Threats of Personal Violence, Even Joking, Will Not Be Tolerated On Either Site

Several Announcements Will Be Made In This Post

Announcement 1:

Due to comments public and private, which have escalated to levels which could theoretically constitute evidence in criminal and civil trials, I have been forced to suspend posting by two individuals. Both the public and private comments are of questionable legality, and appear to be admissible in both civil and criminal proceedings.

Both the public and private comments are potentially usable to close this site.

Acting with an abundance of caution to preserve both sites, I am forced to suspend posting and preserve evidence. The final private message WILL BE MADE PUBLIC so that neither I, WordPress, nor this site can be accused of hiding evidence.

The policy of NUCLEAR SUNSHINE on private messages is posted HERE, on the “Contact” page, along with the instructions about how to send private messages.

Note that there is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY with private messages here. From the beginning of this capability, I have made it extremely clear that I do not like private messages, and believe that secrecy can be abused to create traps of various kinds. I have made clear that I can and will publicize private messages as needed to break up traps and leverage of various kinds. I will not hide or destroy evidence, and there is an abundance of the stuff now.

Although I know that federal officials are actively monitoring all information at this site, including “private messages”, it is important to remove all doubt.

I will post more information later and answer selected questions from any comments below.

I regret having to take this action. Not only does it tarnish our free speech record – it removes two posters whose interactions WITH ME have been enjoyable and rewarding. However, this is no longer a tolerable situation. When things get EVIDENTIARY, I believe it’s time to SHUT IT DOWN. No chances will be taken. NONE.



PS – comments on these actions must remain CIVIL on Q Tree, and LEGAL on U Tree. I shall remain the sole judge of both. Note that I may act in an abundance of caution on both as well.

Announcement 2 (20191118):

I regret having to go into more detail than I did earlier, but questions, concerns, and opinions from well-meaning people leave me no real choice. I have no “probably secure” means of privately informing members. It is precisely because I anticipated the need for this step, that I previously notified everybody of staged announcements in this post.

I had hoped I would be wrong about needing a second announcement, but down deep, I knew.

So here goes.

There are multiple SPECIFIC reasons WHY I took the actions that I did. Not all of them can be shared publicly, but ALL of them are important for the following GENERAL reasons downstream of the specifics:

  • the well-being of this site
  • my personal security
  • the well-being of people on the site
  • the safety of the people suspended
  • the future of the Q movement

To a careful and limited extent, I’m going to share information about the SPECIFIC REASONS so that people can understand how and why they are necessary in support of the GENERAL REASONS.

It’s easiest to start at the end of the list.

First of all you need to understand that there is an ongoing, persistent, and (in my opinion) DIABOLICAL effort to slander the Q movement as violent. In a strong and valid sense, this is a form of controlling the opposition, so that those who oppose us can manipulate our speech, our behavior, and our FUTURE. They are doing everything they can to COUPLE the ideas of free speech and violence as a means to GASLIGHT HUMANITY into a state of CONTROL.

This is all based on a contradiction driven by our animal natures, wherein speech drives emotion in dumbed-down humans. Every one of us can be finagled into “chimping out”, if the Communists are persistent enough to find the means, in their patient, Maoist way. When you see me HITTING CHINA HARD in the future, it will be in part because CHINA deserves push-back for what is happening here.

When in doubt where it’s coming from, HIT CHINA.

The disease is complicated, but the cure is simple. Yeah, I know that China is a front for others, but still – THAT is where best to address the BTFO. Stop China, stop their masters.

So why, then, do we need to ban some of OUR members? Isn’t that “helping the enemy”?

First of all, that depends on the specific member. There are different reasons here, and the different reasons known publicly have most of the people here championing the return of one member but not the other.

Without risking sources and methods, it is important for me to state that BOTH MEMBERS were strongly flagged as site risks in the final stage of Wolf’s Extreme Vetting. I chose to “note” but not to act upon those flags. I now believe that this was an error.

It is entirely possible that I allowed my PERSONAL FEELINGS to overcome my PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT by not acting immediately to either not approve or belatedly suspend memberships.

Based on what has transpired, it would be NEGLIGENT of me to ignore those same warnings again.

NOW – none of this is to say anything bad about either individual. Just because a person was accurately deemed by some method to be a potential risk to THE MISSION OF THIS SITE says nothing about them as a friend, an ally, a fellow American, a fellow patriot, or just a good person, made in the image of God. It’s all about THIS PARTICULAR SITE and THE FUTURE. Take that however you want to take it.

If you want to take it as “woo-woo” – take it that way. If you want to take it as just another coincidence, take it that way. All I know is that I am now forced to respect the prediction.

It was a predicted risk. I chose to ignore the prediction. It happened.


Now we get into the meat of why this matters.

When indictments and evidence begin to come out, the FAKE NEWS will do everything in its power to protect the COUP PLOTTERS and ATTACK PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Sites like this are going to be under fire like NEVER BEFORE.

WE are on the FRONT LINES. We are ON POINT.

If the FAKE NEWS featuring people like KFILE and WAKE-UP MAGGIE can help take out a “QAnon Conspiracy Site” as the next 8chan to harm President Trump, using a MERE-MINUTES LEAD on “violent” posts that miraculously pop up here while I’m away, do you think they might do it?

Do you understand now why I automatically moderate every new poster here?

Do you understand why very sketchy happenings in my personal life keep me on my toes?

I can’t afford a bodyguard, and the other side is taking all kinds of risks to find out how much and what types of security I *DO* have.

They have ALREADY spent a considerable sum to get PRESENT and FUTURE information.

But there is something that matters even more than ME. That something is YOU.

The other side will very COLDLY target and use innocent people to achieve its objectives. Those innocent people may be just bystanders, but they can also be PARTICIPANTS, used as TOOLS in complex political dramas. If the other side thought for even a moment that they could use ANY OF YOU as a way to get to me with 100% deniability and acceptable risk, and that plan required TWO BODIES on the slab, they would do it in a HEARTBEAT.

In my experience, in plots that I have busted, the other side has repeatedly set things up so that somebody who I had reckoned as THEIR PRIME ASSET either COULD or WOULD be eliminated in the process. Those realizations are always a bit stomach-turning.

In other words, in “Epstein vs. Prince Andrew”, BOTH are in danger.

This is NOT a game. I ask all of you to join me in DOING THE RIGHT THING – which is not always the EASY THING.

Let us all go where the path to victory takes us – because in the end – WWG1WGA.


25 thoughts on “Threats of Personal Violence, Even Joking, Will Not Be Tolerated On Either Site

  1. Thank you for taking control. I am a big fan of “free speech” but not when there is no unifying common definition to base speech upon. Much like thinking that by giving children all options without any framework for actions or speech that they are basically good and their conscience will eventually prevail for their good. The problem is that many of us have either a warped conscience or, worse yet, no conscience at all. God gave us a conscience and parents to teach us His principles of common courtesy.

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  2. Just checkin to see if the water is wet.
    When I was a young un and would ask my Gramps a question he would often respond “Does a bullfrog have a water tight asshole?”
    I spent alot of time studying bullfrogs and came to the conclusion if they didn’t they would sink lol.

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    1. As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
      The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

      Regardless of the bullfrogs.

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  3. Thanks Wolfmoon,
    I was really excited when you did this site. As this process accelerates we are going to need to be able to discuss ideas.
    I felt very sad when it was becoming a “David Letterman” comedy show. I always considered him to be an excellent example of 4th grade humor.
    Then it degenerated into 4th grade playground fights. I thought you might just be waiting to see if “self control” would kick in. It didn’t.
    I don’t know how you could have been kinder or more patient. It was putting us all in danger to allow it to continue.

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    1. Yeah, I stopped coming over for the most part when it just seemed like people ripping each other to shreds. And it’s hard to follow two blogs closely. It almost feels like commenters have split up between the two sites, which makes it feel like both sites are a little bit less.

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      1. We’ll see what happens. At the very least, I may choose to post more roguish things over on the U Tree. Also, the U Tree has easier entrance requirements, since I don’t have to prove civility during Wolf’s Extreme Vetting. So it may draw in a new crowd from the lurkers. Especially since the apex predator is GONE.

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        1. “Especially since the apex predator is GONE.”


          I haven’t figured out who was banned yet (I’m guessing one), but… if it was for nasty or meanspirited comments, such does not an apex predator make…

          Anybody can do that…

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          1. Fine. I’ll go there.

            It would appear to be andyocoregon and NebraskaFilly. From what I saw, both went “over the line” into “dangerous to our trees”. Our Gracious Host did what was necessary.

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            1. Thanks for the reply, I was guessing Andy and spent the last half hour looking through recent Utree threads to find the meltdown and the private message Wolf made public, but I didn’t see anything out of the usual back and forth between Andy and Nebraska (and no private message that was made public).

              It would be good to see what was cause for being removed, so people have a reference point, which is not easy to see in a forum without moderation or ‘rules’ in the normal sense 👍

              Is there a link (or title) to the thread in question?

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              1. I think this comment specifies what you want to know:


                The entire conversation at Q Tree on that same post will fill in the details.

                The man knew how to behave in order to avoid banishment with the exception of his inability to stop the habit of testing for weaknesses, waiting for an opening to go extremely nasty on his target. All in plain sight. His choice. What this exercise indicates to me is that Wolf is willing to tolerate anyone, even a sociopath, if they found a non-toxic way to contribute.

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              2. I should say this – there were some alternate timelines about ready to happen in the very near term, based on site harm and mission damage, that only needed my getting a moment to work them up into a post and associated actions. The totally unnecessary PM ruined all of that.

                Stated differently, things were FAR from non-toxic!!! WAY too far.

                I only needed a pair from player one to win the round, and I had it. The attacks had been dragged over to Q Tree, against multiple targets, as I suspected might happen. I had player one dead to rights on multiple counts. GAME OVER. That check was IN THE MAIL.

                I checked comments to make sure I was up to speed on ALL comments before ACTING, and did a face-palm. Player two had, that very MORNING, handed me three of a kind and a better pair, but unfortunately, the house takes all the cards, even when not needed to win. And the three of a kind cannot be ignored – ever.

                Things are working out for the best, IMO. People are now where they need to be.

                And I am SO READY for some battle posts. SO ready. 😎

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            2. Thank you, cthulhu! I caught the link at Q-tree that led to Neb’s pm to Wolf but didn’t know about andy. This site seems a little harder for me because the topmost post is wide open at the top level with all the details to scroll down through. Then the post snippets begin far below that. I guess I have some attention deficit going on and after visiting here felt I didn’t have anything to contribute that would be any different than what I would post at the Q-tree. Oh, I do like the Next/Previous snippets at the bottom of this thread. That’s handy!

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            1. Lets be Frank (such a strong name me thinks) Andy was a dueshe chooching bag of hate, he oozed over the top aggressive snark for his own twisted pleasure and once he found his preys weak spot he was unrelenting, he probably would of made a good death camp guard (too much? I stand by it).

              Unfortunately he pushed NF’s buttons to the point of her chasing him down his personal sewer with him.

              Yes, its easy to talk shit once he is gone, but I did call him out once on QT, I just resisted the urge to follow him over hear just to call him out.

              I liked the idea of the U tree when first proposed, but after observing for a short time I figured it was not for me. I did/do appreciate that it did coral off the aforementioned jackal and in the end lead to his demise (within our chatting community to be clear).

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              1. To be clear….. I did not follow any to the U tree looking for him. I called him out for constant crap after EVERY “Daily prayer” QT subthread. His abuse of NF on UT pushed me to call him out.

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              2. He tried it with me and I shut him down and he never attempted it with me again. I did not give him satisfaction. I did not wanted to get in-between a fight that never ends well in my experience.
                My husband in his teaching about computer ethics always points out that sometimes frustrated people who might have been victimized in life strike out. Of course we do not know what motivates people but anonymity even at times the nice people in real life turn into despicable human being.
                Some people feed on the anger of others.
                I know a person I call a spiritual vampire and when he comes into my home I salt the house before and after.
                One person can create a havoc within a group.

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  4. Thanks for the second part. Best explanation I’ve read. I think we think those things but wonder if they are “over the top”. They aren’t. The fact is the world is at war. We think war is the fuzzy pictures of WWII we see but that is just a small part of a continuing WW and we truly are at war now, just no tanks. War is messy and strong boundaries are necessary even if they seem unkind and cause collateral damage. You did what you had to do,Wolfie. Its not a game.


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