OPEN THREAD 20200304

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

After going through the elements, we now enjoy a sequence of RANDOM topics that will be thrown out for investigation and commentary on each open thread. At some point, in a way something like composite numbers, I will accidentally hit a second occurrence of one of them – that’s just normal.

Have fun!

Citizen U

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Day 119 – The number “Pi” (π)

16 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20200304

  1. I’m calling it a night for now. Still so much I haven’t watched or kept up on tonight/today.

    Got some other updates on the church front. Visited with an old friend in town after work for two hours! Got to get more rest.

    My wife did report to me that she’s seen several families/friends from our church checking in on LIFELOG at other churches this week . . . including some that have been there FOREVER and never thought they’d leave. Lot of shaking happening. Still concerning that multiple churches, not even affiliated, are caught in this same wide net.

    Check this message out:

    Woe – yes they are neck deep in the Racial justice false gospel.
    It has spread like wildfire since MLK/50 in 2018 after having
    been flooding the seminaries well before that.

    Tony Evans is now part of & Campaign which is totally run
    by the Democratic Party strategist for the South from its Ga offices
    and is embedded with NAMB Urban Pastors – funded by
    Paul Singer the sleazy billionaire behind LGBTQ rights.
    and the Obama Foundation is part of& Campaign leadership too.

    John Perkins is a thugster still at 80 something and of course
    the SPLC is one of the biggest persecutors of Christians
    and org who take a stand against the liberals .

    SBC is done for without a God Sent purge

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      1. I don’t know all the connections, if there’s more than one Paul Singer.

        By its nature, the focus on nondiscrimination requires an element of political compromise. Gill had teamed up with several wealthy Republican donors during the marriage fight – hedge-fund investors Paul Singer and Daniel Loeb – and the three men agreed to reboot Freedom to Marry, the linchpin of the marriage campaign, as Freedom for All Americans, which would be the face of the nondiscrimination push. “Before we met, I only knew his reputation as a very effective and significant Democratic donor,” Singer tells me. “I hadn’t necessarily envisioned a partnership with him, but I was impressed when I discovered his commitment to bipartisan action.”

        . . . More broadly, for Gill and his allies, nondiscrimination is the new front of the movement: a campaign that pits LGBTQ advocates against a religious right that responded to marriage equality by redoubling its efforts. The election of Donald Trump, who claims to support gay rights but stocked his administration with anti-LGBTQ extremists, has only emboldened those looking to erase the gains of the past decade. Gill refuses to go on the defense. “We’re going into the hardest states in the country,” he says. “We’re going to punish the wicked.”

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        1. Very interesting. I think I get where he is going with this, in terms of a combination of “realpolitik” and Constitutionalism. It looks like he’s reversing something which Obama snuck past a lot of people during his 8 horrible years – as was intended all along – this was the LOSS OF FREEDOM for those who oppose the agenda of the left. You see it right there in that Gill statement about “punishing the wicked”.

          This is the rad-gay mentality which Obama helped into power. Make Catholics PAY FOR ABORTION. Make Baptist preachers MARRY gay couples. Make people BAKE THE CAKE.

          There was a gay marriage bill in Ohio that specifically protected religious freedoms, and it was looking to pass. The Obama forces undercut it and convinced the backers to STOP pushing it. It was interesting – the alleged reason was to consolidate the efforts in favor of a national gay marriage solution, but it’s clear now that the real reason was to GET OUT OF THE PICTURE and GET OFF THE TABLE the idea of protection of religious liberty and religion itself. It was – and I say this without hesitation – SNEAKY GAY LEFTIST SHIT. It was totally in bad faith. It was “punish the religious right”. It was pure Pete Butt-gig, who I think is a very dangerous mind. You can see Mayor Pete’s Obama-like, stoked, motivating anger ALL THE TIME, threatening to come out in the open.

          Thus, I see the Singer effort as PART of the push back, but not enough. I get what he is doing, but it cannot be the overall goal, or he just feeds the monster.

          The protection of Religious Liberty and SPEECH is the key. Make the First Amendment STRONGER here, and everybody wins – EXCEPT the communists and the radical gays who want to force their lifestyle on everybody else. IMO, freedom itself needs to be DIRECTLY addressed, because everybody is trying to make THEIR viewpoint win by a TKO, rather than let the Constitution rule properly that nobody wins.

          Again, this is why I objected to the gay marriage ruling not being based on the First Amendment. If there is a valid argument, IMO it is based on the First Amendment.

          The framers put RELIGION and SPEECH together in the First. It’s a HINT. These are joined at the hip, and they have to be preserved together. The commies are very smart to insert a rod and twist hard to try to break them apart.

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      2. I asked: Is Paul Singer the guy buying a major stake in Twitter? Is this the Paul Singer you are talking about?

        Yes Paul Singer is the guy looking to buy into Twitter.
        He is called a Vulture Capitalist for the horrific ways he makes his money
        Tucker Carlson did an expose on him .

        Singer is behind Human Rights Campaign and the total pro LGBTQ rights dream
        legislation “The Equality Act” which will LGBTQ ( legal terms SOGI) to the 1964
        Civil Rights act making LGBTQ = to race and totally protected status .
        He was in bed with the Mormons and Romney and the GOP to end opposition to Gay Marriage
        from the Republican camp. This was very successful . Loeb is one of his partner billionaires .

        Today one of Singers main organizations ,American Unity Fund ( works as a PAC -lobbying for
        LGBTQ rights ) is promoting the “Alliance for Lasting Liberty” where the goal is his hedge bet
        for LGBTQ rights called “Fairness for All” formerly the “Utah Compromise.
        His partners here ? The Mormon Church again who have totally sold out to it
        and the big Evangelical Partner the & Campaign
        & Campaign is run by Democratic Party Strategist and the Obama Foundation faith outreach leader
        or “Ambassador”. Both work very closely with The Gospel Coalition and with the Southern Baptist ethics office
        ERLC/ Russell Moore

        Here is the Allaince

        It is partners with & Campaign among others while & is filed with Southern Baptist and TGC pastors on
        its leadership council .

        Singers group here from the link and & Campaign below among the supporting organizations

        American Unity Fund:
        American Unity Fund fully endorses the Fairness for All Act. This is the right solution for such a complex problem that urgently needs to be solved. Fairness for All acknowledges that we live in a diverse society. Civil rights should be guaranteed for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, or religion. Those rights can be fully protected while safeguarding religious freedom. Fairness for All is a lasting and balanced approach that will advance more freedom and liberty for all Americans, codifying significant protections for freedom of religion and freedom of speech. We urge the House to pass this historic legislation and prove that both sides of the aisle can find common ground and mutual respect for one another.

        AND Campaign
        All attempts to remove more traditional religious beliefs from the public square should be opposed. We, like many other Americans, affirm the historic Christian sexual ethic, and we also believe that religious freedom and LGBTQ civil rights are not necessarily in irreconcilable conflict. Faith-based charities, hospitals and colleges should not have to choose between surrendering their convictions and closing their doors. At the same time, LGBTQ people should not lose jobs and housing because of how they identify. We must pursue ways to disagree and live together without bullying or compromising our conscience. Towards that end, we encourage all 2020 candidates to support the Fairness for All Act, which will grant basic civil rights for LGBTQ people while also protecting religious freedom for all faiths

        The Assemblies of God and the CCCU , Seventh Day Adventist are also signed on .
        The end game here is simple- move the conservative evangelical church to the left on issues
        like immigration ( Islamic rights) LGBTQ , and other social issues .

        & Campaign leaders
        Giboney is the Democrat Party strategist and Wear is the Obama Foundation guy
        Both work with TGC and ERLC
        MANY of these other guys are Southern Baptist urban planters for NAMB the SBC
        home missions board . So Singer has massive inroads here thru & Campaign
        into the heart of the SBC . Issues of race and urban community development are central
        here as well. All the left positions on these are represented as social justice and centrist.
        The mission is “Biblical Values & Social Justice.

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        1. Let me ask this. Does anything they are doing give CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS (and Orthodox Jews, but I understand hiding that complication) “protected status” equivalent to “LGBTQ” per the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT? If not, then the “civil rights” here are a DODGE. Civil rights are supposed to protect EVERYBODY. Are we moving back to that here? Not really seeing it.

          BE CAREFUL. Democrats selling anything is a bad sign.

          This is why the Ohio bill was so smart. It kept the bureaucratic legalese regulation and definition of protected groups out of the picture. It was FREEDOM-BASED.

          Not really seeing that here.

          The whole idea of “protected groups” appeals to Jews for historical reasons, and I get that, but it was not necessary in America prior to WWII, and it helps to ask why. VICTIMHOOD THINKING built the Nazis. Socialists loved it, as an inciter of the controlled opposition.

          I don’t really see how more DEEPLY entrenching the LGBTQ protections, which have caused so much social disease – and protections for CHRISTIANS *NOT* – is going to help anything here. I think it just festers and explodes later.

          If this is an equitable deal, then there need to be guarantees to the most LGBTQ-hated Christians – the ones who want NOTHING TO DO with LGBTQ people or thinking.

          What “protections” and “guarantees” do they get? I see the most radical gays getting “protections” here. Make the same for the most immovable Christians. Or make no special exceptions for anybody, the way MLKJ would have had it. EQUALITY.

          *suspicious cat*

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        2. OMG – I think I know what’s going on here with the Mormons. They would like – eventually – backing off on polygamy – not necessarily for all Mormons, but so they don’t have to turn their own guns on their most “conservative” practitioners, but are not brave enough to say that the First Amendment should protect polygamy under religious freedom (IMO).

          The radical gays have them locked in using secrecy and backroom on it, so the Mormons can’t push the actual Constitutional side of the argument, and the LEFT sneaks in to control the deal, selling social justice as a government controllable. TROTSKY BACK IN TOWN in libertarian garb.

          This is EXACTLY how the Ohio marriage FREEDOM approach and bill was squashed by the rad-gay leftists.

          MASTERFUL play by the left to control their opposition and move them left.

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  2. A while back, I visited the MLK memorial in DC, and was struck by the distance between what the man thought, said, and did…….and the utter garbage that has been done in his name. I closed my eyes and sent a thought — “I hope you know that you truly inspired people of all races and that the abominations spread with your name attached do not sully your memory.”

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  3. π — the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle. Although most of math and physics seem to contain 2*π, since that is the ratio between the circumference and radius of the circle. But diameter was and is easier to measure on physical objects.

    Sines, cosines, and complex exponentials have the period of 2*π of their argument, corresponding to one full trip around the unit circle. That is the reason why this factor 2 appears nearly all over the place,

    Some people have thus had the idea, that since π only is half the story, to make another constant, τ (tau), equal to 2*π. So there is the Tau Manifesto and the Tau Day, June 28. It does help with illustrating fractional circles in radian units: a quarter of a circle, 90 degrees, is 0.25τ and so forth. π/2 is a harder sell compared to that: Why is half of something used to describe what looks to world+dog like a quarter of something? There is a little dissonance there.

    What I find convenient to remember is 1/(2*π) = 1/τ = 0.159 or even 0.16 when not needing to be overly accurate. Great for in-head calculations of reactance of capacitors: Xc = 1/(2*π*f*C) = 0.16/(f*C) for easy values of f and/or C.

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