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Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

Day 28 – NICKEL.

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  1. The US nickel coin (5 cents) is 25% nickel and 75% copper, and weighs five grams. A kilogram of nickel is currently about $13.60 and a kilogram of copper is about $5.85. A kilogram of nickels would be 200 nickels, given that each nickel is 5 grams — for a face value of $10.

    The current metal value in a kilogram of nickel coins is 25% of $13.60 plus 75% of $5.85, or $7.78. As recently as 2012, it cost the treasury 10.09 cents to make a nickel (mainly metal cost, as stamping the coins is cheap).

    Being that it would be absolutely unthinkable to stop — or even slow down — the project of debasing the currency,
    The US Mint introduced rules in 2006 making it illegal to export or melt pennies and nickels with a penalty of up to $10,000 and/or five years imprisonment. By the time these rules took effect in 2007, the melt value of a nickel was about seven-and-a-half cents.

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  2. Reminds me of a story I ran across some time ago. It seems that there is a legal provision that US coins — even historical silver ones — can be transacted as currency at face value. A 1932-1964 silver quarter has a melt value of about $3.11 today.

    So this guy has his eye on a Corvette that’s going for $100,000. He goes to a dealer and makes a very special deal to buy it for $8400… silver quarters. Gets the car dealer and a coin dealer in a room together. Buys $8400 in silver quarters from coin dealer for $107,520 ($3.20 per coin — a bit over melt). Walks it across the room to the car dealer and gets title to the car written out as $8400 plus $504 sales tax (based on the silver quarter value) and writes a check for the sales tax. Goes over and sits down while the car dealer walks the silver coins back to the coin dealer and gets $104,160 for them ($3.10 per coin — nobody works for free).

    He’s happy to have avoided $5,496 in sales tax — and his auto license fees will be lower for however long he owns the car. The dealer is happy — he got $104K for a $100K car; the coin guy is happy, he made $3K in one room in one hour.

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    1. Any currency or coin ever issued by the Federal government is valid at face value.

      Of course, you’d have to be effing stupid (or very desperate) to spend collectible money at face value. (At least, not without a huge discount in the sale price like the Corvette guy got.)

      I tell people they can buy my house from me for a dollar. But I get to pick the dollar.

      It does seem like the corvette buyer actually lost about two grand on the deal; I guess he was hoping to make it up in registration fees over the years.

      Nickel…we really didn’t start using it for coinage until the mid 1800s. The mint wanted to replace the large copper cents, and hit on the idea of a copper-nickel coin (nickel being more expensive than copper, it could be smaller). So our flying eagle cent (pattern pieces in 1856, regular issue in 1857), and early Indian head cents (starting in 1859, with a minor design change the following year), were 12% nickel. Partway through 1864 we eliminated the nickel from the cent piece (they had been nicknamed “nicks”), added some tin instead to make them bronze, and made them thinner, so now they had considerably less than a cent’s worth of metal in them. That composition survived with minor and/or temporary changes (the 1943 steel cent) until mid 1982.

      In 1865 a 25% nickel, 75% copper three cent piece was issued; it was instantly popular since no silver or gold was circulating during the Civil war. (The mint very little silver or gold coinage during those years–what was the point? And now dates in the range from 1862-1875 or so are rare.) There was a bronze 2 cent piece (introduced the previous year), other than that, nothing worth more than a cent circulated. (Paper money, even paper money worth a fraction of a dollar(!), was used.) The very next year (1866) our modern “nickel” was created. At that point the 3 cent piece became pointless (though it wasn’t discontinued until 1889). The (five cent) nickel proved popular too.

      Now theoretically we already had a five cent piece, the half dime (a silver coin half the weight of the dime–tiny) which we had made since 1792 (regular production began in 1795). But that half dime wasn’t circulating because it was silver.

      We also had a three cent silver piece (starting in 1851, in answer to silver not circulating then for totally different reasons) but those too had been hoarded during the Civil War.

      By the time silver came back into circulation in 1876 the five cent nickel was firmly established, and the half dime and three cent silver had already been discontinued in 1873.

      The one exception to older coinage remaining legal tender is a coin called the Trade Dollar, which had more silver than a regular silver dollar. It was meant for use trading with China; merchants there considered our dollars to be under weight and preferred Mexican pesos. Those were issued starting in 1873, and ending in 1878. They got demonetized, so we had the rather odd circumstance of a silver dollar, which much less than a dollar’s worth of silver in it (silver had dropped relative to gold precipitously), being worth a dollar, but the trade dollar, with MORE silver in it than a regular dollar, was worth only its bullion value; much less than a dollar!

      Those trade dollars were remonetized, so now you can spend one as a dollar once again (if you are a blithering retard). (They’re worth far more than melt value, though, so I’d not recommend buying a corvette with them like in your story.)


  3. From SD at OT:
    “This crew doesn’t care one bit how much they have to destroy this country, so long as they can advance a left-wing political agenda based on an unquenchable thirst for power. I never thought we would see the possibility of a hot civil war in my lifetime. I was wrong.

    The cattle cars are on the horizon….”

    the entire thread of comments is then full of many comments similar and discussing a “hot” situation. WTheck!?!

    Yes, whoever was correct to ban me…I no longer fit in there and my positive, can do, get involved in the system, we can make a difference attitude, feedback and comments no longer are welcome or even come close to fitting in.
    Fresh off of that article posted this evening, here are comments on the open thread:
    mr.piddles says:
    December 4, 2019 at 12:32 am
    It occurred to me a little earlier. The people of Venezuela… they fight for their FREEDOM. The people of Honk Kong… they fight for their FREEDOM. The people of Iran… they fight for their FREEDOM. How many years before we here in the U.S. are put in that same position?

    How’s THAT for irony?

    lida rose says:
    December 4, 2019 at 12:39 am
    How many years?
    Not many I suspect

    I’m not a good shot, but I can load ammo and bandage wounds
    WOW! And this is not only being allowed and encouraged, it seems to be cultivated and even promoted now in the blog posts.

    People have been reading SD for years and he has built up a reputation and a “following”. For what purpose is he acting like this? Are the faithful, impressionable readers being set up?

    Wouldn’t it just play into the Dems/Uniparty hands to have a couple/few/several MAGA supporters go have in some crazy way, some already on medication people with issues being pushed? Having this kind of stuff on the website is not good and will have a long term negative affect. What is the purpose? Who benefits? Why are the readers being conditioned to by both the articles and a specific direction being groomed and cultivated in the comments section?

    We must remember to always think for ourselves and nothing justifies burning down our own house, undermining the Constitution and/or the rule of law, giving Any justifiable reason to discredit MAGA, for even a few to fulfill the stereotype of MAGA supporters/voters based on leftist hate, projecting and fantasy. that is just crazy talk! Any time we are being stirred in the wrong direction we need to rethink our “friends” – even our online “friends”!

    this is Exactly what I was talking about when I began to think about who had been banned, why, the pattern, and who was Not banned, and the pattern of who was left. Both indicate agreement or disagreement, choices.

    Well, between Monday when I began to mull it over and today when I mulled & discussed and then tonight’s post kind of confirming exactly the kind of extreme negative mindset that I had been thinking about and talking about…Confirmed and I am done. Not even going back to read. That place is now its own kind of swamp (no, not like The swamp) and I am out….just in time, it would seem. Not worth the articles any more. I won’t speak against the page or the author any time referenced but not for me any more and not because I was banned & upset but because of what I have realized through the process of being banned and what I see clearly is no longer a match for me at all.

    BTW, I put all of this over here so as not to take up space on wqth as I mulled, examined and analyzed. thanks

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    1. Mr. Cold Anger: “I never thought we would see the possibility of a hot civil war in my lifetime. I was wrong.”


      So what happened to ‘cold anger’?

      And what changed TODAY, what’s different from yesterday or 900 yesterdays before that, that sent SD into a ‘hot war’?

      And who is he going to fight?

      This is why the whole ‘civil war’ narrative makes no sense in the current situation.

      Where are the geographic lines drawn? Nobody knows.

      Who is leading either ‘side’? Nobody knows.

      How many ‘sides’ are there? Nobody knows.

      Whose side is the government on? Nobody knows.

      Whose side is the military on? Nobody knows.

      It’s gonna be AWFUL HARD to have a ‘civil war’ when nobody knows who is on what side, or how many sides there are, or where the battle lines are drawn.

      It’s just silly.

      SD is being silly. In a ‘let’s see how I can crank everyone’s blood pressure up to the Moon’ kind of way.


      “The cattle cars are on the horizon….”


      What does that even mean?

      Is it a reference to Nazis taking Jews to concentration camps (and if so, how is that applicable or relevant?), or something else?

      SD often says things that only he could be sure about the meaning of, and from a communications standpoint, it pretty much defeats the purpose of saying something in the first place.

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    2. “the entire thread of comments is then full of many comments similar and discussing a “hot” situation. WTheck!?!”


      Well, what else can they do?

      They certainly aren’t free to challenge SD’s words without having the entire Estrogen Hammer squad nuke them on the spot. 😁

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    3. “mr.piddles says:
      December 4, 2019 at 12:32 am
      It occurred to me a little earlier. The people of Venezuela… they fight for their FREEDOM. The people of Honk Kong… they fight for their FREEDOM. The people of Iran… they fight for their FREEDOM. How many years before we here in the U.S. are put in that same position?”


      Well first thing’s first, if you’re gonna fight, you won’t get very far with a nom de guerre like ‘Mr. Piddles’. 🤣

      Next, since every time anyone even hints at actually doing ANYTHING about our situation, a thousand boomers rain down demoralization and trepidation and fear on everyone’s heads, I figure nothing will happen until the boomers are gone.

      My parents are boomers. I know a lot of people who post here and WQTH and at CTH are boomers. And I love boomers, but I have never seen a generation of people (generally speaking) more afraid of their own shadow or stepping outside ANY line, no matter how outrageous or ludicrous, the ‘authorities’ might paint. Duck and Cover ought to be their motto. Well, Duck, Cover & Discourage. Duck, Cover, Discourage & Compromise on every social issue. DCDC.

      That’s why I love to see the youngest generation be so vocal and confrontational and right-wing, because if our nation is going to survive then SOMEBODY has to be — and it sure isn’t ever going to be the boomers.

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        1. “WHO CARES what some dude says- thinks- allows….!”


          It’s not so much ‘caring’ as it is maintaining awareness.

          Even though we’re separated, we’re still traveling in the same orbit, so when Mr. Cold Anger himself starts fomenting a rebellion on Planet ‘X’, it’s at least curious enough to keep an eye on. 😁

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    4. OK – let me just explain why I think Sundance is NOT completely out of bounds here.

      First of all, I am *POSITIVE* that the Deep State feds leaned AS HARD OR HARDER on Sundance than they did on me.

      There are people out there doing stuff BOTH WAYS. I have experienced the bullshit of the SWAMP fighting back. I am CERTAIN that they have leaned on Sundance. And HE CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT. If I’m right, he got hit with an NSL by the goonier part of the FBI and DOJ, and can’t talk about it. Either that, or they have leaned on him in ways that he can’t really talk about publicly without discrediting himself.

      From everything I’ve seen, any person with a gag order on them (and NSLs come with gag orders built in) is going to react very negatively to the experience – even if they’re not under a lot of duress.

      From SD’s position, it does NOT look like “too much winning”. I’m sure it looks like “Good job, Deep State – we just put Trump in a pink limousine to the first exit in 2020”.

      Sundance doesn’t trust any of these people. Hey – I spend DECADES in that position. So there is a REASON I’m a bit more optimistic now. I can see that this ain’t NOTHIN’ compared to when Deep State was running all their games and NOBODY was wise. Back then, I had ALL SUSPICIONS and NO PROOF.

      Now? I got nukes stacked to the CEILING. It “FEELS GOOD, MAN”, as Pepe would say.

      If a person does not have some hope that Barr and Durham and crew, and Chris Wray, a good chunk of the FBI, are actually going to defend this administration, then it is WORSE than the situation that I’m going to talk about. I have hope. I think the forces of law and order and “the American way” are going to win. But I am not so sure all of us make it out of this thing unscathed.

      I think the socialists/globalists/whatever have a list of people to take out or down, and when things start moving, those people – which almost certainly include Sundance and me – are going to need to be extremely careful. But that could be PRETTY UGLY. Because from everything I’ve seen, the other side will stop being as careful to keep things plausible and “clean”.

      It could be VERY ugly.

      The other side has raised the ugliness factor, and they will KEEP RAISING IT.

      Q. Said. Be. Prepared.

      This. Is. Not. A. Game.

      I’m going to be very blunt. Depending upon how committed some of the other side is to things, we could see troubles. The best thing to do is keep cool. Keep very cool. But simple cold anger ain’t gonna cut it.

      These are dangerous times.

      It’s a little different for me. I was raised on stories of Hitler’s Germany, followed by World War II, and after. This stuff was VERY REAL and LIKE YESTERDAY to me when I was a kid. When ANTIFA started happening, I was astounded. That’s the old playbook. BAD STUFF.

      The stuff our socialists are doing is like what they did to create a dipolar choice between them and their controlled opposition – Hitler. We are just very fortunate that Trump is smacking down EVERY possible winning move they make, and keeping their controlled opposition from forming.

      We all need to get a grip. But we all need to be prepared.

      Have faith. Trust in God. WWG1WGA. And ALL even includes our friends who may not be as fully Q-compliant as ourselves, if you know what I mean.


      PS – look at the comments here. The other side ARE abusing NSLs.

      You know what? I will bet these are the SAME ROGUES who were leaning on me.

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      1. “If I’m right, he got hit with an NSL by the goonier part of the FBI and DOJ, and can’t talk about it. Either that, or they have leaned on him in ways that he can’t really talk about publicly without discrediting himself.”


        Okay, but everybody acts like these NSLs are decrees of God, and we are helpless to do anything, so we don’t even try. God has spoken, and there is nothing more.

        Except it wasn’t God, it was a lawless rogue government scumbag.

        The only reason any lawless, unConstitutional ‘NSL’ has any ‘power’ is because of secrecy.

        It was conceived in darkness, it was delivered in darkness, and it can only survive in darkness. Light of day kills it at any stage.

        “But they’ll take all muh stuff and put me in jail”. Yes, that’s their leverage, that’s the threat. The problem is that apparently nobody has ever even TRIED to think their way around it.

        So what could be done?

        How could the tyranny of the dreaded NSL be exposed and neutralized, or better yet, turned into a weapon against the scum who uses them?

        Someone like SD has connections, LOTS of them, including many who are not exactly friends of his but who are fighting the same enemy (e.g., Brian Cates).

        So the moment you receive a ‘NSL’, you make 50 copies of it on a home copier, NOT a computer or scanner, a HOME copier. Print out the list of 50 names and make copies of that list too, one copy to go with each NSL, then burn the original list of names. If you don’t already have an old home copier, you buy one and pay cash. Buy it somewhere at least 50 miles away.

        Some cheap copier will do just fine. Wear gloves so you never handle the copies of the NSL or the copies of the list of recipients. When you’re done making copies, you drive somewhere that you won’t be noticed and burn the copier.

        Next, you send all 50 copies of the NSL with the list of 50 recipients to every contact you know in the ‘news’ or ‘blog’ or Interwebs universe. No cover letter, no explanation, no nothing, just the NSL and the list of recipients. The people who receive it will know what to do with it. They will contact each other and figure it out, the only reason they have it is to publish it, and they can, because they’re reporters who received the information from an anonymous source. You include no return address, and you print the address labels on some cheap handheld label printer. Then you burn the handheld label printer.

        Next, you send the envelopes with the copies of the NSL letters by some private service, anything but the USPS. Preferably using a service whose location is at least 50 miles away from your location. Pay cash.

        Then go about your business.

        A week or so later, your NSL is suddenly published all over the interwebs. How’d that happen? Must be somebody leaked it, who knows, not your problem. It’s out there now, getting all kinds of sunlight, and while you might not be able to talk about any of it, Traitor Goon Squad’s leverage is gone too, because the whole world knows that traitors in government have gagged you.

        And the whole world SHOULD know.

        That’s the solo version.

        If you have cause to think that LOTS of people are getting NSLs, then you find a way to identify each other. People like SD have networks, and you can get the point across without technically violating the terms of the NSL, you just need to get the word out that everybody who has received one of these NSL letters needs to have a pow-wow.

        Somehow, somewhere, you either have to meet in person or some other secure way, which probably doesn’t exist.

        Suppose there are 20 or 30 (or more) of you. Meet with James O’Keefe at Project Veritas and have him interview each of your in silhouette with altered voice. Have James release the interviews over the course of a week, to build interest, with the promise of a big reveal by Friday.

        On Friday, O’Keefe publishes ALL of the 20, 30 or more NSL letters for the whole world to see, and the names will include many that are familiar to the whole Q / Great Awakening movement.

        POTUS will see it too.

        Now what are scum-sucking maggot traitor government agents going to do?

        Are they going to expose themselves by arresting or otherwise harrassing 20, 30 or more well known people with millions of patriot followers all over the country, with President Trump looking on and keeping tabs on the whole situation?

        Safety in numbers. They can’t just disappear 20 or 30 or 50 people, especially people with some kind of public profile and millions of readers.


        Do *&^%ing SOMETHING, anything besides NOTHING.

        The ONLY reason the scum-sucking maggots always win is because NOBODY ever tries to DO anything about it.

        Smart people can figure out how to fight back and protect themselves such that the rogue actors can’t step into the white-hot spotlight of public scrutiny you’ve created.

        Then just stay in the light.

        We’re Trump’s people, and we have at least 70 million MAGA supporters who could turn any heavy-handed tactics by the rogue government against the NSL recipients into the biggest rallying point and propaganda victory the world has ever seen, ripping the lid off the whole roach infested nest of rogue agencies of government.

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        1. Awesome! And this is exactly why YOU or people LIKE YOU won’t get an NSL personally. 😉

          NSLs are extraordinarily Kafkaesque. If they think you won’t play the game properly, they will dance around you instead.

          Now do you see why MY CASE and SUNDANCE’S are different? 😀

          I still cannot be sure that an NSL was laid on SD, but I am pretty sure that he experienced “lean” just like me, which would mean that NSLs dropped around him.

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          1. “Awesome! And this is exactly why YOU or people LIKE YOU won’t get an NSL personally.”


            The best reason I won’t get one is because I don’t know anything or have any information they want kept secret 😉


            “NSLs are extraordinarily Kafkaesque. If they think you won’t play the game properly, they will dance around you instead.”


            All the more reason for everybody who might be targeted to think about how to respond NOW, while there’s no pressure and they can think clearly. If people prepare beforehand, have a PLAN in place, so they have already thought it out and worked out the details with others BEFOREHAND while it is ‘safe’ to do so, then if it happens, if they receive an NSL, putting the plan in motion is simple, and everybody in your network already knows what to do.


            “Now do you see why MY CASE and SUNDANCE’S are different?”


            Because you’re anonymous, unlike Brian Cates or Tracy Beanz, et al?

            If that’s the reason, what’s the downside of going public with your identity? Does it outweigh the upside? Seems like a LOT of doors would open to either you or SD if it came to that.

            Certainly the rogue government goon squads know who the two of you are, so the only people your identities are being kept secret from are your fans and supporters.

            It might be safer for both of you if your identities were public, since it’s much riskier for government bad actors to mess with public figures, not to mention the opportunities it would bring.

            Just a thought!

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              1. Let me put it this way – I know his “doxx identity”. Even if real and not cover, it’s exactly what these spuds are afraid of – REGULAR PEOPLE who stand up to their machine.


              2. Dang, Wolfmoon1776! I never thought of the identity as not being real. Never entered my mind. Was protective of it and when a rando outed him on the threads I was irritated and let them know it (last year or year before, IDK). Never entered my mind…smh Guess I really am naive and idealistic even after all I have learned in the last 10 yrs and esp. since 2014 about the political world.

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      2. thank you for your time and I appreciate the openness of the treehouse. One is not hesitant or fearful of disagreeing with you. And we learn Because we can disagree in open, genuine discussions

        btw, I sat down with husband last night and went over the various threads with him. first the one that got me banned and some of the curious comments in that htred by the other participant, why I was immediately aware of the choices that were made when I was banned and intensely curious about them and began to think, very intentionally about what is SD doing over there, and then the mulling and development of ideas here as I shared them. Finally, I showed him last night’s post at OT that seemed to confirm what I had been thinking.

        Long discussions, more thoughts. And he likes you, at least the you we get to know. And he really likes that you have been an influence on me to be a little more realistic and aware, eyes a little more wide open.

        Anyway, I had read here before about the possibility of what SD has experienced/is experiencing and that adds a layer to my perspective and deeper understanding…but it still seems like he/”his” website is going to a dark place and purposefully leading others there as well. Very purposefully. beyond just getting people awake and clamoring for more action…idk

        Time to move on mentally for me. Extra busy Christmas season and turning my attention to other ways to support President Trump and conservative issues and draining my own DC feeder swamp.

        AMAZING how swampy even a small rural town can be. Shocking how connected state reps and senators can be to DC. Appalling the dirty pool being played. Why? Because trillions of dollars at stake…I see that money flow down to the feeder swamps.

        But we must have our own MAGA minor leagues and support the state “teams” and change it all the way into DC. And, yes, I am who I am, as my antagonist said (I allowed myself to be baited, of course – good people are going to respond to negative intentionally or choose to scroll…but at some point its appalling enough that to remain true one faces least that is how I felt). I will cont. to work optimistic against Serious Problems in the Real World while I encourage others to get involved and make a difference in what feeds into politics – clean water for fast, flowing clean waters from headwaters located in every county across the US or deep, dark feeder swamps from every county and then state across the country?
        What is flowing into DC? Enough streams from the counties, feeding into rivers in across the states, feeding into might interregional rivers of fresh, freely flowing water into DC – swamp becomes cleaner and cleaner!

        and I remain convinced and Determined that this can and must be done! This is our job, our role, our responsibility. President Trump can reform in DC, can break down the dams and open the swamp to fresh incoming water in the DC swamp but it is up to the People to truly change what goes to DC and hold DC accountable.

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        1. Just a note that a post of yours went into the mod bin b/c of a misspelled email address. I’d rather not approve it, so it can’t be used to spoof you.

          YOU SAID:

          “Eeyore Farm … I like that and I think it is a Eeyores are being purposefully developed and grown”



          1. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and sorry for my carelessness. appreciate you going the extra mile to let me know + posting the comment. Good idea to contain my typos!

            And, as an FYI, I am not going to purposely post under an old name or the OT name.

            I did try to post under my first screen name here several days ago because I was hoping I was just in a time out and not wanting to 100% out myself as I know think this site is monitored by OT (and I am pretty sure I was already identified due to a few specific comments) but I had already forgotten how it went and it didn’t go through.

            Anyway, Not going to post as anything else here and so don’t expect my OT name to show up. Letting it go or use it for….IDK. But going to stay MAGA Mom here. I kind of like it as it seems aspirational to me and encompasses both politics and Mom – 2 important aspects my life. Besides, it makes me think of Melania – again, aspirational not actual description of me! I look Nothing like here…just ordinary housewife! ha

            Anyway, my OT name should Not show up here – at least not on purpose! ha Thanks.

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    5. I agree….
      Some Dunce (and he/she/IT) truly is a DUNCE!….

      I cringe EVERY time I hear someone “credit” the CONservative treeHoUsE….

      I think Some Dunce might be Mitt the Dumb Shit Romney or Megan McShame!


  4. Nickel is one of four elements that can be magnetic at room temperature — the others being iron, cobalt, and gadolinium. About 68% of world production is used in the manufacture of stainless steel.

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    1. Interesting.

      They’d probably forbid you from banning him, if keeping him involved were deemed to be helpful to their spying effort!

      So the guy could get away with being ten times the asshole that Andy was, and he’d never be sanctioned for it.


    1. Where is the U.N. (Ultimate Nazis) to condemn and internationally OUTLAW the manufacture or use of the ‘China Chair’?

      Brand those bastards by associating the name of their country with every atrocity they commit.

      They want desperately to be the Pariah of the World, and we ought to help them.

      Considering their preoccupation with ‘saving face’, they must be hilariously sensitive to SHAME.

      And yet the CCP routinely engages in conduct that is on the same level as Mengele and Hitler.

      If they want to be known by the world as Chinese Hitler, let’s help them.

      The Chinese People won’t tolerate that for long.

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  5. BREAKING : Dems are Encouraging GOP NeverTrumpers to Exploit “Loophole” in Senate Impeachment Clause Whereby They Wouldn’t Need 67 Votes to Remove But Only 2/3 of “Members Present”…if Enough Sit-Out Trial, Pretending to Boycott, They Could Remove Trump Without Actually Voting.

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    1. I think that the actual verbiage is:
      2/3rds of the members “Present” is correct.

      but….. if “they” pull this bullshit off and impeach and REMOVE Pres. Trump….
      A Civil War 2.0 will ensue.
      God help them if this comes to pass.


    2. Assuming every Republican actually present does vote not to convict trump, over half of the Republicans would have to stay away. There are 48 dems (I think), so 28, which is to say all but 24 republicans would have to absent themselves.

      Are there that many who’d go along with this? Are a majority of R senators “Never Trumpers” to the extent that they’d want to look to their voters like utter cowards to get rid of him?


  6. today’s continuing impeachment hoax …..

    Meet The 3 Stooges” Trotted Out by the Dems Today, as the New “Witnesses”, LOL…

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      1. Hilarious. And a real reminder of how BAD the fake news really is. These people acting as witnesses are just PROGS WITH DEGREES. It’s ridiculous.

        This impeachment thing is a FARCE designed solely to give the Soviet remainer CIA some form of ACTION through the FBI. Terrible!

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        1. (((clapping kangaroos))

          did you happen to hear Prof Pamela Karlan (Stanford law), in one of her many l-o-n-g and hypocritically-righteous & morally-sanctimonious monologues…early on…about The Founding Fathers …and going way back to England and Brit Parliament…when she called it The House-in-Commons….???


          later, she said that we just have to “adopt” to something-or-other (more BS)….when she clearly should have said adapt

          what a befuddled screaming meemiee squawking Lib.


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