5 thoughts on “When Turnips Are Rutabagas

  1. Hi Thomas….love your storytelling !

    you mentioned the ladies pushing the food around their plates…and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a lovely guest at the Thanksgiving party I went to last Thursday…she and I noticed how much food some of the men were piling on their plates, lol….quite understandable considering the delicious aromas we’d been breathing for several hours and the fact that most of those Hungry Men had not engaged with the veggie trays and such prior to the main course…

    anyway, she and I were reminiscing about how it used to be considered quite gauche for a “lady” to show any signs of hunger in public and especially at dinner parties or dinners….small portions only no matter how ravenous she was, and push the food around on the plate to make it look like you were eating without appearing as a

    and speaking of rutabagas …I was once, a long time ago, and Extra in a very forgettable Hollywood movie…one of Baldwin Bros was the lead actor…Billy, I think…

    well….as an Extra in a dining room scene at the hotel location in the flick, I was seated with 4 others at the table just next to Billy and the lead actress…we were just in the background certainly not the main event but we had to pretend to be carrying on a conversation…but without making any sounds….just moving our lips…no S’s…no S sounds…I failed miserably at it…several “takes were necassary along with yelling from the Director…later that night, while having drinks at the hotel bar (where we were being lodged), another actor in the same flick, Graham Green (Native American), coached me on how to do that type of a scene as an Extra..

    here’s the secret : you just sit there and silently mouth the word rutabaga over & over again, smiling, nodding, laughing….it makes no sounds, no hissing, and looks exactly like you are engaged in conversation.

    cheers 🙂

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    1. Thank you kind lass! Sounds Billy or whoever made quite an impression on you.

      I always wondered about the background peeps in the restaurant scenes. I tend to be ticky about little stuff in movies. I always found it unrealistic that almost all the restaurant scenes were filmed in a “bubble” without ambient chatter or music. I guess it’s a technical thing with the microphones but I think good directing and dialogue could use ambient chatter and sound to make the whole thing better.
      Since I published this piece this morning I looked at some recipes and it seems my confusion about the “turnip” is widespread. The recipe I use for my potato/turnip casserole starts with “buy an extra large turnip”. There is no such thing as a large turnip – but there are “big” rutabagas.

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    2. When there’s supposed to be a low rumble of unintelligible conversation, one extra will say to another, “natter, natter, natter, natter, natter…..” while the other replies, “grommish, grommish, grommish, grommish, grommish….”

      Provided that nobody synchronizes, and the voices aren’t too distinctive, that creates anonymous background chatter.

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  2. My father in law liked turnips; and my mother in law always planted a few in the garden. Turnips don’t do well in the PNW, they almost always get wormy. Rutabagas on the other hand do quite well. When I do have a garden, I always put a few in as they tend to get pretty good sized. Nary a turnip will ever be seen in my garden though!

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