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Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

Day 23 – VANADIUM.

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  1. Vanadium is an interesting metal. First somewhat discovered in 1801 in Mexico by AndrΓ©s Manuel del RΓ­o y FernΓ‘ndez, who was fascinated by its ability to produce a myriad of distinct colors depending on the molecules it formed, it then fell into obscurity as other chemists convinced del Rio that “erythronium” wasn’t real, or was just another flavor of chromium. In the present day, they might also have convinced him that wind power was inherently more reliable than the wind; that carbon dioxide was a poison; that global warming was an evil aftereffect of colonialism; and that nuclear power was unnatural and unsafe — and, of course, that Epstein killed himself.

    One of vanadium’s more interesting properties is the ability to make steel much stronger, which was recognized early enough that part of the Model T’s chassis was made of vanadium steel.

    Vanadium is bioactive, and some organisms collect it while others shut it out.

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  2. ….and Happy Black Friday …the day when people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have !


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      1. well…let’s see…I did a search for “Epstein Christmas Sweater” images …and then searched thru all zillions of Epstein meme/sweater/images til I found that one….

        that link doesn’t go anywhere when you try to access it…but if you want to capture what I posted there w/out doing a search, just right click on that posted image….see a menu, then left click on open image in new tab …and look for that link to appear up along yr top bar on yr screen…it should show the jpg at the end of it…and that will be the correct image to bookmark so you can keep it.

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  3. every year about this time, you’re probably wondering about the origins of Tupperware , right ?

    yep…I thought so !

    well….here he is….The Earl of Tupperware !

    yes….that’s Earl Silas Tupper , born in New Hampshire in 1907…. the man who invented Tupperware in the 1940s, working for DuPont as a Chemical Engineer…

    please read about Earl and his marvelous woman-empowering invention, here…


    but it doesn’t end there….actually selling the newly-minted Tupperwares wasn’t exactly groundbreaking so Earl found the answer to that challenge throught the inspiration of Floridian, Brownie Wise …a
    marketing genius , and the first door-to-door salesperson in post-war era USA…

    here’s Brownie…

    Brownie’s secret ?

    home parties !

    like…. Tupperware parties ! YAY !


    please read more about Brownie , here…

    The Story of Brownie Wise ~ Shaping Women’s History ! (wow)….article…

    modern-day Tupperware…. Turkey Coma, Part 2 ….

    ever been to an actual Tupperware Party ?

    me neither.

    but we ❀ you, Brownie !

    we ❀ you, Earl !


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        1. Women back then had it good. The leftists like to make us think that their radical insanity is needed for normal change, but it’s NOT.

          The left LIED about so much – and the FAKE NEWS just made us all believe that the consensus on everything had CHANGED.

          FAKE NEWS is truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

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  4. the blow story blew up in his face…

    that’s Joseph Zak, 37, after being busted trying to throw “something” away after being pulled over in Ft. Pierce for failing to stop at a stop sign…cops found a crack pipe and a “clear baggie of white residue” in Zak’s vehicle which later tested positive for crack cocaine

    while being questioned, Zak tried to convince the cops : “the wind must’ve placed it there.”


    dude was arrested then released on bond with his arraignment scheduled for Dec 3, 2017

    article here…


    another head shot…. /S/

    …and he approves of this message /S/

    just sayin πŸ˜€

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  5. WARNING : this has nothing whatsoever to do with Vanadium…

    it has nothing whatsoever do with much of anything but yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at the home of my best friend and her family and in-laws, kids, dogs, grand ma’s and grand pa’s and other assorted folks…

    and lots of bubbly champagne…

    I was the sous chef , and one of my duties was to do the mashed potatoes so while I did the mashed potatoes , I sang this song…

    …much to everyone’s delight lol.

    champagne helped.


    please share your holiday stories.

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      1. Thanks!

        For all future visitors to this page, a brief explanation.

        I’m PLAYING an early ’70’s cultural Marxist meme RIGHT BACK at the current set of cultural Marxists.

        “War Pigs” (song, concept, etc.) was used by the international left to REAP on the very Vietnam War that they had bamboozled, coerced, entrapped, and otherwise tricked the United States into entering, against the advice of our own military, and thanks to the “fake whoops” betrayal by our brain-parasitized KGB-CIA. Note that the devious left went even further and then used the military’s own FRANK TALK about a situation which was not even their fault to castigate THEM.

        Oh, FAKE NEWS. Your YEARS OF CRIMES will soon come to light!

        The fact that we can now – thanks to “future proves past” – employ the TRUMP DOCTRINE of assigned responsibility to BLAME CORRECTLY and look for who is ultimately responsible for inciting wars, means we will no longer have to listen to them, because we SHOULDN’T.

        Lying Liars will have to start speaking TRUTH if they want to be heard.

        This most of all:


        Trump ended the risk of a war – quickly, sanely, smartly. He KICKED DOWN their kabuki construction from both sides, and showed the world that FAKE CONFLICT is another SCAM that needs to be OUTED in the GREAT AWAKENING.

        Oh, wait – who told us this stuff? OH, THAT’S RIGHT – some guy named Q! πŸ˜€


  6. from John Solomon Reports…

    A Dozen Document Troves That Could Change The Ukraine Scandal If Trump Released Them


    from Nov 25, 2019

    FTA: There are still wide swaths of documentation kept under wraps inside government agencies like The State Department that could substantially alter the public’s understanding of what has happened in the US-Ukraine relationships now at the heart of the impeachment probe.

    12 “tranches” of government documents and the questions that those “memos” might answer…

    those 12 are listed and described in the article linked above.

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    1. There is some possibility that this crazy Muzz was an MK job to help push for more CONTROL – more anti-knife (ridiculous) legislation – more push against growing sentiment for private ownership of guns – etc. London is ground zero for Tavistock psychological warfare and MK.

      I am no longer falling for the idea that every convenient Muzz is purely acting “because Muslim”. That’s the easy answer they want us to fall for. Too much cui bono on this for the globalist UK establishment that is typified by the contrived stance of “import more conveniently voting Muslims while banning Western freedoms”.

      The whole things seems FAKE. Just like similar incidents here. They EXPLOIT mentally ill Muzz, keeping us divided on the acts, which we polarize on and either say “BECAUSE MUZZ” or “BECAUSE MENTAL ILLNESS”.

      The reality – AND LOGIC – it’s BOTH, and it’s KABUKI.

      Totally Q – THEY WANT US DIVIDED.

      The FIB got in the business of setting up and then busting these incidents here for their own branding, but when the higher political payload value exceeded the mere bureau payload value, the plots “graduated” to next level conspiracy – LET THEM HAPPEN. Same has to have happened in England. This benefits the CONTROLLERS there.

      Notice the pickets who appeared immediately to position things.

      Professional, leftist, Muzz useful idiots, probably Soros-connected. Ready to get into the media. Media sets up on them. Kucking Fabuki.

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  7. Pasted in from somewhere else:

    Despite the dull gray of this metal in pure form, vanadium forms the most gorgeous set of colors when dissolved in acid. This was sufficient motive to earn it its name after the Norse goddess of beauty Vanadis. Less trivially, worldwide vanadium output is gobbled up almost entirely by the steel industry where adding a pinch of it to the mix provides wondrous increases in strength. Thus, vanadium-infused steel is preferentially used for structural work in any kind of large-scale construction. Indeed, the strongest steel ever manufactured is known by the acronym HY-130 and that 130 stands for 130,000 pounds per square inch. That is a mind-bogglingly strong metal and the record can only be accomplished through a generous injection of, you guessed it, vanadium.

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    1. Oh, and the next paragraph:

      This hi-tech steel is far too expensive to be used for such pedestrian things as rebar or railroad ties and is reserved instead for the priciest submarines or for critical parts in machinery. So why not use pure vanadium then? Well, as it turns out, that strength comes at a very serious ding in the machinability scale. It is a whopping 300 times more expensive than ordinary grades of steel, for one, but more importantly it is vastly more difficult to roll and shape into the desired end shapes. That added difficulty thus makes HY-130 a bargain in comparison.

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