroquine+high dose zinc (200mg per day)+azithromycin with good results but started getting even better when we added a true functional glutathione. We were awarded a patent on this product last year and are currently seeking several further patent continuations (along with international patents) as we were planning to create a biotech around it (meaning we already have the financing/investment and know it works like it should — first one to truly work or to be validated — the only one that works in the marketplace). And after reading these comments and this great article we believe we now know what it was doing and why — it helps prevent the cytokine cascade/storm in the lungs and the overwhelming oxidative stress as mentioned and when used along with hydroxychloroquine probably helps resolve the porphyrin problem more effectively. It is also extremely antiviral (macrophages use it to attack viruses) which is some of our first NDIs for which we are going after with the FDA. But these are all mostly just theories buttressed with the recent clinical knowledge gained by treating a lot of sick patients.

Hope this helps the thoughts and conversation.

Much appreciated.

Now – there is more discussion of the disease on Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell’s Twitter account, and I will tell you that I already detect a combination of well-meaning honest researchers and doctors and some CABAL/CHINA SHILLS. So be careful. But THIS sounds like some legitimate theory, too.

Along with the hemoglobin theories, there is a variant that showed up from Texian “over there”. This provides a jumping-off point for both some debunking AND some “Mythbuster rescue” of what he’s saying. Basically, nobody put a gigantic plasmodium into a virus. But maybe they borrowed a small stretch of protein, coded as RNA, to create a special nasty segment of viral protein that creates the same problems as malaria. This would actually be an EXPECTED pathway for weapons design.

It may not be exactly LIKE malaria, but it may FUNCTION like malaria.

Texian says:April 6, 2020 at 10:35 pm

I’ve been trying to tell everybody.. but nobody is listening.. my hypothesis is posted on the open thread today..

Some lab has spliced together parasitic genetic material with a virus as the delivery vehicle..

The symptoms and damage are textbook P. Falciparum malarial infection within the affected tissue(s).

The virus part spreads it – built for velocity and frontal attack.. the parasitic part is the hidden flank attack – that kills the host.. it’s two diseases in one.. and why the medical industry can’t figure it out..

it’s a trojan horse..

they are treating it as a virus.. but that is not what is killing the host.. it is the parasitic genetic splice that is doing the killing..

that is why drugs used for parasitic infections like Quinine and Ivermectin are working to a certain extent. I believe the parasitic part is from Malaria species P. falciparum. The symptoms are spot on..

And the ventilator is causing more harm than good.. (see link). The actual problem is that blood hemoglobin is compromised.. by a genetic piece of P. falciparum infection..


you can ventilate all you want.. but the hemoglobin train car is unable to pick up the oxygen..

Everybody is still thinking inside the box..
..and that is why Boris is going to die..


California Joe says:April 6, 2020 at 10:46 pm

The British Army has been taking quinine for 250 years. Hell, they turned into a cocktail called a Gin and Tonic which is almost as popular as a Martini. Why wouldn’t they give me the HCQ mix?LikeReply

Texian says:April 6, 2020 at 11:04 pm

Here is the direct NY Physician video link:


Red says:April 6, 2020 at 11:45 pm

This makes the most sense of anything I’ve read. Thank you Texian



This is actually an intriguing idea.

Indian scientists have already spotted that the evil ChiComs carried out a GAIN OF FUNCTION in COVID-19, which was based on knowledge of HIV.


This means not a clunky Frankenstein monster, but something very smartly designed.

Sure would explain why the bad guys are so set off by mention of “hydroxychloroquine”, wouldn’t it? If this is true, then Trump is basically TROLLING THE BAD GUYS WITH THEIR CRIMES.

Pretty amazing.

Now – here is the deal. This could all be one virus. What was done, basically, was to turn it into a Swiss army knife. They took the contagion and respiratory delivery of coronavirus, married it to the devious entry and persistence of HIV, and then added the strangling effects of malaria – all by simply modifying proteins.

This is bad shit. But it explains a LOT.

I think we’re gonna have to deal with the CCP. This stuff cannot go on.

Anyway, let’s talk theories. I have some more things to say, based on my own case.


23 thoughts on “Emergent Scientific and Medical Speculations, Hypotheses, and Theories of COVID-19 Mechanisms of Action – Open Working Thread

  1. Alison posted a Kevin Shipp tweet that led to this:

    Bill Gates ID2020 & The Chinese Commie Crud

    So yes it IS a BIO-WEAPON!

    Since the Transnational corporations are OWNED by the ‘Financial Institutions’ (aka Banksters) they can easily DEMAND an RFID chip or NO WORK. Just like you now have to take a pee test if you want work for a big corporation. SEE: The Network of Global Corporate Control

    However small business is the fly in the ointment so you ADD A VIRUS. Now you have an excuse to DEMAND an RFID-chip showing you were vaccinated BEFORE you are allowed to go anywhere or buy anything!

    Bill Gates and his assistant Fauci are the ‘Faces’ for marketing this horror.

    From: Global Digital ID Coming On Heels Of Coronavirus Panic Of 2020

    Requirement #6 of the original 1934 Technocracy Study Course stated, “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.” Thanks to the Great Panic of 2020, this is being railroaded through.

    This article by TN’s European contributor, Jacob Nordangård, PhD, is a must-read to understand the globalist intent to implement full-blown Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. This is the clear and present danger to the world economic system: total control over all physical resources, including human beings. ⁃ TN Editor

    A digital identity for every citizen on the globe has been identified by the World Bank and World Economic Forum as an important part in the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The right to a legal identity is a part of Global Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions). An effort to achieve this is the ID2020 Alliance. A Public-Private Partnership between United Nations agencies, World Economic Forum, Foundations and Big Tech-corporations. Their grand goal, however, raises some concerns about loss of privacy, mass surveillance and population control. It comes with a price that might have severe implications for the freedom of man.

    ID2020 was founded in New York 2014 by John Edge, an expert on how Public-Private Partnerships can solve the sustainability goals with the help from blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

    The organisation, that was supported by law firm Kaye Scholer, technology conglomerate Red Rose Corporation and the merchant bank Broadhaven, held their first meeting in September 2015. Their stated mission was to give a digital identity to everyone through “leveraging start-up models” and in the end create a system that would span the globe, including the 1 billion people that currently have no proper identification.

    Their first meeting, coinciding with the adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, was connected to Global Goal 16 with its sub target 9 to “by 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”.

    ID2020 got a more solid ground at the United Nations annual summit in May 20, 2016, gathering industry leaders, NGOs, governments, emerging technology pioneers, and cross-industry experts to “foster a global conversation and build a working coalition to identify and build the enabling conditions for the creation of a legal digital identity for all individuals at risk.” Speakers came from The World Bank Group, The European Association for e-Identity & Security, Commonwealth Secretariat, Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, MIT, PSG Solutions, LLC., Verizon. Several of them were also contributors to the World Economic Forum that has since been a significant player in the development of a Digital ID…..

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      1. I am heartened that people are finding self-treatment options that are more difficult to limit via regulation.


        I would not put it past the #EVIL #CCP to have their people BUYING up all the good remedies offered online.

        iHerb is now only allowing individuals to buy 4 of any one product.

        Wonder why?

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    1. NUTS!!!
      The Empire Strikes Back.


      Researchers are excited about the prospect of Ivermectin being used as a potential drug against COVID-19 after preliminry study…but the CDC has other ideas: “I have family that manage Tractor Supply stores and yesterday they were told by the CDC to pull a medication called ivermectin off their selves by the end of the day. However, they then told their store managers to pull it immediately and said that if any showed up sold today, they would be fired.


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  2. “The “Medical Establishment” says there’s no way to treat coronavirus?

    I just did some PubMed digging and found studies on natural COVID killers.

    Licorice root, Curcumin (Turmeric), Chlorine Dioxide, Betulinic Acid (Chaga mushroom), & more.

    Why do scientists ignore the science?”

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  3. “Here’s a privately funded study showing Oregano Oil kills coronavirus

    “VIRUCIDAL EFFECTIVENESS TEST – Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula at final testing concentrations of .1 and .01% respectively, inactivated HCoV in direct proportion to exposure time”


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  4. “Look at all these coronavirus preventatives I have in my kitchen cupboard. Chlorine Dioxide, Oregano Oil, Chaga mushroom extract. Backed by science, common sense, and logic. This is my health insurance. It’s cheap, too.” @Jordan_Sather_

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    1. From a reply:

      “Star anise is also a good resource. One of the most popular pharmacologically relevant attributes of star anise is its shikimic acid content.

      Shikimic acid is a compound with strong antiviral capabilities. In fact the main ingredient for tamiflu (used for influenza).”

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  5. Jordan Sather @Jordan_Sather_

    Good morning World. Looks like a great day to expose the corrupt Pharma industry and the mainstream media that covers for them! They misinform us about our health and life-saving remedies constantly, should be criminal!

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  6. Jordan Sather @Jordan_Sather_

    Would you look at that, since Chlorine Dioxide can kill coronavirus volunteers are disinfecting with it in Wuhan.

    Yet the corrupted medical establishment refuses to look at using low doses of it to save lives and the media attacks me for discussing it.


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  7. Jordan Sather @Jordan_Sather_

    Fun fact.

    Johnson & Johnson has a spin-off company that uses Chlorine Dioxide to disinfect Ebola, anthrax, & other infectious diseases.

    Chlorine Dioxide kills coronavirus. J&J could be using it for humans right now, but they’d rather make a vaccine.

    Don’t you love Big Pharma??

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  8. Jordan Sather @Jordan_Sather_

    Johnson & Johnson lied to us about cancer causing chemicals in their baby powder, now they’re a leading candidate for a coronavirus vaccine.

    Have fun with that one, Pro-Vaxxers.

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  9. Jordan Sather @Jordan_Sather_

    Many folks are obsessed with hydroxychloroquine right now. It could help and is nice for Trump to avoid the vaccine agenda with, but know that there are cheaper, natural, and more effective coronavirus preventatives out there. Focus holistically, not on one savior pill.

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  10. AND HE’s BEING TOO EFFECTIVE at bursting the SCARCITY of ANSWERS bubble…

    Jordan Sather @Jordan_Sather_

    Twitter slapped me with a 12 hour time out today.

    Here’s the weird thing, I get two emails. One is a complaint notice about a tweet, it said they’re taking no action since nothing was wrong.

    The other said I broke rules (they didn’t name) so they’re locking my account.


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