Barack Obama, War Pig

How Barack Obama Tried to Set Up Donald Trump With His Very Own CIA-Created Vietnam War

Despite ALL I’m going to tell you, I would not take back my 2008 Obama vote for anything.

Had I voted for left-controlled neocon warmonger John “Warhead” McCain, he of the Soviet brainwash, I would have never figured out the lethal and sadistic communist game of getting the WEST to weaken and destroy itself with wars which could be BLAMED on the right, and thus used to advance socialism in America. But once you figure out their COLD and CALCULATED game, it’s impossible NOT TO SEE THE SCAM.

Once you see the whole plan, you realize the horrible truth. The WAR PIGS OF THE LEFT, in all their wicked Soviet glory, are like a long-running version of Hitler’s Reichstag-plotting cabal that never gets caught, because they are so proficient at blaming their provocations on the intended victims.

You are about to see how 75 seconds from a video that OBAMA never thought would get made, much less be released to the public during Trump’s lifetime, proves my theory of socialist “bait wars” in a way I never expected.

So very fittingly on BLACK FRIDAY, let’s unravel one of the most recent and most cynical ploys in communism’s WAR PIG PLAN.

I have always suspected that North Korea was a TRAP for President Trump.

My suspicions BEGAN with President Trump revealing the fact that Barack Obama TOLD President-Elect Trump something of supposed extreme importance – some “greatest” problem that he would face.

But before we get into what that WAS, let’s get into what it was NOT.

It is very important not to confuse this information with the normal “secret letter” passed down from one President to the next.

There IS a “secret letter” of PLATITUDES that Obama left for Trump, and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA actually helped set up this bogus meme. Please watch below, in jaw-dropping hilarity – now that you know how the FAKE NEWS operates – as they assist Obama in planting very openly this diversionary letter for President Trump.

President Trump did not reveal this letter at first, but he did reveal it later, and CIA-CNN revealed the full text by September 2017.

What is absolutely remarkable is how this letter is all BOILERPLATE.

Anybody who has read or watched Eisenhower’s farewell address, where he launched historically critical concepts such as the military-industrial complex and the government-funded scientific and technological elite, knows what SHOULD be passed down to the next President.

Anybody who has read or watched Kennedy’s address to the press, a few months before he was assassinated, knows what kind of things DESERVE to be passed along to the next President.

Nope. Obama PUBLICLY left JUNK for President Trump. Nothing of substance. Nothing that could not be REVEALED TO THE PUBLIC eight months later.


The good stuff is never on paper. We’re lucky if we can get any truth from TITILLATING TEXTS. Most of it is ORAL.

Think about why Trump is always having to DISCLOSE STUFF. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about now.

And that’s what happened here.

The exact sequence of things – of what was said, who said it, when they said it – is now shrouded in thousands of differing accounts. I have tried to track down exactly when it was revealed that Obama gave Trump some private advice, and who revealed that.

There was, along the way, a lot of talk about how NORTH KOREA was the biggest problem being handed off to Trump. This was not hard to guess.

In any case, eventually, Trump began revealing, to various people, more and more detail of WHAT Obama told him.

Let’s start with Fox News and that detestable red diaper stooge, Chris Wallace.

The first indication FROM TRUMP of WHAT Obama told Trump came in an exclusive FOX NEWS interview of Trump in mid-November 2018, after the midterm elections.

Trump, in exclusive interview, speaks on Acosta, reveals Obama’s private guidance on greatest US threat


But Trump also revealed that Obama, who also campaigned against Trump in several other states, had offered him some important guidance in the White House shortly after his 2016 election.

“I think North Korea’s been very tough because you know we were very close. When I took that over — President Obama right in those two chairs, we sat and talked and he said that’s by far the biggest problem that this country has,” Trump told Wallace.  “And I think we had real decision as to which way to go on North Korea and certainly at least so far I’m very happy with the way we went.”

Trump’s first public disclosure of Obama’s private guidance, Nov 2018 the latest video at

Trump doesn’t go too far here – he really just confirms what most of us were thinking – that Obama was FOCUSING Trump on North Korea as a major problem.

Now this sort of warning sounds very legitimate – right?

Trust me – you have to be WAY AHEAD of these traitors to deal with them and walk away. This was not “friendly advice”. This was a STEER into a DEADFALL. Obama was helping the whole cabal of socialist traitors SET UP TRUMP.

Remember – Trump is revealing all of this AFTER he has already DEFANGED the Chinese Nork Monster.

Go back to January 2017. As soon as Trump began, the NORK HEAT was turned up by the entire Fake News and China.

By March of that year, there was already leakage through the New York Times of the fact that Obama had warned Trump about North Korea.

In my opinion, this was all a ploy to rope Trump into handling North Korea using the very same Democrats who had created the problem, or their designated underlings, still acting as embeds, corrupting the already putrid State Department to treasonous levels.

  • Susan Rice
  • Wendy Sherman
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Madeleine Albright
  • Samantha Power
  • John Kerry


Seriously – can you imagine these people “helping” Trump on North Korea?


Bipartisanship does not work with Soviet traitors, no matter how nice they are. DEAL WITH THE REALITY. They cannot be trusted.

Meanwhile, Trump clearly knew how to handle the Norks and China.

  • applied Trump Doctrine to China to decouple them from North Korea
  • fired Rex Tillerson, who could not handle the treacherous State Department
  • swapped in Pompeo, fresh from CIA with everything he needed to FUMIGATE
  • removed the nuclear joker with a really convenient couple of earthquakes
  • immediately made peace overtures and kept the defanging on the down-low
  • taught the fake news press that they could not scare the plebes any more
  • put North Korea back where they belong -barely an annoyance at all

Anyway, once North Korea had been put into a BOX, more truth could come out.

HERE is Trump getting even closer to the truth. What he is doing here is UNMASKING the other side. He is revealing HALF of Obama’s set-up, and ELICITING information which actually EXONERATES useful idiot Ben Rhodes to some extent.

Trump: Obama told me that he ‘was so close to starting a big war with North Korea’


This is very much worth reading, but here is the key quote:

“When I came into office, I met right there in the Oval Office with President Obama. And I sat in those beautiful chairs, and we talked, it was supposed to be 15 minutes, as you know, it ended up being many times longer than that. And I said what’s the biggest problem? He said by far, North Korea,” Trump explained from the Rose Garden.

“I don’t want to speak for him, but I believe he would’ve gone to war with North Korea. I think he was ready to go to war. In fact he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea,” Trump said.

President Trump on Obama advising him on North Korea, Feb 2019

This is TWO YEARS LATER that Trump is talking about this meeting with Obama. This is ALSO about a year before some very big drops are due to fall on Obama and his administration.

Now – it is CRITICAL to see how useful idiot white-boy flak-jacket liar-layer and (oh, it’s so CYNICAL to call him this) “national security adviser” [BWAHAHAHAHAHA] Ben Rhodes reacts to this.

The image saved for posterity.

What this means is EXACTLY what I have said all along about Ben Rhodes. He was the SERGEANT SCHULTZ of the Obama NSC. His purpose was to come up with LIES FOR THE STIFFS. That’s it. He was a FICTION WRITER.

Yes, Ben Rhodes was FULLY INFORMED and an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in many plots against Trump in the outgoing and incoming administrations, where he would likely be the one taking the fall.


The problem here is that the deep communist party traitors DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT share deep plans with lightweight flak-catchers like Rhodes.

Any plans to lure Trump into a losing land war in Asia, preferably with loss of the White House and a permanent socialist elite after the next Vietnam / Iraq culture war, are simply not going to be shared with a toadie like Rhodes.

And let me say a bit more about that plot.

I am convinced that, after 1945, the FDR-initiated socialist compromise of our government was so severe, that the ENTIRE United States government was basically acting as “controlled opposition” of the Soviet-Chinese-CPUSA axis.

First, we were suckered into UN action in Korea, essentially playing a dupe part which acceded critical military control to communist-compromised globalists. We are, quite frankly, lucky that we got out with what little saved bacon we did.

Next stop – Vietnam – opposed by our smart military, but designed by the highly Nazi-polluted and KGB-infiltrated CIA as a TAR-PIT to set us up for culture war.

From the moment Kennedy was killed, a series of brilliant geopolitical chess moves by the Soviets resulted in stunning victories IN AMERICA – where Russia actually spent MORE MONEY than they did in Vietnam. Vietnam remains the CLASSIC “bait war” which led to a desired “culture war”.

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s always the most extreme leftists in Congress who periodically try to bring back the draft, now you understand. Even the controlled opposition right is too smart for that one. Always ask: cui bono?

Moving on, we see how Nixon was controlled by China, using their American leftist allies, in the closing of Vietnam, and forced into opening a path for larger-scale Chinese crypto-war against the United States.

I may have explained this before. Don’t puke when the names Stefan Halper and Hillary Clinton enter the drama.

Cornered Opposition: Understanding The History of Dragon Fuckage with The Eagle

If you want to play in the big leagues, you have to know what strategies the other side plays TIME and TIME and TIME again. COUGH. Knowing that the FAKE NEWS is actually on China’s side helps. Knowing that the FAKE NEWS has been there a LONG, LONG TIME helps even more. Playing long ball …


Now, there are many more episodes and attempted episodes after this, including the critical manipulations of both the United States and Israel to create new tar pits in the Middle East, and other manipulations to create tar pits and dramatic failures in Latin America. Forget all those for this article. Let’s get back to North Korea.

I am fully convinced that Bill Clinton FAKED his denuclearization of North Korea in a way that HELPED NORTH KOREA BUILD NUCLEAR WEAPONS – just in the same way that Barack Obama had FAKED opposing ISIS, so that he could in reality send them weapons by subterfuge.

Based on this kind of “reverso” fakery, where America’s crypto-Soviet leftists do the opposite of what they are saying, they were building up North Korea for a reason. That reason, of course, was centered around CHINA. The advancement of CHINA advances SOCIALISM in America.

There were two other places that the Obama administration tried to get us into wars – Syria and Ukraine. This is where a significant pattern emerges – a kind of “criticality” phenomenon.

The leftists, using the CIA and America’s adversaries as “ground control”, will set up a potential war, whereupon the leftists will try to “trigger” the right to STAMPEDE into the war, but the leftists themselves will not LEAD THE WAY into the war. They are very careful not to be tarred as warmongers.

They want the BLAME to go to the RIGHT.

They want the BLAME to go to the Republicans.

They want the BLAME to go to the OTHER SIDE.

An example was Syria. The left WANTED – desperately – to use Soviet brainwash victim John McCain to TRIGGER us into war, but it was not working. That is where I caught something really telling in later review. Communist Jan Shakowsky’s communist husband, Robert Creamer – he of the dirty tricks fame – began pushing for a Syrian war. Yes. These very same people who oppose every war that “belongs” to the Republicans, wanted to start a war in Syria.

THAT is when it really clicked for me, what the extreme left is doing.

This is worse than arson. This is like convincing your neighbor to commit arson so that you can buy his lot when he goes to jail.

Are you with me?

Good. HERE is the kicker.

We already have Trump saying that Obama gave him some spiel where HE (Obama) claimed to have almost gone to war with North Korea, yet Obama’s alleged National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes knows nothing about it.

Are you starting to see why Trump getting this out in the open is a good thing? It is very likely that Obama LIED to Trump on this. So Trump getting it all out in the public BEFORE it’s an issue is very smart.

But NOW we see, it’s even worse. THE KICKER.

Barack Obama actually told Trump that HE (Trump) would need to go to war against North Korea.

Don’t believe me. Believe the video. Believe the White House historian who HEARD IT FROM TRUMP.

It is the first 75 seconds of the following video.

I want to THANK Aubergine for alerting me to this.

I started to listen to this, and I didn’t even get past the opening. There it was – the PROOF I needed that WAR PIG Barack Obama was setting up Donald Trump for his socialist masters.

Here you go. Listen to it. 00:00 to 01:15.

“You WILL go to war with North Korea.”

I can just hear this low-hypnotic order in Obama’s typical “NLP-speak” – starting that sentence off with “YOU WILL” – just SO typically Obama.

Well, obviously, the NLP didn’t work on Trump.

There is a saying about Obama.

Once you accept that Obama is not on our side, everything he does makes sense.

Obama probably was never on any PARTICULAR other side. He might as well be on ALL of them. But the fact is, his TRAINED, REFLEXIVE, ANTI-AMERICAN outlook is what informs Obama.

Getting America into a losing, bruising, socialism-cruising fight with North Korea and China?

Right up his alley.

Anyway, it looks like we have his number now.

Enjoy the show.


46 thoughts on “Barack Obama, War Pig

    1. I agree. THANK GOD. It is only by adhering to the most fundamental principles of the BIBLE that we can get past the TRAPS laid for humanity by thousands of years of our own folly and wickedness, twisted further and usefully by the VEG (very evil genius) of the “other side” (and you know of whom I speak).

      These leftists are particularly tricky in their implementations. Every TRAP that our VSG evades is like a new lesson in skulduggery. The recruiting of VSG TRUMP as POTUS was one of the most brilliant moves ever made in politics. But one of the biggest lessons from DEALING with the leftists is to realize the WEAKNESSES of the right which are exploited BY the left. And beyond that, we have to realize the STRENGTHS (particularly BIBLICAL ONES) of the left that we cannot ignore or push past without incurring God’s “displeasure” (to put it mildly). Our VSG is particularly good at knowing THAT limit and actually obeying it when people think he’s not, or exploit the myth that he is not.

      There is a balance of things, but it ain’t simple. We need a lot of people to LEARN from our VSG so that they can carry on his Godly mission.

      Our military has developed highly, to where it really is in the business it professes – PEACE and DEFENSE – as long as it is not abused and manipulated into its old purpose – WAR. The job of honest, Biblical politicians is to make sure that the latter does not happen.

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    1. I think BHO was trained (literally) and then trained by his experience and his speech-writers to use NLP at all times. This is the smart play. People will dismiss the NLP phrasing as “bias”, “hubris”, or “opinion” when it does not conform to their knowledge, but they will see it as “wise” when they are weak on a subject and GRASPING FOR HELP, or their guard is down. This led to the myth that Obama was the “smartest person in the room”, IMO.

      The treason media stoked the Alinsky FEARS on North Korea like nobody’s business. Much of that even transferred to me at an emotional level, despite knowing what they were doing!

      The problem with psychology is that it works even when we know we are being psyched out. That has backfired on the left. Their put-downs of Trump disarmed them. Never think that a VSG is not a VSG!

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      1. I read many of his books and appreciate his ministry. In the late 1990s and early 2000s when I first started to notice President Trump (other than the tabloid headlines) I heard that he went to Marble Collegiate Church and I immediately connected President Trump to Peale.

        I watched the first season of the Apprentice and clearly remember that after one of the contests, the winning team got time alone with President Trump and could ask him anything they wanted. While fun to watch on TV, I really didn’t care about any of the other glitzy prizes/rewards but to be able to ask this successful man anything – that was cool and I immediately had several questions pop into my head that were So obvious to be me, questions just begging to be asked…and yet they didn’t, at least not in the film that made the editing cuts.

        I so badly wanted them to ask about the impact of going to that church on him and had he read Dr. Peale’s books? Did he know him and how had he been influenced by him? And then lead into other books that had a profound impact on him which would have been such a wonderful conversation with nuggets of wisdom.

        Anyway, if I were there, that is what I would have asked because he was successful because he was smart about business – knowledgable and had an understanding, even an instinct but its also *how* he thinks and *how* he sees things and himself. One has to grow into thinking patterns and abilities – can’t just ask a question and gain understanding, wisdom and thinking patterns/ability. Got to understand *how* he got to be the way he is and develop one’s self along the same lines.

        hahaha – my 2 cents as a housewife and they were all already successful to some extent or the other in the business world so take that opinion for what its worth. Now, back to planning the Christmas menu while the house is quiet. Finished my Christmas shopping, organized/planned our trip & our food for a DC (yes, right before Christmas due to a family event on Dec 19th so Hectic and that is Not my style!) and all things housewife related and what I actually know.

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  1. Well done, Wolfie. Your points are distinct and irrefutable.

    Ben Rhodes is such a narcissistic schlump – stupidly exposing himself during his tenure as a ‘narrative influencer’ rather than any semblance of a foreign policy expert. Now all he can do is wallow in his misery by continuing to bloviate his narrative that NO ONE is buying. I visualize him as the schmuck continually being dunked in the water tank every time Trump prevails.

    Your analysis of Obama vis-a-vis North Korea is spot on. His disjointed foreign homes and CIA family background lead me to think his whole life has been “Lost Boy” and he was an easy target to be MK’d or positioned as a human weapon whose aim and trigger are controlled by someone vastly smarter than he. An empty suit pumped up by someone else’s evil.

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    1. Hmmmm…, obama might have truly believed whatever he was shoveling President Trump that day too. Maybe Obama himself was used, was whispered to and guided and followed his military “leaders” “recommendations” and his deep state prepared talking points like a good, useful follower rather than being a genuine POTUS. Of course, he agreed with their mission. And yes, he had a Very troubled background from birth + drugs so easily manipulated.

      I have such a low opinion of Obama’s intelligence that I would buy this 100%

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  2. In my opinion, we are being set up for actual aggression with China, an “hot” phase as we are already in a cold war in which they have been attacking us successfully for decades in many ways through trade, espionage, etc. and rather successfully.

    When congress comes together and passes Anything Unanimously I am concerned. The signing of the Hong Kong support leaves me with spidey senses tingling, even screaming (not because I am particularly clever but because I have been trained at OT and now here + all that we have learned about the fed gov employees and entrenched military/intelligence agency employees!). Your above article seems to me to tie into the current Hong Kong situation

    Are they trying to sabotage a trade deal that is good for the US but bad for globalists? or are they trying to sabotage a trade deal that will give President Trump a Major victory? or are they trying to sabotage a trade deal that will help the US economy, making it even stronger and thus boost President Trump? Or…just yes to the all of the above + more?

    It was lead by Blackburn who made a hard right turn to the MAGA side of the party in ’16 from the conservative but COC wing of the party previously. She still seems to align with the CFR and the Atlantic council on when it comes to much foreign policy. She is MAGA and Trump, Trump, Trump to gain “street cred” with the Strong MAGA block of the TN GOP in which President Trump is Loved but when push comes to shove on foreign policy she speaks out against his policies.

    Was she given leeway on most issues to align with President Trump a) to win the election and be in office in the first place due to Trump endorsement + TN GOP voters Want a Trump supporter as the TN US Senator and b) to then be able to be used as a tool against him when it really matters? She supports him adamantly on the border, immigration, domestic economics, against Dem attacks, attacks dems for corruption & the impeachment but not so loudly on trade deals and seems to undermine him on foreign policy.

    Examples: She introduced the Hong Kong bill. She was very useful in this. She is seen as a Huge Trump supporter and Very conservative …. how often do Dems support her on Anything, much less unanimously? How often to the RINOs/Globalists come together like that? Of course, President Trump signed – they already had 100% of the vote so what would be the use to over ride? But he did sign it with a “signing statement” that this bill would in no way infringe on the Executive Branch making foreign policy, etc.

    She also spoke out Strongly against his moves in NW Syria several weeks ago, buying into and promoting/pushing the Dem/media narrative re Kurds etc. She spoke out in the media repeatedly on this.

    Last example, months ago she voted in support of NATO, in that the US would not withdraw, limiting/undermining President Trump’s ability to negotiate by threatening/intimating such a withdraw.

    I support her vocally on social media but I am really supporting President Trump and reinforcing her support of President Trump. When she spoke out against him in Syria I was bold in my criticism – and concerned of why she was being used as a tool against the President on that specific issue.

    Anyway, I realize I have used the forbidden word “concern” multiple times…I am not concerned that President Trump can’t handle her or doesn’t know what/who she is. that is not what I mean.

    And I am not that kind of “concerned” about the Hong Kong bill – I know President Trump has more insight than I do. I am just trying to sort it out in my own mind – what you said, wolfmoon1776 about the baiting/setting up for wars and about who resists those moves to get involved, who pushes for them and who criticizes when they don’t happen. Trying to understand it more and see the players.

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    1. I know exactly what you are saying on the Hong Kong bill. TRUMP handled that beautifully. Let me explain and put your mind at ease.

      Trump was FULLY prepared to WIN ON THE DOWN SIDE on the two EXTREME options:

      (1) No Hong Kong bill

      (2) Unanimous Yes on Hong Kong bill

      AND (and this is beautiful) EVERY OPTION IN BETWEEN.

      The way to reassure yourself is to read Trump’s statement on the Hong Kong bill VERY CAREFULLY to see how Trump MANAGES THE DOWNSIDE. He announced that so the sharper readers would all understand.

      In my opinion he preferred the option WITH THE BILL UNANIMOUSLY – exactly what he got.

      In my opinion there are a lot more WOMEN former GOPe who have learned to understand what Trump is doing a LOT FASTER than the MEN GOPe. I’m not sure why this is, but I think that Trump’s style works really well with women, who can drop their ego faster than men. Trump shows that he has dropped ego and they follow suit.

      I think Blackburn is extremely valuable because she is one of Trump’s most reliable chess pieces! She knows what he needs and provides it!

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      1. “…a lot more WOMEN former GOPe who have learned to understand what Trump is doing a LOT FASTER than the MEN GOPe….”

        Despite all the mucking up by the left, this is the default ‘natural’ position and it is still going to count even today.

        For a man to back down, is a major loss of face and could lead to a loss of your place in the ‘peaking order’ This is especially true for young men.

        For a woman to back down is no biggie. Classically/biologically it represents no loss of face since a man historically is considered ‘dominate’ therefore a women has a lot less ‘ego’ invested in a firmly stated position.

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      2. “In my opinion there are a lot more WOMEN former GOPe who have learned to understand what Trump is doing a LOT FASTER than the MEN GOPe. I’m not sure why this is, but I think that Trump’s style works really well with women, who can drop their ego faster than men. Trump shows that he has dropped ego and they follow suit.”

        Mmm…there is another angle to consider. Women changing their minds. We can do it on a dime, and we do it so often, it’s borderline cliche.

        We also are faster to adopt new movements, especially when kitchen gadgets are involved. That might be part of it as creativity is engaged.

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        1. Two kitchen gadgets that scare me are the meat cleaver and the corkscrew. I’m sure there are others but those are the ones that first popup into my mind.

          Does this comment make any sense? Likely not but what the hell.

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          1. Rolling pins!

            I was TRAINED as a kid, by cartoons, back when female domestic battery using kitchen implements was acceptable and EXPECTED for “certain crimes”, to FEAR the rolling pin.

            Seriously, the “feminists” always glossed that crap over, but there was a two way street on acceptance of domestic violence back then. Men of less than sterling repute with a black eye, bandaged face or slung arm they wouldn’t talk about – the first question was “what did he do to deserve it?”

            It was a rougher world, there’s no doubt, on minor injuries. I can remember hearing “serves him right” many times.


    2. Oh yea. We are at war with Chyna. Cold it is, considering trade, intellectual property, espionage, obscene trade imbalance… Chyna economy grinding down, with no positives in sight. HK an absolute mess.

      President Trump talked about this for years, probably decades before running for President.

      Chyna will, IMO, destroy the Asian financial center, HK, as it cannot stomach democracy succeeding, ever. ChiCom will destroy the financial golden goose propping up Chyna. Me thinks.

      NK, oh yea. Wolf identified the slow unveiling by President Trump of hussien’s treachery. AND, Clinton. Although not mentioned, quite confident both bushies are complicit in NK getting nukes.

      OT and elsewhere we have read about Google or one of them UnAmerican companies working with NK. Have read hussein had a phone number for Chairman Kim. tried to derail President Trump’s first summit with Chairman Kim in Singapore. That imbecille from NM had underhanded dealings with NK, which escape me at the moment.

      HK wise, D-Rats, all politicos dealt President Trump the best hand possible regarding HK.

      With regard to trade deal with Chyna, fully believe President Trump doesn’t really want one, BUT will take a trade deal that is solidly, lopsided American. OTHERWISE, moar tariffs. Ultimately, moar tariffs are coming as Chyna will NEVER agree to a trade deal with mandatory trip wires the US exclusively manages.

      President Trump’s ultimate goal, aligned with Americas First, ALWAYS, is absolute decoupling America from Chyna. Absolute crippling Chyna economy.

      100% GOTTA defang the dragon, so it cannot become a threat to America again. Including America’s economy.

      AND, finally, Wolf great article connecting the dots. Hell, even I could follow it on the first read;-)

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  3. As I was reading your article, I couldn’t help but smile at the how President Trump used Obama’s gigantic ego against him.

    Remember, it was supposed to be a 15 min. meeting. President Trump asked questions and listened to Obama’s answers. Obama must have been willing to run his mouth on and on, his own words the hot air inflating his own ego and big head by the minute. Obama must have been playing regular old chess and thinking that President Trump was right there with him in the conversation and that this was a chance for him to paint the picture of reality that he (and others) wanted to paint for President Trump.

    Meanwhile, President Trump is playing multiple level chess in which the key is while being familiar with the various moves, to be incredibly quick and agile. No one can play a full game of chess all the way through from the beginning – to many variables. Be familiar with patterns, with your opponents favorite moves and plays and methods, all yes, but even better is to know the game, to know the possible moves, to understand the way the pieces can move and work together so well that one can be dropped into a game and assess quickly and move successfully. Informed, Quick, Agile, Flexible…

    When Obama was telling President Trump what Obama wanted to tell President Trump I am willing to bet that President Trump was learning, was listening with awareness to learn not about the subjects but about what Obama wanted to him to know – what does Obama want me to think? what is Obama’s message? v. what is the situation? President Trump was pumping him for info on what the deep state was wanting him to “know” v. only actual true facts on the situation.

    He didn’t necessarily do the opposite of Obama’s advice but I would bet $ he now had an idea of where the globalists/deep state wanted him to go, to where he was being pushed and that awareness gave him insight to think out of the box and go around the land mines, go around the traps, to even deactivate the traps. Fresh thinking, agility, flexibility…and pretty darned smart!

    this is what I think based only on my own thinking and from what I have seen + what I know of chess so take it for what it is worth

    Can’t you just see President Trump asking questions and listening as Obama rambled on and on…gaining insight as to what had been going on, why, the current situation and to where the situation was supposed to go based on current trajectory? Wonder what else he got out of Obama that day?

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    1. Absolutely! 1000% agreed!

      And then Trump asks Obama if he ever called him (Kim), and is flabbergasted by the answer – only later to reveal PART of what he must have thought immediately – “How STUPID!” But surely with that answer from Obama, he knew – there was GAME AFOOT and things were not what they were supposed to be.

      Think how Trump was thinking ON HIS FEET – just like you say – to ASK that one question! In one answer, he KNEW that something was wrong – and much more.

      Yes – our VSG surely got a LOT out of Obama that day!!!

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          1. But be careful when she plays a “hard to get” position to protect Trump’s minority interest in a problem. Rand Paul does that ALL THE TIME. Sometimes Trump WANTS to be dragged back by a LIFELINE OF SANITY. When Rand Paul does that on war, civil liberties, etc., he is appreciated by the VSG. The BLOCKING PAWN that provides PROTECTION. Blackburn may do this, too. WATCH CAREFULLY.


            1. I see what you are saying and I get that with Paul and others – not saying I will always catch it but I do get that. I don’t always see it but I try to be aware…..

              I think he does this with the Freedom Caucus as well so I try to be careful and refrain from criticizing my congressman (actually encourage him and have personally talked to him about this) when he bucks President Trump to the conservative side. President Trump NEEDS these guys to anchor down the “far right”/seriously conservative position so that he can then move the deal more toward the right/conservative position as a compromise.

              But I saw no value in Blackburn being highly critical of President Trump in Syria or voting when the Senate voted to remain in NATO seeming to undercut President Trump’s art of the deal by hinting at the US withdraw if the NATO countries didn’t get their act together.

              I just didn’t get those to positions by her – esp. the LOUD criticism of his moves in Syria re Turkey & the PKK, etc. Have no idea when she is going with the CFR or Atlantic Council, etc. and when loyal to President Trump and HIS foreign policy. I just watch her carefully, esp. her social media to see what is important to her and what messages she is putting out.

              Anyway, on another note – interesting just how secretive the trip to Afghanistan was. I read no phones at all, left them off of the plane so no tracking, etc. Sounds like they were secret plans from the deep state/State Dept and WH and other fed agencies…???? Surely, some knew he was coming? Wonder who all wan’t in the loop and the many benefits to that in addition to his safety via no leaks to enemies in country. No whiny lower level employees running to congress to complain their talking points were ignored?

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              1. If you were about to run a really vital and potentially violent operation in complete silence where a peep might get someone killed, might you want to do a trial run with a photo op to make sure there were no leaks?


  4. Good post, Wolf!

    Obama trying to direct Trump into war just shows the hubris of the globalists and their minions. But pride goeth before a fall, and they are running off the cliff!

    Somehow, they haven’t learned the lesson of Trump yet. They keep running the same dumb plays that he’s been studying for 40 years. Do they really think he wasn’t paying attention while he was sober and they were all drunk on liquor and power?

    As Q says, these people are stupid, at least when it comes to Trump. I’m not discounting Aubergine’s Razor, but what do you call it when your malice and guile keep crashing against a brick wall like him?

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  5. >>> “The good stuff is never on paper. We’re lucky if we can get any truth from TITILLATING TEXTS. Most of it is ORAL.”

    Ummmm, no. Most of it is purposely hidden in remote servers using non-governmental emails. Everything on paper, in texts, in MSM leaks, orally, or overtly — all of that which can be seen by the public or even the administration — are lies.

    Unless you’re in the club.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think we’re cross-communicating. My point was that anything seen by the public is a lie, whether written, oral, electronic, or other. Everything seen by partisans is likely a lie as well. Only the Inner Party gets the truth — and when communicated, it’s not necessarily done orally, or on paper. It’s done in a rough equivalent to a SCIF, and only the Inner Party has the keys to it.

        I suspect that Epstein’s Pedo Island had one such SCIF, which now may be full of concrete.

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  6. Just listened to Doug Wead’s recent interview one more time, all the way through, really paying attention.

    My walk away thought from this time is somewhat along the lines of your post – re: war and US military intervention

    President Trump knows that many Want war, even see war as beneficial because, in their conceit, many globalists view it as only coming out in the desired outcome they wish…and they are usually correct in that. However, lower level people in power, whether in the military industrial complex or even in offices of power, do sometimes loose their bets. But the higher ups, regardless of how it turns out, they win.

    President Trump has approached MANY seemingly military issues as a businessman and has used economic warfare v. military warfare. Many countries don’t mind going to war, even want to do so, as it makes them look strong and bold, keeps the people’s attention, etc.

    Story by Mr. Weed, Turkey/hostages. President Trump did use traditional methods or military solutions. He did not take us to war with Turkey over a hostage. That would have played into many people’s hands/desires, feeding the military industrial complex, feeding in the Turkey as standing up to the US, hurting NATO, feeding into ME/Islamic narratives about the US and likely wouldn’t have worked + caused even more US deaths.

    What did he do instead? He went around the military of the both the US and Turkey (while still being unknown enough for Turkey to ever get confident he wouldn’t use the military) and he squeezed the country mercilessly economically.

    This Turkey doesn’t want! Do they want to have their economy come to a halt for one hostage?! Do they want no trade, jobs, angry citizens? Do the globalists want a slow down in money flows? War increases money flows but this was ruining money from an area.

    War doesn’t always or even usually hurt the people who are in power. As a matter of fact, it enriches those in the greatest power.

    Economic sanctions – esp. when applied all out and enforced without excepts for those close to the Powers that be – work as Money talks. Its all about the money.

    President Trump hurts them where it counts and gets action. And there are few national downsides to specific countries receiving sanctions from the US because our country is so large and economy so diversified. Some US businesses hit but not wide spread. Use our Military and the entire nation feels that. Not so with sanctions against most countries (china being an exception because so large and so intertwined with our pre Trump economy)

    that is what I got from this view of the interview

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      1. Just came back to this thought because realized I forgot to tie it into NK. Why do “they” want war? Why was that The Narrative painting war as inevitable? Follow the money?

        + would be a negative on President Trump as it would be painted as his fault by the press/dems

        +would take pressure off of China and actually empower China…??

        But the tie in is that President Trump is working the economic angle including the carrot of good economics as well as maintaining the punishing use of economics while always willing to switch to military options.

        Wonder how many Deep State plans he has thrown out the window, how many talking points packages he has trashed since 1/17?? 🙂 Many more than just Ukraine. He has taken a fresh, against-the-design-of-the-globalists-plans to so many of our international issues.

        A true disrupter.

        Love that Mr. Wead shared that the silver lining of the Russian Collusion Delusion was that the globalist, press & Dems took their eye off of dereg and the US economy is gaining…they would have harped on every little reg if they hadn’t distracted themselves with the Russian Collusion Delusion and just taking him out. Think how much harder it would have been if they focused on the issues v. just focusing on taking him out?! Glad they were stuck in denial v. acceptance and focusing on the issues! ha

        But his going through that was not a planned event. His mental agility, flexibility, incredible positive PMA, and is intelligence and knowledge let him use the time wisely and accomplish some great things. Heard his long time butler (and many others) talk about how he can start each day fresh, shake off & compartmentalize the bad things and move on in other areas of life. This has served him and has served us well in this presidency!

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