Anonymous Provides Historical Perspective on Bill Gates

This is a SHORT but VERY IMPORTANT video on Bill Gates, with a CRITICAL historical perspective. Please watch this TRAINING video – you will be expected to understand the principles and be able to apply them to others like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

(H/T Nebraska Filly)

Please cite this video when you find other examples of people who need SERIOUS SIDE-EYE for similar reasons in the future! This includes both “disease barrons” and their minions and underlings.

This will become a working model for understanding people’s ROLES. There should be many strong parallels that will allow us to figure out if people are white hats or black hats, and to predict Gates’ moves. This is critical INFO-WAR-FIGHTING technology.


Follow The Money To Follow Those Who Obey It

22 thoughts on “Anonymous Provides Historical Perspective on Bill Gates

  1. I don’t comment here often because I still have to sign in every time I try,

    Wolfie, this Anon video need face time on wqth. May I hijack it to put up there, or are you planning to do so?

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  2. You know what stands out to me about this video…

    Like “father” like son. Bill Gates and his ilk are “sons” of their father, Satan, who Christ identified the elite Pharisees with…and told them…you do the works of your father.

    In his fall, Daystar…who became Lucifer, was the first rebellious elitist and globalist. And he poisoned God’s whole beautiful, perfect Creation.

    Enter data for today’s time, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros…etc, etc, etc…all playing their parts as manipulated puppets by that first, deceived pied piper and spirit of pride.

    Solomon got it right when he said there was nothing new under the Sun.

    But Wisdom’s children will be justified in the face of the first lie and sin: pride.


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  3. Also I’ll ad that I have to give the “side eye” to the Little Dr. tonight. Did you notice how PDJT didn’t let him answer the question put to him about the drugs hydoxychloroquine. Seems like PDJT did6want him to rain on the parade again.

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  4. Globalist Ghoul Gates….Cocksucker!

    ChiCom Cocksuckers!


    And…San Francisco Cocksucker, too!

    This is for Jack Dorsey:

    If you’re not familiar with the series ‘Deadwood’…

    Wu calls Al Swearingen…”Swidgen”.

    Swearingen is the owner of the saloon in Deadwood, and is the local kingpin.

    Wu has a pigpen…where Swearingen’s goons dump dead bodies.
    More Wu and Swidgen:

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  5. So, I bring up Bernays and Lee and their pioneering propaganda and “public relations” until I’m blue in the face, and it goes nowhere. “Anonymous” puts out a video saying EXACTLY the same thing and LOOK HERE LOOK HERE!

    Pisses me off.

    Look, all of this is a friggin’ communications plan. ALL OF IT. It’s applied psychology. Reality doesn’t matter, just the perception of it to the people foisting it on the planet. and it’s a cover for something else. What, I still don’t know, but with a DEGREE in the practice of communications, I know deflection and feel good $#!+ for the excrement it is.


  6. D Pat,

    The Cabal has a PLAN.

    That plan is SLAVERY for ALL of Mankind. Hitlery the Witch was supposed to drive the final nail in the coffin.


    Second use the CCP-Flu and FEAR to MANDATE the Gates RFID chip vaccine.

    Obamacare had one part that was designed to KILL Cash transactions. However it would require Sam’s Club and all the fuel stations to generate 1099s for all their small business customers who used cash instead of credit cards. When small businesses REFUSED to use credit cards the SCREAMING started and that part of Obamacare got axed within the first year.

    Just because President Trump is in office does not mean they are not moving forward with their plans.

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  7. Wolf, you asked about Ivy Lee once before. I have notes on it.

    Ivy Lee’s sister LAURA LEE married Mortimer P. Burroughs, and they fathered William S. Burroughs of author fame.

    William S. Burroughs had a son, William, Jr. who was raised by his grandmother Laura. Billy, as he was known, apparently witnessed his father “accidentally” shoot his mother at age four. He died of liver failure due to drug and alcohol abuse at age 33.

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          1. Indeed…

            And some of us are decades tired of his shitte.

            He is a political pervert and deceived hack.

            To be honest, I try not to question God as we learn from Job…

            But I honestly confess, my mind does get bent sometimes wondering why God lets some of these globalistic demi-gods last so long.

            I actually do understand a little about that, but still, my mortal, exasperated patience is on the shorter end of the stick.

            Comfort factoid…I’m not the only one. There’s a bunch of us in that ship together. And our ship…ain’t gonna sink anytime soon. 😉👍👍👍🙏

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