OPEN THREAD 20200225

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

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19 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20200225

  1. Interesting that they chose to honor Roentgen over Becquerel.

    Becquerel rays are radioactivity or “radiation” in the common parlance. (They are radiation, but so are a lot of other things.)

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  2. Roentgenium is found in the “coinage” column of the periodic table, along with copper, silver, and gold. Its most stable synthesized isotope has a half-life of 100 seconds, however, making it unlikely to serve as a basis for trade.

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  3. Roentgenium was formed by smooshing nickel into bismuth. As usual, the Dubnans had done this in 1986…..but the Darmstadt Group categorized three atoms of Rg in their run in 1994. Darmstadt re-ran this series in 2002 and got another three atoms.

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  4. Roentgenium should be a very heavy metal with a density of around 28.7 g/cm3; in comparison, the densest known element that has had its density measured, osmium, has a density of only 22.61 g/cm3. This results from roentgenium’s high atomic weight, the lanthanide and actinide contractions, and relativistic effects.

    The likelihood of synthesizing anything resembling a cubic centimeter of the stuff, when it is normally synthesized a few atoms at a time, and actually measuring its density before it had substantially decayed, is likely to remain remote.

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    1. I should probably see if I can train my autocucumber to substitute “***bong hit*** relativistic effects” for “relatavistic effects in posts here.

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    2. The best guess for the elements below osmium, iridium and platinum is densities of approximagely 40 g/cm^3. So roentgenium is unlikely to ever hold the title; it’s likely that hassium, meitnerium and darmstadtium will get measured before roentgenium–if any of them are ever measured at all.

      I can’t really imagine this happening without first inventing some way of suppressing radioactive decay.

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  5. You’re a Savage Warrior. You’re a barbarian. You come from a city in Iran. You’re a Barbar Barbarian.

    You’re known for hanging around your favorite drinking establishment. You’re a Barbar bar barbarian.

    You get exiled. You’re a barred Barbar bar barbarian.

    You get a job cutting hair. You’re a barred Barbar bar barbarian barber.

    You are the exclusive hairstylist of a popular children’s character. You are Babar’s barred Barbar bar barbarian barber.

    You get a bad case of bone spurs. You are Babar’s barbed barred Barbar bar barbarian barber.

    You get a side job as a singer. You are Babar’s barbed barred Barbar bar barbarian barber bard.

    You were named after your parents favorite Beach Boys song. You are Babar’s barbed barred Barbar bar barbarian barber bard Barbara Ann.

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  6. A blonde, brunette, and redhead are all running from these police officers.

    They find a shack that has 3 potato sacks in it and decide to hide there in the sacks. The police officers find the shack and see the sacks.

    They kick the first one with the brunette in it. She says “Meow, meow!”. So they think it’s a cat in there.

    They move on and kick the second one with the redhead in it. She says “Ruff, ruff!, and they think it’s a dog in it.

    So they kick the last one with the blonde in it and she says “Potato, potato!”

    After that, they escaped Into the jungle. And each one runs up a tree. The police officers are hot on their tail, and they unleash the dogs. The dogs run up to the Brunette’s tree, and start barking. Thinking quickly, the brunette says “Hissss hissss”.

    “Stupid dogs! It’s just a snake!”

    On to the Redhead’s tree they go and the dogs bark even louder and more aggressively! Not wanting to be caught, the Red Head says “CAWWW, CAWWW”

    “Stupid dogs! It’s just a bird!”

    The police officers drag their dogs away until they start barking on the blonde’s tree, ravenously trying to climb it and savagely barking. The blonde thanks for a bit, and realizes she has to deter the dogs like the others did. So, the blonde says “Moooooooo”.

    Obviously, the police catch all three of them on account of the blonde being so stupid. They are sentenced to death so, the police officers line them up against the wall, and pick up their rifles.

    “All right you scum, any last words?”

    The brunette screams “Look out for the tornado!”

    The police officers quickly turn as the brunette runs away. They’re not happy, but they still have two of the criminals. “All right, any last words?”

    The redhead points and screams “A flood!”

    The police officers turn as the redhead runs away. As the police officers are turning back towards the blonde, she points and screams “Fire!”

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  7. A guy sitting at a bar in Chicago O’hare noticed a beautiful woman sitting next to him. He thought to himself, “Wow, she’s so gorgeous she must be a flight attendant.

    But which airline does she work for?” Hoping to gain her attention, he leaned towards her and uttered the Delta Slogan, “Love to fly and it shows?”

    She gave him a blank, confused stare and he immediately thought to himself, “Nope, not Delta.”

    A moment later, another slogan popped into his head. He leaned towards her again, “Something special in the air?” She gave him the same confused look.

    He mentally kicked himself, and scratched American Airlines off the list. Next he tried the Southwest slogan, “Low fares, nothing to hide?”

    This time the woman savagely turned on him, “What the fuck do you want?”

    The man smiled, then slumped back in his chair, and said…. “Ahhh, United Airlines!”

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  8. A father of three – a man of considerable wealth and creator of a veritable empire – lies on his deathbed in the final hours of his life. His sons – all vying to inherit his wealth – stand by his side, arguing over who should take the kingdom.

    “I am the smartest,” says one. “But I am the bravest,” replies another. The youngest – last in line to inherit – says nothing. The father remonstrates: “Sons, sons! Stop this bickering. The inheritor or my vast wealth, of all my lands and riches, will be decided by a task.”

    “Father,” cries the first son, “Whatever it is, I shall prove my worth! I will show you that your kingdom will be in safe hands with me! Name the task!” The father breaths a laboured breath and then regards his first son. “My firstborn, you shall journey to the furthest, storm-tossed seas of the great West. There, you will search the unfathomable depths for the long-lost wreck of the HMS Gordimer. Deep within her bowels, there lies a treasure chest. Inside that chest is the incredibly rare Gem of Kings. Bring that, and you shall have my blessing.” The son beams, prepares his horse and travelling train, and leaves on his quest.

    “What is my task, father?” asks the second son. “Tell me! For your kingdom, for your blessing, nothing is impossible!” “My son, you shall travel East. There, deep within the jungles of the Gargadian jungles, you will find the vicious and savage saber-toothed Bear. WIth just your hands, bring me its heart. Do this, and you shall have my blessing.” The son packs his things and begins his tough journey.

    “And me, father?” asks the last son. “What is my task? What dangerous quest will you have me do?” The father just looks at him.

    “My boy,” he says. “Get me a Coke. I never liked those cunts, anyway.”

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  9. Hey Wolf,

    Sorry for another round of Insider Baseball . . .

    Owen Strachan’s Logical Conclusion: Jesus Must Have Been Buff

    Screenshot version:

    Owen Strachan was formerly President of the CBMW, which defends (defended?) the complementarian perspective among Evangelicals.

    On that blog, Julie Anne is frustrated by another idiotic tweet of Owen Strachan.

    My comment on her blog was pretty gentle, but IMO Owen Strachan should be considered an insider threat, or if you will, a crisis actor.

    The main reason I say this is b/c he is one of the research fellows at the ERLC! They are so left leaning, they likely literally put a wolf in sheep’s clothing to guard the hen house.

    The CBMW has been besieged by a number of extremely embarrassing episodes. I no longer believe these are mere accidents.

    Interesting thing – the ERLC knew that they were planning on weaponizing their assets (research fellows) so they took down the page listing them on their site.


    I am asking the question directly elsewhere, awaiting responses:

    Is Owen Strachan’s remaining purpose to embarrass the CBMW?

    Meaning: Embarrass theological conservatives who hold to traditional gender roles and biological males in the office of pastor?

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    1. FWIW I’m going to drop this here…

      Research Fellows
      Phillip Bethancourt, PhD (@pbethancourt) – Executive Vice President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission; Assistant Professor of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Daniel Patterson, PhD (@DLPatterson) – Vice President for Operations, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

      Travis Wussow, JD (@traviswussow) – Director of International Justice & Religious Liberty and General Counsel, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

      Barrett Duke, PhD (@ERLCDuke) – Vice President for Public Policy and Research, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

      Bruce Ashford, PhD (@BruceAshford) – Provost, Dean of the Faculty, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Hunter Baker, PhD, JD (@hunterbaker) – Dean of Instruction, Associate Professor of Political Science, Union University

      Bart Barber, PhD (@bartbarber) – Pastor, First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Texas

      Don Buckley, MD – President, Spanish Trail Family Physicians

      Denny Burk, PhD (@DennyBurk) – Professor of Biblical Studies, Boyce College

      Dan DeWitt, PhD (@DanDeWitt) – Founding Director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics & Public Christianity, Cedarville University

      Trey Dimsdale, JD (@TreyDimsdale) – Fellow, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Land Center

      Jason Duesing, PhD (@JGDuesing) – Provost, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Matthew Y. Emerson, PhD (@M_Y_Emerson) – Dickinson Associate Professor of Religion, Oklahoma Baptist University

      Nathan Finn, PhD (@nathanafinn) – Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Baptist Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Matthew Hall, PhD (@MatthewJHall) – Dean, Boyce College

      Christiana Holcomb, JD (@ChristianaADF) – Legal Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

      Scott James, MD (@scott_h_james) – Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Alabama at Birmingham

      Thomas Kidd, PhD (@ThomasSKidd) – Professor of History, Baylor University

      Jonathan Leeman, PhD (@JonathanDLeeman) – Editorial Director, 9Marks

      Andrew Lewis, PhD (@AndrewRLewis) – Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

      Paul Miller, PhD (@PaulDMiller2) – Associate Director, Clements Center for National Security

      Ben Mitchell, PhD – Interim Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Union University

      Steve Lemke, PhD – Provost, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

      Jonathan Pennington, PhD (@DrJTPennington​) – Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Karen Swallow Prior, PhD (@LoveLifeLitGod) – Professor of English, Liberty University

      Rhyne Putman, PhD (@rhyneputman) – Associate Professor of Theology and Culture, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

      Juan R. Sanchez PhD (@manorjaun) – Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church

      Luke Stamps, PhD (@lukestamps) – Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, Anderson University

      Randy Stinson, PhD (@RandyStinson) – Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration and Provost, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Owen Strachan, PhD (@ostrachan) – Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Director of the Center for Theological and Cultural Engagement, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Walter Strickland (@w_strickland) – Special Advisor to the President for Diversity & Instructor of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Eric Teetsel (@EricTeetsel) – President, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas

      Keith S. Whitfield, PhD (@kswhitfield) – Assistant Professor of Theology, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Vice President of Academic Administration, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Jarvis J. Williams, PhD (@dr.jjwilliams) – Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Palmer Harston Williams, JD (@Easter_Seals) – Human Dignity & Human Rights Attorney

      John D. Wilsey, PhD (@JDWilsey) – Associate Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

      Malcolm Yarnell, PhD (@myarnell) – Professor of Systematic Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

      John Mark Yeats, PhD (@jmyeats) – Dean, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College

      Hershael York, PhD (@hershaelyork) – Victor and Louise Lester Professor of Christian Preaching, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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    2. Forgot to mention, back in December I got a letter from the CBMW – a fundraising appeal. I haven’t gotten anything from them for years, so I consider the timing rather suspicious. Draw from that what you will.

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      1. Well well well.

        “Michael: The CBMW has always been about finding a way to accomodate the feminists while sounding theologically conservative. Not recently; since its founding. It intentionally introduced jargon into the debate between those who recognize the clear teaching of Scripture and the egalitarians.

        “Check out – He his posts on the CBMW tagged.”

        It’s an extremely active site, lots of comments. But sadly the blog has been “paused” as of last month.

        OK so think about these two words:

        Controlled Opposition.

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