OPEN THREAD 20191115

Basically, all legal free speech is allowed. We will assist the authorities in dealing with illegal speech. You are each other’s moderators. Have fun. And don’t forget to MAGA at nuclear levels.

Citizen U

PS – this is DAY 9.

The 9th element is FLUORINE.

Unlike boron, carbon, and nitrogen, which each have TWO stable isotopes, and oxygen which has THREE, fluorine has only ONE stable isotope – 19.

Fluorine plays the “fake inertness by diatomicity” game, too, but it just SUCKS at the fake job. Diatomic flurorine (F2) reacts with stuff like crazy. It is some NASTY SHIT.

Even fluoride ion – which is fluorine smoking a cigarette after ROUGH SEX, is still some BAD ASS SHIT. It will make your right leg grow longer so that you LEAN TO THE LEFT.

Well, that’s just what I heard. Rumors. You know what I’m sayin’. Who knows? *wink*


106 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD 20191115

    1. one of THE BEST scenes in a movie EVER !

      it’s not about “civility”, however…it’s about hypocrisy ….the high-fallootin, yellow-bellied kind.

      terrific movie….terrific scene.


      Rufus rocks !

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  1. Hi Wolfmoon, I check Jim Stone Freelance fairly often and this was up today.

    Displacement: When you know damn well you’re filth – (Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff) and displace your behavior onto someone innocent, saying they’re doing the kind of evil you’re doing, and that you are clean. This sign is cold hard proof Amazon should NOT be handling the election in 2020, yet they are. The sign is dishonest, which proves Amazon is dishonest, yet they are going to control 2020. HOW AND WHY? Remember this sign when the election gets stolen, those collecting and counting the “votes” approved it.
    Sorry, I can’t make the video come up above, but this is what I get from search Prime Video President Evil

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    1. Amazon can’t be trusted. They’re now the CIA’s vector for internal monitoring of Americans and distribution of psychological control. Such a scam.

      This show is clearly deep cultural Marxism. Just keep it away. Fake Entertainment is brain-kill. AVOID!!!

      Life begins when all cultural Marxism goes into the trash! 😉

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      1. The point where living within the truth ceases to be a mere negation of living with a lie and becomes articulate in a particular way is the point at which something is born that might be called the “independent spiritual, social, and political life of society.”

        Václav Havel: The Power of the Powerless

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      1. Probably quite true…..but the other 100 that we don’t see will continue to flourish. And this advert moves the bar a liddle further along so it conditions us to accept this as being normal.

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  2. A lot of you may already know this or not believe it if you do. I thought it was worth posting.

    Everything is escalating. Time is moving faster. We must be ready. I think this may clarify some things.
    Ezra Pound
    Pound thus traced the history of the current war: “This war did not begin in 1939. It is not a unique result of the infamous Versailles Treaty. It is impossible to understand it without knowing at least a few precedent historic events, which mark the cycle of combat. No man can understand it without knowing at least a few facts and their chronological sequence. This war is part of the age-old struggle between the usurer and the rest of mankind: between the usurer and peasant, the usurer and producer, and finally between the usurer and the merchant, between usurocracy and the mercantilist system . . . “The present war dates at least from the founding of the Bank of England at the end of the 17th century, 1694-8. Half a century later, the London usurocracy shut down on the issue of paper money by the Pennsylvania colony, A.D. 1750. This is not usually given prominence in the U.S. school histories. The 13 colonies rebelled, quite successfully, 26 years later, A.D. 1776. According to Pound, it was the money issue (above all) that united the Allies during the second 20th-century war against Germany: “Gold. Nothing else uniting the three governments, England, Russia, United States of America. That is the interest–gold, usury, debt, monopoly, class interest, and possibly gross indifference and contempt for humanity.”
    Although “gold” was central to the world’s struggle, Pound still felt gold “is a coward. Gold is not the backbone of nations. It is their ruin. A coward, at the first breath of danger gold flows away, gold flows out of the country.” Pound perceived Germany under Hitler as a nation that stood against the international money lenders and communist Russia under Stalin as a system that stood against humanity itself.
    He told his listeners: “Now if you know anything whatsoever of modern Europe and Asia, you know Hitler stands for putting men over machines. If you don’t know that, you know nothing. And beyond that you either know or do not know that Stalin’s regime considers humanity as nothing save raw material. Deliver so many carloads of human material at the consumption point. That is the logical result of materialism. If you assert that men are dirty, that humanity is merely material, that is where you come out. And the old Georgian train robber [Josef Stalin–ed.] is perfectly logical. If all things are merely material, man is material–and the system of anti-man treats man as matter.” The real enemy, said Pound, was international capitalism. All people everywhere were victims: “They’re working day and night, picking your pockets,” he said. “Every day and all day and all night picking your pockets and picking the Russian working man’s pockets.” Capital, however, he said, was “not international, it is not hyper-national. It is sub-national. A quicksand under the nations, destroying all nations, destroying all law and government, destroying the nations, one at a time, Russian empire and Austria, 20 years past, France yesterday, England today.”
    According to Pound, Americans had no idea why they were being expected to fight in Britain’s war with Germany: “Even Mr. Churchill hasn’t had the grass to tell the American people why he wants them to die, to save what. He is fighting for the gold standard and monopoly. Namely the power to starve the whole of mankind, and make it pay through the nose before it can eat the fruit of its own labor.” As far as the English were concerned, in Pound’s broadcasts aimed at the British Isles he warned his listeners that although Russian-style communist totalitarianism was a threat to British freedom, it was not the biggest threat Britain faced: You are threatened. You are threatened by the Russian methods of administration. Those methods [are not] your sole danger. It is, in fact, so far from being your sole danger that I have, in over two years of talk over this radio, possibly never referred to it before.
    Usury has gnawed into England since the days of Elizabeth. First it was mortgages, mortgages on earls’ estates; usury against the feudal nobility. Then there were attacks on the common land, filchings of village common pasture. Then there developed a usury system, an international usury system, from Cromwell’s time, ever increasing.” In the end, Pound suggested, it would be the big money interests who would really win the war–not any particular nation-state–and the foundation for future wars would be set in place: “The nomadic parasites will shift out of London and into Manhattan. And this will be presented under a camouflage of national slogans. It will be represented as an American victory. It will not be an American victory. The moment is serious. The moment is also confusing. It is confusing because there are two sets of concurrent phenomena, namely, those connected with fighting this war, and those which sow seeds for the next one.” Pound believed one of the major problems of the day–which itself had contributed to war fever–was the manipulation of the press, particularly in the United States: “I naturally mistrust newspaper news from America,” he declared. “I grope in the mass of lies, knowing most of the sources are wholly untrustworthy.” According to Pound: “The United States has been misinformed. The United States has been led down the garden path, and may be down under the daisies. All through shutting out news.
    – Michael Collins Piper

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    1. I had heard the name but never knew anything about him. According to his Wiki bio, and the article from The Nation, this is NOT someone I would ever want to follow or could possibly agree with.

      “Pound worked in London during the early 20th century as foreign editor of several American literary magazines, and helped discover and shape the work of contemporaries such as T. S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway.[a] Angered by the carnage of World War I, Pound lost faith in Great Britain and blamed the war on usury and international capitalism. He moved to Italy in 1924 and throughout the 1930s and 1940s embraced Benito Mussolini’s fascism, expressed support for Adolf Hitler, and wrote for publications owned by the British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley. During World War II, he was paid by the Italian government to make hundreds of radio broadcasts criticizing the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Jews, as a result of which he was arrested in 1945 by American forces in Italy on charges of treason. He spent months in detention in a U.S. military camp in Pisa, including three weeks in a 6-by-6-foot (1.8 by 1.8 m) outdoor steel cage, which he said triggered a mental breakdown: “when the raft broke and the waters went over me”. The following year he was deemed unfit to stand trial, and incarcerated in St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C., for over 12 years.[3]”

      “In an infamous series of broadcasts made on Italian radio between 1941 and 1943, Pound had declared his support for Mussolini’s regime and his contempt for the Allied forces. He parroted fascist talking points but also added a layer of byzantine anti-Semitic conspiracy theory all his own. “You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-Jewed the Jew,” he admonished the British on March 15, 1942. In other broadcasts, Pound spoke of “Jew slime,” warned of the white race “going toward total extinction,” suggested hanging President Roosevelt (“if you can do it by due legal process”), praised Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and urged his listeners to familiarize themselves with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

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  3. Hi Wolfmoon,
    I made another long comment that may be in the trash bin. Could you check? If there is something wrong, let me know.

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  4. New Q!

    Spygate: Who Gave the Orders and Approved the Spying on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?
    14 Nov 2019 – 7:39:27 PM
    AUS, IT, UK co-op DOJ (Barr, Durham, CLAS 1-4)
    HUMINT, SIGINT, etc.
    Non_FVEY official chan [US senior person(s) req given sensitive nature of ‘target’ re: presidential nominee(s) – POTUS + Cruz [CLAS 1-4]]
    Who gave the order(s)?
    Who signed?
    Papered per normal NATSEC?
    Comms to/from F + Domestic?
    F2F 1-4 US person(s) initiate scope memo.
    US AMB 1 & 2 NSA unmask req.
    NSA > US AMB 1 & 2 > AUS, IT, UK
    [special order per DIR [CLAS 1-9] AUTH unmask per US AMB]
    C_A domestic assist w/ rogue FBI to avoid US law [non_op domestic]?
    C_A HUMINT domestic placement > T campaign [1-3 jumps primary target], T WH spy_insertion NATSEC C, personal advisor(s), cabinet?
    C_A organized under DNI?
    2010 – 2017 [Clapper] [bulk]
    2017 – 2019 [Coats] [sleeper/prevent [black op] release of incriminating docs]

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    1. If Charlie the Tuna was the spy insert, then that means that the BIDEN CAMP was basically keeping tabs on Trump from inside – and WE KNEW IT. But BARKY-LOVIN’ BIDEN would have basically been doing the dirty work for OBAMA, in my opinion. So if we have knowledge of information leaking out through Charlie the Tuna to BARKY, then I think it’s going to be very believable that BARKY wasn’t just “signing off” on things – he was KEEPIN’ TABS. And my theory is that JARRETT was his “Girl Friday” for all this stuff. So when Denis McDonough asked Page and Strzok to keep him informed, IMO this was going back to Jarrett who acted as a buffer between the dirty dealings and King Obozo.

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        1. I would never publicly proclaim my dear, deceased mother was a whore, even if she was, but of course she wasn’t. She was a very virtuous and loving woman. Always faithful to my father and her family.

          Just sayin’.

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            1. Bite me. She came here and attacked us. She deserves what she’s getting.

              Don’t you think it’s despicable to call your deceased mother a whore when she carried you for nine months and gave you life?


              1. I attack those who attack me, just as you have done just now.

                She made her mom into a topic of discussion when she blogged about her publicly and not in a very appropriate way. In the same vein, her attacks are between me and her. So butt out already.


              2. Oh, and you have a strange way of “asking”….

                “Andy….. Get off her back!”

                Damn, there sure are some lying hypocrites who don’t even realize what they’re posting.


              3. I suppose you think “DumbFuck” is a term of endearment. LOL!

                I always laugh at idiots who resort to name calling when they lose an argument. That’s a Democrat move.


              4. Had to reply here…. no reply available below….

                You said to me: “I always laugh at idiots who resort to name calling when they lose an argument. That’s a Democrat move.”

                YOU said above to someone:…”Yeah, and you’re a pussy faced dipwad. Neener.”

                So very 3rd grade of you…… Bet 3rd grade was your best 7 years in school.

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              5. You just can’t give it up, can you?

                Maybe you just aren’t cut out for The U Tube.

                If I’m in the 3rd grade, you’re in pre-school. Now go change your soiled diaper.


              6. You’re the youngster here. Probably one of the snot nosed little pissants running around in the formal restaurant because his parents were liberal dipwads.
                BTW, you’re in your 50’s, right? Why aren’t you at work? Can’t hold a job?


        1. Perhaps THE power…I seriously doubt if Barry went against anything Valerie/Soros wanted him to do. Well, maybe the color of his socks on a day when he was feeling rebellious.

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  5. I had to giggle at the reactions to my comment on Ezra Pound. This is a board dedicated to Trump Supporters and Q posts. I looked that up on Wiki and they have a low opinion of us. Surprise. Surprise.
    The thing that I got from the Pound comment above was:
    Although “gold” was central to the world’s struggle, Pound still felt gold “is a coward. Gold is not the backbone of nations. It is their ruin. A coward, at the first breath of danger gold flows away, gold flows out of the country.” Pound perceived Germany under Hitler as a nation that stood against the international money lenders and communist Russia under Stalin as a system that stood against humanity itself.
    President Trump has made a point many times of getting rid of the Central Bank. He has positioned us to have the things humans need to survive. Food, Water, Shelter and Protection. Those things are thousands of times more important than gold. Gold can provide none of the necessities of life.
    I have studied various wars and how we ended up getting involved. Our Founders said that we should not get involved in other people’s wars but over time we have become the world policemen. That was not an accident. That was deliberatly done to us. One of the things that bothered me most about WWII was that the agreement at the end of the war divided the spoils. The spoils were that the Communists got a large part of Europe. Hitler was trying to defend Germany and it was divided by the Berlin Wall and given to the Commies. Merkel is Communist. Europe is dealing with the Communists.
    As much as the world despises the USA, we have, fed them, watered them, sheltered them and protected them.
    We will still help them. President Trump is positioning us to be able to do exactly that. He is putting our oxygen mask on first. Why do they hate him for that?

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    1. The Power of Gold ~ The History of Obsession

      short article…

      back in 1966, Alan Greenspan said…

      “This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as the protector of property rights .”

      The Power of Gold by Peter Bernstein…The History of Obsession….”chronicles the long trajectory of gold from the supreme symbol of wealth and power , through its use as a store of value and medium of exchange , through the “Gold Standard” period that whimpered to a close in 1971, to its termination in financial disrepute.”

      Berstein believed…as did many others…that “basing the global financial system on the ‘barbarous relic’ would be a disastrous mistake…economists were united in this view, and virtually every central bank was disgourging their gold holdings.”

      …that was back in 1999 when he first published his book.

      more, in the article.

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