Unmasking Trump Unmasks Hong Kong Dragon Lady In One “OK” To Her Panda Mask

This is just too good.

Charlie Kirk jumped on it….

And I jumped in, too….

But Dana Loesch finished off the beast….

Her article is a must, and just devastating….

LINK: https://danaloesch.com/trump-questions-communist-china-owned-journalist-media-cries-racism/


Some of the same media that remains suspiciously silent over communist China’s detention of Uyghurs have cried foul because Trump questioned a Phoenix TV reporter during tonight’s press conference:


From the Free-Beacon:

Phoenix TV has been identified by U.S. intelligence agencies as a major overseas outlet used to spread propaganda and promote the policies of the communist government in Beijing. The Hong Kong television station also has close ties to China’s intelligence service and military.


Former Chinese insider and billionaire businessman Guo Wengui said Phoenix TV was established under Chinese leader Jiang Zemin in the early 1990s specifically as a government and intelligence tool for overseas influence operations.

All Phoenix personnel are required to undergo some MSS intelligence training, Guo said.

“Phoenix TV is very close to the MSS and Chinese military intelligence,” said Guo, who was once close to MSS Vice Minister Ma Jian before breaking with Beijing several years ago.

Sarah Cook, a Chinese expert at Freedom House, said in recent congressional testimony that Phoenix TV is the second most widely viewed Chinese-language cable channel in the United States, and an example of a Chinese propaganda outlet not directly owned by the Beijing government.

“Owned by a former military officer with close ties to Beijing officials, Phoenix TV’s coverage is typically favorable to the [Communist Party of China],” Cook told the U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission.


LINK: https://danaloesch.com/trump-questions-communist-china-owned-journalist-media-cries-racism/

This brings up something I’ve known for a long time, and tried to impress on others.

The FAKE NEWS tries to enforce a very blocky understanding of the world – very black and white and overly simplistic – so that COMMUNISM and CLOWNS can slip their shit through the cracks in that blocky thinking. Hong Kong and Taiwan – more the former, less the latter – are ways in which CCP and British communists gain a LOT of cover. Just because somebody is from Hong Kong does NOT mean he or she opposes the CCP. Beyond ACTUAL traitors are many sympathizers, dupes, “controlled opposition haters of CCP”, and other ASSETS of the CCP. You simply cannot be too careful with Chinese from ANYWHERE. Even ABCs – some of them very loyal to America – can be turned in the blink of an eye by a relative’s terrified cry on a long-distance call.

Would YOU let a cousin DIE not to retrieve that lab sample that Beijing needs to “prevent a biological attack on China”?

People are so easy to manipulate. And the ChiComs are so good at it.

What Trump did here was BRILLIANT. He hit her with the questions and forced her to use her cover like any old day. She didn’t “bat” an eye – her Hong Kong cover is running 24/7, and no big deal. People could look it up, but they don’t have to – Trump made her use it, and then said “OK”, like he’s falling for it. Yeah, Trump immediately looks like “Orange Man Bad” – but he knows that the NEWS CYCLE will pick up his suspicions.

He OUTED HER without OUTING HER – by ACCEPTING her cover story.

VSG. Do not doubt it for a SECOND.


11 thoughts on “Unmasking Trump Unmasks Hong Kong Dragon Lady In One “OK” To Her Panda Mask

    1. I had the same thought…but then I realize I have very little contact with people ACTUALLY below average.

      The somewhat less intelligent people in my life are probably still well above the actual average.

      This was something pointed out in that book on the Bell Curve that came out a long time ago; it made some very solid points, overshadowed by the fixation of some on the “racist” chapters.

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  1. POTUS knew and I liked the way he played her to the end. She knew that he knew just look at her facial expression. Typical communist face and spy.

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  2. Not from the same presser, but I love the look on our VSG’s face as he makes a reporter repeat a statement he “knows” isn’t quite right. Such an excellent listener who catalogs each thing he hears and responds in an organized, coherent manner that covers every point of clarification and elucidation.

    Amazing man we have for a President. May he live long and prosper!

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